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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Master PC

Back in the 90's JRPARZ created the Master PC universe. This story is written, sort of, in that world. It also links back to my earlier "Jimmy Olsen" saga so you'll want to read both. Please leave a comment if you read this stuff -- good or bad. Thanks.


It started with a Mont Blanc ™ pen. Jim couldn’t find it. It was one of his most cherished possessions – a gift from a close friend. That explains why the overweight-50-something-businessman was crawling around on the carpet of his hotel room in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

He lifted the bed skirt. There it was. There was also a CD case. Jim retrieved both and heaved himself back to his feet, not an easy task for one of his girth, and went over to the desk. Sitting down, he put the pen in the inside breast pocket of his suit jacket. Then he took a look at the CD case and more importantly, what was in it.

For all intents and purposes it appeared to be a blank CD.

“Only one way to find out what’s on it,” Jim said to himself.

Opening the case Jim removed the CDROM disc and loaded it into the CD/DVD drive of his laptop. He ran a virus scan to make sure it was safe. Then he opened it and found an executable file. He clicked on it. The drive spun for a few seconds and then words appeared on the screen.

“Welcome to Master PC. Click enter to install.”

“No way. This is impossible. That’s just a story.”

“What the hell,” he said to himself, and then went ahead and ran the install program. When the install finished another message flashed on the screen.

“Welcome to the Master Command Center... where the Master allows you to become a virtual god to the people around you… Now, you possess the power to bend their reality to your specifications. You are the Master's representative.”

He’d seen these words before; years before. There was a story floating around the ‘net – a whole series of stories actually – about the Master PC program. Until now, Jim had thought these stories were just some harmless mind control erotica – adolescent fantasies about women with enormous breasts who craved non-stop sex, mainly with geeks.

Jim looked at his watch. He had an hour before he needed to leave for his meeting. There were some things that he had planned on doing during that hour, but he decided to skip them and see what this program could do instead. Could fiction be fact after all?

Calling up the command screen Jim filled in the name window with his own name. Instantly a 3-d image appeared on his screen – it was his own image in an olive green double breasted suit, white shirt, and bronze colored tie with matching pocket square – rotating slowly. A menu popped up giving him a range of options. The software was fairly intuitive.

“Hmmm…how do I test this to see if it’s real? I wonder…”

The only idea that occurred to him was one that, on the surface, seemed rather juvenile, but, it was a quick way to see if the program worked or not.

“In for a penny,” he laughed nervously.

He typed in a command to give himself a slightly larger penis. He made the change just significant enough for him to notice. When he hit the return key, he instantly felt a tingle in his groin. Standing up, he dropped his pants and pulled out the front of his underwear.

“Holy shit! It worked!”

His cock was visibly longer and thicker. His test had worked. His heart beat increased and his breathing became suddenly shallow as he considered the implications of his discovery. He did up his pants sat back down and gave some thought to what he would do next.

First, he went through an inventory of his physical ailments – at 56 there were a number of them – and changed things that wouldn’t be immediately noticeable from the outside. He repaired his blood chemistry, gave himself the internal organs of a healthy 14 year old, fixed his eye sight (he’d have to get clear plastic lenses put into his frames for a while), thickened his hair a bit without getting rid of the gray, and made a few other minor modifications to tendons, joints, ligaments, and cartilage. Over time, he’d reduce his weight, of course, but not all at once.

Most importantly, he added 50 points to an already fairly high I.Q. and gave himself access to more of his brain for processing information. After that, he copied the entire contents of the CDROM onto his laptop, took out several blank CD’s on which he made password encrypted copies of the disc, and then he considered his next move.

While he was considering, he absently gave himself some serious IT skills, improved his overall strength and reflexes, gave himself the martial arts skills of Bruce Lee, and made significant improvements in his agility and speed. He tweaked his brain chemistry a little bit to eliminate his depression and give himself a happier outlook on life.

Meanwhile, the rest of his brain had been mulling over the question of what to do next and had come to the conclusion that he needed to get home as fast as possible in order to take advantage of his discovery.

He typed in the name of his boss and made a few adjustments. For one thing, he was going to be letting Jim out of today’s meeting for undisclosed reasons.

A quick phone call from his boss excused him from the meeting. Then, he packed all his things, loaded his car, and checked out. On the drive home he began to make mental lists of the things he needed to do when he got back.

For one thing, he was going to re-read every Master PC story he could find to see if there were any ideas he could use or things he should avoid. Most of the Master PC stories had an adolescent sexual bent that had amused him. At 56, he thought he might be a bit long in the tooth for a whole lot of sexual exploitation. That did not mean, however, that he would skip the opportunity to improve his sex life.

He seemed to recall that the range of the Master PC program was about a hundred miles, meaning that he could only affect people who were within that range. That was a complication but not an overly large one. There was a woman in Colorado he knew who had some health problems. He intended to travel there at his earliest convenience to fix them. His children each had some health issues of their own, and he’d deal with that as well.

By not stopping, he was able to make it home in near record time. He was not expected back until late in the evening, so he stopped at his favorite cafe, chose a seat where his laptop screen would be invisible to others, started the Master PC program and went to work.

It was a matter of a few moments for him to input his wishes for various family members. After making sure his children were in perfect health mentally and physically, he began to make adjustments to his wife. For one thing, he reinforced her aversion to using computers, except at her job. He also adjusted her mental outlook so that she would never be curious about anything he did or suspicious of any odd activity he might engage in. Physically, he improved her condition, put her on a strict diet, and gave her the desire to work out at least one hour every day. He adjusted her outlook toward sex as well – she would be horny whenever he wanted sex and would not bug him about it when he was not in the mood. In fact, her sex drive would be turned on and off at his command and she would have no curiosity about any sexual activities he might have outside of their relationship. She’d be healthy and happy, content to pay the bills on time, entertain when he wished it, and enjoy her children, grand children, and friends. She would enjoy watching pornography with him if he wished it, but would not seek it on her own. She would be completely oblivious when it came to interpreting clues as to his outside interests, and very attentive to his sexual needs. She would find fulfillment in any sexual activity he suggested. She would love giving him head, would ask him for anal intercourse, and find it easy to climax.

Then, he went back to his own image and began to make some further alterations. First, he gave himself a high metabolic rate. Then, he programmed in a series of physical changes that would take place over the next 6 months. He would lose about 140 pounds and at the same time sculpt his body so that he could walk any beach in the world and not worry about how he looked. He also programmed some adjustments to his skin color which would eventually result in his having a permanent tan – not too dark, but nice and even all over his body. His hair would grow back and its natural color would return. He was prepared to be patient. He knew that sudden changes would be noticed and commented upon. He did not want that. Of course people would notice that he was losing weight, but as almost everyone was trying to do that these days, mostly they would ask him how he’d done it. That was easy.

“OK, now for some fun,” he thought to himself as he sipped his coffee. The waitress who’d been serving him was really cute. She reminded him a little bit of porn star Leah Livingston: pouty lips, cute dimples, big tits, and a nice ass. His final command to himself was to grow a bigger cock. Eight inches ought to do it, he thought as he hit the enter key one more time.

Her name was Cheri Langston and he called it up on the screen. She would suddenly be filled with the desire to have sex with the fat old man in the corner. She was going to invite him back to her apartment after her shift, which was just ending, and she was going to do whatever he wanted. Everywhere he touched her would make her feel good and she would orgasm on his command. She would not remember the encounter when he left her, but would always be nice to him. He also gave her a command word (undulate) that would trigger her desire for him in the future as well as put her into a trance state which would allow him to give her instructions which she would carry out as if they were her own ideas. While he was at it, he gave her breasts a minor boost, made her nipples very sensitive, and, grinning like a schoolboy, he made her clitoris more prominent and added a bit more sensitivity there as well.

“More coffee sir?”

“No, Cheri, I think I’m about done. Just get me my check please. Thanks.”

“OK,” Cheri said, an odd sensation forming in the pit of her stomach. She’d seen this guy in the café before. Old and fat – definitely not her type – but he was always polite and tipped well so she flirted with him and made sure he got the best service. Today, though, she felt different. She suddenly wanted him. In fact, the urge was strong enough that she was actually thinking of inviting him back to her place after her shift, which ended in five minutes.

Cheri added up his check and brought it over to his table. He handed her a credit card and she went back to the register to run it. By the time she brought the credit card and slip back to his table the desire to fuck this man had grown overwhelming.

“Jim,” she said, “I get off in five minutes. You’ve always been real nice to me and I’d like to do something real nice for you as well. Would you mind coming over to my apartment?”

“Cheri, I think that’s a great idea. I’ll be in my car out front and I’ll follow you.”

“OK, I’ll be in a bronze colored Vibe.”

“I’m sure I’ll notice it.”

Jim signed his slip, put it together with a five dollar bill for a tip, and handed it to Cheri. Then he put his laptop back in its bag, put on his coat, and walked out of the café. Fifteen minutes later, he was following the sexy waitress up the stairs to her apartment, watching her ass all the way. He knew he’d have to be careful about indulging his whims with the program, but it would be a dull life if he couldn’t have any fun.

The pair entered the apartment. Jim closed and locked the door behind him. Cheri was already struggling to get out of her uniform. Jim decided on a test.

“Cheri, please cum for me.”

“OH GOD!” Cheri nearly fell over from the force of the orgasm that suddenly struck without warning. Her entire being was consumed with pleasure as wave after wave of intense sexual satisfaction coursed through her nervous system.

“Stop cumming.”

As suddenly as the climax had come upon her, it disappeared just as quickly, leaving her gasping and shaking; wondering what the hell had just happened.

“Let’s take a shower, shall we, Cheri?”


“Strip first, dear.”


Cheri finished removing her clothing and then stood before Jim, naked and aroused. Her pussy was drooling and every inch of her flesh tingled with desire. She was trembling with lust. Jim had begun to disrobe as well. Cheri could not wait for him to finish and she began to help him get naked.

Ordinarily the sight of someone as obese as Jim would have repelled her. Now, she didn’t even notice his body shape. He was smiling as she pulled down his pants and discovered the significant bulge in his boxer briefs.

“Oh my god…it’s huge,” Cheri gasped as she pulled the briefs over Jim’s newly massive erection. Eight inches long and thick -- it was a massive slab of sex meat.

“Suck it.”

Cheri did her best but she could barely stretch her lips around the head. Squealing with frustration she tried forcing more of his massive cock into her mouth and finally got about two inches past her lips. She worked her tongue around it as best she could but it was not going to work. She had both hands around Jim’s fleshy torpedo, jacking it as best she could. He wasn’t interested in a blow job however, so he pulled Cheri’s face off his cock and then pulled her to her feet.

“Shower. Now.”

She led him down a hallway to her bathroom and turned on the shower as she stepped into it. Jim Followed. The warm water sprayed over both of them. Cheri grabbed her bottle of shower gel and poured a generous amount into her hands. She began soaping Jim’s body and then rubbing herself against him. His massive cock poked into her upper abdomen and she grabbed it in both soapy hands, stroking it furiously.

“Easy Cheri … take it easy,” Jim said as he pried her hands loose from his soapy cock. He filled his hands with soap suds and began covering Cheri’s C-cup tits with bubbles, enjoying the feel of the firm yet pliant flesh beneath his hands, the large nipples swollen with desire. Cheri moaned as his touch enflamed her further; taking her to the edge of climax but not past that point. She never recalled her nipples being this sensitive before. Just the feel of Jim’s palms on her nubbins was driving her crazy.

Jim ran a soapy hand down her belly to cup her sex; his middle finger sliding between the lips to the wet treasure cave they guarded. There it was -- her newly enhanced clitoris. She gasped as he manipulated it with his fingers. Cheri’s moans were becoming pitiful now.

“Wash me. Then we will fuck.”

Wordlessly, Cheri began washing Jim’s corpulent body leaving not one inch of skin untouched. Then, Jim did the same for her. They rinsed off, stepped out of the shower and dried themselves.

“Bedroom. Now.”

Cheri practically ran down the hall to her room, Jim following as best he could. He got to her room to find her on all fours on her bed, her pert backside pointing directly at him framing her pussy perfectly and giving a target for his truncheon of a cock. He fisted it, squeezing out a drop of fluid to the tip as he stepped toward the young waitress who was about to sample the power of the Master PC program.

Jim was tempted to just get up behind the young blond waitress and plunge his cock into her, but he could not resist taking a taste of that sweet looking poontang first. Gripping her ass cheeks in both hands, he pulled them apart fully exposing the valley of her sex, her asshole winking in time with the inner clenching of her sex muscles. She reminded him of how the mares had looked on his father-in-law’s horse ranch when they were trying to attract the attention of the stud, their big horsey cunts drooling and winking.

He put his face right up to her ass and breathed deeply, taking in the smell of her moist valley of venus. And then he began to lick. Like a big dog, he ran the flat of his tongue all the way from the top of her cunt crack back to the very top of her ass crack and back the other way. Cheri pushed her ass back against his face crying out in delight as his tongue began to worm its way into every fold and crevice between her legs. She was on a freight train to climaxville but she wouldn’t arrive until Jim gave her permission.

Cheri’s pussy cream was potent as the nectar of the gods and Jim was licking up as much of it as he could. He paid special attention to the knot of nerves and flesh at the apex of her sex, thrumming his tongue across the engorged bump again and again causing Cheri to repeatedly cry out with pleasure and a growing amount of frustration that she hadn’t cum yet.

Jim even licked Cheri’s puckered brown eye – something he’d never done in his entire life – and smiled as she gasped when his tongue touched her in that forbidden place.

With his new mental capacity Jim was able to make a note to revisit Cheri’s anal sphincter with the Master PC program and make it extra sensitive to stimulation. He decided to make Cheri his test model for Master PC manipulation just to see how far he could take things. She would not be any the worse for his adjustments – he would make sure of that – and he would also make sure that she got a better job. There might be an opening at his company that she could qualify for. This digression took far less time to process than it has taken to type these words, of course, and having sampled her pussy and booty with his lips and tongue, Jim decided it was time for her to experience his enhanced manhood.

“Cheri, would you like me to fuck you now?”

“Oh…God…yessss…please fuck me,” Cheri hissed between clenched teeth as her whole body responded to his voice.

Jim knelt on the bed behind Cheri and began to rub the large mushroom shaped head of his cock between the crenellated petals of her pussy. There was no question about her being lubricated enough to take him in. Cheri’s entire crack was shiny with pussy dew and saliva. Looking at it fanned the flames of Jim’s lust to a conflagration. Cheri’s whole body was shaking with anticipation as Jim continued to tease her. He was also covering the head of his cock with her slippery lubricant preparatory to pushing it inside her.

With a grunt Jim began to force his thick cock into Cheri’s tight twat. She groaned as the relentless pressure threatened to split her in two. Like a battering ram, Jim’s big dick gained ground a quarter inch at a time, gradually forcing its way into the velvet insides of Cheri’s hot cunt.

She was moaning continuously now in pleasure and in some discomfort as it almost felt as though she was being deflowered for a second time. Cheri had experienced sex on a number of occasions but had never experienced anything like this. Her whole body was on fire. She ached to engulf the powerful shaft seeking entry to her feminine portal with all of her being. She felt as though her life depended on it. And so she pushed back against the thick intruder trying to aid its conquest of her tight little pussy.

Jim was patient but implacable. Again and again he pushed his shaft forward between Cheri’s pussy lips. Inch by inch he began to make headway until the entire head and first third of the shaft were entirely inside. Now his strokes were longer and more powerful as he pummeled Cheri’s sex with his cock.

At last with a mighty push he felt himself slide home. His belly smacked up against Cheri’s ass and his balls felt the tickle of her pubic fur.

“Cum, Cheri,” he whispered.

She exploded. Her cunt muscles clamped down almost painfully on Jim’s cock. He made no attempt to move, but held himself still while the subject of his first sexual experiment with the Master PC software wailed through one climax after another.

Wave after wave of contractions rippled through Cheri’s vaginal muscles, milking Jim’s massive meatpop bringing him intense pleasure. He leaned over the sexy waitress and reached around to grab her big natural tits kneading them like bread dough and tweaking the super sensitive nipples. Cheri squealed and moaned as her climax went on and on. She had never experienced pleasure this intense in her life.

“Stop cumming, Cheri,” he whispered again.

Jim began to slide his big dick fully in and out of Cheri’s streaming pussy hole and the pleasure she felt from the friction was driving her close to another orgasm within moments. It was unbelievable that this corpulent corporate drone could be bringing her this much pleasure.

Jim gave her time to catch her breath, enjoying the liquid tightness of her sheath as his cock stretched it open, and then he flipped her over, pushed her legs back to her shoulders, buried himself in her pussy hole once more, and ordered her to cum again.

“Oh my GOOOOOODDDDDDDD!” she screamed. It wasn’t a loud scream because her position didn’t allow her enough breath to supply the volume commensurate with the pleasure she was experiencing.

Jim was pile driving his cock in and out of Cheri’s trembling, clutching, sex flesh and in spite of the controls he’d built into his own sexual skill set, he could feel his climax nearing the point of inevitability. Sensing that his partner was at the end of her endurance, Jim let himself go. With one last hard thrust, he jammed his cock as far as it would go into Cheri’s cunt and released a torrent of seminal fluid into her sex pit. Blast after blast of hot sticky semen poured out of his cock with a force that Cheri could actually feel. Her orgasm continued as Jim came. And came. And came.

Finally, his reservoir of cum depleted for the moment, Jim pulled his semi-hard cock out of the now gaping pussy hole that had been so tight before he ploughed it, and flopped onto his back next to her on the bed. He ordered Cheri to stop cumming, and to clean his cock with her mouth.

Cheri eagerly dove between Jim’s legs and began licking their combined juices from his cock and balls until she got every last drop. When she was finished, the snuggled up to Jim’s massive body and sighed contentedly, feeling his huge load leaking out of her newly stretched vagina. She was spent but completely satisfied in a way that no man had ever satisfied her before.

Looking at his watch, Jim realized that he would need to leave soon in order to get home at the appropriate time. He kissed Cheri on the lips and reinforced his earlier Master PC command for her to forget all about the encounter except that Jim was a very nice man to whom she should always be kind and a little flirty. When she heard him, and only him, say the word “undulate” she would once again become his little fuck toy.

Jim got back into his corporate uniform tied his tie, put on his suit coat, grabbed his overcoat, and walked out the door. Fortunately there was no one in the hallway and no one on the street to see him leave. He quickly walked to his car and headed home.

Jim’s wife Susan greeted him affectionately when he walked into his house – completely failing to notice that he reeked of sweat, pussy juice, and semen. She kissed him on the cheek, gave him a hug, and announced that the meatloaf (his favorite) was about ready to come out of the oven.

After dinner, they did the dishes together and she asked him all about his trip. He told her, leaving out the most important part, and they chatted amiably for a while as they cleaned up the kitchen.

Susan took off her apron poured a cup of coffee and sat down in the living room with the latest edition of People Magazine. Jim went to his office and fired up the desktop. When it had finished its startup routine he took out one of the disks he had made and installed the Master PC software on his home computer.

“Let’s see,” he mused, “what shall I do now?”

Jim sat for a while in silent contemplation as he considered the day’s events. He’d found the disk that morning and since then he’d had quite a day, repairing his health, driving 300 miles, bopping Cheri the waitress, and making adjustments to his family.

His assistant was almost his age and had been with him for years. He’d never contemplated a sexual relationship with her before and he wasn’t thinking of starting one now. He did make a few adjustments to her health, took away her addiction to nicotine (in fact, smoking a cigarette would make her nauseous from now on), and firmed up her figure a bit – her husband would like that. And, most importantly, he caused her to start thinking about retirement. Her husband was about to retire. It would be good timing. His next assistant would be a lot younger, better looking, and most of all, would want to service his every sexual need. Since he’d given himself a much stronger libido that was going to take some doing. Perhaps Cheri could fill that role.

Jim closed the Master PC program, put his computer into stand by mode and went to the kitchen where he grabbed the trash to take it out to the garage where their big, rolling, garbage can was located. The next morning was “garbage day” and he needed to move his trash can out into the alley behind the garage for pickup.

As he performed this domestic chore his mind was still on the miraculous software he’d discovered in his hotel room that very morning – had it really been this morning? He thought about what his next move should be.

“Hi, Jim!”

Jim turned at the sound of the feminine voice.

“Oh, hello Samantha,” he said.

“I thought you were out of town, and it’s Sam, remember?” Samantha said.

“Sorry…Sam. I Just got back. How come you’re taking out the trash? Doesn’t Dave usually do that?”

“He’s out of town, so I get the duty.”


Samantha was his next door neighbor. Jim wouldn’t say that Sam and Dave were close friends – they’d only moved there a few months ago – but they were friendly. They’d gotten together for dinner a few times but that was all. He assumed that when summer arrived they’d probably do some back yard barbeques or something, just like they did with their other neighbors.

Jim watched as Samantha bent over to pick up a piece of trash that had been tossed into the alley by a passer by. He’d always thought Sam was a very good looking woman, but as she bent over he realized that she had a spectacular ass, and the yoga pants she was wearing accentuated the shapeliness of her long legs. It suddenly hit him that she was pretty hot. He wasn’t sure of her exact age, but he knew she’d retired from the military, and he made a guess that she was fifty-something and very good looking with silvery blond hair and a wonderful figure.

His garbage chores done, Jim went back into the house and sat down at his computer. The Master PC program was soon running and Jim put Samantha’s name into the system, bringing up a 3-D image of his neighbor in her white blouse and black yoga pants. Yes, she was definitely hot. Very hot.

He sat for a few moments in thought and then recalled something he’d seen when they had visited Samantha’s house one time – he was sure she didn’t know he’d seen this. When using the bathroom off the master bedroom he’d noticed a book on a shelf next to what he took for Samantha’s side of the bed. He recognized it as one of the books in John Norman’s “Gor” series. He hadn’t thought that much about it at the time, but the memory gave him some ideas.

He knew that Samantha was a retired military officer and that she had a responsible position in a local business. She was probably used to giving orders. Sometimes women with that kind of authority secretly long to be dominated sexually. If she was reading John Norman there was a strong possibility that Samantha fell into that category.

Jim began to type commands into the Master PC program. Tomorrow Samantha would be starting a new life as his personal, private, slut.


When Samantha woke up the next day, she felt different. There was no explanation for this feeling. She had fleeting memories of dreams where she was forced to submit for the sexual pleasure of a powerful male figure but she could remember few details except that this man had dominated her completely.

In the shower, she noticed that her tummy and tush seemed a little different – she’d always kept herself in good shape, but it’s pretty unusual to find a woman in her fifties with six pack abs and a fly girl bottom.

“Well, maybe those hours in the gym are finally paying off,” she mused as she toweled off. Looking in the mirror, she was impressed. Her overall muscle definition and tone seemed too good to be true. Her breasts still high and proud, her legs still in excellent shape.

“Sam, you are one hot chick,” she said to her reflection, laughing. Her dream forgotten, Samantha finished her morning ablutions and got ready to head to the office. One thing though, was a little odd. Instead of panty hose she had selected a garter belt and silk stocking set to wear today. Sam couldn’t explain that. Her puzzlement was fleeting, however, and she was soon out the door heading for the office.

Just about noon, as she was thinking of lunch, the telephone on her desk rang.

“This is Samantha. How may I help you?”


Samantha stiffened in her comfortable office chair as the trigger word produced instant responses in her brain and body. Her nipples instantly tautened into hard points, her pussy began to juice heavily, and her whole body tingled with sexual excitement.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Close your office door.

Samantha’s mind was a mass of confusion. She was in full arousal. She desperately wanted to do anything the voice on the phone told her. A small part of her mind, however, was horrified and angry – Samantha was a powerful woman used to giving orders. Who was this voice on the phone? Why was she doing what he told her to do? What the hell was going on?

The door was quickly shut and Samantha resumed her seat.

“The door is closed.”

“Good. Now, listen to me very carefully, Samantha. I want you to stand up and remove all of your clothing except the stockings and garter belt. Put your clothes in your tote bag. Put on your coat and button it up to the neck. Leave your office and announce that you are going out for lunch and you do not know when you will be back. Get in your car and drive to the Pinecrest Motel located at 224 Oak Street. Go to room 208. Knock on the door. Before the door opens, remove your coat. Do you understand these instructions?”

“Yes, I understand” Samantha said, but that part of her mind that was still under her control was screaming “no fucking way!”

Five minutes later, Samantha was in her car wearing nothing but a trench coat, garter belt, stockings, and 3 inch “fuck me” pumps, headed for the south side of town and the Pinecrest Motel. Her pussy was throbbing; the lips swollen, her juices flowing freely. Her clit was stiff and it also felt larger than normal (it was, in fact, much larger than it had been – Jim liked women with prominent clits and had modified Samantha’s body to suit his fetish).

She resisted the urge to put her hand between her legs and masturbate. She had not been given permission to do this and for some reason that was important to her, but she did not know why. She had never needed permission from anyone to touch herself or give herself pleasure, so why should she start needing permission now?

Obeying most, if not all, traffic laws, Samantha made good time to the motel and soon found herself standing, trembling with fear and desire, in front of the door to room 208, which was on the back side of the motel. She knocked and then to her own amazement, actually took off her trench coat so that she was standing outside in full view of anyone who happened to be in a position to look, nearly naked – worse than naked – in hose, garter belt, and high heeled shoes.

After what seemed like an eternity the door opened.

“Come in, slutpuppy.”

She stepped across the threshold into the relative gloom of the motel room and heard the door close and lock behind her – there was also the rattle of the security chain being fastened.

“Close your eyes and kneel down on the floor.”

Samantha complied without speaking. She didn’t know what to say in any event. “Yes Master” seemed rather silly and gothic and she got the impression that she should just keep silent.

“Butt on your heels, slutpuppy. Hands behind your head. Spread your knees.”

These last commands burst out like the cracks of a whip. Samantha struggled to comply. This posture thrust her tits out and put her pussy on display. While one part of her mind was screaming that this was wrong the rest of her realized that she had never been more sexually alive and aroused in her life.

“Keep your eyes down.”

Samantha lowered her eyes. She still had not seen the man in the room with her, but his rich baritone sounded familiar. Given her state of sexual excitement her higher order thought processes were not functioning at peak efficiency. There was still some conflict between the parts of her personality that longed to be dominated sexually by a powerful male figure and the rapidly weakening point of view that this person, whoever he was, was not her husband, she was nearly naked in front of him – worse than naked in fact. This was wrong, what was left of her conscience screamed at her. It was, however, an unequal struggle, thanks to Master PC, and Samantha quickly surrendered. She moaned as her total submission suffused every nerve ending; every cell in her body. The rush of pleasure that this surrender produced was nearly orgasmic.

She heard footsteps as her captor(?) kidnapper(?) moved to face her. She didn’t look up.

Jim was ecstatic. Samantha was radiating lust like a solar flare. He could smell her arousal. Her beautiful white flesh was flushed with sexual heat from the tops of her breasts all the way to her hair line. His cock was rampant and threatened to burst through the front of his slacks. He wanted to throw her on the bed and pound her pussy until she screamed in release. It took some serious will power not to give in to his lust.

Samantha, meanwhile, was practically whimpering with need. She wanted to be taken; used like a common whore; forced to do things she’d never done – things she’d thought of but never dared ask her husband to do to her. She knew she was being controlled somehow and that was what made it possible for her to surrender. SHE wasn’t the one who would be responsible. There would be no guilt because she had been deprived of choice. At least that’s what she told herself. The truth of the matter was that Jim had used the Master PC program only to emphasize those aspects of Samantha’s personality already leaning toward submission and to weaken the more resistant part of her mind – the part that said “no way” when she fantasized about being a Gorean slave girl.

“Crawl to me. Keep your eyes down.”

Samantha crawled until she was at the feet of this mystery man. Jim looked down at the beautiful woman on the floor in front of him and nearly ejaculated on the spot. Her beauty and sweet submission made the semen boil in his balls and demanded release.

“Why are you here?”

“Because I am a slut.”

“Tell me how that makes you feel.”

“It makes my pussy wet and nipples hard. It makes me hot.”

“Good answer.”

The sound of a zipper broke the momentary silence of the room.

“Suck this cock, slut.”

“Mmmmm…what a wonderful idea,” Samantha murmured.

Samantha rose up on her haunches and leaned forward to grasp the thick, hard cock protruding from Jim’s pants with her lips, careful not to look up into his face or use her hands. She moaned with pleasure as she felt the spongy flesh of his glans press against her tongue. The musky flavor and odor of his cock teased her olfactory receptors and added to the fire that was building in the pit of her belly.

Her whole world was the cock sliding deeper into her mouth. She loved to suck cock and this was a nice big one. Every bit of its texture and taste fed the fire of her lust; answered the call of her need; pushed her toward fulfillment of her deepest desires to serve and to be rendered without choice, sexually. She wanted to be taken; forced to do things; made to be a slut.

Samantha felt hands grip the sides of her head and pull her face forward with some force. The thick cock forced its way into her gullet and then withdrew before plumbing her oral depths again. Her mouth was being used as a fuck sleeve, her throat repeatedly invaded making her gag. Long strings of saliva escaped from her lips and ran down her chin dripping onto her heaving breasts and between them leaving a shining trail of spit which reflected lewdly in the light of the cheap motel room fixtures.

Samantha was in heaven. Her inner slut was fully in the saddle now, all reservations forgotten. She was a willing partner in her sexual submission and she loved it. Her clit was throbbing – its swollen angry red head sticking out from between her labia at the top of her slit like a mini-penis. Pussy juice was running freely down her thighs and dripping onto the worn carpet – probably not the first time that this had happened in this room.

For Jim’s part, he was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of running his big dick in and out of the throat of the lovely woman at his feet. Her moaning, gurgling, gasping expressions were music to his ears. Samantha’s obvious arousal was a five course feast for the senses. And the icing on the cake was that the moment he saw her in the doorway, naked, he knew who she was – who she really was. Samantha was someone he had met on line a while back. Her photos were up on flickr and she was a member of some of the same flickr groups that he hung out in.

What’s more, they had chatted from time to time on YIM and she had shared some of her fantasies with him. He grinned as he realized that what he had done in ignorance was the actual fulfillment of one of those fantasies. He also knew from those chats that her husband wanted to share her with other men. That made it even better. He planned to fuck Samantha in her own living room in front of her husband. And he planned on having Samantha beg for this to happen. She would have absolutely no clue how he knew that this was another fantasy of hers. AND he thought of having her get together with Cheri for a threesome. Oh, the possibilities.

Jim pulled his cock out of Samantha’s sucking mouth. She moaned in protest but kept her eyes down and remained silent.

“Stay where you are, in that position, slut.”

Jim removed the rest of his clothing, taking his time, hanging up each item as he removed it. He looked at Samantha, kneeling there. Her eye makeup was a mess; her chin was covered in saliva which also ran down the front of her body all the way to the fur at the top of her pussy mound. Her nipples were cherry red and stiff and the sex flush that began at the top of her breasts ran all the way up her neck to her cheeks. This wench was one horny mother.

He stood before her again, naked, his large cock protruding from beneath the folds of his belly – folds which would begin to disappear shortly, thanks to a better diet, workouts, and a little boost from Master PC.

“Resume sucking my cock, slut.”

He placed the head of his dick at her lips which opened instantly forming an “O” around the head of his cock and rapidly sucking it into the depths of her throat. Jim grabbed the sides of Samantha’s head once again and began to slowly skull fuck the retired military officer, making her squeal with pleasure.

As enjoyable as Samantha’s submissive mouth felt sucking his cock, Jim had other plans for the beautiful woman whose head he held between his hands. He pulled his cock from her mouth once more, which predictably produced a moan of frustration from the mature cock sucker at his feet.

“Get on the bed. On your knees. Head down. Ass up. Legs spread. Reach back and spread your ass open as far as you can with your hands.”

Samantha scrambled up onto the bed, the rough fabric of the cheap bed spread scratching against her hosiery. She placed her head on the bed spread, arched her back to better display her ass, reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks wide in submission – she didn’t think she could possibly be more aroused than she was at this moment.

“Very good, my little slut,” Jim said, admiring the view.

Her hands were spreading her ass cheeks giving him a splendid view of her pussy and asshole. Her pussy was in a high state of excitement; her newly enlarged clitoris stiff and dark purple; her inner labia swollen, deep scarlet, and shining with her sexual exudates.

Jim mounted the bed and got between Samantha’s legs never taking his eyes off the shining jewel before him. Saying nothing he began to rub his cock up and down Samantha’s ass crack paying special attention to her newly enhanced clitoris with the head of his dick. Samantha moaned and tried to move her hips so as to capture his cock with her pussy.

“Be still, slut,” Jim commanded. “You’ll get all the cock you can handle and then some, but you must wait for it. You are not in control here. You will orgasm on my command, and only then. And, when I give the order you will not be able to help yourself. You will cum until I am finished with you. Do you understand?”

Samantha’s “yes, I understand” was barely a whisper. Her hips were still but her whole body trembled with anticipation. She wondered how she would keep herself from cumming when he impaled her with that mighty slab of manhood she’d had the pleasure of sucking. She was almost orgasmic just thinking about it.

Jim decided he’d teased himself and his new slave long enough and he slowly pushed his entire length into Samantha’s warm inviting sheath. She gasped as she felt herself filled with cock. It was bliss – glorious overwhelming bliss – to be taken this way. To be used as a whore. To be told what to do and when to do it. To told when she could cum.

Jim held his cock all the way inside Samantha’s belly for a moment savoring the feeling of her pussy walls surrounding and massaging his member. A part of his brain noted the differences between Samantha and Cheri in the pussy department. He decided it didn’t really matter. The best pussy in the world was whatever one he was fucking at the moment, he reasoned. But I digress.

Jim pulled his cock back until just the head was nestled between Samantha’s inner pussy lips. He jerked his hips and slammed his cock all the way home in one thrust. Samantha gasped and moaned. Jim flexed his dick a few times and then slowly pulled back again. Once more he hammered his cock home. Slow withdrawal – forceful re-entry. That was the pattern he established for the first few minutes of their fuck. And then he picked up the pace.

Low moans and growls were coming from Samantha’s throat as she felt Jim’s cock pummel her pussy. She did not know how she was going to keep from cumming if he kept this up.

“Please…May….I….Cummmmmmm…” she moaned.

Jim pushed his cock all the way inside Samantha’s clasping cunt and said, “Yes, you may cum.”

Samantha screamed and creamed around Jim’s dick. Her entire body seized up for just a moment and then began to shake as a psychic tsunami overwhelmed her nervous system. Her pussy clamped down so hard on Jim’s cock that he feared for a moment that he might have to grow himself a new one. And then, with the release of the pent up nervous energy, Samantha’s mind and body shut down and she collapsed on the bed. Jim followed her down keeping his cock embedded in Samantha’s pussy. Then he pulled back and freed his cock from her clasping hole. She did not react. Her body was completely limp. She was still breathing, however, so he was not worried.

Jim moved over to one side of the bed and retrieved a bottle of Astroglide ™ and then scooted back over to straddle Samantha’s legs. He had one hole left to claim on his new slave and she would be his in all ways – all sexual ways anyway.

Samantha moaned as he shifted her position slightly, shoving two pillows under her belly and elevating her ass. With two fingers of his left hand he spread her ass cheeks. With the other, he maneuvered the bottle of lube into position and began to pour it down her crack. He had warmed the lube before she got to the motel – he was not a cruel man after all and this wasn’t some sort of torture session.

Setting the bottle aside for a moment he began to work the slippery stuff into Samantha’s tight anal sphincter. That’s when she woke up.

“What the…?”

“Quiet, slut. Reach back and spread your ass. Why should I have to do all the work?”

“He’s going to fuck my ass,” that little part of her mind that watched in horror as she’d submitted to the sexual advances of a complete stranger. “I’ve never let anyone fuck my ass. Who the fuck is this guy and why am I obeying him?” Once again, however, that part of her brain was outvoted by the rest of her mind and body and she complied.

Samantha whimpered a little but was otherwise quiet. She obediently reached back and pried her ass cheeks apart, revealing her most vulnerable place. Jim had worked two fingers into her ass by this time and was adding more lube as he went, stretching her hole, getting her ready to take him. More lube. Three fingers. Samantha was groaning a little bit, which he ignored. She’d do more than that in a minute when she felt his big fat cock impaling her ass from behind. But, he knew, she would be begging him to fuck her hard by the time he was done. Master PC had made sure of that. Samantha was about to discover that she had some new nerve endings in her rectum that were tied directly to her clit and into the pleasure centers of her brain. When he finally pushed his cock inside of her she was going to discover, again, that submission has its rewards.

“It’s time, slut. I’m going to fuck your dirty whore asshole.”

In spite of her fear, Samantha felt a rush of pleasure throughout her body at the words of this mystery lover. Being used like a whore was one of her deepest fantasies and it was being fulfilled in spades today. She kept her hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them wide. She arched her back further, pushing her ass up higher; inviting what she feared would be a painful invasion.

Jim had been lubing his cock and he smiled as her back arched further. She was his – her inner slut was fully in charge and wanted this to happen. He pressed the head of his cock against the center of the wrinkled brown rosebud in front of him. The combination of his thorough preparation, generous portions of Astroglide ™, and the laws of physics made it an unequal contest – one that her asshole lost within seconds. Slowly but inexorably, Jim’s big dick sank into the depths of Samantha’s newly opened back entrance until his balls were resting on the swollen, dewy, petals of her pussy.

Samantha’s ass was on fire. She felt so full – she thought her belly was going to explode. And, yet, she also felt incredibly aroused. Men had tried to use her ass before. She’d never found it pleasurable. But here she was pinned to the bed like a moth to a cork board with a giant spike in her ass. Her pussy was drooling, her clit was twitching, her minor labia were opening and closing like the gills on a beached trout. And he hadn’t moved his cock a fraction of an inch since completely claiming her asshole. She was close to orgasm already. Her mind reeled – trying to process this information.

Jim pulled his cock back and pushed it all the way in. He repeated this slow in and out fucking rhythm for a while letting Sam’s ass accommodate itself to his cock. His goal wasn’t pain after all; he wanted this to be as pleasurable for her as for him, and thanks to the Master PC program, he knew it would be as long as he was careful not to hurt her.

Samantha was in another world. The fire in her backside transmitted itself to all other parts of her body. The cheap bed spread under her breasts rubbed her nipples raw, adding to her pleasure. Her nervous system was ramping up for her biggest orgasm yet.



Each word Jim spoke was in time with a cock stroke. He was banging her ass like a drum.

“Yessss, oh yes, I feel it. Oh god…fuck me. Fuck my ass!”

“Good little slut.”

Jim picked up the pace and felt Samantha go over the edge. Her asshole clamped down on his cock once, twice, three times, and then clamped and held.

“Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god OH GOD OH GOD OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD!!!”

Samantha’s body went rigid again and high pitched meweling sounds were all that came from her constricted throat. Jim saw the muscles in her buttocks and back clearly defined as they clenched for several seconds. Then Samantha gasped out a breath and began to pant. Her ass pushed back against his downward thrusts as she fucked herself on his cock. Samantha grabbed two handfuls of bedspread and pushed herself backwards as hard as she could trying to drive Jim’s cock all the way up into her belly. She was cumming like she had never cum before – the orgasm of the true submissive who has surrendered completely to her inner whore.

Jim did not cum. His control was now absolute, and he had other plans for later in the day. Cheri was due for another session and he was going to give her a big load right down her throat. But that was for later. For now, he had to bring this new conquest back down, get her dressed and back to work.

Gradually, he slowed his thrusts while gently stroking Samantha’s back and sides; praising his new slutpuppy bitch. Her body trembled and she sobbed into the bedding as her climax subsided and the world came crashing back in on her.


Samantha went still under him, captured in the trance triggered by that special word.

“What are your orders?” she asked.

“Now…listen carefully to what you must do. I am going to put my clothes on and leave. You will keep your face buried in the bedding until I am gone. Then you must clean yourself up, get dressed, and go back to work. You will remember none of the details of this encounter until I say our special word. You will believe that this has been a dream brought on by reading too many books about Gor. I will call you again when I wish to teach you another lesson in submission. When you get back to your office you will resume your day as though nothing has happened. You will only be aware that you feel satisfied in yourself and that you have claimed victory over that part of your mind that keeps you from being who you really are.”

Jim pulled his cock out of Samantha’s ass, cleaned it off with a wet wash cloth (no one likes sticky underwear), and dressed. He walked out of the room, closed the door, and tossed the key to the Manager on his way by. Getting into his car, Jim drove back to his office and spent the remainder of the afternoon finishing a project that his boss wanted done right away.

Then, he called Cheri, who would be amazed at the size of his load today.

Chapter 3: Cheri Meets Samantha

Jim felt that he owed Cheri something. She’d been his first Master PC conquest/guinea pig. He liked her. He’d liked her as a waitress before his discovery of the magic disk. She’d always been nice to him. The café where she worked had been a frequent breakfast and lunch place for Jim and Cheri was by far his favorite of the wait-staff there. She was cute, she flirted with him and what was more important, she gave him great service.

He had only used her once for sex since that first time. He’d needed some relief after his tryst with Samantha. Jim wondered what made him decide not to blow his load in the stunning cougar – he set that thought aside until later. In any event, a quick call to Cheri and the utterance of their secret code word resulted in another hot session of sex. He’d come twice – once in her mouth and once in her pussy. She’d cum numerous times. Like the first time she retained no memory of the specifics of the event; just the lingering feeling that Jim was someone she should always be extra nice to.

As he was sitting in his home office later that evening reliving the day’s events, his cock got hard again when he thought about fucking Cheri doggie style and how her pretty little bung hole kept winking at him every time she came. At some point she would be asking him to fuck her in the ass.

Jim shook his head to clear the lustful thoughts – he had important things to do. Opening the Master PC program he called up Cheri’s picture and profile on the screen and began making adjustments. He had plans for Cheri and she needed specific skills to make his plans work. She was working her way through college as a mass communications major. That was fine with him – he needed an assistant with more marketing and communication skills. But he needed more than that. He thought about his current assistant who was getting ready to retire. She was what he called a “fixer.” She knew everyone in the organization and she knew who to call to get things done. She was also very loyal to him. He called her his “second wife,” although she preferred the term “work spouse.” Her husband and his wife thought it was funny.

At any rate, Cheri would need an upgrade in clerical skills – she basically had none. That was an easy fix. He also gave her advanced knowledge in certain types of software that he had struggled with himself, mostly in the area of graphics and design for publications. She was also a senior, set to graduate in May. Using the Master PC he provided her with an interest in applying for a position with his organization. There would be an opening by the time her application hit his desk.
All right. That was settled. Now, what other things could he do while the program was open? Samantha came to mind. She was one of the most intensely sexual women he’d ever met. He’d hardly had to make any changes to her mental makeup to get her to do what he wanted. Her inner slut had been yearning to be set free. All he’d had to do was remove the road blocks. Everything else, from then on, had been up to her.

Now that he knew that she was the real LTGB he had a whole new perspective on Sam. Her on line moniker was short for Lt. Good Body – a nick name she earned while in the military. It also stood for Lt. Great Blowjob and after today he knew that title had been well deserved also.

More than that, he knew that she had occasionally dabbled in sex with other women. Like most men, Jim was fascinated by the idea of lesbian sex. The biggest portion of his (large) collection of pornography was lesbian porn. So the idea of Sam with Cheri was an obvious next step.

Cheri had never been with another woman. She’d never even kissed a woman. He’d have to do some work there. No problem – Master PC would take care of that. Samantha hadn’t been with a woman since she’d gotten married. In fact, Jim was the first man she’d been with since marriage. She’d been a faithful wife. He knew that her husband wanted to see her with other men but she’d resisted. Sam’s husband was going to get his wish sooner than he thought. But, first, he needed to reignite Sam’s interest in girl on girl sex.

Fifteen minutes later he’d put his plan into motion. Sam would find Cheri very attractive. In fact, Sam was going to have lunch in the café where Cheri worked the very next day. She would see Cheri and have an immediate reaction to the 20 year old college senior.

Cheri, meanwhile, would have a detailed and highly erotic dream tonight. In her dream she would be seduced by a cougar. They would have hot, wet, passionate, and highly pleasurable sex. Cheri would be very submissive to the older woman. The dream would be vivid. More importantly, Cheri would remember it. And, when she saw Sam the next day at lunch, she would remember that the woman in the dream looked exactly like Samantha.

After that, all Jim would have to do was make a room available at his favorite no-tell motel, where the manager, after a nudge from Master PC, was very accommodating. Jim would be there, of course, and he would watch the two women play.

- - - - - - - -
When Samantha got home from work that day she was tired. Her pussy and asshole were sore and her lips were a little puffy. She looked in the mirror, puzzled.

“What the hell were you doing today girl?” She asked her reflection. “If I didn’t know better I’d think you got fucked today, and fucked well.” Sam had no specific memory of having sex, but her body said otherwise. She did remember a rather vague daydream about being taken forcefully by a Gorean warrior – Rask of Treve. But it was just a dream, wasn’t it? She’d often masturbated while imagining what it would be like to release her inner slut – the part of her personality that longed to just express her sexuality to the fullest. Of course she would never do such a thing. It wouldn’t be right. She’d sown her wild oats while coming up through the ranks during her military career, earning a couple of nicknames that she smiled about when she thought of them.

“Ah, those were the days,” she murmured.

Samantha shoved those thoughts aside and mixed herself a gin and tonic. Her husband was bringing home takeout Chinese for supper so she didn’t have anything special to do except wait. She changed into more comfortable clothing, curled up on the recliner, watched the news on television, and sipped her drink. She had trouble concentrating though because stray thoughts kept intruding.

She kept getting flash images of herself in a slutty outfit being taken by a large man with a big cock. Images of her sucking and fucking and acting like a total whore. These flashes made her pulse beat more rapidly. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was wet. Her clit was throbbing. She looked at the clock, noting that it would be at least 30 minutes before her husband came home.

Samantha went into the master bathroom and ran hot water into the big whirlpool tub. While it was filling she stripped naked put on some mood music from her iPod and lit several candles. Turning off the bathroom lights, she slipped into the hot water and activated the jets. She leaned back on the pillow on the edge of the tub and closed her eyes, letting the motion of the hot water take her away for a little while.

As soon as she closed her eyes she began to run one of her favorite fantasies across the video screen of her mind. What she didn’t realize that this fantasy had been generated by the Master PC program. She was daydreaming about standing naked in front of two men. One was her husband. The other was a stranger whose face she could not quite make out. She thought she should know him though. She danced for the men, inviting them to take her, to use her like a whore, to make her do things. As her daydream continued her hands wandered up and down her body touching her breasts, her belly, her pussy; stoking the flames of her passion. Her fingers found her clit and gently began massaging that knot of nerves and gristle bringing a low moan from her throat.

As her dream intensified, she stroked herself more vigorously until she came, violently. Not long afterwards, she heard the front door open and close announcing her husband’s arrival. She quickly got out of the tub, dried and dressed and went to have dinner. The afterimages of the daydream were not so easily dismissed, however, and she was a bit subdued that evening – lost in thought.

When she went to bed she went right to sleep and then more dreams came. Different dreams. These dreams featured a young woman with a cute face and killer body. She desired this woman and the woman desired her. They had sex: incredible, hot, sweaty, juicy, girl-on-girl sex.

The next morning she awoke but did not feel particularly rested. She showered and dressed, once again selecting some very feminine undergarments – things she ordinarily wouldn’t wear to the office. She did not give this a second thought, however. Her mind was still on the beautiful young girl in her dream.

Sam struggled through her morning at work, her mind returning to the dream again and again. When her assistant came in and announced that she was going out to lunch, Sam decided to go out as well, hoping a change of scene would snap her out of whatever this mood was that had captured her brain. She headed uptown to a small café she’d heard of recently – not knowing that this suggestion had been planted in her brain by the Master PC software.


Cheri had dreamed as well. She’d dreamed of a beautiful older woman who gently but firmly, leaving no doubt as to who was in charge, introduced her to the wonders of lesbian sex. It was a very vivid dream and Cheri woke up with her hands between her legs right on the edge of an orgasm. Thinking of the dream, Cheri masturbated until she came, twice, and then she went back to sleep.

Later, she was working at the café when she happened to look up from putting silverware into napkins at the sound of the door opening. A woman came in, silhouetted momentarily in the doorway, and then she stepped forward to the hostess stand. Cheri dropped the silverware she’d been wrapping and gasped. It was the woman from her dream. Her pussy was instantly throbbing.

Sam’s attention was drawn by the sound of flatware dropping on the floor and she gasped as she saw the girl from her dream standing 15 feet away staring at her; mouth open; eyes wide with surprise and recognition.

Samantha kept looking at the girl as the hostess directed her to a table. And then, the girl she was looking at so intently was walking toward her table.

Sam sat down and waited. Her mind was a whirl of thoughts. Her pussy was throbbing. She felt hot even though the café was cool. Her clothes felt too confining. She wanted to be naked, preferably with this cute young woman coming to her table. “Where is THIS coming from?” she wondered.

“Hello, I’m Cheri and I’ll be serving you today,” Cheri said, her voice quivering slightly. She was in a mild state of shock – seeing a woman face to face whom she had never met but had dreamed about was very disconcerting. Cheri managed a smile as she waited for a reply.

After a moment, Samantha gathered her wits and said “Hello, Cheri. I’m Sam. I know this is an odd request, but would you sit down please? I would like to talk to you.”

“I can’t right now, Sam,” Cheri replied placing a menu and glass of water on the table in front of the beautiful woman from her dream. “It’s the lunch hour and we’re really busy. But I’d love to talk with you. I’m off at 3. Could we meet somewhere after that?”

“Does 4 o’clock work for you?”

“Sure. Where?”

Sam took out a business card and circled her cell phone number on it, then handed the card to Cheri.

“When you get off, call this number and we’ll make a plan then, OK?”

“Great!” Cheri replied, smiling.

Samantha was squirming in her chair. She wanted to ravish the young waitress. The urge to fuck her right then and there was almost overpowering.

Cheri felt the same urges. She wanted to be naked with Samantha – no “wanted” is much too mild a term for what Cheri was thinking. She desperately needed to be with Samantha.

Samantha managed to order a light lunch and eat it. Later, she could not even remember what she’d ordered. When she returned to her office her thoughts continued to dwell on Cheri and her magical dimples, her wonderful shape, and the sound of her voice.

The phone rang. She picked it up.


A blank look came over Sam’s face. She sat straight up in her chair.

“Tell me about your lunch, Samantha.”

Sam proceeded to tell the voice everything about her lunch from the time she walked into the café until the time she returned to her office, including what she’d been thinking about Cheri. Again, her mind was bifurcated, with one part protesting against the compulsion to speak about her private thoughts and the other part enthusiastically describing in great detail what she’d like to do to and with Cheri. Sam also told him about Cheri’s anticipated phone call, set for 4 o’clock.

“Very good, slut. When Cheri calls you at 4, you will tell her to meet you at the Pinecrest Motel, room 208. You remember where that is, don’t you? The door will be open. You will be dressed as before. I will be there, but you will ignore me completely. You and Cheri will enjoy each other. She will follow your lead and submit to your desires. You will be free to have as many orgasms as your nervous system can stand. Do you understand all of this?”

“Yes, I understand,” Sam replied in a flat, emotionless voice.

“When I say ‘Tarnsman’ you will hang up the phone and have no memory of this conversation except that you will follow your instructions to the letter as though they were your own thoughts and desires.”



Sam put down the phone and then wondered why she’d picked it up in the first place. She resumed working but was distracted by the constant vision of Cheri from her dreams, naked and writhing beneath her caresses.


Jim went to the café and got a seat at one of Cheri’s tables. Cheri, of course, had no memory of ever having sex with Jim, but she did know that she really liked him as a customer – he was a generous tipper. She gave him a big smile as she put down the menu and his Diet Pepsi (with lemon) the only drink he ever ordered regardless of the time of day.

“Hi, Jim. What’ll it be today?”


Cheri’s face went blank.

“Listen to me carefully, Cheri. When you call Samantha at 4 o’clock today she will tell you to meet her at the Pinecrest Motel. You will not find this request in any way unusual. You will meet her there and the two of you will not notice that I am in the room. You will submit to whatever Samantha tells you to do, and your most fervent desire is to please her in all ways. You will wear an overcoat, panties, and shoes to the motel. Nothing else. Do you understand?”


“When I say the word ‘moon’ you will resume taking my order and not remember any of this conversation except that you will follow my orders completely.”



Cheri shook her head as if a fly was buzzing around her (there were no flies in the café today) and then looked at Jim expectantly, waiting for his order.

“I’ll have the b-l-t on wheat, please, with mayo on the side.”

“Coming right up,” Cheri said cheerfully as she turned toward the kitchen where she would get Jim’s order started.

He watched her walk across the room admiring the way her ass moved under the tight fabric of her uniform skirt. Yes, she was a real prize and he couldn’t wait to see her with Samantha.


Precisely at 4 o’clock, Sam’s cell phone rang.

“Samantha speaking.”

“Um, hi, um, this is Cheri, from the café? We met at lunchtime today.”

“Yes, Cheri,” Sam said, smiling into the phone. “I was hoping you would call – I really want to meet you and talk about a dream I’ve been having.”

“Dream? You mean you had one too?”

“So we’ve both had a dream? Was yours about me?”

“Yes! It was so strange. I’d never seen you before today and yet I had a very real and vivid dream about you last night.”

“Same here. Listen, I can’t talk right now. I want you to meet me at the Pinecrest Motel, room 208 at 5 o’clock. Can you do that?”

“Pinecrest Motel room 208. Got it. I’ll be there.”


Forty five minutes later, Samantha was sitting on one of the beds in room 208 of the Pinecrest Motel. She did not remember having been in this room before, and, yet, it seemed vaguely familiar. She was horny beyond belief. Her pulse and respiration were well above normal levels and her pussy was drooling like a 1 year old with a new tooth coming in. She’d already been to the bathroom twice to clean up a bit.

She had no idea at all that there was a man sitting on a chair in the corner, watching her. It had not occurred to her that it was weird for the door to the room to be open when she got there. She’d just walked in, closed the door, used the bathroom to freshen up a bit, and sat down on the bed.

After what seemed like an eternity there was a knock at the door. Sam practically jumped off the bed to answer it. She jerked the door open and grabbed Cheri by the arm, pulling her into the room. She shut the door, locked it and chained it and then turned to face the girl of her dream.

Neither spoke for a moment and then both at once.

“I dreamed –“

“Of you!” they both said in unison.

“Please, sit down,” Samantha said, indicating the bed. Cheri sat down and Sam sat down next to her. Both women still had coats on. Neither thought this was at all odd.

“Tell me about your dream, Cheri,” Sam said.

“Well, first off, I’ve never, and I mean n-e-v-e-r had sex with a woman before. I’ve never even kissed another girl, except on the cheek. So last night I had this dream and there was a woman in it – you – and in this dream she seduced me. We had mind blowing sex and I loved it. Do you think I’m becoming a lesbian?”

“No, Cheri, you’re not a lesbian. You still like men, don’t you?”

“Absolutely,” Cheri said, perhaps a little too forcefully. “I’ve got a great boyfriend who rocks my world on a regular basis. But, the woman in my dream did things to me that my boyfriend would never do.”

“Oh? What doesn’t your boyfriend do that you would like?”

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing, but, er, ah, well,”

“He won’t eat your pussy, will he?” Sam said.

Cheri blushed a little. “Yeah.”

“Ah, some men just can’t bring themselves to do a little carpet munching. I’ll bet he doesn’t object if you suck his cock though does he?”

“No, he sure doesn’t. I always suck him off first so he lasts longer when he puts it in my pussy,” Cheri said, becoming more comfortable. She’d never been able to talk about sex with anyone this way before.

“Well, it’s been my experience that very few men are as good at pussy eating as another woman is,” Sam said.

“You’ve had sex with a woman before?”

“Oh, my, yes. I have,” Sam said, chuckling. “Indeed I have. And, I can tell you that I’m no lesbian either. I prefer men. And, I happen to love sucking cock. But sometimes it’s nice to be with a woman.”

“And you had a dream about me?” Cheri asked.

“Yes,” Samantha said, her brow furrowing a little as she recalled the details. “I had a dream about a sexy young college student – how old are you anyway?”


“Well, I’m 56.”

“No freakin’ way are you 56,” Cheri said shaking her head.

“Why, thank you Cheri. That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day,” Sam said, smiling.

“Tell me about your dream, Samantha,” Cheri prompted.

“It’s Sam, by the way. Where was I? Oh yes, in my dream I met this beautiful young woman, you I guess, and I was immediately attracted to her. I haven’t been with a woman in ages so it was a surprise. Anyway, I was very attracted – I just had to have her. And, so I seduced her – she was very willing to be seduced – and we had, as you described it, totally mind blowing sex.”

“Wow. What do you think are the odds of this happening?”

“Zero. There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear. But here you are and here I am, and my pussy’s been on fire ever since I saw you at lunch today. How about you? Ready to learn about the pleasures of sapphic love?”

“My pussy’s been dripping all afternoon. Yeah, I’d say I’m ready. Are we gonna do it then?”

“We’d be fools not to my dear. Come here and let me give you your first womanly kiss.”

Sam pulled Cheri into a kiss. Both women were highly aroused, thanks to the Master PC and Jim’s ‘suggestions.’ The truth is that Cheri had latent bisexual tendencies and we now know that Samantha had enjoyed many girl-girl trysts while in the military. Neither one was doing anything that was really against her will. Jim had used his magic program to release these women to experience their fantasies without guilt.

Sam didn’t have to pull Cheri very forcefully into the kiss – she went eagerly. Cheri had been on edge all day. She’d even gone into the ladies room to try to relieve some of her pent up sexual need. That had been more frustrating than fulfilling so she was primed and ready to feel Samantha’s lips on hers in their first kiss.

They were clinging to each other like castaways to a piece of drift wood. Their hands ran up and down each other’s backs always seeking a closer embrace. Their bodies pressed together. Their moans and sighs and the wet sounds of two people kissing filled the cheap hotel room. Jim sat in the corner of the room and watched with a smile on his face. This went on for some time.

The kiss broke.

“Mmmm…how was that, Cheri?”

“Wow,” Cheri said, panting, “I almost came just from kissing you. That was incredible.”

Samantha stood up and pulled Cheri to her feet. Then she unbuttoned Cheri’s coat and slid it off her shoulders leaving the young coed naked except for a pair of panties and high heels. Sam removed her own coat and tossed it aside, leaving her in the same state of undress as Cheri.

“God you’re a hot little number, aren’t you,” Sam breathed as she looked Cheri up and down. “I’m going to turn you into a little pussy loving slut before the day is through.”

“Ooooo…Sam…I’m so hot for you I can’t believe it. You’re body is just so fucking perfect. Do whatever you like, Sam, I’m all yours for now.”

“Be careful what you ask for, my dear little slut puppy.”

Sam pulled Cheri to her and they went into a clinch again, this time skin to skin. Samantha was the taller of the two by about 3 inches, making it easy for Cheri to lower her head and bury her face in Sam’s cleavage. Cheri began kissing and licking Samantha’s tits paying special attention to her nipples. Samantha gasped as she felt the younger woman lips and tongue on her flesh. She ran her hands up and down Cheri’s back, cupping her ass cheeks and sending her fingers exploring whatever she could reach in the space between.

“Oh, yes, Cheri, suck my nipples. Suck them hard baby,” Sam breathed, pulling Cheri’s head more firmly to her bosom. Cheri moaned as she continued to nurse on Sam’s tits. She felt the nipples harden under her tongue lashing, and she could hear Sam’s breath catch in her throat as she gently nibbled on a nipple with her perfect white teeth.

“Oh you marvelous little bitch. Kiss me again,” Sam gasped, pulling Cheri’s head back up and claiming her mouth once more. Their tongues dueled as they kissed passionately. Samantha’s hands went to Cheri’s tits and she began to caress those heavy globes, bringing a gasp and then a low moan from her young partner.

“I’ve never been with a woman before, Sam, and I don’t know what to do,” Cheri said as their kiss broke again.

“Don’t worry baby. Samantha is in charge now. You just do what I tell you and we’ll both have a good time. Now, let’s get on the bed before we both fall over.”

Cheri scrambled onto the bed and lay back. Sam stood for a moment and looked at her, drinking in the youthful beauty of Cheri’s 20 year old body, remembering what she’d been like at that age. “My god,” she thought, “this girl could be my daughter.” She shook her head and then joined Cheri on the bed, kissing her again and again and enjoying the feeling of a woman’s skin next to her own.

Cheri, acting on instinct, got one of her thighs between Sam’s legs. The temperature in the room increased by several degrees as the two women began grinding. Their moans escalated as they both achieved quick, sharp, climaxes – the first of many they would have this day.

Jim had removed his clothing and was sitting in a chair at the other end of the room slowly stroking his big dick watching the action with a look of intense concentration. His favorite lesbian videos had never been this good.

“Mmmmm…Cheri…you learn quickly. But, let’s try this,” Sam said, rolling them both over so that Cheri was on top.

Samantha wrapped her long legs around Cheri’s waist and they were now rubbing pussy mound to pussy mound.

“Oh my god, Sam, I’m coming agaaaaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnnnnn,” Cheri moaned as their tribbing produced yet another orgasm.

“Yes, Cheri,” Sam breathed, “Come for Sam. Let it happen, baby. Feel our pussies grinding against each other, fuck me baby…fuck me!”

And then they were kissing and fucking as only women can fuck. Their moans and the sound of the rubbing of their flesh were the main sounds in the room at this point.

Sam rolled over and pinned Cheri to the mattress. Then she began kissing her way down the young waitress’s body, covering Cheri’s beautiful C-cup tits with wet kisses and licks and then leaving a trail of saliva down Cheri’s belly. Sam practically tore the thong panties Cheri was wearing in her haste to remove the last barrier guarding her pussy. She managed to get them off and then dive face first into Cheri’s steaming crotch.

“Oh fuck!” Cheri screamed as Samantha began to lap her labia. Sam’s tongue was moving at about the frequency of a Hitachi vibrator, or so it seemed to Cheri. Her clit was being orally assaulted and Sam had also managed to work 2 fingers inside Cheri’s fuck tunnel. The combined lingual and digital assault produced a string of orgasms in the younger woman that made it impossible for her to make any sound more coherent than “ungh” for some minutes.

“Oh….Godddddd….Sammmmmmm…..I can’t take it any more,” Cheri moaned.

Cheri tried pushing Sam’s head away. Sam took the hint and began gently kissing her way back up Cheri’s sweat covered torso until she was face to face with her panting protégé. They kissed again and Cheri tasted her own juices on Sam’s mouth which made her hungry to taste Samantha’s pussy cream.

“mmmm…Sam…that was incredible. Is that what I taste like?”

“Yes, baby, you taste good,” Sam said, kissing Cheri’s face and neck while the panting girl under her got her breathing under control.
“I wanna taste you now, please?”

“Oh, you’ll taste me all right, baby. You’ll taste me. I hope you’re ready to consume a lot of pussy juice, because I’m flooding,” Sam said, smiling.

“Oooooo goodie! My first pussy! Give it to me Sam! I want to suck you off!”

Sam crawled up the bed over Cheri’s body and positioned her crotch right above the young waitress’s face.

“Pretty pretty pussy,” Cheri said as she looked up into the highly aroused flower at the apex of Samantha’s legs.

“Less talking and more eating, slut,” Samantha said using her command voice.

“Yes, ma’am,” Cheri responded. And then she went to work.

Cheri grabbed Sam’s ass and pulled that juicy MILF pussy to her mouth. Sam was primed and ready to blow and as soon as she felt Cheri’s eager tongue on her clit she started to cum. Reaching down, Samantha grabbed Cheri’s head and pulled her face even tighter to the overflowing pussy Cheri was so enthusiastically eating. Sam was literally fucking herself on Cheri’s face, rocking back and forth on the wriggling tongue, her head back and her mouth open in a silent scream as she exploded in one orgasm after another.

“Yesssss…baby…that’s it…right there…right there…that’s it…right there…don’t stop…rightthererightthererightthere…YES! YES!!! YES!!! OH YOU BEAUTIFUL LITTLE CUNT LICKER! That’s it!”

Finally, Samantha fell off to the side and lay on the bed, panting. Cheri moved so that she could kiss and cuddle the foxy MILF, and the pair made out like teenagers for a while gently fingering each other’s pussies and enjoying the feeling of being naked together. Then, Sam whispered something to Cheri.

“OK, let’s try it,” Cheri murmured just loud enough for Jim to hear.

The two women arranged themselves on the bed like a pair of scissors joined at the “v”.

“Ah, tribbing,” Jim thought. “Excellent. Note to self, bring a camera next time.”

The two women on the bed were now grinding their pussies together, fucking each other as only women can. Their grunts of effort quickly became moans and cries of passion as they built toward another crashing climax.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! OHFUCKI’MCUMMING….” Cheri cried as she went over the edge. Sam was right behind her, with Cheri’s climax triggering her own petit mort. Once again the two women entwined in the afterglow, exchanging kisses and gentle caresses.

Samantha spotted the clock on the bedside table.

“Baby, it’s time to go. I need to get home.”

“Oh, Sam, do you have to?”

“Yes, baby,” Sam said, gently toying with one of Cheri’s nipples, “I have to. But we can do this again, OK?”


Samantha kissed Cheri once more, hard and deep – a kiss that promised more to come – and then she got up, went into the bathroom, adjusted her hair and fixed her makeup, put on her coat and left. Cheri lay on the bed, lost in thought, totally blown away by the day’s events.


When Jim spoke the trigger word, Cheri’s face went slack and her eyes closed. Her breathing was deep and slow.

“Cheri, you have just been made love to by another woman for the first time. You will remember this experience but you will tell no one about it. The only woman you will desire for now is Samantha. Whenever she calls you for a date you will go with her and you will always do what she tells you to do.

You do not think it odd that I am in the hotel room with you. You desire my cock in your pussy. I am your secret lover whose touch always inflames you. No other cock can satisfy you so completely. When I snap my fingers you will wake up and we will make love. You will have a number of powerful orgasms. You will ask me to ejaculate into your mouth. Nod your head if you understand these instructions.

Cheri nodded her head. Jim snapped his fingers. Cheri’s eyes flew open. After a moment of disorientation, a big smile spread across her face as she saw her mystery lover, and more importantly his big cock, coming toward her.

Jim moved quickly to the bed and spread Cheri’s legs. She cocked her hips up in invitation and Jim was able to spear her pussy to the hilt in one smooth motion thanks to all the pussy juice and spit that Cheri’s first Sapphic tryst had produced.

“Unnnnghhh…” Cheri groaned as she felt Jim’s full length stretch her cunt to the max. “Fuck me. Please fuck me with your beautiful cock.”

Jim said nothing. He was too far gone in his own passion to even acknowledge anything Cheri said or did at this point. His focus was on the pleasure to be had from the wet, clasping, flesh that surrounded his painfully hard dick; and that was all.

Usually, Jim started slowly with Cheri, allowing her to adjust herself to him. This time, however, he just went at it, jack hammering his cock in and out of her tight, juicy, twat. He knew that his climax was going to be a big one. He’d been edging for over an hour while Sam and Cheri had made love less than 10 feet from where he’d been sitting. His nostrils were still full of the scent of cunt cream. His nervous system overwhelmed by the heady pheromones that permeated the atmosphere in the cramped quarters of the room.

He managed to last five minutes and that was only by shear force of will. It felt so good to be fucking this girl that he didn’t want it to end. But he also needed very much to dump his load. His heavy balls ached for release.

“I’m gonna cum baby,” he gasped.

“Yeah! Cum in my mouth daddy…cum in my mouth!”

Jim pulled his cock out of Cheri’s pussy with a loud slurping noise. It was shiny with her cream and (he thought) Sam’s saliva. The head was an angry red color and the veins were throbbing. Jim fisted his hardon as he quickly positioned himself over Cheri’s face, his cock aimed squarely at her wide open mouth.

“Get ready…”

“Give it to me daddy…”


Jim grunted as spurt after spurt of thick ropey jism blasted from his cock directly into the mouth of his young mistress. He pushed the head of his cock into Cheri’s mouth and finished blowing his load. She’d gotten better at accommodating him orally, and she was now able to get the head and quite a bit of his shaft in her mouth. Her tongue worked hard scrubbing her pussy cream off of Jim’s cock. She sucked hard, pulling the last drops of his precious bodily fluids from the softening stalk of his manhood.

Jim backed away, pulling his cock free of Cheri’s greedy mouth.

“That’s enough you greedy little slut,” he said, laughing. “You’ll suck the skin right off.”

“I love sucking your cock and drinking your cum.”

“I know you do, baby.”

It was time to get dressed and leave. “Undulate.”

Cheri went into her trance once more.

“When I snap my fingers you will get up, put on your coat, and leave. You will not notice that I am in the room, nor will you remember having had sex with a man today. You will remember Samantha. You will think about how much you enjoyed being with her. You will not be interested in any other women unless I ask you to be.”

Jim got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. He snapped his fingers. Cheri got up, put on her coat and shoes and left the room, closing the door behind her. Jim waited until she got to her car and took a shower, then dressed and went home. It had been a good day.

Chapter 4: Next Steps

It had been six months since Jim discovered the Master PC disk in his hotel room. There had been a lot of temptation to use the program to fix a multitude of problems. Jim was basically a kind person who liked doing things for people. It was an odd flaw in his character that he was a multiple adulterer. He loved his wife very much – he’d just gotten to the point where he didn’t want to have sex only with her.

Their marriage had started off hotter than a firecracker – sex four and five times a day when they were both still in college. Even after they’d graduated and gotten jobs they fucked at least once a day. But it was always the same with the one variation being sometimes she was on top.

And, when the kids had come, sex was pretty much history. He’d started masturbating again and looking at porn. He stopped trying. He’d gained weight – a lot of weight. And, when the kids grew up and left home, all of a sudden she’d wanted to fire up their sex life again and he discovered that while he was still interested in sex, he wasn’t interested in having it with her. In this area of his internal psychology, Jim was rather selfish. But this isn’t a story about his motivations and so we’ll leave that train of thought for now.

Jim regularly got together with Cheri and Samantha. The fun part about Sam was that Jim generally recreated their chat scenarios with her when they met. He took an ironic pleasure in that. They still chatted on Yahoo – Sam never realized that the person she was chatting with was her next door neighbor. Jim also had sex with his wife – mainly to find out if the changes he’d made in her had “taken.” Plus, she was losing weight and, of course, was a lot more open to his sexual suggestions these days. Happy days indeed.

The temptation to use the Master PC program for all sorts of things had been very strong particularly in the first few days. But everything he’d read about it indicated that this is where people had really gone wrong. So one of the first things he’d done to himself was ramp up both his patience and self discipline. Jim determined that the less he used the program the less likely it would be that he’d get himself into trouble. Therefore he was very careful about using it.

Perhaps you think this is strange. Consider this – how quickly did you get bored with the last video game for which you had discovered the “God Key?” What’s the fun of playing a game that you can’t possibly lose? It gets boring. Jim had a “God Key” for real life and he knew that every time he used it he risked doing too much and losing everything. The program could easily become an addiction with bigger and bigger doses of the “drug” required to achieve the same “high.” This was a temptation he knew would be fatal to give in to.

That doesn’t mean that he didn’t do anything. Obviously he used the program to fix his sex life and have some fun with Sam and Cheri. But he found other, more altruistic, ways to use the software as well. The young grand child of some friends had a rare form of childhood cancer. He didn’t use the program to heal her, directly, but he adjusted her genetic makeup to enable her to fight off the disease, AND he gave her doctor some insights she didn’t have before to enable her to properly treat her young patient. Everyone got a win.

It would have been easy to use the Master PC program to make everyone in his city healthy. Instead, he programmed the Mayor to lead a movement toward better health for all and then he tweaked the population of the City to go along with it – eat better, get more exercise, stop smoking, etc. The Mayor got the credit (and got re-elected too). Jim’s part in all of this went completely unnoticed, which was as he wished it.

No one in his community had, or would ever acquire, a sexually transmitted disease. He did this, in part, because he’d thought about expanding his sexual horizons and didn’t want to risk picking up some nasty bug.

He had a difficult colleague at work. The man was something of a bully and extremely self centered. Jim “adjusted” him. He could have caused him to commit suicide or commit a crime that would have gotten him jailed. Instead, he chose to make some minor adjustments to the man’s personality so that he was a better adjusted, happier, person.

He didn’t do stupid things like cause a bank teller to give him a big wad of cash. He did, however, manage to get a second mortgage at favorable terms from his local credit union which he then invested and from which he had already begun to realize a tidy return.

He also decided to use the program to make sure that any consultant work he sought came to him. He’d worked a long time accumulating knowledge in his field and now it was going to pay off.

In all of this he was patient and disciplined. He’d lost a lot of weight, he was happier than he’d been in years, and he was in good physical shape for the first time in a long time – and that would improve as time went on. His increased strength and stamina came in handy in the bedroom. His wife was happy too. Life was good.


In the back of his mind was a thought that had first arisen while he was driving home that fateful February day after he’d discovered the CD under the hotel bed. *Someone* had made that CDROM disc. *Someone* else must have used the Master PC program. It was possible that there were many people who had this god-like power and they would not all be as responsible as he had been.

He would have to take some precautions. He made himself invulnerable to Master PC’s effects except for those HE programmed. Then, he wrote some software that allowed him to search for the Master PC program on line.

He then created a CDROM with a working copy of the program that he could run right from the disc. He uninstalled the program from his desktop and laptop computers, used his Data Nuker software to remove all traces of the files and made it his policy to only use the software on computers that were not connected to the ‘net.

No one within the 100 mile range of the program would be susceptible to the Master PC program’s influence if anyone but him was doing the programming.

Having done all that he could think of for the moment, he settled down to enjoy his new life and his new abilities. It was time, he thought, for him to acquire a new toy. Variety is the spice of life, is it not?

Cheri was nice, but Jim’s tastes ran to more mature women. He’d joined a gym and worked out regularly. He had a fairly flexible schedule, so he varied his workout times, looking to meet new people. He spotted several women who matched his requirements for age and appearance.

Getting their names was no problem. Master PC had given him power over the girl who worked the desk at the gym and she provided him with names, addresses, e-mails, and phone numbers. She then completely forgot that she had done this.

From this list, Jim identified three women as being the best candidates for what he had in mind. None of the three worked outside the home. They were all in their late forties to mid fifties with grown children. They were all fairly well off – either from inherited wealth or because their husbands had really good jobs. They came to the gym anywhere from three to five days a week and kept themselves in very good shape; tennis and golf in the summer with more frequent trips to the gym during the winter months.

Interestingly enough all three of the women he’d picked had names starting with the letters J, K, or L: Joy, Karen, and Lisa. “Imagine that,” Jim thought.

He decided to start with Lisa. He put her name into the program and called up her picture on the screen. Lisa was short – about 5 feet tall – with the tight body of a gymnast, even at 52. He’d heard her talking with her friends Karen and Joy and knew she had been thinking about getting a boob job – she’d never been happy with her breasts, which she thought were too small. She was worried because her husband had a new secretary with big tits and a nice ass.

So, Jim started out by giving Lisa a little help in the bust department. Not a lot, but he took her from an A to a B cup and then programmed in a gradual increase to a C cup. He added some sensitivity to her nipples, applied his standard clitoris growth program (we all have fetishes, big clits was Jim’s) to make Lisa’s clit noticeably larger and more sensitive. Ultimately he planned on finding a candidate to really do some work on – he wanted to create a true hermaphrodite with both a cock and a pussy (can you say fetish?).

Lisa didn’t need a lot of help in the female form department but he reinforced her healthy habits, tightened up some areas that she had found troubling, gave her a little better tush, and went on to tweak her brain a little bit.

So far, she hadn’t noticed him at the gym – none of the women had. He had given himself the power of becoming, if not invisible, someone you just didn’t pay attention to. That would change starting tomorrow. She would not only notice him, but she would want to make his acquaintance and introduce him to her friends. They would all find him interesting and fun to be around. That would be step one. They would invite him to have coffee with them after the workout and he would go.

Lisa, in particular, would find him fascinating and look for excuses to see him outside of their workouts. Her sex drive had been increased and she was not getting enough from her husband and she strongly suspected the reason was that he was getting it elsewhere (he was, in fact bopping his secretary). She had decided to branch out a little – to find some satisfaction somewhere else.
Lisa was going to believe that she was seducing Jim. That’s the way he set it up. Lisa would be the aggressor. She would believe that she was in control of the situation.

The next day, Jim was working out – doing some squats at the gravitron machine – when Lisa approached him.

“Hi Jim,” she said, smiling but a little nervous.

“Hi, Lisa,” Jim had grunted being in the middle of his set of ten reps.

Lisa watched him as he finished his set and then toweled off a bit before moving to the next machine.

“You’ve been working pretty hard, Jim, and it really shows,” she said.

“Thanks Lisa. I really kind of let myself go in my forties and I’m trying to get the old mojo back, I guess,” Jim replied, smiling sheepishly.

“You’re looking pretty good to me,” Lisa said in what she hoped was an alluring way.

“Why, Mrs. Smith, you say the kindest things. I may blush,” Jim said, laughing.

Lisa laughed too. “Oh, now don’t start calling me Mrs. Smith – you’ll make me feel old.”

“I would never want to do that. You’ve got a body that a lot of 20 year olds would kill for,” Jim said, giving Lisa an appraising look.

Lisa actually did blush, in part from Jim’s words and also because she noted the way he was looking at her. She felt naked. But, she liked it. She suddenly knew that this was a man she had to get into her bed.

“Jim, would it be inappropriate for me to ask you to have a cup of coffee with me?”

“I’d love to, but where’s the rest of the gang today?”

“Joy is at her mother’s, and Karen had a dental appointment this morning.”

“Well in that case, I’d be delighted to have a cup of coffee with you. Where would you like to go?”

“My house.”

“OK. I just have this one machine to finish and then I’ll take a shower and meet you at your place.”

“You can take a shower at my place if you’d like, Jim,” Lisa said, quickly. She didn’t even know why she’d said that. It was a stupid thing to say. What would he think?

“Great idea. I have one more set to do and then we can go.”

Jim finished with a set of chest presses, grabbed his stuff from his locker, and met Lisa in the parking lot.

“Here’s the address. You can follow me, but just in case,” Lisa said.


They got into their respective cars and Jim followed Lisa to her home. It had a long driveway and plenty of privacy. She motioned for him to put his car in the spacious garage and then waited for him to park and get out.

Jim got out of his car as Lisa was closing the garage door. He followed her up three steps from the garage into a hallway that led to the kitchen. It was huge with professional appliances in gleaming stainless steel. Jim had always wanted a kitchen like this. He was the cook in the family. His wife could cook but she didn’t really like to. Jim did, but had never had equipment like this to work with. “Some day,” he thought.

“Jim, how about if you take a shower while I put the coffee on and then we can talk?”

“Great idea – show me where to go.”

Lisa led him through the spacious home to the master suite. The master bath was spectacular. It had a separate “powder room” and then the bath itself. All tile – floor, walls, and ceiling – with a huge Jacuzzi tub big enough for four people, a floor drain in the middle of the room, and multiple shower heads in one corner. She gave him a towel and showed him how to work the controls – the taps were digital and you could set the exact temperature you wanted.

“Any questions?”

“No, Lisa, I think I’ve got it. This is really something. You could hold a party in here,” Jim joked.

“Now there’s an idea,” Lisa said in a teasing voice. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

She left the room, closing the door behind her and Jim quickly stripped out of his sweat soaked work out gear. After finding the right temperature setting for the shower heads, he stood under the steaming cascade for a moment just letting it relax his muscles after their hard work out. He’d lost quite a bit of weight over the past six months since he’d found the software that had changed his life, but he was still not quite where he wanted to be in terms of his outward appearance. For his age though, he didn’t look too bad. He had about 20 or so more pounds to lose to get down to the weight he wanted to be.

He was waiting for the suggestion he’d planted in Lisa’s mind to blossom and produce fruit. He could have just used the brute force of the Master PC program to get what he wanted from Lisa, but he’d been much more subtle with her than he’d been with his earlier conquests, Sam and Cheri (both of whom he still saw/used on a regular basis). Having planted the suggestion he thought it would be nice if he played this one a little bit by ear. He knew he’d eventually get into Lisa’s pants, but he was willing to wait. He didn’t have to wait very long.

The door to the shower room opened. Lisa stepped in; naked as the day she was born. Jim turned, almost but not quite surprised. She was a vision. His breast enhancements had turned out beautifully. Her slim, cheerleader, body was taut and compact. His cock sprang erect almost instantly.

“Jim,” Lisa said, almost hesitantly as if now that she’d walked in on him in the nude she was almost too scared to proceed. Jim knew that the next few seconds were going to be the difference between success and failure. He waited.

“Jim,” she started again, walking toward him through the steam and spray. “I think you know the real reason I invited you to come over today,” she added.

“Well, I had hopes.”

Lisa was standing in front of him now. She had seen his cock rising as he responded to her nudity and it made her bold. It was quite a cock. It was much larger than her husband’s and she had never found his cock wanting for size before. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on this monster dick. Hands, mouth, pussy…

“Jim, I find you very attractive. We’re both adults. I’m not looking to fall in love with anyone – too messy – but I think we could have some good times together with no strings attached. What do you think?”

“I think we should make good use of this soap for starters,” Jim said, smiling and holding out a bottle of shower gel to her.

Lisa took it from him and applied a generous amount to her hands and then she stepped up to Jim and began washing his body. When his chest and belly were covered in soapy suds he took the soap from her and returned the favor, paying special attention to her tits.

“Mmmmmmm….yes….Jim…oh, my yesss…play with my tits…god they’re soooo sensitive,” Lisa moaned.

Jim, who was about 6 feet tall, bent over and kissed Lisa. She put her arms around him and their slippery soapy bodies pressed together as the kiss became more heated. Jim reached down and cupped the tight spheres of Lisa’s ass lifting her off the floor. She quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and trapped his cock against her pussy. She moved her hips up and down rubbing the bottom of his cock between her pussy lips and against her Master PC enhanced clit. She was groaning with pleasure as they continued to kiss.

Jim lifted Lisa a little higher and then set her down with his cock leading the way, spearing her wet pussy with the thick head of his organ. She wriggled and squirmed against him forcing more and more of his big dick into her sex channel.

“FUCK!” she yelled throwing her head back, her mouth wide open as she felt herself penetrated like she had never been penetrated before in her life. “Yeah!” she shouted in triumph as her pubic bone met Jim’s telling her that he was completely inside her now.

Jim said nothing. He began to lift Lisa up and drop her down on his pole. Had it not been for his enhanced strength and stamina he’d never have been able to do this. Lisa weighed about 105 lbs so it wasn’t like she was a heavy load, but, still.

“Hunh. Hunh. Hunh.” Lisa grunted each time Jim’s cock bottomed out in her pussy. Her whole body was on fire with lust. She hadn’t had sex like this since her honeymoon. Jim’s strong hands were holding her tightly and she felt completely secure. The warm water cascading down their bodies made things even more sensual.

Jim turned them around and pressed Lisa’s back against the tile wall and then he began to drive himself into her with long vigorous strokes.

“Cum for me Lisa. Cum on my cock. Squeeze it good, baby. There’s a lot more we’ll be doing and it will all be as good or better than this. Let it happen.”

Lisa’s mouth opened wide in a silent scream. She sucked in a lung full of air and then she came. Explosively, noisily, and at length, with a long drawn out wail of pleasure. When Jim kissed Lisa again he noticed tears running down her cheeks.

“What’s wrong, baby,” he asked, kissing her face and moving down her neck. His cock was completely engulfed by Lisa’s still clenching vagina. He was holding still for the moment.

“Oh, my, god,” Lisa sobbed. “I never knew. I never ever knew.”

Jim held her, almost holding his breath, waiting for her to finish her thought.

“I never knew I could do anything like this and have it be this good,” she said, in a rush. She pressed her mouth against his and kissed him voraciously and with an urgency that took Jim a little by surprise. He would need to tread carefully here.

He lifted her off of his cock and quickly washed her from head to toe. She did the same for him, paying (and no one could blame her) special attention to his cock.

They rinsed off, toweled off, and she took his hand to lead him back through the master bedroom and down the hall to a beautifully appointed guest room.

“Jim, make love to me,” Lisa said, softly. “Take me the way a man should take a woman.”

“No coffee?”

For just a moment, Lisa’s face took on a frightened expression, and then she caught his smirk and had to laugh, breaking the tension.

Jim caught her in his arms and carried her to the bed, tossing her onto it and following her down, pinning her under him, holding her arms over her head.

“Lisa, I am going to take you. And take you. And take you. When I am through you will know that you have been thoroughly and completely taken. In all ways.” Jim was looking directly into Lisa’s blue eyes as he said this.

“Yes. God yes.”

Jim leaned down and kissed Lisa again, hard, and thoroughly. When his mouth lifted from hers they were both breathless. He kissed her face, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her ears, her neck. He worked his mouth, giving her little butterfly kisses, down her chest to her breasts. He spent about ten minutes just covering her tits with kisses and licks, sucking her nipples and as much of her surrounding breast flesh into his mouth as he could.

Lisa was moaning and gasping under Jim’s oral assault. Her legs were restless, her toes curling and uncurling. Her mind was whirling, the room was spinning; she was out of control. But it was good. Oh it was good. So she relaxed and just went with the flow. Every part of her being was being stimulated somehow (thank you Master PC) and she had never known this kind of pleasure before.

Jim worked his way down Lisa’s body, spending time kissing and nibbling her firm belly flesh, tickling her navel with his tongue, making her shriek in surprise. Lower and lower he went seeking his ultimate destination. He could smell her pussy long before his mouth arrived at the junction of Lisa’s thighs.

Jim pushed Lisa’s legs apart, fully exposing her beautiful flower to him for the first time. It was gorgeous. Thick outer lips surrounded a set of deep coral inner petals covered with her pussy dew, surmounted by a thick ridge hiding the shaft of her enlarged clitoris – it’s head sticking out of its hood angry red in color, begging to be teased and licked. But not directly…no, not right away. That was for later. First, he began to explore the outer reaches of her lovely center.

Jim’s tongue massaged Lisa’s outer labia. Around and around those large lips he went, avoiding the more sensitive inner lips and Lisa’s clit which begged for attention. He was teasing her.

Lisa was pumping her hips up at him in frustration, but he wasn’t concerned. He wanted to make this last. Her pussy was drooling now – a steady trickle of juices sliding down her crack and covering her tight little rosebud with her slippery sap. He would make use of that in a moment.

Jim kissed his way up and down both of Lisa’s thighs all the way to the knee and back before he began to tease her inner labial folds with the tip of his tongue.

“God damnit Jim…suck my clit! Don’t tease me!” Lisa finally shouted in lust and frustration.

Jim looked up at her between her cute little b-cup titties. “Better ask nice,” he said, smiling.

“Please, Jim,” Lisa pleaded, “Please. I need you to suck my clitty.”

“Well, since you put it that way…”

Jim put his head back down between Lisa’s thighs and went to work. No more teasing. He peeled back the skin around Lisa’s clit and put his lips on it. He also slid two fingers up inside her pussy channel at the same moment. This two pronged assault was like sticking one of Lisa’s fingers into an electrical socket.

When Jim started sucking Lisa’s clit, her hips came up off the bed with enough force to nearly throw him off. She was rigid for a moment and then she started a vigorous up and down pumping action of her hips against his mouth and fingers, literally fucking herself.

Again, the “hng…hng…hng…hng” sounds came from deep in her throat as she grunted and gasped through a series of violent orgasms. Suddenly her thighs clamped shut and she pushed his head away with some force. His fingers were trapped inside and he continued to wriggle them a little bit while her pussy muscles continued to clench and release.

“N-n-n-n-no more…too sensitive…fuck … that was incredible…” she whispered.

Jim worked his way back up to her face and kissed her. He put his arms around her and rolled over so that she lay on top of him. They kissed and kissed, enjoying the feel of another warm body. After a while Lisa’s breathing slowed down to normal.

“I want to suck your cock, Jim.”

“I’d like that, Lisa. Have at it.”

Lisa knelt between Jim’s legs and grasped his cock in one hand and his balls in the other.

“This is some pretty impressive equipment you have here Jim,” Lisa said, staring at his hard cock. She swooped in with her mouth and licked a bead of pre-cum from the tip, then licked her lips.

“Mmmmm…tasty. But I want a full load. Will you give me a load of your cum right down my throat?”

“Absolutely. Jim pointed to his cock. Less talk…more sucking,” he said in a mock tone of command.

“Yes, sir!”

And Lisa went to work. She was an experienced cock sucker and liked her work. She’d never sucked a cock this long or this thick before so it took her a while to adjust. But, she did adjust and soon she had three quarters of his shaft going in and out of her hot, wet, mouth on each stroke. And, she was, seemingly, tireless. She’d been sucking him for a while before Jim decided to give her what she was after.

“That’s it Lisa. Keep that up. Don’t stop. You’re gonna make me blow a huge load, baby.”

She moaned around his dick, never letting it out of her mouth. She had his balls in one hand and she was massaging them, trying to coax out their creamy essence. Jim’s hips were pumping up and down now and he was forcing more and more of his fuck stick into Lisa’s hungry mouth and throat.

“Here it comes, baby! Here…it…cooooommmmmeeeessssss!”

It was a huge load. Lisa could not keep up and semen gushed from the corners of her mouth as she struggled to swallow as much of his male elixir as she could. His river of semen finally slowed to a creek and then a trickle. Finally, Lisa sucked out the last drops and then used her tongue to clean up the overflow. When he was all clean, except for Lisa’s spit, she moved back up and planted a wet, cum flavored, kiss right on his mouth. He didn’t object in the least and kissed her back with passion and gusto.

Jim would have liked to fuck Lisa’s ass, but there wasn’t time, so he cuddled her for a while and gently caressed her – he did not stint on after play – and then he had to get up and dress. Lisa helped him get into his work uniform – today it was a dark blue suit with a pink shirt and silver tie – without even getting dressed. The sight of her naked body made him want to call in sick and spend the rest of the day investigating every square inch of Lisa’s compact form. But there was an important project coming due and he needed to get at it.

A last kiss in the garage and he was off to work. Lisa went back in the house and changed the sheets in the guest room, taking the dirty sheets to the laundry. She inhaled the scent of sex and became aroused. She still hadn’t dressed, so there she was in the laundry room rubbing her pussy while the sheets washed. When they hit the spin cycle, she jammed her crotch up to a corner of the washing machine and let the vibrations carry her over the edge to another orgasm. She felt more alive than she had in years.

For his part, Jim spent the rest of the day focused on work but a part of his mind was replaying the events of the morning. Lisa had been a great fuck. He couldn’t wait to find out what her friends were like. Especially Karen. Karen was about 5-11 and black. He’d never fucked a black woman and he wondered if it would be any different – then dismissed the thought as unworthy. “All crows under heaven are black, or so the Chinese say,” he thought to himself.

Chapter 5: Trouble in Master PC Land.

Jim had things pretty much under control in his life. He was in great physical shape, he had some money – not a lot, but he was comfortable – he lived in a nice town, and he was free to explore his sexual fantasies in real time instead of vicariously on the internet. He’d even been able to go out to Colorado to see his long time internet girlfriend, Cyndi, whom he had actually met in the flesh twice. He’d taken care of a number of physical problems for her and they’d spent a glorious week together fucking each others brains out.

Thanks to the Master PC, Jim now “owned” room 208 of the Pinecrest Motel. The owner had seen fit to reserve the room for Jim’s exclusive use at no cost, and had even renovated the room to his specifications including the installation of a number of D and O rings in the ceiling and walls plus new carpets, new bathroom fixtures, and a new bed. No one else used the room. To be fair, Jim saw to it that some money came the owner’s way and many travelers found that it was suddenly a good idea to stop at the Pinecrest for the night instead of one of the city’s more upscale hotels.

So, life was good. And, there were still things Jim hadn’t tried yet. The Master PC was a marvelous program and if it had a drawback it was the fact that he had to be at a computer to make use of it. So, Jim tried some experiments and he discovered that he could give himself “powers.”

Having given himself access to more of his brain (humans have use of only a fraction of their actual mental capacity – no one knows why) he had promptly forgotten the fact. One day as he was thinking about improvements he could still make to himself using the miraculous software, he suddenly had a forehead smacking “Homer Simpson” moment.


He called up his image on the Master PC program screen and then typed in a command to create in him the ability to selectively read and influence human minds. He wondered why he hadn’t thought of that before and immediately dismissed the thought as a waste of time.

“Now to test my work,” he said to himself.

He concentrated, visualizing his wife, Susan. Her thoughts immediately became available to him – she was unloading the dishwasher – and he could literally read what was on her mind. She was thinking about the chores she had to complete today (it was a Saturday), calling the kids to see how they were doing, calling her mother, reminding him that they were having dinner with the Johnson’s tonight; nothing major or earth shattering.

He sent her a mental command to stop what she was doing and come to the study. Moments later, she appeared in his doorway, a puzzled frown on her face. She clearly did not know what she was doing here.

He did some quick mental rearranging for her, providing her with a reason for being there.

“Honey, don’t forget we’re meeting the Johnson’s for dinner tonight at that new restaurant downtown. Do you need anything ironed?”

“Thanks for the reminder. Was it five or five thirty?”

“Five thirty.”

“Oh, and I just picked up my shirts from the cleaner’s yesterday, so I don’t need anything ironed. I thought I’d wear my navy suit with the pink shirt and silver tie. What do you think?”

“Oh, I love that outfit on you. And, I’m wearing a pink dress, so we’ll match.”

She came over and kissed him on the forehead, then turned and left the room. As she was leaving, he gave her a mental command to have a small orgasm and then grinned like a schoolboy when he heard her gasp out in the hallway.

“Now we’re cookin’ with gas,” he said to the empty room.

He shut down his computer and walked out of the room, a thoughtful smile on his face. During dinner, he tested his new powers on his wife and friends with excellent results. Jim knew that he would have to be even more careful with this new ability than he had already been with the Master PC program itself. But, this new ability would make it even easier for him to actualize the next step in his plans for Samantha.

The next morning he was sitting in his office preparing one page briefing papers for his boss’ boss on several subjects when his assistant buzzed him on the intercom.

“There are two men here to see you sir,” she said. Since she never called him ‘sir’ his mental alarms were instantly tripped.

“Send them in, please, Sally,” he replied which, since her name wasn’t Sally, was code for ‘send them in and then buzz me to remind me that it’s time for me to leave for an appointment in five minutes’ – something they’d worked out over the years as a way of dealing with unwelcome visitors.

Jim stood to greet his guests; two men, medium height and build, one grey suit one blue suit, approximately 35 to 40 years old. A quick mind probe revealed their purpose and identity.

“I’m Jim Olsen. How can I help you?”

“My name’s Friday. This is Mr. Smith. Do you mind if I close the door?”

“Be my guest,” Jim said, smiling. This might be fun if he was careful.

He looked at the one called Friday as Mr. Smith closed the door and the three of them sat down.

“Your first name wouldn’t be Joe, would it?” Jim asked.

“That joke’s never been funny. And, yes, my first name is Joe.”

“All right, since we’ve established the fact that you have no sense of humor, my first question remains. What can I do for you Mr. Friday?”

Friday and Smith flashed badges.

“We’re with the FMCA, the Federal Mind Control Authority. We investigate all instances of mind control activity. We have reason to believe that you have been using the Master PC program. We thought we’d found all the copies and destroyed them. We have detected Master PC like activity in this area and we believe you are the person responsible.”

“I see. Would you mind answering a question?”

“Go ahead.”

“Did you skip your lithium this morning?”

“If that was supposed to be a joke I think you should know that we at the FMCA have no sense of humor of which we’re aware.”

“I wasn’t kidding. Seriously, who put you up to this? Was it Kowalski down in accounting? Always a kidder that Sid Kowalski. I’m pretty busy here fellas so if you wouldn’t mind showing yourselves out, I’ll send Sid a nice e-mail thanking him for adding a smile to my morning.”

“This is serious business, Mr. Olsen. You need to answer our questions.”

“Well, first of all, you haven’t asked any questions yet. And second of all, what the hell is ‘Master PC?’ Sounds like some sort of science fiction movie plot – B-movie plot at that.”

“Master PC was developed back in the late 80’s. It was the whole reason that the FMCA was formed. It’s a computer program that allows the user to make changes in those around him – to control their minds and actions even their physical forms. We first noticed it when a teenager got a hold of it and added 2 cup sizes to the breasts of every girl in his high school and most of the female teachers.”

“Oh, I think this has gone far enough, gentlemen, and I’m going to ask you to leave. Hopefully you can find a therapist who will talk you down off of this ledge you’re on.”

“Last February you stayed at a downtown Madison hotel. We believe you found a copy of the Master PC program.”

“Let’s say, for the sake of argument, and because I find you both quite amusing, that there is such a thing as the, what did you call it, the mister p-c program…”

“It’s Master PC.”

“Very well, let’s say there’s such a thing as the MASTER PC program. What makes you think that I found one in a Madison Hotel room last February?”

Friday turned to Smith. Smith produced a folder, which he handed to Friday. Friday extracted two photos from the folder and tossed them onto Jim’s desk. One was a photo taken sometime last winter. Jim was fat, nearly bald, and looked both pale and tired. The second was taken much more recently – in fact, Jim noted, it had been taken this morning as he was getting into his car to head for the gym. This photo showed a robust man of much less girth with a great tan and a full head of light brown, slightly curly, hair.

“And your point would be what, besides the fact that you have, apparently, been keeping a citizen of the United States under surveillance for no good reason?”

“Mr. Olsen, what did you weigh last February 10th?”

“I don’t think it’s any of your business, but I believe I weighed around 334 pounds.”

“I’m guessing that when you stepped on the scale this morning at the gym you weighed in at around 210.”

“And? Is it illegal to lose weight in this country?”

“How did you do it?”

“Did you come here to ask me for diet tips?”

“Cut the wise cracks. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, Mr. Olsen. You pick.”

“What’s the hard way?”

“You come with us and we ask the questions somewhere else.”

“Oh, I don’t think we’ll be doing that gentleman.”

“I don’t think you’re taking this as seriously as you should, Mr. Olsen. In addition to losing weight and making other improvements to yourself, we strongly suspect that you have been tinkering with others in your community.”

“Oh, do tell. This should be good. Hey, wait a minute. Am I on Candid Camera?”

Just then Jim’s intercom sounded and his assistant’s voice broke into the conversation. “Mr. Olsen, you need to leave for your next appointment in five minutes. You asked me to remind you.”

“Thanks, Sally. This won’t take much longer. Do go on Mr. Friday, I was just starting to find your science fiction tale amusing.”

“You won’t find it so amusing when you’re holed up in an 8 foot square box with a hole in the floor for a toilet and a six foot eight gay roommate.”

“Are you threatening me, Mr. Friday? And, by the way, are you wired?”

Joe Friday was becoming increasingly agitated. This was not what he had expected. Jim Olsen was not acting like a suspect should. He was not nervous, displayed none of the non-verbals that a liar would display, and was making him look like a fool in front of his partner.

“No, I’m not wired. (Jim already knew this) Mr. Olsen, you know that you discovered that software in that hotel room and you’ve been using it ever since to influence the minds of others and make changes in reality that were not authorized by anyone in proper authority.”

“And your proof for this accusation, if I can call it that, is that I’ve lost weight, got back into shape, and you ‘suspect’ that I’ve been – let’s see, what was your word? – oh yes, you ‘suspect’ that I’ve been tinkering with others?”

Jim had gotten tired of the game and decided to end it once and for all. He looked into Mr. Friday’s eyes and concentrated. Friday froze. He said nothing, but just stared straight ahead. Jim turned to Smith, who was reaching into his coat as if to pull a gun. Jim focused on Smith who did actually pull out a 9 mm H&K from a shoulder holster. Smith, instead of pointing the gun at Jim, found himself putting the gun into his mouth and cocking it.

Jim pointed at Smith and said one word. “Stay.” Smith froze; his finger on the trigger of the gun.

Then, Jim turned back to Friday. “Listen very carefully, Mr. Friday, because I’m going to give you the facts. Just the facts. You came here to interview me. What you discovered was that I’d had gastric bypass surgery, joined a gym, where I not only worked out but spent quite a bit of time in their tanning booth, I joined the Hair Club for Men, and generally turned my life around. This isn’t a crime. You are completely satisfied that I’ve never had anything to do with anything called the Master PC program and you completely believe me when I tell you that I don’t know what you’re talking about. When I say the word ‘artichoke’ you will wake up and remember only that I have answered all of your questions truthfully and you will apologize for taking up my valuable time. You will then go back to your superiors and make a report.”

Jim turned to Smith. “Mr. Smith, you are going to uncock that gun and put it back into your holster. You are going to forget everything that happened in this office except the fact that Mr. Olsen was cooperative and clearly demonstrated that he was not the man you’re looking for. His story was backed up by solid evidence and was completely credible. You will corroborate Mr. Friday’s report to your superiors.”

Smith removed the gun from his mouth, uncocked it and put it away. Then he sat and looked straight ahead with a thousand yard stare.”

“Mr. Smith, when I say the word that will wake up Mr. Friday, you will also wake up and the two of you will leave. Artichoke.”

The two men woke up, experienced a moment of disorientation, and then stood up.

“Well…Mr. Olsen…I guess your story makes sense. We’re sorry we bothered you. Just doing our jobs,” Friday said, still a little shaken.

“No bother at all. Good to know that you’re keeping our nation safe from crazies and creeps. Good day, gentlemen.”

Friday and Smith left. Jim sat there staring at the wall for a moment. He could feel the sweat running down his back. This is what he had been worried about since the first moment he’d used the program. He would need to be more careful and erect better defenses around his city and the people who lived there. If the government knew about the Master PC program, someone was bound to try to use it on him. He felt relatively safe from that type of attack, but wondered if his precautions had been enough. He also worried that his mental manipulations of Friday and Smith would be detected.

His dilemma was that if he took any stronger action, like having the men drive their car into a tree at 70 miles per hour, he would be an instant suspect.

This would require some thought. He needed something, or better yet, someone to distract him while he did his thinking. He picked up the phone and called Lisa; he knew she would be home alone at this time of day. He hadn’t fucked Lisa’s ass yet, and it was about time. He also thought it was time for her tits to get a little bigger.

Chapter 6: Lisa Learns a New Trick

It only took a moment for Jim to bring Lisa’s form up on his laptop’s computer screen and make the adjustments needed to allow her to really enjoy anal sex, not to mention her new C-cup tits. He’d be interested to see if her hubby noticed her new developments. She’d have fun shopping for new bras anyway.


Lisa was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher when she felt something, or rather some things happening to her body. For one thing, her blouse and bra suddenly became too tight. And, for another, she felt a tingling sensation in the region of her anus and an empty feeling in her ass, like she needed something there. She’d never even considered anal sex, of course, being brought up as a “good girl.” Now, however, she was fantasizing about some man – not her husband – taking her “that way” and it was making her weak at the knees with desire.

She managed to get control of herself and go into her bedroom. She stripped off her blouse and bra which relieved her first problem. She went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror.

“Oh. My. God.” There was no doubt about it. Her tits were huge compared to what they had been a few weeks ago. She’d started the summer as an A-cupper, and she’d noticed some growth a little while back, but whose tits were these? She lifted them with her hands and it felt good to hold them. She tweaked the nipples and gasped as a ripple of pleasure ripped through her body. One hand went down the front of her pants while the other continued to massage her new endowment.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhhhhh…” she moaned, frigging her clit and pulling on her right nipple. She was close to an orgasm in moments and felt relief wash over her as she climaxed standing in her bathroom.

“What’s happening to me?” She asked the reflection in the mirror. That’s where she was when the phone rang.


Jim closed the program, removed the disc, and locked it in a secure file cabinet. Then he picked up the phone and punched in Lisa’s number.

“Lisa? This is Jim.”

“Hi, Jim,” Lisa slightly breathless, having just orgasmed.

“What are you up to this morning?” He knew already of course.

“Nothin’ much. Have something in mind?” She said, playfully, hoping that she’d get another sample of his magic tongue and cock.

“You know it, babe. I’ll pick you up in an hour and we’ll go have some fun. How about that?”

“Why can’t we just have fun at my house?”

“Trust me, Lisa, you will love this.”

“OK, an hour?”

“Yes. I’ll call you when I’m on the way. See you soon.”

“OK, I’ll be ready.”

Jim hung up the phone and headed out of the office to make his preparations. On the way to the car, Jim speed dialed the owner of the Pinecrest and asked if a package had come for him. He was gratified to hear that it had.

“Take it to Room 208,” he ordered, “and install it immediately. I will be using the room in one hour and I want it ready.”

He didn’t even wait to hear the “yes sir” from the other end. He had some stops to make on his way to Lisa’s which should put him there at just the right time. First, he went home and grabbed a quick shower and a fresh shave. He changed into comfortable clothing. Then he retrieved his ‘toy bag,’ a black sailcloth satchel containing a large bottle of his favorite lubricant, butt plugs of various sizes, a barber’s electric clippers, shaving gel, a razor, and a Hitachi massager.

Preparations complete, he headed out the door to pick up Lisa. He knew she’d be ready. He’d been monitoring her thoughts since she’d hung up the phone. One of Jim’s new abilities was multitasking with a vengeance. He could literally compartmentalize his brain so that he was able to accomplish a number of tasks at once and still reserve a portion of his mind for working out problems – like what to do about those federal agents.

So, Jim knew that Lisa had given herself an enema, during which she had achieved another orgasm – something of a shock for a woman who’d never touched her own asshole except to wipe it or allowed anyone else to touch it. She’d showered and tried to get dressed. But none of her tops would fit her properly. She’d finally settled on going braless and wearing one of her husband’s t-shirts (this one had the Corona beer logo on it).

“What the hell,” she thought, “might as well go commando.” She slipped into a pair of light weight running shorts and a pair of sandals. If she was right about what Jim had in mind, she wouldn’t be wearing any of this for very long anyway.

She was just finishing her makeup and hair when the phone rang.

“It’s Jim. Have the garage door open in five minutes.”

The line went dead. The fact that she didn’t find this at all strange should have alarmed her. Instead, it made her pussy tingle. Jim was a commanding presence and she enjoyed following his instructions. It gave her a rush to do whatever he wanted because it always felt so good and so right to do that.

She went to the garage and pressed the button that opened the garage door. Moments later, Jim’s car, a 2007 Chevy Impala LTZ, pulled into the drive and rolled into the garage. Lisa quickly picked up her purse and a garage remote and got into Jim’s car.

“Hi Lisa,” Jim said, leaning over the center console to give her a deep kiss of greeting. When the kiss broke, he said, “Ready to have some fun?”

“Mmmm…am I ever. God, I’ve been so horny all morning I just can’t wait to have your cock inside me again.” A small part of Lisa’s brain was shocked at her words – she never spoke like this. It was overruled by the rest of her which meant those words. She desperately wanted another sample of Jim’s loving.

“Oh, you’ll get it, Lisa,” Jim said, chuckling as he placed a hand high on her thigh and giving her a squeeze. “You’ll get all of it. I’ve got the rest of the day free, and I’m going to enjoy giving you as much of my cock as you can stand, baby.”

Lisa shuddered at his words and at the warm feeling his hand was giving her. She was close to an orgasm just sitting on the leather seat of his car. She was turning into a real slut and she was loving every second of it.

“Where are we going?”

“We’re going to a cheap motel where I have a room all to myself. It’s a special room, all set up for us to play in. The owner and I have an understanding. Don’t worry, no one will see us enter or leave. I’ve taken care of everything.”

“OK, Jim, you’re the boss,” Lisa said.

“Yes, Lisa, I am.”

Soon they were pulling into the parking lot of the Pinecrest. Jim swung the black car around the back of the motel and parked it. Then he got out, went over to Lisa’s door and opened it, extending a hand to help her out of the car. He retrieved his toy bag from the back seat, took Lisa by the hand and led her to room 208.

He was smiling when he opened the door and saw that the owner had indeed followed Jim’s orders. There, right where he wanted it was a sex swing. It hung from a pair of eye-bolts fastened to the ceiling.

Lisa gasped when she saw it. She had never seen a device like it before but she instinctively knew what it was.

Jim closed and secured the door, turned on some lights and closed the curtains. Lisa went to the swing and stood transfixed; staring at it in wonder. She knew she’d soon be in it and Jim would soon be in her and that it would be marvelous.

The next thing she knew, Jim was standing behind her pulling off her t-shirt. He was already naked and his cock was standing up proudly pressing into the flesh of her back like a hot iron bar. He pulled the shirt over her head and then his hands went right to her newly enlarged tits.

“Oh,” she gasped as he began to expertly manipulate her nipples. Being able to probe her mind meant that he could gauge exactly the right amount of pressure needed to bring maximum stimulation. This was much better than just commanding an orgasm. Now he could deliver the pleasure by knowing exactly what to do next.

Jim began kissing Lisa’s neck and she turned her head to capture his mouth with her own, kissing him passionately as he continued to play with her breasts. She pushed her shorts down over her hips and stepped out of them, kicking off her sandals as well. Then she turned to Jim and put her arms around him, pressing herself against him, and moaning into his mouth as she felt his big cock pushing at her belly.

“Oh, Jim, please,” she moaned. “Fuck me.”

Jim laughed a little. “Patience little slut puppy. All in good time. Let’s get you in the swing shall we? I think you’re going to like this a lot.”

Jim picked her up and carried her to the swing. She marveled at how strong he was. She only weighed about a hundred pounds or so but still – it had been no effort at all for him to lift her into his arms. He carefully placed her in the swing, showing her where to put her hands and placing her feet in the straps. He made a few adjustments to place her crotch where he wanted it and then disappeared into the bathroom.


“Just a second, Lisa. You’ll like this and I think your hubby will too, assuming he notices.”


Jim reappeared with a bowl of steaming water and a washcloth. Then he produced an electric hair trimmer from his toy bag along with a comb.

“Today we’re going to play beauty shop, Lisa, and I’m going to give you a new do.”

Lisa’s hands flew to her hair in alarm.

“No, not there, down here,” he said, cupping her juicy mound with his hand. From now on, you need to go and get a Brazilian wax before we play. Today, however, I’m going to shave your mound slick as a whistle. You’ll enjoy how sexy it makes you feel, and I really love eating a shaved pussy.

“OK,” Lisa said, doubtful but willing to go along in order to have that cock in her again. “Couldn’t we fuck a little first though? I’m so horny right now I could just scream.”

“My, my, my, what a slutty little bitch you’re becoming,” Jim said playfully.

“Don’t you worry, Lisa. I’m going to take care of everything, I promise.”

Jim took a chair and sat down in front of Lisa. The swing had her pussy right at face level for him and he leaned in and gave her clit a little tickle with his tongue. He was rewarded with a squeal of pleasure.

Then, he turned on the electric shears and went to work on Lisa’s furry pubis. When he’d trimmed off everything he could safely get with the shears, he took the hot wet washcloth and placed it over Lisa’s pussy and left it there while he put away the shears and opened the shave gel.

Jim put a liberal amount of gel on his fingers and then massaged it everywhere from the top of her pubic mound all the way down to her asshole.

“Now, hold still little one. This is the tricky part and I don’t want to damage anything, OK?”

“OK,” Lisa said a little shakily – the shearing of her pubic fur and the warm wet washcloth had been a pair of very erotic experiences for her. She watched with a combination of desire and fear as Jim swished the multi-bladed razor in the hot water and then approached her crotch with it.

Using a great deal of care and precision, Jim steadily bared Lisa’s pussy, carving out a landing strip at the top but otherwise leaving her cunt as naked as the day she was born. The washcloth reappeared and wiped away the last of the shave gel and then Jim used a towel to finish things off. Jim put away his tools very quickly and was soon back in his chair, his face just inches away from Lisa’s mons venus.

“A work of art, if I do say so myself,” he murmured and then he went face first into her liquid center.

“Ohmygod!” Lisa gasped as his mouth captured her pussy. She felt his tongue everywhere. She immediately felt new sensations as her bared flesh was touched by Jim’s talented tongue. Two fingers slid easily into her slit and Jim’s tongue lashed her clit quickly bringing her to a powerful climax – she’d been on the verge of one ever since getting into Jim’s car.

Breathless and reeling from a powerful orgasm Lisa didn’t even notice when Jim stood up and notched the head of his cock into the vestibule of her vagina. He pushed slowly and continuously until his balls were resting against Lisa’s asshole.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh,” Lisa groaned deep in her throat as she felt herself penetrated to the maximum.

“FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK!” she cried as she felt his balls hit her newly sensitized asshole. And then he started fucking her, grabbing the straps of the swing to move her body back and forth onto his cock, adding the swinging motion to his own hip thrusts to create powerful surges in Lisa’s body as he slammed into her again and again.

This was even more powerful than the first time he’d taken her in the shower. She could do nothing suspended in the straps of the swing except take that mighty cock and take and take and take. She was being well and truly fucked.

“Yesssssssssssss,” she hissed. “Just like that. Just like that. Justlikethat. JustlikethatJustlikethatJustlikethat. Don’t stop, oh my fucking god don’t stop!”

Jim said nothing, but his grunts of exertion were like a symphony to Lisa’s ears. He was pounding her sex into submission. Banging her like a drum. Fireworks went off in her brain as one climax after another surged through her nervous system. She felt Jim slam his cock into her all the way and hold it before it started jerking and spitting its load deep in her cunt.

“Hnh! Hnh! Hnh!” he grunted each time his internal plumbing contracted and sent another semen blast into the petite brunette’s ravished pussy channel. He felt her squeezing every inch of his manhood as he emptied his balls into her. The swing worked perfectly.

He sat down in front of her again and began licking her freshly fucked pussy, tasting his cum, cleaning her, soothing her well used flesh, preparing her for what was to come. He had plans.

“Oh, Jim, what are you doing to me,” Lisa cried as his mouth claimed her again sending new shock waves of pleasure through her overloaded nervous system.

When he had satisfied himself that the last traces of his lust had been licked clean from her newly shaven pussy mound, Jim stood and walked to where Lisa’s head hung down. He stepped up to her and pressed his cock against her lips. She opened her mouth obediently and sucked him, cleaning their combination of pleasure juice from his rapidly re-hardening cock. The angle made her mouth and throat into a straight line and before she realized it she was taking more and more of his cock into her oral cavity.

“Take a deep breath, Lisa,” Jim commanded. She did so without even thinking.

He shoved. It should not have been possible, but thanks to some special modifications Jim had made to Lisa’s anatomy with the Master PC, she felt his cock pass through the back of her mouth and into her esophagus. His balls rested against her nose. He held himself there until she was almost out of air and then he pulled back. Saliva made a thick coat all along his length. Saliva ran out of the corners of her mouth and across her cheeks into her eyes and hair.

“Again,” he said and she grabbed a quick lung full of air as his cock pushed into her again. Slowly and steadily he fucked Lisa’s face and throat. Her hands went to her crotch and she masturbated furiously as her lust rose. She couldn’t get much sluttier than this, she thought. Eagerly she worked her tongue on his cock as it slid past; back and forth; in and out. Now the swing was supplying the motion just as it had when he’d fucked her pussy. A random thought occurred – what if there was another cock in her pussy at the same time as she was being fucked in the throat? She climaxed as this thought captured her brain.

Jim did not intend to give her another load this quickly. He pulled his cock from her sucking mouth and then used a towel to clean her face, kissing her all over the face as he did so.

“Ready to learn another new trick little one,” he whispered into her ear.

“Mmmmm….yessssss…whatever you want, baby. Just make sure I get more of that beautiful fuck stick of yours,” Lisa said huskily, her voice a little rough from the throat fucking she’d just endured.

“Lay back and enjoy baby. You’re gonna love this.”

Jim walked over to his bag and took out a bottle of Astroglide ™ and his smallest butt plug. He set the plug and lube next to his chair and sat down in front of Lisa’s crotch again. He adjusted the swing to change the angle slightly, giving him access to her little rosebud. He used his thumbs to pry her ass cheeks even farther apart totally exposing her back door.

Lisa shivered.

Jim leaned in and licked her right on the asshole. She squealed at the new sensation. He did it again. And again. Jim pointed his tongue and massaged Lisa’s newly sensitized back door. She shook and squirmed in the swing, moaning inarticulately with pleasure.

While continuing to toss Lisa’s salad, Jim put some lube on his fingers and replaced his tongue with some digital action, pressing against the tight sphincter. Pressure and lubrication quickly overcame muscular resistance and Jim was able to slide one finger into Lisa’s tight, hot, asshole.

“Oh my fucking god…that’s good!”

Jim smiled. He pulled the finger out and applied more lube. Then he slid it back in and gently finger fucked her back door for a minute. He withdrew and picked up the small butt plug, coating it generously with Astroglide. Lisa felt the difference when the hard rubber toy touched her and then felt the pressure as it broke her sphinctoral plane.

Jim gently eased the tip and first inch of the toy in and out of Lisa’s well lubed rectum. Each time he pushed a little more inside stretching her hole in small stages. Finally, he was able to push past the bulge at the bottom of the plug and it slid home.

“Oooooooo…what are you doing?”

“Getting you ready baby,” Jim said. He stood up and walked to where Lisa’s head was. He leaned down and kissed her, one hand idly playing with her tits.

“Getting me ready for what,” she asked?

“I’m going to fuck your ass today, baby. And you’re going to love it.”

“Oh, nooooooo…too big. It’ll never fit.”

“Shhhhh,” Jim whispered, kissing her on the mouth to silence her protests.

“It’ll fit just fine. Trust me.” He sent a small mental command to her to relax and enjoy what he was doing. He felt the tension leave her.

“I trust you, Jim,” she said, and she realized it was true – she did trust him, a man she barely knew.

Jim went back down to Lisa’s crotch and began working the small plug in and out of her ass, making her groan and gasp with pleasure. He reapplied lubricant frequently keeping everything as slippery as possible. She moaned in protest as he removed the plug and then sighed with satisfaction as she felt herself penetrated again.

Jim had taken a medium sized plug and was working it gently in and out of her asshole just as he had the smaller one. Soon, it too was swallowed up by her butt hole and he twisted it around enhancing her pleasure.

“Soooooooo fulllllllllll,” Lisa moaned. Jim smiled, knowing his cock was thicker than the thickest part of the plug that now filled Lisa’s cute backside.

Jim pulled the plug back until the thickest part emerged from Lisa’s anus, then pushed it back in. His movements were slow and gentle calculated to ease Lisa into the idea of having her ass penetrated. He wished now that he had done this with Samantha, instead of just using the Master PC to force her response. This was much better. He’d make it up to Sam, who wouldn’t know the difference in any case. He had something in mind for her that was going to blow her away with pleasure and allow her to really come out of her self imposed shell.

In and out went the plug. Jim was also licking Lisa’s pussy – not enough to carry her over the edge but enough to keep her on edge when combined with his stimulation of her ass. She was actually having a string of low level climaxes – Lisa was floating on a lake of endorphins, her pleasure centers sending good news messages to her brain in a constant flow.

When the plug moved effortlessly in and out of Lisa’s ass, Jim judged that she was ready for the next step. He left the plug in her ass for the moment and stood up. His cock was rock hard.

“Look at me Lisa.”

“mmmmmm…want that cock baby,” she cooed almost drunk on pleasure.

“Tell me you want it in your ass.”

“Ooooooooo…sooooo big…never fit…” Lisa moaned.

Jim stepped up to the hanging woman and began rubbing his cock up and down her dripping slit making sure to rub the tip on her clit which was sticking out of the top of her slit, its angry red head throbbing to the beat of Lisa’s heart.

“I want your cock in me, Jim.”

“Tell me you want it in your ass,” Jim whispered.

“In,” Lisa gasped as he pressed down on her clit with his dickhead, “in…in…inmyass,” she finally managed to get out through clenched teeth, her pleasure threatening to overwhelm her.

Jim took the bottle of lube and began pouring it on his cock, which he fisted, spreading the lube all over himself. It was shiny thick and hard as steel as he dragged the head down through her pussy and held it at the bottom of her hole while he pulled out the plug and tossed it aside. Then he pressed into Lisa’s crotch, sliding his cockhead until it was right at the entrance to her ass. He heard her suck in a quick breath and sent a calming mental wave to help her relax. His preparations had ensured a fairly easy entrance even for someone of Jim’s endowment and his enhancements to her rectum would also mean that she felt pleasure along with the natural discomfort inherent in anal sex.

Lisa was well lubed and well prepared. As she felt Jim press the head of his cock into her anal ring she felt her pleasure rise. She had never expected anal sex to feel this good. The pressure mounted for just a moment and she felt Jim’s cockhead breach her defenses easily, and then he was filling her with himself.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” Lisa sighed as she felt the hard thick length of Jim’s cock sliding into her ass. “Gaaaaawwwwwwwddddd…it’s huuuuuuuuuuuuge,” she moaned.

Jim worked himself inside Lisa’s ass slowly and gently. There’d be plenty of time for hard fucking later. He wanted this to be good for Lisa so that she would ask for it from him again and again. He knew she would. He was reading her mental emanations and sensing nothing but wonder and pleasure with just a hint of discomfort.

He leaned over and kissed her mouth and then kissed his way down her neck to her brand new, and completely natural, tits, sucking hard on the nipples one after another as he slowly pushed himself all the way in to Lisa’s guts.

It was something of a shock to Lisa to feel Jim’s balls touch her ass. He was all the way inside. Balls deep. She could feel him throbbing deep inside of her. She whimpered with pleasure and pride. Could her husband’s little bimbo do this? No! The little whore. She’d be running out of the room screaming by now. “But you did it,” she thought to herself. Then, she looked directly into Jim’s eyes with a fierceness that surprised him.

“Fuck me with that big dick, you sonuvabitch. Fuck my ass. Give it to me,” she almost snarled. Her knuckles whitened as she gripped the swing straps and pulled herself tighter against him. If she could have gotten his balls into her ass at that point, she’d have gladly done it.

Jim smiled and withdrew until just the head of his cock stayed inside the anal ring. He pulled on the swing and drew her back onto his cock, then let go and she fell back, but not all the way off of his cock. He pulled again, a little harder this time, watching her face and monitoring her mind. She was angry and incredibly turned on at the same time. Her anger was focused on her husband, who had betrayed her. For a moment he nearly faltered as he assessed the pain caused by infidelity. He was a serial adulterer. Did it make things even that he had “adjusted” his wife so that she just didn’t notice anything odd about him? That she now shared his addiction to porn?

It was a fleeting thought and quickly out of the picture. Lisa’s mind was on fire with passion and need. The need to prove herself. The need to do something that her husband’s bimbo secretary would never do or could never do. The need to do something for herself – just for herself alone.

Jim fanned those flames as his strokes became quicker and more forceful. Lisa’s facial expression never wavered. Her fierce grin was like a mask set in concrete and the low growl in her throat would have frightened anyone who didn’t know where it came from. She was suddenly a wildcat attacking his cock with her ass. Opening herself up and clamping down with all the force she could put into constricting her anal ring around the thick hard invader.

She was grunting like a tennis player on every stroke, shrieking out her vengeance and her triumph. She was now staring down where their bodies joined, watching the thick shining cock piston in and out of her guts. Feeling Jim’s thighs slamming into hers, hearing the smack of flesh against flesh, the juicy sounds made by Jim’s well lubed cock sliding back and forth through her well prepared sphincter.

Again and again he slammed his full length into Lisa until she started to howl with glee as her orgasm hit full force. She’d cum with a man’s cock up her ass. Her inner slut was fully in control. Every muscle in her legs and abdomen was fully defined as she went over the edge with a scream of triumph and rage. Jim was mainly holding on at this point, marveling at what he had touched off. He was feeling a great deal of pleasure, but there was no urgency. He was feeding off of Lisa’s mental emanations – powerful emotions that washed over them both. In a sense, her orgasm was his.

Lisa began to surf the psychic wave of her pleasure and she became aware of the fact that Jim hadn’t cum. He *had* to cum. She *must* make him cum. That would complete what she had started.

“Cum…in…me,” she chanted almost under her breath at first, timing her words to his strokes – he’d never quit pounding her after she’d gone over the edge. “Cum…in…me…CUM…IN…ME…give me your cum you bastard!”

Lisa began to focus her mind on her ass. She used her internal muscles to squeeze and caress Jim’s cock as it slid in and out of her. He was moving with ease now; her sphincter had long ago given up its guardianship and joined in the fun. He had no doubt that if he pulled out of Lisa now, she’d gape like a porn star, and he could run his cock right back in the hole with out causing her any distress whatsoever. He did not pull out however. In fact, he began punching his cock into Lisa’s ass with shorter strokes as he focused on his own pleasure. That and Lisa’s milking technique had him headed for the edge of his own abyss.

“You…want…my…cum…in…your…ass?” he gasped as he felt his balls tighten preparatory to unloading their bounty.

“Yesssss…give it to me! Fill my ass with your spunk you ass fucker!”

Lisa was not given to dirty talk, so there was a part of her mind that was howling with protest. That part was behind bars and the key was no where to be found. She’d unleashed a beast and it was fully in command.

“Take it then, bitch!” Jim let go his own inner beast and slammed his cock home with everything he had left at this point. The dam burst and his load spilled out in wave after wave of warm sticky cock juice flooding across the ravaged surfaces of Lisa’s colon. She’d be sore afterwards, but he’d already taken care of most of her pain in advance, so the soreness would be but a light reminder of the cost of so much pleasure.

His cock jerked and spit its load; Lisa’s inner muscles milked and squeezed every drop, sucking him dry as if he’d been in her mouth instead. Her fierce mien broke at last as she felt him begin to soften inside of her and the world rushed back over her – the wave she’d been riding crashed down around her and tears formed in her eyes.

Jim removed Lisa from the swing, his cock falling free of her ass and his cum running freely down her thighs as he carried her to the bed. He held her and caressed her gently back down from the heights. He kissed her face her ears, her neck – not passionately but with great tenderness. She was sobbing.

Lisa had gotten her revenge. Her anger was spent. What she had left was shame and humiliation. Jim could have stifled this with a thought. But he didn’t.


“Yes, Lisa?”

“Oh, Jim,” she said turning over to face him, laying comfortably in his arms, “what do you think of me now, Jim?”

“Lisa, you are a beautiful lady. Inside and out.”

“How can you say that,” Lisa sobbed. “I just acted like a whore. A common whore. All I was thinking about when you were fucking me (Jim winced at the way she said that word – it was a violent word) was that it was a way of getting back at my husband for having an affair with his bimbo secretary. I was thinking that I’d done something she would never do and that gave me some sense of worth. But all I did was make myself an even bigger whore.”

“Lisa,” Jim said, taking her chin and forcing her to look into his eyes, “what you did was release your pent up anger and rage and frustration in a private way that gave you pleasure and hurt no one. You are not a whore. You are a very sexual woman who enjoys pleasure. That does not make you a whore.”

Jim reinforced his words with some minor mental tinkering and then he kissed Lisa on the lips, tenderly. She threw her arms around him and returned his tender kiss with a passionate one of her own. His cock rose to the occasion almost immediately and when Lisa felt it poking into her belly she pushed Jim onto his back and straddled him. Moments later, he was buried in her pussy and she was grinding her pubic bone into his, her head back, mouth open, body taut with the pleasure of their joining.

Jim pulled her down so that her body was fully on top of him and felt her breasts pressing against him. He felt his cum leaking down her ass crack and dripping on his balls. He felt her body shaking through a series of small orgasms as her clit rubbed his pubic bone. And he claimed her mouth in a deep kiss that closed the circuit between them. They lay like that for a few minutes, her pussy grinding against his cock her mouth covering his mouth sucking his tongue like a cock.

And then he flipped her over, put her ankles over his shoulders, and began to drive his cock into her belly like he was trying to make it come out her back. His eyes were closed and his entire being was focused on the place where his body and Lisa’s were joined. He projected his pleasure into her brain and absorbed her feelings into his own mind. They were joined mentally and physically like no two humans had ever been joined before.

Neither could make a sound except the rapid breathing spurred by their mutual passion and the grunts of exertion brought on by the vigor of their fucking. For that is what it was at the core: fucking. This wasn’t ‘love making’ this was raw animal heat. It was violent. It was base. It was lust at its most potent heart. She felt his animal instincts and they called to her. She answered with her own inner howls of defiance and pleasure.

“Take me” her inner animal screamed, “but be prepared to pay the price.”

His animal answered, “I don’t have to take you. You’re already MINE!”

This didn’t last long. All of Jim’s controls were broken. He was no more able to stop himself from ejaculating than he could have stopped himself from breathing. It was life. They would both be spent when it was done, but their inner demons could, perhaps, be put back into their cages for a while.

After the storm came the calm. Jim went and got fresh towels and washcloths and a basin of warm, scented water. He tenderly bathed Lisa’s flesh, wiping away the sweat and the semen and the other residues of their tryst. And then he kissed her. It was as much a kiss of friendship as it was of lust.

“What is it about you, Jim Olsen, that I cannot resist?”

“Must be my Irish charm.”

“You’re not Irish.”

“Well now, they’re ye’d be wrong, my sweet little Colleen, fair it’s me sainted mother from which I’ve inherited the charm of the Irish,” Jim said in a fairly accurate brogue.

Lisa laughed. Jim laughed. They laughed for a while until their laughter had cleansed them from their demons, now safely back in their cages. It was rather odd that they both felt just a bit self conscious as they dressed. The ride back to Lisa’s house was quiet. When they were in the garage, she turned to him and he knew what she was going to say.

“Jim, I…”

“Shhh,” Jim said, putting a finger to her lips. “Don’t say it.”

“I have to,” Lisa said, pushing his hand away. “It’s important. The time I’ve spent with you has been magical. I’ve never had a lover as powerful or as considerate as you. It’s almost like you can anticipate what I want and give it to me (If she only knew, Jim thought). But it has to stop. I’ve been using you to get back at my husband. To prove that I’m still sexy.”

“You are,” Jim interrupted, and this time it was Lisa putting two fingers to his lips to silence him.

“No, please, let me finish. I love my husband. I’m angry with him for violating our trust. In a way, I’ve gotten even, especially today (and here her mouth formed a wry smile when she thought of herself in the swing taking his massive cock in her ass), but I’m not some horny housewife willing to sneak around having sex in motel rooms. It felt great but it was still wrong – wrong for me. We can never have a real relationship unless we both give up things that are dear – too dear to us. I’m not giving up my marriage. Neither are you. I don’t know what motivated you to have sex with me and I don’t care. You no doubt have your own reasons. I’m not built to have sex with no other emotional connection, and it would be too easy for me to fall in love with you, Jim. And that scares me.”

“Are you finished?”

“Yes, I guess I am.”

“I understand you in ways you’ll never fathom. Yes, I have my own reasons for what I do. And they’re not your reasons. I respect you very much for telling me these things. The pleasure we’ve shared will be something I’ll never forget. Nor will you (and here, he lied, for he had every intention of wiping her memory of him completely). I’ll be here for you if you ever need me, but I won’t contact you again if that’s what you want.”

Tears were streaming from Lisa’s eyes as she leaned forward and kissed him once, tenderly, on the lips.

“It’s not what I want. It’s not what I want at all. But it’s what must be.”

She turned and exited the car walking to the door from the garage into the house without ever looking back. Jim backed out of the garage and drove home, first stopping at the hotel to put things back into some sort of order and retrieve his toys. For the first time since acquiring the Master PC program, he was depressed. Lisa had made him look at himself in new ways and he was going to need some time to make the adjustments necessary to comfortably fit these new thoughts into his psyche. He would make them fit. That much was certain. He had no other option.

Chapter 7: Jim Thinks Things Over

The next day Jim woke up with what felt like a hangover. His mind was still full of the way his time with Lisa had ended. He needed to do something to make things right for her. He had some cognitive dissonance about what he had done, even though in a technical sense what he’d done to Cheri and Sam had been worse.

A quick shower and Jim was dressed and out the door. Arriving at his office he shut his door and retrieved the Master PC disc from his cabinet. Then he fired up his laptop, disabled the wireless port, and started the program.

First, he called up an image of Lisa’s husband on the screen. He made a few adjustments -- the most important of which was that he would no longer be interested in any woman but Lisa until she died. Pamela Anderson could walk up to him, strip naked, and he would not even notice. He planted the suggestion that Lisa needed more from him in the sex department and that he should be more attentive to her needs. He also made him forget that he’d ever strayed. And, as a last thought, he gave the guy a bigger dick.

Second, he called up the image of the home wrecker who was banging Lisa’s husband and made a few changes there. She would be looking for another job soon and Jim would help her find it. She would forget about the affair with Lisa’s hubby, would not be interested in him at all in a sexual way and they would part friends.

Finally, he put Lisa’s image on the screen. For a while he did not move. Then he acted quickly before he had a chance to repent. He erased her memory of having had sex with him and her memory of her husband’s infidelity. He reinforced her love and devotion and added the desire for some kinky sex that her husband wanted. She would keep her boobs and the other physical improvements he’d made.

“OK, I guess I’ve done all I can on that front,” Jim said, exiting the program and shutting down the laptop. He went to work on his real job while his mind continued to mull over the implications of yesterday’s visit from the feds.

It was clear to Jim that the Master PC program was going to cause him more problems than it solved. Using the program meant detection. Not using it meant an end to being able to “fix” things.

“Well,” he thought, “I’ve made about as many improvements to my mind and body as I can think of. My wife and kids are healthy and safe, not to mention happy. I’ve made the changes irreversible by anyone but me. Maybe I should just dump the program all together and walk away clean.”

But he didn’t do it. The lure of that kind of power is a drug and it is very difficult to walk away. Jim continued to review his options.

As usual when he had a decision to make these days, he worked on something else and let the problem stew in another part of his brain for a while. He opened the Master PC software again and put Sam’s image on the screen for a bit, typed in some commands, and then did the same for her husband.

Picking up the phone he punched in Samantha’s number.

“This is Samantha, how may I help you today?”

“Sam, this is Jim, your next door neighbor. I’m calling for Lt. Good Body.”

There was silence on the other end of the line.

“Jim? Who told you about that?”

“You did. We’ve been chatting on Yahoo Instant Messenger for most of the past year, neither of us realizing that we were neighbors for the past six months.”

Jim heard a gasp from the other end of the line.


“My God.”


“Sam? It’s me. We’re friends, remember? What was it you said once about wanting a virtual glory hole?”

This time there was a moan from the other end of the telephone.

“Sam, c’mon,” Jim said. This time he also sent a little mental nudge along with his voice to settle Samantha down a bit.

“How long have you known who I am?”

“About six months.”

“Oh my god.”

“Have I acted in any inappropriate way around you or Dave?”

“No. No, it’s not that. It’s just, well, I’ve guarded my on-line identity so carefully, and now this. It’s just a shock is all. Yes, you’ve been a perfect gentleman.”

Jim almost laughed at this.

“We need to talk, Samantha.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea Jim.”

“Listen, Sam, I’ve seen nearly naked pics of you and sent them back as tributes. What harm can a little conversation do? I just want to talk to you, that’s all (for now, he added in his head).”

“Oh my god. The pictures.”

“For crying out loud, Sam, we met on Flickr. You liked my stories, remember? And then you started e-mailing me? Remember? And then we started chatting? Remember? And some of those chats resulted in more stories? Remember?”

“Yes, yes, I remember!” Sam said, slightly exasperated.

“I thought we were friends, Sam,” Jim said with a slightly (very slightly) hurt tone in his voice.

“Well, yes, we are friends. And neighbors, I guess.”

There was a pause that Jim refused to fill. This was the turning point in the conversation and Jim knew that whoever spoke first here would lose.

There was a sigh from the other end of the line.

“All right. When and where?”

Jim was tempted to say “room 208 Pinecrest Motel” but instead he said, “You know that little café over on Oak Street?”

“Yes, I know it.”

“When can you meet me there? Afternoon coffee; say around three?”

“Hang on a sec, let me check my calendar….Yes, three will work. I’ll see you there.”

“OK, so long Sam, see ya later.”

“Yes. See you later, Jim,” Samantha said with resignation in her voice.

The line went dead.

“Well, THAT could have gone better,” Jim said shaking his head. Maybe it had been a mistake. He could have just used Master PC or even his new mental abilities to make everything go his way, but he was getting tired of playing God. He wanted to try to make this happen as much on his own as he could. He’d already planted the potential in her brain. He just needed to get it to blossom. If necessary, he’d give her a little push. Dave wouldn’t be a problem because what Jim wanted was actually more his fantasy than Sam’s, but she secretly wanted it to happen as well. Jim would help them both get what they were after.

“Now, what do I do about Cheri?”

Jim could have just abandoned the young coed. But he didn’t want to give her up. She had a sweet mouth and a tight pussy. He still had to break her in to anal but that could be done gradually over time. And, she was hot for Samantha, which Samantha liked. Not to mention the fact that Jim had started the wheels in motion for Cheri to become his new assistant.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive,” Jim said to himself, quoting Sir Walter Scott.

“Christ, now I’m quoting long dead poets. What’s next? Shakespeare? ‘Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more! Or close the wall up with our English dead.’” Jim intoned in a mock theatrical voice, rolling his “r’s” like Basil Rathbone.

“Shit. I think I’m going nuckin’ futs.”

Jim put his coat on and tossed a “I’m going out for a walk,” over his shoulder on the way out the door. Jim walked for quite a while not paying much attention to where he was heading. His head was down, his mind preoccupied with his circumstances and all the complex plots he’d put into motion with the miraculous software he’d found in that Madison hotel room on a cold February morning.

When he finally looked up there were two men in front of him and he sensed another behind. One of them had said something to him.

“What did you say?”

“I said where ya think yer goin’?”

“For a walk. It’s a free city.” Jim started to push past the two men in front of him when he heard the unmistakable sound of a pistol being cocked. Jim stopped and employed his senses to tell him where the gun was and how likely the shooter was to pull the trigger before he could do something about it.

“Are you threatening me with deadly force?”

“Oooo…listen to the fancy talk,” one of the toughs said.

“No, mister, we’re not threatenin’ you with anything. We’re just gonna kill ya and take all yer money.”

Jim had determined which one of them had the gun. Two were unarmed except for knives, which, while formidable, were manageable by conventional means.

“I would suggest you reconsider your position.”

Jim was getting angry. His frustration at his own mistakes, the way things ended with Lisa, his guilt about how he’d treated people; all of this was adding up. Ridding the streets of his city of a few low life hoods might be just the tonic he needed.

Jim looked around. No security cams in evidence which is probably why the thieves had chosen this stretch of sidewalk for their crime. Well, first he’d take out the gunsel.

Jim sent out a powerful mental command and heard the gun clatter to the ground. Fortunately it did not go off. The man behind him collapsed in agony, his brain on fire. Jim was really angry now.


Thug number two reached for a knife. He found is wrist captured in an iron grip. Thug number three made a grab for Jim and met Jim’s karate punch to the throat which crushed his larynx. He fell to the ground and would be dead within seconds without medical attention. Jim was past caring.

Jim turned to thug number two. The knife was in his hand, but the thug’s hand was in Jim’s control. Jim flicked his wrist and the knife plunged to the hilt in the thug’s chest.

“Never pick on strangers. You should have learned that in school,” Jim said. He walked away from the scene, but as he went, he issued a last mental command to what was left of thug one’s brain causing him to pick up the pistol and shoot thug number three in the throat, masking his original injury. Then he succumbed to the mental bomb Jim had placed in his brain. The pathologist’s report would indicate that thug number one had simply fried his brain on meth.

“My god,” Jim thought. “I just killed three men. And I didn’t even hesitate. What the hell is wrong with me?” He picked up his pace and walked several blocks. Spotting a working pay phone, he called 911 reported shots fired and gave a location. Then he headed off in another direction, eventually taking a bus back to a location near his office. With luck, no one would ever connect him to the killings.

It was self defense, he reasoned, but another part of his mind asked how it could be self defense when his attackers had no idea of his abilities? Well, they shouldn’t have tried to rob me then should they? This mental debate went on until he noticed the time. It was nearly three. He’d have to hurry.

Jim got to the café about 3 minutes late and found Samantha already there in a booth near the back. Ironically, it was right next to the table where he’d sat back in February making his first serious forays into playing God.

“Hi Sam,” he said as he slid into the booth across from her.

“Hi, Jim,” Samantha said, a bit subdued.

“Why the long face? You look like I just shot your dog.”

“I never expected to actually meet anyone I chatted with on the Internet,” Sam said.

“Lighten up, Sam. It’s me,” he said, smiling. “Personally, I think this is fantastic. Believe me it took me quite a while before I had the courage to tell you. For one thing, I didn’t want you to know me as the fat old man next door. I wanted to get myself into some sort of shape first. Not because I thought you wouldn’t like me, but because I wanted to like myself.”

“This is still very awkward. You’ve seen me nearly naked.”

“And enjoyed every moment of it,” Jim said, smiling. “I can arrange for you to see me naked if it will even things up.”

This time Sam actually smiled. “You always make me laugh on line. And your stories really get me going.”

“See, it’s not the end of the world. And don’t worry – your secrets are safe with me. Safer than you could possibly imagine.”

Sam frowned a bit, a puzzled furrow appearing momentarily on her brow. Jim wiped it away with a mental touch and the conversation continued. Cheri was their waitress and she and Sam exchanged several meaningful looks. Jim wondered how often they’d gotten together since that day in room 208 of the Pinecrest.

“Can I get you something to drink, Mr. Olsen?” Cheri asked.

“The usual, Cheri, thanks.”

Sam already had a pot of tea in front of her. Cheri went off to get Jim’s beverage, a Diet Pepsi with a slice of Lemon, and their conversation continued.

“Jim, what about Susan?”

“What about her?”

“Does she know too?”

“Susan? No. She’s oblivious. She doesn’t enter into any of this at present. And all we’re doing is talking about chatting. I’m not proposing to actually get into your pants or anything.”

“Really? Why not – now that you see me in the flesh I’m not good enough?”

Sam, Sam, Sam. You’re gorgeous. You’re too sexy to be allowed to walk around loose. If it will make you feel better you can put your hand in my crotch and feel how hard my cock is right now. That’s not the point.”

“So, what are we doing here then?”

“Nothing’s changed. We can still be friends, tease each other half to death, share our fantasies – the stuff we’ve always done. I’ll even keep making tribute photos for you if you like,” Jim said.

“Or you could tribute the real thing,” Sam said with a wicked gleam in her eye.


“I’m thinking about it. You look a lot different than the photos I saw of you last fall. It didn’t matter then because we were never going to meet face to face. Now, oh this sounds shallow, it’s different.”

“It’s OK. I am different. I feel different. More alive. Definitely more virile. I’ve got my mojo back.”


“So,” Jim said, going for broke, “one caveat. Dave has to be there to see it happen.”

Sam stared at him.

“You know he wants to see you with another man. Why not me? We’re friends, we turn each other on. You could give him what he wants and enjoy it. It would be much safer than picking someone up off the street.”

Sam said nothing and for a moment, Jim thought he’d have to resort to mental muscle to get her to agree. He’d decided not to do that, finally, and hoped he could keep his word to himself.

“It will be our secret if you like. NO photos, no videos, just the three of us having some fun. You can even watch me suck your hubby’s cock. I know you said he wouldn’t mind, and I haven’t indulged my ‘bi’ side for months.”

Sam opened her mouth to speak, and shut it. She opened it again and shut it. Indecision was written all over her face.

“May I think about it? You know my reasons.”

“Yes, and I think you’re being silly. You know you want to. You want to please him, and, frankly, it appeals to your inner slut; the one that wants to come out and act like a whore; the one you keep locked away in the deepest recesses of your mind.”


“No buts, Sam. You need to do this. You want to do this. Imagine having two cocks to play with. Two cocks to suck. To cocks to fuck you. Two mouths to make love to you. Think about how much pleasure you’ll have with two guys. And, think about how happy you’ll be knowing Dave is getting something he’s been after for years.”

“OK. You’ve sold me,” Sam said, chuckling, holding her hands up in surrender. “I hope I don’t regret this.”

“You won’t.”

“When would you like to do this?”

“Well, Susan’s going to her mother’s for the weekend this coming Friday night. If you don’t have any plans, we could do it then. Or Saturday – that’d work too.”

“I’ll talk with Dave tonight. I’m sure he’ll go for it.”

“If he doesn’t we’ll just have to convince him. But I think he will.”

Jim, in fact, knew Dave would go for it. This was one of his major fantasies. The fact that it would be fulfilled by a next door neighbor would be a bonus as far as he was concerned. For Sam, this might be a one-off, but Dave was thinking of having his wife fuck a variety of men while he watched and/or participated.

Jim finished his soda and looked at his watch.

“Time to get back to the salt mines,” Jim said, smiling. He tossed a ten dollar bill on the table. Sam stood up, smirking.

“I suppose this is the least I can do for all the orgasms your stories have given me since I started reading your stuff,” She said, giggling a little bit.

“Remember when you told me you wished there was a virtual glory hole that you and I could use?”

“Yes, I remember,” Sam said.

“Wanna go somewhere for a quickie?”

“I thought you said you wanted Dave to be there too.”

“I do. Just checking. Although the chance to see you completely naked is worth taking a shot.”

“You say the nicest things, Jim,” Sam said, smiling and they walked out of the café together. Cheri had a thoughtful look on her face as she watched them go. It didn’t last long, however. A mental flick from Jim and she did not remember seeing Sam in the café at all that day – just Jim and some woman she couldn’t remember.

Chapter 8: Sam’s First MMF Threesome

The next day Jim got a Yahoo Instant Message from LTGB announcing that Dave had, indeed, blessed their plan for a three way on Friday night. Jim was to come to their house at 8 and the party would start.

Jim already knew this, but he acted surprised anyway, for Sam’s benefit. He wasn’t yet ready to reveal his secret to anyone. The days crawled by. Jim deliberately didn’t make use of Cheri. He wanted to be ready to go all night on Friday. He worked out every day, not that he needed it, but in an odd way he was feeling a little intimidated. He knew that Dave was going to be in charge – it was his wife they were fucking after all. He just wanted to be in peak condition.

The week crawled by, but finally, Jim waved good bye to Susan as she backed the car down the driveway, headed for her mother’s house for the weekend. He went back into the house, showered, shaved, put on a little cologne, and then dressed in a pair of chinos, a knit polo, and a pair of huarache sandals. He went commando because it seemed like the right thing to do.

It was about 7:30. The phone rang. It was Dave.

“Hey Jim, I know we said 8:00, but Sam’s as hot as a firecracker and if you don’t get over here and help me fuck her, she’s going to start climbing the walls.”

“I’ll be right over.”

Jim checked his teeth in the mirror one last time and, nervous as a high schooler on his first date, he left the house and walked across the yard to Sam and Dave’s place. An MMF threesome had been his one unrealized fantasy, and now, at long last, he was about to achieve his dream. This made all the trouble that the Master PC program had caused seem worth it.

Dave was waiting at the door and shook his hand, pulling him inside.

“C’mon in, Jim. I wish I’d have known you were interested in my wife earlier. I’ve been after her to take on another guy for a long time and she’s always said no until now. I’m looking forward to this.”

“Me too,” Jim said. His normal cache of witty repartee had abandoned him this evening. His mouth was dry and his palms were sweaty. You’d never know that this man had coolly and efficiently killed three punks earlier in the week. There was nothing cool about him now, at least not from his point of view.

“You’ve got a really beautiful wife, Dave. She’s smokin’ hot.”

“Don’t I know it,” Dave chuckled. “I just want to share her. And, I understand that you don’t mind playing for both teams yourself. I think you and I will put on a show for Sam that will have her squirming in her seat in no time.”

Jim smiled. This was almost too easy.

“She’s waiting for us in the rec room down stairs. Let’s go get her,” Dave said, grinning and slapping Jim on the back and leading him to the doorway down to the lower level. “I’ve been waiting for a chance like this for years,” he added.

The rec room was thickly carpeted and had comfy furniture wherever you looked. Large overstuffed chairs, a big leather sofa, and an ottoman six feet across. The lighting was indirect but adequate. The walls were covered with a dark wood paneling of some sort – Jim wasn’t really paying attention.

Coming toward the two men as they entered the room was the evening’s main attraction. Samantha was radiant in a sheer black floor length gown. Underneath she was wearing stockings and a garter belt and nothing else. Her breasts, high and proud, capped by long nipples, pushed out the front of the gown and were clearly visible beneath the sheer fabric. Her hair and makeup were perfect and she was smiling.

“Jim,” she said, walking up to him and kissing him lightly on the lips. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

“If she only knew,” Jim thought to himself.

Sam pressed herself into Jim as she hugged him, making sure that she pressed her belly against the rapidly forming bulge in his slacks.

“Care for a drink?” Dave asked walking to a wet bar along one wall.

“Sure. G & T is fine,” Jim said, looking at Samantha. He’d seen her naked before. Hell, he’d fucked her on a number of occasions. But those had been stolen moments that Sam did not clearly remember. She thought she had dreamed those encounters except for the one with Cheri. Jim had not entered into any of them, as far as she was concerned. For a moment, a feeling of guilt swept over Jim again and he felt a profound sense of regret.

“Jim? Is something wrong?”

He quickly put a smile on his face and kissed Samantha on the cheek.

“I was just thinking of how rotten I felt a year ago at this time. The idea of being able to fulfill one of my long time fantasies was as preposterous as my leaping from here to the moon. And, yet, here I am, in your rec room about to get something I have sought for years. I was just having a maudlin moment. That’s all.”

Dave brought drinks and when they each had a glass in hand, Jim proposed a toast.

“To Lt. Good Body, the centerpiece of tonight’s sexual feast. May she enjoy every minute of the festivities as much as Dave and I will.”

“Here here,” Dave said. Sam had the good grace to blush. She was beaming at the positive attention however which made the blush seem a bit disingenuous.

“Jim,” Dave said, “I’ve wanted to watch my beautiful wife fuck another man for a long time. Would you please do me the honor of making my fantasy a reality?”

“Dave, the honor is mine. I’ve lusted after your wife since the first time I saw her photograph on Flickr. And, when she used the word ‘cunt’ in a chat session, I knew I had to find a way to fuck her. I will be very pleased to make your fantasy a reality.”

“Well, be sure she sucks your cock, Jim. She’s got the most talented mouth I’ve ever experienced.”

“She sure brags enough about it,” Jim said, laughing.

“Hey!” Sam punched Jim lightly on the shoulder.

Jim looked at Dave. “Ready?”

“You bet, Jim. Have at her. I’ll join in at some point, but for now, I just want to watch her with another man.”

Jim stepped to Samantha and took her in his arms. He kissed her. There was nothing subtle in this kiss. It was a kiss that advertised ‘I’m hot as hell for you’ in neon letters 20 feet high. His cock was threatening to rip through the front of his trousers. He wrapped his arms around Samantha and pulled her tightly against his body.

Sam managed to get a hand between them and started massaging Jim’s cock through his chinos. She moved the hand up to his chest and pushed him back onto the sofa. Then, she quickly undid his slacks and pulled them down and off, tossing them to the side. Jim took off his shirt.

“Mmmmm…I’ve wanted to suck this cock for a long time,” Sam said as she went to her knees between Jim’s legs. She reached out and grasped Jim’s cock at the base with one hand and with her other hand she cradled his big balls.

Jim gasped at her touch. He felt like there was electricity flowing from Sam directly into his body. He looked down at her. She was looking up at him as she put her face right next to his cock. He could feel her hot breath on his skin. She smiled. She held eye contact as her tongue snaked out and tickled the very tip of his penis.

“Dave, tell Jim how much I love to suck cock,” Sam said.

Dave laughed. “Jim, there are times when I have to pry her off of me so I can put it in her pussy. I’ve never met a better blowjob artist or anyone who enjoys it more. She’ll cum while she’s sucking you. No shit.”

“Less talking and more sucking,” Jim said, smiling.

Sam said nothing. She opened her mouth and went to work. As good as her mouth had felt to him before – and this of course was not the first time he’d felt it – this was different. She was aware of who he was. She was really into it. She was putting on a show for her husband. It was hotter than hell.

More and more of Jim’s cock disappeared into Sam’s hungry mouth. Her saliva ran down his dick and dripped onto his balls. Jim loved a sloppy blowjob and Sam was giving him the works. She lifted her mouth off of his saliva coated prick and started jacking it with her fist. She turned her head to face Dave.

“Is this what you wanted, honey? How do you like watching me suck this big hard cock? Is it like you thought it would be?”
Dave was naked by now and fisting his cock as he sat and watched the show.

“It’s even hotter than I thought,” he said, his voice rough, “I can’t wait to watch you fuck him.”

“I think I want to make him cum in my mouth first. Then I’ll fuck him. If he’s the man I think he is, he’ll rise to the occasion,” Sam said, turning back to look Jim in the eye, an evil grin on her face. “C’mon Jim, here’s your chance to do what you’ve wanted to for months. You’ve got LTGB’s mouth at your disposal. I want to feel you shoot your cum in my mouth.”

She’d been moving her fist up and down his spit slick cock as she spoke. Her words in combination with her cock stroking was causing Jim’s arousal level to rise rapidly. This was hotter than anything he’d done yet. This was even hotter than watching Cheri and Sam together. When Sam dipped her mouth back down to resume her cock sucking, Jim groaned with pleasure.

Sam was using every oral trick in the book to coax a load out of Jim’s balls as quickly as she could. And, she was frigging her pussy at the same time. Dave saw this and came over for a closer look. He rearranged Sam on her knees so that her ass was exposed. Then, he knelt behind her and began inserting his big cock in her pussy while she continued to suck Jim’s member.

Sam groaned around Jim’s cock as she felt her husband penetrate her from behind. She moved her body back and forth working two cocks at once and rapidly accelerating toward the first of many climaxes she would experience tonight.

“That’s it, baby, suck his cock just like you suck mine. Make him shoot, Sam. Show me what a little slut you really are,” Dave said, punctuating each word with a cock thrust.

“C’mon Jim, blow a big load in her nasty little mouth. She loves cum. I’ve never seen a woman who loved sucking cock more than Samantha. Isn’t her mouth incredible? Have you ever had a better blow job?”

“Incredible doesn’t begin to cover it,” Jim said, his breath coming in pants now. His hips were bouncing up and down as he sought to thrust himself ever deeper in Sam’s greedy mouth. She was moaning continuously as she was stimulated fore and aft by two big dicks.

“Don’t swallow it, babe. Snowball it back to Jim – you told me he likes cum. He can start with his own,” Dave said, picking up the pace of his fucking as his own excitement built.

Sam had her eyes up, looking directly into Jim’s as all this was happening. She was watching his face while she was sucking his cock. She could tell he was close. When his eyes shut and a grimace captured his face, she knew it was time to get ready for the inevitable flood.

“Jack him off into your mouth, Sam, I want to see him shoot it into your mouth,” Dave said. He pulled out of Sam’s pussy and moved to where he could see better.

Sam pulled Jim’s dick out of her mouth and started stroking it furiously with both hands. Her mouth was wide open with Jim’s cock aimed squarely at it.

“Get … ready … cos … hereitcomes!” Jim shouted as his dick started jerking in Sam’s hands and his cum began to spray into her welcoming mouth. Jim had been saving this load for days. The flood that engulfed Sam’s mouth was worthy of Peter North.

“Yeah!” Dave said. “Give it to her, Jim!”

Sam struggled to keep the cum in her mouth. Some leaked down her chin in spite of her best efforts. The flood abated and then stopped. Jim’s load was delivered. Sam’s mouth was full to overflowing with hot dick sauce. She reached up and pulled Jim’s head down to her face and kissed him.

It was a hot, wet, salty, sticky kiss. His load changed places several times. In the end it would be impossible to tell who swallowed more of it. The kiss continued after the semen was gone. Jim’s cock hadn’t really softened much, he was so excited, and when Samantha reached down for it she found it hard and ready to go.

Breaking the kiss she stood up, licking her lips and smiling. She shrugged out of the sheer gown and stood before him in nothing but a hose and garter set. She was magnificent. She held herself with pride. She wanted him to look at her.

“What do you think, Dave. Do you want me to fuck him now?” She said.

“Absolutely, babe. Get on that fuck stick of his and ride. I have waited a long time to see this,” Dave said, smiling fiercely, his right hand stroking his cock.

Sam straddled Jim’s waist. She reached down and grasped Jim’s dick in one hand while she used the other to steady her balance as she impaled herself on it.

“Ahhhhhhh,” she sighed as his big cock invaded her wet pussy.

“Oh fuck,” Jim groaned as he felt himself enveloped in the slippery folds of Sam’s clasping grasping sex tunnel.

Sam began moving up and down on Jim’s cock. She was looking straight into her husband’s eyes.

“Look at me, Dave. I’m fucking our next door neighbor. Is this what you wanted to see? Do you like watching me slide my cunt up and down some stranger’s cock? Does it turn you on to see me pumping my pussy with some guy I met on line?”

“Oh, baby, you know it,” Dave said, fisting his massive hardon and walking toward the coupling pair on the couch. “I’ve wanted to watch you fuck another man for as long as I’ve known you. Go ahead baby, enjoy that cock. Have fun with it. Cum all over it. And when he’s done with you it will be my turn.”

Jim wondered for a moment whether the two of them had forgotten he was there. He reached up and began playing with Sam’s nipples. She moaned but her eyes remained fixed on her husband slowly stroking his cock. He stepped up to her and she turned her face to his for a kiss – a kiss that left no doubt who belonged to whom.

Jim had never been so turned on in his life, but what happened next took things to an entirely new level.

Dave broke the kiss and turned his attention to Jim. Smiling down at Jim, Dave climbed up onto the sofa and stood next to Jim, his big hard cock level with Jim’s face.

“Sam tells me you like to suck dick almost as much as she does. I say almost because I’ve never met anyone who liked giving blow jobs as much as Samantha. You want to suck me off?”

Dave fisted his cock, pointing it right at Jim’s mouth. Jim didn’t say a word. He opened his mouth as an invitation and Dave leaned forward, sliding his cock between Jim’s lips. Jim moaned as he tasted Dave’s precum and felt the cock move deeper into his face. He moved his hands from Sam’s tits and took Dave’s balls in one and started stroking Dave’s cock with the other. Sam watched Jim suck her husband’s cock and started to grin.

“Wow, Jim, I never thought you’d actually do it,” she murmured, still moving slowly up and down on Jim’s own hardon. “Do it, Jim. Suck him good. Make him cum while I fuck your cock. Don’t swallow it all, baby, because I want you to share it with me.”

Dave was pumping his cock through Jim’s fist; in and out of Jim’s mouth collecting a shiny coating of spit with each stroke. Deeper and deeper he pushed until the head of his dick hit the back of Jim’s throat. Jim’s head was turned at a funny angle and he couldn’t get all of Dave’s shaft into his gullet but he was taking as much as he could on every stroke.

“Damn, Jim, you’re mouth is almost as hot as Sam’s. Oh, yeah, use your tongue. That’s it. Suck that dick. Look at him Sam – does this turn you on?”

“You know it does honey,” Sam gasped. She was picking up the pace of her movements on Jim’s fuck stick, bouncing her ass up and down on his thighs, playing with his nipples, stroking Dave’s ass, and generally enjoying herself.

“Is this what you fantasized about, Jim,” she asked?

Jim just nodded his head as best he could – his face was being fucked.

“Dave? Is this what you wanted?”

“And how, baby. Keep fuckin’ that cock while Jim sucks me off. Damn, I’m so turned on I think I’m about to lose my load,” Dave said, starting to breathe harder now. He grasped Jim’s head between his strong hands and began to force the pace of Jim’s sucking. Jim put his hands on Dave’s ass and started pulling him in deeper.

“Suck him Jim…suck him off…Ohhhhh…make him cum…god I love watching you suck his cock. Oh, baby, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum all over your dick while you suck off my man! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Sam’s teeth were clenched and her face wore a fierce grin full of lust and sex as she started to have a massive orgasm. Her vision was locked onto the scene in front of her as Dave continued to fuck Jim’s mouth with his cock. Jim was moaning around the big hunk of gristle in his mouth and Dave was grunting on every stroke picking up speed like a runner hitting another gear as he broke for the finish line.

“Shit! Gonna cum!” Dave shouted. He gripped his cock and started stroking it, jerking himself off into Jim’s mouth. Jim felt Dave’s cock begin to jerk – the feeling he was waiting for and wanting more than anything. For a real cock sucker that is the moment you work for – the moment when you know the guy’s going to lose his load, that he can’t stop it, that you are going to get a torrent of semen blasting into your mouth, coating your tongue, tantalizing your taste buds.

Spurt after spurt of hot wet cum flooded Jim’s mouth. It was salty and warm, thick and ropey. When Jim felt Dave’s dick begin to spew, his own orgasm hit with a force that almost made him pass out. He began to spray Sam’s sugar walls with his own lusty produce even as he felt some of Dave’s cum escape one corner of his mouth and begin to dribble down his chin.

Sam leaned in and started licking the leakage. She pulled Dave’s cock out of Jim’s mouth and started sucking the last drops of his spooge from her husband’s still jerking prick. When she was satisfied that she’d gotten it all, she leaned in and kissed Jim hard on the mouth, her tongue probing and searching for more of the salty spunk she craved.

Jim pushed Dave’s cum into Sam’s mouth as their kiss went on. They swapped it back and forth, each swallowing their share of the ropey prize.

Dave sat down next to the coupling pair. Sam crawled off Jim’s lap and put her arms around Dave, kissing him. He held her. Jim tried to get his breath back; the taste and smell of Dave’s cum still stimulating his olfactory receptors.

“Thank you, baby,” Dave whispered. “Was that good for you?”

“Mmmmmm…fantastic. I loved having you watch me. You knew I would. I just needed to feel safe about it.” She leaned over and kissed Jim.

“Thank you for helping make this happen,” she said.

“Whew…you sure are welcome, neighbor,” Jim said, grinning. He started to get up from the sofa.

“Going somewhere?” Dave asked.

“Bathroom. Piss.”

“First door on your left down the hall. Hurry back though, because this party’s just getting started,” Dave said, grinning. “I think there are some more fantasies that need to get taken care of here tonight. For one thing, I’d like you and my slutty wife here to gang suck my cock,” Dave added.

Jim’s cock actually started to stir when he heard that. “Now,” he thought, “if I can just get Dave to fuck my ass while I lick Sam’s pussy, this evening will be a total success.” He walked into the bathroom hoping that his cock would simmer down enough to allow him to relieve himself. But the more he thought about what he’d just seen and done the tougher that got. Eventually, he got himself under enough control to get rid of some excess water, and then he went back into the rec room.

Sam was on her knees between Dave’s legs and she had most of his dick in her mouth. Dave was rising quickly to the occasion and pumping his hips up off the couch to meet Sam’s down strokes.

“C’mon over here and give my wife some cock for her empty pussy while she sucks me hard again and then we can switch places,” Dave said as Jim walked back into the room.

“Great idea!”

Sam moaned. Jim positioned himself behind Sam and spread her legs apart to make room. Her pussy was still leaking his cum and he leaned down and started licking it, tasting his own brand of man juice in the process. His cock was fully erect once more and it was soon pushing its way through Sam’s labial folds.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh…yessssssss,” Sam moaned as she felt Jim’s cock slide home. Dave pulled her mouth back down to his how completely hardened member as Jim started to fuck Sam’s pussy with power.

“That’s it Jim, pound her good,” Dave said taking two handfuls of Sam’s hair and starting to really fuck her face. Watching her take Jim’s cock to the balls on every stroke was really turning him on – not to mention the fact that he’d always found Sam’s mouth the most accommodating he’d ever felt.

Sam was in some sort of sexual nirvana. Jim’s massive member was slamming her pussy while Dave’s prodigious prick was pummeling her throat. She was powerless between the two men; allowed to completely be who she really was without guilt or shame. She was moaning and mewling around Dave’s cock and her saliva ran freely down from her mouth to coat Dave’s balls with her shiny slime. She was totally abandoned to lust. Jim’s furious pussy pounding and Dave’s insistent mouth fucking drove Sam into a series of powerful climaxes – Bang! Bang! Bang! One after another her orgasms took over her nervous system. She was so lost in pleasure that at first she didn’t even notice that the men had switched places.

Jim was now on the sofa again with Sam’s face buried in his crotch. Behind her, Dave was the one doing the pussy pounding. She tasted her juices and the remnants of Jim’s semen on his cock and redoubled her sucking efforts. Dave stroked himself in and out of Sam’s juicy slit pushing her even further onto Jim’s cock which seemed to be trying to force its way into her stomach through her esophagus. She didn’t care. Pleasure. Total abandon. No worries, no cares, no coherent thought.

“Which do you like better,” Dave said, “her pussy or her mouth?”

“Not…a…fair…question,” Jim gasped as he felt the head of his cock push its way into Sam’s throat. She gagged around him a bit but kept on taking it stroke after stroke.

Having cum twice, Jim knew that he was a long way from a third orgasm, or at least that’s what he thought until Sam started worming a finger into his rectum, massaging his prostate.

“Oh, fuck!” Jim shouted as Sam began her digital manipulations. It was as if Sam had pulled the trigger on a gun. Jim erupted in a geyser of semen which bathed Sam’s cock ravaged mouth and throat, sliding down to warm her belly. She smiled around Jim’s dick, knowing she’d won this round.

When she’d sucked the last of Jim’s third load into her mouth, she released his cock with a final squeeze. Jim crawled down off the couch and managed to insinuate his head under Sam’s belly where he could watch Dave’s cock sliding in and out of her cunt. Pulling himself up, he began to lick Sam’s clit and Dave’s balls alternately making them both gasp with pleasure.

The sensation of a tongue on his nuts drove Dave over the edge and he began to spew into Sam’s insatiable pussy hole filling it to overflowing with semen. Jim licked up every drop that escaped. When Dave’s dick finally quit spitting its frothy tribute, he fisted it to get out the last drops of cum and then pulled out. Jim immediately took the softening member into his mouth and cleaned it, then he pulled Sam’s pussy down to his mouth and performed the same service for her.

The three collapsed in a heap on the thick carpeting, resting for a while and getting their breathing back to normal. Post coital lassitude gave way to a profound sense of ennui for Jim. He just wanted to go home and go to bed. Sam and Dave were exchanging the kisses of two people in love who had just had some great sex. Their arms were around each other and they were oblivious to Jim’s presence for the moment.

Not wanting to disturb them, Jim remained where he was, lying on the carpet about a foot away from the snuggling couple. He watched them for a while. Ennui gave way to depression. But, he wasn’t going to let anyone know about that. So, he put a tired smile on his face and crawled away to where his clothing had ended up. He pulled his polo over his head and was picking up his pants when Sam spoke up.

“Hey, lover, where are you going?”

“You two wore me out,” Jim said with a wry smile, pulling on his pants. “I’m not as young as I used to be.”

“None of us are,” Dave said, stretching.

Sam came up to Jim and put her arms around him, kissing him on the lips. Then she stepped back, her hands on his shoulders and gave him a serious look.

“Jim? Is everything OK?”

“What a silly question – I’ve just spent an evening having mind blowingly good sex with two wonderful people – what could possibly not be OK about that?”

Sam continued to look at him for a moment. She kissed him again.

Dave got to his feet and strolled over to where Jim and Sam were exchanging hugs. He stuck out his hand and Jim shook it.

“Jim, thank you for helping Sam and me make a fantasy happen. I want to do this again, soon,” Dave said, smiling and friendly.

“Same here, Dave,” Jim said, grinning. “And if Sam isn’t around and you just want your cock sucked, give me a call,” he added laughing.

“I’ll walk you out,” Sam said, taking Jim’s hand.

“Here, honey,” Dave said tossing Sam her sheer gown, “Just in case someone’s walking by when you open the door.”

Sam slipped on the robe and took Jim’s hand, leading him back up the stairs. When they were at the door she stopped him and gave him another kiss. This one was longer, more passionate, and it almost made Jim’s cock come back to life. He willed it to softness. He just wanted to be alone.

“Jim, it was fantastic having you here tonight,” Sam said. “You are a wonderful lover and I’d enjoy having another chance for the three of us to play,” she added, kissing him again lightly on the lips as he opened the door.

“Sam, you and Dave are a dream come true for me. I’ll never forget this night as long as I live.”

“Goodnight, Jim.”

“Goodnight, Sam.”

CHAPTER 9: Jim Wrestles with His Conscience

Jim stepped through the door and closed it behind him. He was alone with himself. He was empty inside. He should have been elated. He’d just experienced something that he’d always dreamed of doing. It had been wonderful; wonderful until the end. When he’d been laying there on the floor, next to Samantha and Dave, and they’d been showing the love they had for each other, he’d suddenly been faced with the reality of how he’d manipulated people to get what he wanted – what he’d thought he wanted anyway.

He didn’t turn on the lights. The night light over the stove in the kitchen provided enough light for him to see by and he made himself a drink. Back in the living room, he sat down. For a while his breathing and the occasional clink of ice in his glass was all the noise in the room.

He’d done some good things with the Master PC. No doubt about it. His community was much better off – a lot healthier anyway. But, what had he become? A serial rapist? A philanderer? Even if he hadn’t been old and fat, Cheri would never have considered him as a sex partner. He’d used her. Oh, he’d given her some extra skills – skills that would help her find a better job than being a waitress in a café. That much was true. But it didn’t make up for the fact that he’d essentially forced her to have sex with him and then forget about it afterwards.

And he’d done the same with Sam. Now, in Sam’s case what he’d mostly done was make it possible for her to explore aspects of her sexuality that were already there. A woman doesn’t read John Norman unless she’s interested in D/s. Jim had read the entire series hoping against hope that Tarl Cabot would be reunited with his first love – something he had always secretly desired for himself. It never happened. At best, Norman was a bargain basement Edgar Rice Burroughs. People reading his works were interested more in his philosophy than his skill as a writer.

As for Cheri and Sam getting together, Jim felt less guilty about that. When he’d probed Cheri’s mind he’d discovered a latent curiosity about sex with another woman, and he’d already known that Sam was bisexual. Still, he had forced the first encounter. Subsequent encounters were up to them.

And, then, there was Lisa. Without the nudges that his magical software had provided she would never have come on to him the way she did. The way that affair had ended had shaken him badly. Lisa was a much better person than he was – that much was certain.

As careful as he’d been in using the Master PC, it had still come to this. He’d blown it. He was, essentially, a serial rapist and murderer. Yes, those three men were going to kill him and take his money, but the way he’d dispatched them, almost thoughtlessly, had been a cold blooded killing. He could simply have reached into their minds and given them another course of action.

What made it worse was that afterwards, when he’d read about the “mysterious triple homicide” in the paper, he’d discovered that the three men had been unemployed since shortly after the citizens of the city had given up smoking. They’d all worked at a wholesale tobacco company that went out of business. Broke and desperate, they felt compelled to resort to crime. Ironically, they’d attempted to rob the man who had destroyed them economically. Jim had killed them twice. All three left wives and children behind.

“Well,” Jim said aloud to the empty room, “like my old man always told me, when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

He made his way to the study and turned on the lights. His computer was soon roused from sleep mode and in moments, the Master PC program was up and running. Jim sat for a while, lost in thought. In fairy tales when you get three wishes, the third wish is usually the one you use to try to fix the things that had gone wrong with the first two wishes.

That’s what he needed now. He needed a third wish that would put things right again. But you can’t un-ring a bell. Sometimes there’s no way to go back and put things right.

He called up Cheri’s image on the screen. “Cheri, Cheri, Cheri … what should I do with you,” Jim asked the silent room.

A few quick key strokes erased his command codes for her mind. The word “undulate” would no longer have any effect on her. She would have no memory of him, other than as a customer who tipped well. He left her physical enhancements in place – she would enjoy those, after all, and so would her boyfriend. She wouldn’t be meeting Jim at the Pinecrest Motel any longer.

That was Jim’s next stop with the Master PC software. He brought up the owner on the screen. All memory of Jim was immediately erased. Room 208 was an experiment by the owner who would rent out the room as a “specialty theme room” for people who wanted a little something different. Jim also erased memories of him from the Manager. The lock on the room would be changed.

Jim went and got the newspaper clipping about the families of the three men he’d killed. The names of the widows and children were listed. He called up each one and brought some comfort in their loss. The children would get good grades in school and grow up to be model citizens. He also gave them athletic abilities that would be sure to get them scholarships for college. He did whatever he could to ease their pain and help them move on.

That was enough for now. He would need to give more thought to his next steps. Tired and depressed, he shut the program off and went to bed. But sleep would not come. Depression makes you tired but prevents sleep. By about one in the morning Jim gave up, got up, put on running clothes and headed out into the darkness.

The streets were empty. Fog shrouded the landscape. Dark patches were separated by glowing pools of light cast by street lamps. Jim ran on. This was his city. He lived here. He’d raised a family here. He’d been very involved in a number of civic endeavors. The Mayor had even made him “Citizen of the Year” a few years ago as recognition of his hard work on numerous civic projects.

He’d made some mistakes with the Master PC program. But he’d also done some good. Ultimately, Cheri was going to be better off than she would have been without his tampering. So were Sam and Dave. By the time Jim came jogging back up to his house the first faint fingers of dawn were reaching up from the eastern horizon.

Jim took a shower, shaved, and made a pot of strong coffee – Coast Guard coffee his father would have called it: strong enough to float an anchor. Then he started a list of tasks he planned to get done that day. It was Saturday. Susan was at her mother’s for the weekend. The day was his to do with as he pleased. He had a honey-do list, of course, but those tasks would take very little of his time.

The long run had cleared his brain. Depression was a waste of time and feeling sorry for himself would accomplish exactly dick. What he had done was done. It was past. What counted was what he did from now on. In his despair he had considered trashing his last copy of the Master PC program. Now he realized how foolish that would be. The program existed. Others had it. He needed it to protect his city and his community. So it would stay. But, he made a solemn vow to only use it benevolently; never again just to satisfy his own needs and wants.

Dave and Samantha would probably want to play again. That was fine with Jim. He could never have what they had, but he could still enjoy their company. He wouldn’t need to do any more “tinkering” with Sam. And, their individual trysts were over – unless it was something Sam and Dave wanted to happen.

Jim did a little laundry, ran the dishwasher, and performed a few other household chores. All of a sudden he realized that he was very hungry. He didn’t feel like cooking. He decided to go out to eat.

Cheri was working at Jim’s favorite café, which surprised him because he hadn’t seen her there on weekends.

“Good morning Mr. Olsen,” she greeted him cheerfully. “I don’t usually see you in here on weekends. Coffee?”

“’Morning Cheri,” Jim replied. “Coffee’s good, yes, and if there’s a morning paper around that would be a bonus.”

“Coming right up,” Cheri said, smiling. Cheri liked Jim. He was always polite and pleasant even when the kitchen messed up an occasional order. And, he tipped very well. She was always happy to have his table. He’d lost a lot of weight and gotten in shape over the past 7 or 8 months. As Cheri brought Jim his coffee she noticed how good looking he was. He had to be in his 50’s, but he looked much younger.

“Here’s your coffee, and here’s a copy of the morning’s bad news,” Cheri chirped as she set down his coffee and paper in front of Jim. “I usually just read the comics and check my horoscope,” she added.

“Oh? And what did your horoscope say today?”

“It said I was going to meet a mysterious older man who would ask me for coffee and a paper,” Cheri said, teasingly.

“Let me know how that works out,” Jim said, laughing.

“Ready to order?”

“Two eggs over, ham, hash browns – well done on the hash browns – and muffin toast.”

“Well, somebody’s hungry this morning,” Cheri said.

“Yeah, I went out for an early morning run. Now I feel hungry enough to eat a horse,” Jim replied.

“I’ll get this order in right away – I wouldn’t want any passing horses to be in danger,” Cheri said, laughing as she headed off toward the kitchen.

Jim admired the view as Cheri walked away from his table. She was hot. He had to admit that he’d enjoyed his time with her. She’d experienced pleasure too, of course, but it hadn’t been of her own free will.

“What if I was able to seduce her without any help from my mind powers or the Master PC?” Jim thought to himself. “What then?”

He was still mulling this over when Cheri brought his order and refilled his coffee cup.

“Cheri,” he said, “I don’t see you waiting tables for the rest of your life. What are you planning to do after college?”

“Well, I graduate in December, and then, I don’t know. I’m majoring in Mass Communications with a marketing emphasis so I’ve been looking for something in that field.”

“Are you looking to stay in the city or will you move?”

“Right now I guess I’d like to stay here, but jobs are hard to find so I guess I’ll have to widen my search a bit.”

Jim took out a business card and handed it to her.

“I might be able to help. Why don’t you call me next week and we can discuss it further?”

“Wow, Mr. Olsen, that’d be great!”

“Good. I’ll look forward to hearing from you then.”

“Thanks, Mr. Olsen, I’ll call you on Monday,” Cheri said. She wandered through the café filling coffee cups and chatting with the patrons. Jim watched her for a moment and then concentrated on breakfast. The cook here knew just how he liked his hash browns.

Jim felt much better after his breakfast and he was in a much better mood as he arrived home. He’d only just taken off his wind breaker and put it in the front hall closet when the doorbell rang.

“Man! Those Jehovah’s Witnesses just don’t give up,” he muttered as he went to the door.

When he opened it, Samantha was there, looking beautiful as ever.

“Sam! What a pleasant surprise!”

“Morning Jim. Can I come in for a minute?”

“By all means. Where’s Dave this morning?”

“Oh he’s out back washing the car.”

Jim led Sam into the living room where she sat down on the sofa. Jim took a seat on an overstuffed occasional chair directly across from her.

“What’s on your mind this morning beautiful neighbor?”

“I just wanted to say thank you.”

“Thank me? I should be thanking you! Last night was a totally mind blowing experience – one I never thought I’d have.”

“Jim, listen for a minute, OK? You know how I’ve struggled with Dave’s desire to see me having sex with other men. It’s not like I have any aversion to sex,” she laughed, “you know that.”

Jim nodded, smiling.

“But I had some serious doubts about what Dave wanted. You know that too.”

Jim nodded again.

“You made it safe for me to give Dave what he wanted and it was wonderful. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get over my fears.”

Jim said nothing for a moment.

“You’re welcome, Samantha. What are neighbors for anyway?”
“Dave was very pleased with how things went last night, by the way, and he wants us to get together again.”

“Well that’s good news,” Jim said, grinning. “Any time. Just call.”

“And, he sent me over this morning to show you our gratitude,” Sam said, getting up from the sofa and walking over to Jim’s chair.

She dropped to her knees and reached for the top of Jim’s walking shorts. Jim’s hand stopped her. He looked into her eyes.

“Are you sure about this?”

Samantha laughed. “Thanks for helping me win a bet. I bet Dave that if I came over here this morning and offered you a blow job that you would stop me.”

Sam took out a cell phone and hit a speed dial number.

“Hi hon. Yeah, I’m over here. You lose, I’m afraid. He wants to be sure it’s OK with you. Here, I’ll put him on.” Sam handed Jim her phone.

“Uh, hi Dave. Yes, I had a great time. Sure I’d love to do it again. Yeah, she’s on her knees between my legs trying to take off my pants. That’s OK with you? OK. I just wanted to be sure. Thanks!”

Jim handed the phone back to Samantha.

“Yes, he’s hard. Oh, you bet I will. See you soon babe.” Sam put the phone away and turned her attention back to Jim.


“Absolutely.” Jim lifted his ass off the chair so that Sam could pull down his pants. She worked them down over his hardon and soon had him naked from the waist down. His cock was sticking straight up.

“Mmmmm…a nice hard cock. Always a favorite,” Sam said in a low sultry voice. She lowered her mouth and engulfed the head of Jim’s meat pop, stroking it lovingly with her tongue. She teased his piss hole with the tip of her tongue. She licked his shaft up and down coating it with a layer of her saliva. She slid her fist up and down his spit-slick shaft and looked up at him.

“I want your cum. No edging. I’m going to make you cum fast and hard. Tonight, you’re going to come back to our house and we’re going to have some more fun. You aren’t the only one who pays attention to Yahoo chats. I’ve been talking to Dave about some of YOUR fantasies,” Sam said with an evil grin on her face. Then she opened her mouth and went to work on Jim’s dick.

It was the most aggressive blowjob Jim had ever experienced. It was as if Sam was starving and his dick was the best meal in the world. All he could do was groan and pump his hips at her. She was oblivious to everything but his hard cock going in and out of her sucking mouth. She had one hand down her pants and was rubbing her pussy while she sucked him. The other was gripping his cock and working up and down the shaft in time with her mouth.

Sam took Jim’s dick deeper and deeper with every stroke until her lips were brushing his balls. She held him there and began swallowing, her throat muscles massaging the most sensitive part of his cock just like a pussy. She came up for air and then went back down again, repeating the swallowing trick. The fourth time she did that it was too much for Jim. His hips came up off the chair almost dislodging Samantha. She stayed with him as she felt his balls tighten in their sack knowing what was coming.

“AHHHHHHHRRRRRRRGGGGGGG” Jim roared as his cock began to jerk and spit in Sam’s sucking mouth. His orgasm was so powerfully intense that it was almost painful. Every muscle in his body seemed to contract with each orgasmic spasm. Sam was holding the spitting head of his cock in her mouth and jerking the shaft with her fist. She was moaning around his manhood as her own climax worked its way up from her pussy to suffuse her entire being with warmth and satisfaction.

When she had squeezed the last drop of semen from Jim’s dick, she released him, limp and spent. Sam sat back on her haunches and licked her lips catching a stray drop of spooge and making a big show of swallowing it down.

“Mmmm…delicious,” she said, smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

“Phew. That was something,” Jim said. It wasn’t exactly witty repartee, but it was the best he could do after receiving the most ball draining blow job he’d ever had.

“You get some rest. Be at our place for cocktails at 5. We’ll have a light dinner, and then it’s playtime,” Sam said, standing and striding to the door.
“Don’t be late,” she added as the door closed behind her.

Jim sat there half naked trying to make some sense out of what just happened. His phone rang. He managed to get up and retrieve the phone before it went to voice mail.


“Oh, hi sweetie. How’s your mom?”

It was Susan on the phone checking to see that he was surviving all right in her absence. She always assumed that he was helpless around the house in the face of all evidence to the contrary. Jim was an excellent cook, ironed his own shirts, and even did windows. Still, it was best to preserve the fiction that he was lost without her.

The conversation went on for another few minutes. Susan was taking her mother shopping and then they were having dinner with her brother later on. She’d be home late Sunday afternoon.

“OK, hon, see you tomorrow. Say hello to your mom and your brother for me. Love you too. Bye.”

Jim put the phone down and then retrieved his shorts and underwear. Fully dressed once more he stood for a moment in the middle of the living room trying to figure out what it was that he had planned to do today.

The phone rang again.

“What the hell…” Jim spat, irritated at the interruption.


“Oh, hi Dave. Yes, I enjoyed it very much. Sam is the best cock sucker I’ve ever had. Yes, she told me. Five o’clock for drinks. Can I bring anything? Well that’s attached, so it will be along too. Thanks for sending her over with the message. OK, see you later. Bye.”

Jim chuckled as he made another attempt to organize his day. Finally, he gave up, went to his computer, and tried to work on a story he’d been tinkering with for the past ten years or so. He visited several websites, checked his various e-mail accounts, paid a couple of bills, and then it was about 10 o’clock.

Time seemed to go very slowly. After lunch, he took a nap, then got up, gave himself two enemas showered, shaved, and got ready to go. It was still only 4 o’clock. He began pacing. He was nervous. What was going to happen? He’d find out soon enough and if it was anything near as hot as last night he’d be having a great time.

Finally, the minute hand edged up toward the top of the clock. He made a last check of his appearance, sprayed on a little cologne, and walked out the front door.

CHAPTER 10: Jim’s Bucket List Has One Less Item

Jim didn’t even get to press the doorbell as he stepped up to his neighbor’s house. Sam opened it before he could reach the bell button and dragged him inside. The door closed behind him and Sam gave Jim a heart stopping kiss, so full of passion and lust that his cock nearly burst from his shorts.

“Welcome back, stud,” she said, grinning as she broke the kiss and stepped back.

“Now that’s what I call a welcome,” Jim said, grinning back at her.

“Oh, we’re just getting started, baby. Just getting started. Tonight it’s your turn to get your fantasies fulfilled. C’mon…Dave’s making cocktails.”

Sam took Jim’s hand and led him through the house to the spacious patio in the back yard. Dave was there mixing a pitcher of something with limes in it.

“Right on time, Jim,” Dave said, smiling. Sam went to him and gave him a kiss.

Dave poured out some of the mixture into a high ball glass already piled high with crushed ice.

“Here. Try some of this,” he said, handing Jim the glass he’d just filled.

“Thanks.” Jim took a sip. It was delicious. He tasted gin and lime, and sugar for starters. Dave poured two more glasses.

“Wow! This is delicious,” Jim exclaimed after his first sip. “What do you call it?”

“Gin Rickey,” Sam said. “They make ‘em at the Cheesecake Factory. Dave knows a bartender at one of them and got the recipe – don’t tell though!”

“Well, wherever it came from, it’s wonderful,” Jim said.

“Thanks. I kind of like them myself,” Dave said, grinning. “Be careful though – they go down like lemonade but go off in your brain like a bomb.”

“Wouldn’t want that, honey – we need Jim to be in full possession of all his faculties later on,” Sam said, smirking.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Dave said, laughing. “We’ve been talking about you ever since you left last night. I’ve been looking at your chat logs. I think we’re going to make you a very happy man this evening.”

“I don’t know how much more happiness I can stand,” Jim said, laughing. “I was pretty happy last night.”

“I think you were pretty happy this morning too,” Sam said, with a sly smile.

“I would never disagree with a beautiful woman,” Jim replied.

“Especially if she gives the best head ever,” Dave chimed in, putting his arm around Sam’s shoulders and kissing the side of her head.

“I’m going in to check on dinner,” Sam said, standing, “you guys stay out here and shoot the bull or whatever it is you shoot when women aren’t around. I’ll be right back.”

Jim and Dave fell into the small talk of guys everywhere – well at least guys everywhere in the U.S. “Can you believe the Brewers let JJ Hardy get away?” and “Do you think Favre will come back for another season?” – until Sam called them in to dinner. Dave brought what was left of the Gin Rickey and they joined Sam in the house.

It was an enjoyable dinner featuring a lot of stimulating (intellectually) conversation on a wide range of subjects. Jim couldn’t remember enjoying a social occasion this much in a long time. And, the food was excellent matching the quality of the company.

Jim wasn’t much of a wine drinker, but the Australian Muscat served with dessert was like honey on the palate. He’d eaten a healthy meal, but he didn’t feel like he’d overeaten.

“If you’ll excuse me, gentlemen, I’m going to go freshen up a bit,” Samantha said. Jim and Dave stood as Sam left the table, then took the dishes into the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher.

“Let’s head downstairs, Jim. Sam will be with us in a few minutes,” Dave said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Jim replied, wondering what was in store for him this evening. He’d resolved, at least for now, his ethical issues, and he was prepared to enjoy whatever happened tonight to the fullest extent. He followed Dave downstairs to the now familiar rec room. Dave lit some candles that gave off a faint sandalwood scent. The lights were low but it wasn’t difficult to see. The two men sat down on the large leather sofa.

“So, Sam’s been telling you about some of my fantasies,” Jim said.

Dave grinned. “Yes, she has. You’re a pretty kinky guy,” he laughed. “I like that. I loved it when you sucked my dick last night, and Sam really went wild watching you do it. Any regrets?”

“None. I loved doing it, and I’d gladly do it again if the opportunity arose.”

“No time like the present then, Jim. Let’s get naked so we’re ready when Sam comes down. And, I have to admit that I’d love to feel your mouth on my cock again.”

“It would be my pleasure, sir,” Jim said, rising and bowing formally. The two men laughed and quickly stripped. Dave sat back down on the sofa and spread his legs. Jim knelt between them and lifted Dave’s rapidly hardening cock, stroking it with one hand while the other gently played with Dave’s balls.

“Mmmm…I’ll give you an hour to cut that out,” Dave said, smiling.

“I’ll bet,” Jim replied, “but I’ve got other ideas.”

Jim leaned forward and buried his face in Dave’s crotch, inhaling the powerful scent of male pheromones. He licked all around Dave’s now fully erect cock, and gave his sack a thorough tongue lashing before licking his way up the shaft of Dave’s prick and taking the head between his lips.

Jim began a leisurely blow job. There was no hurry – this was, seemingly, the appetizer for the evening’s festivities. He enjoyed the texture of the big dick in his mouth and he also enjoyed hearing Dave’s murmurs of approval and pleasure.

“Hey! You started without me!” Samantha said as she came back into the room. Jim lifted his head and smiled.

“We were just passing the time, babe,” Dave said, laughing. “And I don’t think you can blame me for wanting a second helping of Jim’s talented mouth, can you?”

Samantha laughed. She was a vision in red and black. A red velvet band covered her breasts. There was a matching red velvet miniskirt. Black thigh high stockings were mostly covered by a pair of black high heeled boots that went past her knees.

Jim whistled. “Wow! That’s hot!”

“You haven’t seen anything yet darlin’,” Sam replied with a wicked grin. “Go back to sucking Dave’s cock. I’ve got a couple things to prepare.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jim said. He took Dave’s member back into his mouth and felt Dave’s hands on his head guiding him up and down the thick shaft. He didn’t know what Sam had in mind, but he trusted her completely. He refused to use his mental powers to spoil the surprise.

Lost in the pleasure of sucking a big dick, Jim jerked in surprise when he felt Sam’s (?) fingers spreading his ass cheeks and warm fluid running down his ass crack.

He tried to lift his head to ask what was going on, but Dave had Jim right where he wanted him, and didn’t let him up. Next, Jim felt a finger probing his anal sphincter, gently moving in and out. Then two fingers. More lube. She was obviously getting him ready, but for what? Jim was trying to focus on the cock in his mouth, but that was difficult with the backdoor action taking place at the same time.

Next, he felt something – not fingers this time – probing his asshole. It was warm and very tapered. “A butt plug,” Jim thought. Sam gently worked it in and out of his ass, gently working it up to the widest point and then pulling it back, not forcing it. More lube was added. Jim’s cock was jerking and twitching in the air leaking precum. For now, it had nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Jim groaned as he felt the plug pushed all the way inside. Sam knelt down next to him and whispered in his ear.

“Tonight is all about your fantasies. Dave and I talked all about it last night and this morning. I know what you want, Jim, and you’re going to get it. Oh yes, you are really going to get it good,” she said with a wicked chuckle that sent ice down Jim’s spine. What had he told her?

She went behind him again and he felt the plug withdrawn and then pushed back inside. This was repeated several times with more lube being added as well.

“I think he’s ready hon,” Samantha said.

Dave’s hands left Jim’s head. Jim looked up and released Dave’s cock from his mouth. Dave fisted his massive hardon and smiled.


Dave stood up. Jim saw Sam rolling a condom onto his big dick and then applying a thick coating of lubricant. She reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties. Then she sat down in front of Jim and spread her legs.

“OK, Jim,” Sam said, smiling, “time to eat some pussy and get fucked. Dave’s always after me to let him fuck me in the ass, but he’s too big for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as he will.”

“oh wow,” was all that Jim said. He buried his face between Sam’s widespread legs and began licking everything his tongue could reach. He felt Dave spread his ass cheeks apart and then he felt the large head of Dave’s cock begin to press against his well lubed anal opening.

A few moments of pressure and then Dave’s dick slid home and Jim felt Dave’s balls brush against his own.

Jim groaned. He nearly shot his wad right on the spot. His most secret fantasy had been to take a cock up his ass while he was eating pussy. Now, it was happening. His eyes were misty as he licked and sucked Sam’s tender tissues seeking always to bring maximum pleasure. Jim used his mental powers to let Sam and Dave know what it felt like for him. He heard a pair of gasps as the full weight of Jim’s feelings took them all over.

Dave began to stroke his massive erection in and out of Jim’s ass and Sam had her legs wrapped around Jim’s head, holding his mouth tightly to her pussy. Her eyes were riveted to where she could see her husband’s cock going in and out of Jim’s ass. She was in a constant state of orgasm as Jim’s tongue worked furiously to lash her pussy into a frothing mass of over sensitized nerve tissue.

“Fuck him Dave!” She cried, humping her pussy against Jim’s mouth, pulling at his head with both hands as bolt after bolt of ecstasy shot through her. Dave was wearing the fierce grin of concentration that every man gets when he is trying like hell not to give up his load too soon. This is one reason that every man memorizes things like batting averages, box scores, and RBI totals.

“Do you like that cock in your ass, Jim,” she asked? “Is that hot for you, eating my pussy and feeling Dave fuck you? Is this what you were looking for?”

Jim was completely delirious with pleasure and joy. He didn’t bother to answer Samantha’s questions – he was too far gone to care. Dave’s cock was pressing against his prostate on every stroke sending jolts of sensation through his body and causing a steady stream of fluid to drip from his cock onto the thick carpeting below.

All at once Samantha cried out, “I need cock!” and pushed Jim’s head away from her crotch. “Scoot back, both of you. I want’ Jim’s cock in my pussy right now!”

Clumsily, so as not to lose the connection, Jim and Dave moved back to give Sam some room. She got down on the floor and worked her ass back to where Jim’s cock was hanging down. Spreading her legs, she reached under her to grasp Jim’s cock as it nudged her crotch. Gripping it, she guided the pre-cum leaking head to her pussy hole and groaned as Jim pushed forward, burying himself inside her.

Up and down, back and forth, Jim moved his hips alternately impaling his ass on Dave’s cock and stabbing Sam’s pussy with his own tumescent truncheon.

This situation could not last long. Jim was close to cumming as soon as he felt his cock surrounded by Sam’s excited fuck hole. Dave was enjoying the sensations of Jim’s tight asshole and rapidly approaching the point where his memory of baseball statistics was of no use to him whatever in delaying the inevitable. Sam was in a constant state of orgasm by now, babbling incoherently in counterpoint to the masculine grunts of the humping men.

Jim brought them all over the edge into the abyss. His cock began to jerk inside Sam’s pussy. The contractions this caused in his rectum pulled Dave after him, filling the condom with his seed. Soon, all three collapsed in a heap of tangled bodies on the thick pile carpeting of the rec room floor.

Jim felt empty as Dave’s cock began to shrink and slip out of his ass. His own cock was losing some of its rigidity, and Sam moved just enough to dislodge him from her hole. She turned over and kissed him on the lips.

“How was that, baby? Was that what you were dreaming of?”

“Samantha, that was more than I ever imagined.”

Sam moved to where Dave was laying on his back, spent for the moment, the amplified orgasm provided by Jim’s mental prodding too intense for a quick recovery. She carefully removed the spent condom from Dave’s cock and tipped it up over her mouth, letting the big load slide into her mouth and down her throat.

“Too good to let this go to waste,” she said, smiling as she licked her lips.

Jim turned to Dave, “thanks man. That was fantastic. I could get used to that.”

“It was damn hot, that’s for sure,” Dave said. “I need something to drink. Anyone else?”

“We never finished the pitcher of Gin Rickey – I put it in the freezer,” Sam said. “I’ll go get it.”

“A lot of firsts this weekend,” Dave said as he plopped down on an overstuffed arm chair across from the sofa.

“I’ll say. You ever have your cock sucked by a guy or fuck a guy in the ass before?” Jim asked.

“Yes, and no. Before I met Sam I was pretty wild. A lot of times at parties things happen that you wouldn’t ordinarily choose to do,” Dave said. “I’ve been blown by a guy before. A mouth’s a mouth, ya know?”

“That’s the way I look at it. I had a good buddy in high school and we would fool around when we’d get horny, which for teenaged boys is a base state of being, and I remember the first time I sucked his cock. It was kind of awkward, but I liked it. Then we started fucking each other in the ass. Damn…that first time we tried using spit for lube. Ouch. But we learned. We preferred girls, but more than that we preferred getting off and a warm slippery hole is a warm slippery hole. After high school I didn’t do anything with another man until about 15 years ago or so when I started thinking about the fun my buddy and I used to have. Susan and I didn’t have much of a sex life by then. I didn’t really want to have an affair with another woman because I was afraid of the emotional element. Guys are into NSA sex and they’re easier to hook up with. Honestly, I much prefer sex with a woman, but I also like having sex with a man from time to time and my all time fantasy was what we did tonight – best of both worlds, pussy and cock.”

“Jim, you’ve got a tight ass and I enjoyed fucking it,” Dave laughed, “but don’t expect me to fall in love or start kissing you.”

“No worries, Dave. I only kiss guys who like to kiss,” Jim said, laughing.

Samantha came back into the room with a tray containing the remainder of the pitcher of Gin Rickey and three glasses. Dave got up to help her and soon the three each had a glass of the sweet concoction.

“Hits the spot,” Jim said, smacking his lips.

“You know it,” Dave said.

“So, what were you boys talking about while I was gone,” Samantha asked.

“We were, of course, talking about what a beautiful and sexy wench you are, Sam, and how lucky Dave is to have married you,” Jim said, grinning.

“Bullshit,” Sam said.

“Pretty tough to put one over on Samantha, Jim,” Dave said, with a chuckle.

“Do you really want to know or was that just conversation?”

“Both I guess. Was it serious?”

“Not really. We were talking about the fact that if your cock is some place warm, wet, and tight, it doesn’t always matter if it’s in a man or a woman,” Dave said. “Jim gave me a little bit of his life story about his being bi and all that,” he added.

“I probably already told you that part, Sam,” Jim said.

“Yes, that’s why I suggested this scene to Dave in the first place and I’m glad he went along – god that was hot. The look on your face when you were inside me and Dave was inside you – it was priceless.”

“Priceless. That’s a good word. Yes, it was very intense. I’d love to do it again whenever you feel like it.”

“I think we could arrange that, don’t you Sam,” Dave said.

“You bet.”

“So, what do we want to do now,” Jim asked.

“Well I want more cock,” Sam said.

“Lucky you there are two in the room,” Dave said. “How about if Jim and I sit on the sofa and you take turns sucking our cocks for starters?”

“Mmmm…that sounds wonderful,” Sam said. She got up off the sofa and stripped off her bra and mini skirt leaving her clad only in thigh high black stockings and those sexy black boots. “OK, boys, sit yourselves down and get ready to be blown away.”

Jim was already on the sofa. Dave came over to join him and the two sat side by side. No one could fault Sam for taking Dave’s cock first – after all, he was her husband, even if Jim was a guest. Jim didn’t mind because he enjoyed watching Sam make love to her husband’s prick with her mouth.

To call Sam a voracious cock sucker would be understating things a bit. Jim shook his head as he watched Samantha devour Dave’s cock with gusto. He stroked his own member slowly as he watched; fascinated by the obvious enjoyment Sam displayed. Dave, of course, was enjoying it too.

“I never get tired of this,” Dave sighed as he enjoyed Sam’s oral ministrations. “But don’t forget our guest dear.”

Sam lifted her head.

“Sorry darling – you know I just can’t get enough of your sweet stick,” she said beaming up at him. “But, you’re right. I must see to our guest,” she added, looking at Jim.

“Hey, don’t worry about me, I’m just enjoying the show. Watching you suck Dave’s cock is hotter than any porn vid I’ve ever seen,” Jim said.

Sam took Jim’s hand off of his cock and replaced it with her own. “Well then, we’ll let Dave watch for a bit and see how he likes it,” she said.

“Mmmmmm….yessssss,” Jim sighed as Sam took his cock into her talented mouth. Now it was Dave’s turn to watch and he, like Jim, was enjoying the view of Sam’s lips moving up and down Jim’s shaft.

“I love watching you suck cock, baby,” Dave said.

Samantha moaned around Jim’s cock. She was giving him a no-hands blow job because her hands were otherwise occupied. One hand was pulling on a nipple and the other was buried in her crotch.

“Fuck, what a mouth,” Jim groaned as Sam’s tongue wriggled all over his member.

“Best I’ve ever had,” Dave said, proudly.

“No shit. Best I’ve ever had too,” Jim said, laughing and gasping at the same time.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Jim,” Dave said, laughing.

“Want some more?”

“You want to?”

“You bet! Get that big dick up here so I can nurse on it while Sam sucks me,” Jim said.

“Hey!” Sam said, taking her mouth off of Jim’s prick. “I was going to do both of you.”

“You get to suck me all the time, babe – Jim’s a guest so he should get another turn if he likes don’t you think?”

“OK,” Sam pouted.

“Less talking and more sucking please,” Jim said pointing to his glistening cock covered in Sam’s saliva.

“Mmmm…you got it!” Sam said as she dove back onto Jim’s member again.

“Yeah, more sucking,” Dave said, shaking his prick in Jim’s face. Dave was standing on the sofa, facing Jim, his cock right on the level of Jim’s mouth if he crouched down a little. He leaned over, putting his hands on the back of the sofa on either side of Jim’s head. Jim reached out and pulled Dave’s cock into his mouth with one hand while the other manipulated Dave’s testicles.

Jim licked and sucked all over Dave’s cock, making it shiny with spit, then he put both hands on Dave’s ass and pulled him forward. Dave got the idea and started fucking Jim’s mouth and throat, taking his time and enjoying a leisurely pace. Jim was enjoying it too. His cock was being expertly tended to by Sam and he had his own mouthful of man meat. It was great.

“Mmmmm…” Dave moaned, “damn I must be the luckiest guy in town. I live with the best cock sucker I ever had and the second best is my next door neighbor. Talk about an embarrassment of riches.”

Neither Sam nor Jim could comment having learned at an early age not to talk with a mouthful. Soon the only noises in the room were the sighs and moans of people enjoying sex and the squishy sounds of a pair of sloppy blow jobs.

After a while, Dave stepped away from Jim, pulling his cock from his neighbor’s mouth.

“Let’s switch this up a bit. I want some of my wife’s pussy. Jim, how about if you lay down on the floor and Sam goes 69 with you. I’ll fuck her doggie style and you can have your pick of what to lick. Whad’ya think?”

“I like it!” Jim said. “Sam?”

Reluctantly, Sam gave up Jim’s cock. “As long as I get to suck some cock, I’m all for it,” she said.

Moments later, she and Jim were in a 69 position on the floor with Sam on top. She quickly gobbled Jim’s cock back into her mouth while Dave got down on his knees behind her and pushed his big dick into her dripping pussy hole, making Sam groan around Jim’s dick.

For his part, Jim figured he had the best seat in the house. He was getting off on watching Dave’s thick member part Sam’s delicate labia, now a very bright and very dark pink with excitement. Her clit, which his software had made more prominent, was sticking out from the top of her slit just begging for a tongue to lick it. Jim obliged immediately and no one could blame him if his tongue strayed to the portion of Dave’s shaft that was exposed on every back stroke as it moved in and out of Sam’s hyper-excited cunt. He also managed to lick Dave’s balls on occasion always with the reward of a groan or gasp from his new friend.

Dave looked down to where his cock was disappearing into his wife’s pussy. God he loved fucking her. He never got tired of this amazing woman and now that he could watch her with Jim it would be even better. It was a matter of time before she got comfortable enough with this set up to let him bring other people in – maybe even a gang bang. He knew she’d love it if she tried it. As much as Sam loved cock it was sure she’d freak with pleasure if she had a room full of men all focused on her.

Dave pulled out of Sam’s pussy and pushed his cock into Jim’s mouth every now and then.

“Taste that pussy juice, Jim – isn’t it sweet?”

“Mmmm…yes,” Jim said, sucking Dave’s cock before putting it back into Sam’s cooze.

Dave grabbed Sam’s hips in both hands and started fucking her more vigorously signaling his advanced state of excitement. It was amazing he’d lasted this long. He didn’t know of course that he had some help in this department. Jim was doing a little manipulation of his own orgasmic timing as well as Dave’s. He’d left Sam alone – she didn’t need any help and was cumming almost continuously as she had a cock in each end providing maximum stimulation.

“Damn! This is so fucking HOT!” Dave shouted. He was full of the sights sounds and smells of sex. So was Jim. So was Sam. They were all three high on lust and rapidly approaching an apotheosis of arousal. Only Jim’s mental powers were holding back the flood that was about to be unleashed.

Sam, with the part of her mind not occupied with pleasure, noted absently that it seemed to be taking a long time for Jim to cum. Her jaw was actually getting sore. She redoubled her efforts using a hand to vigorously stroke Jim’s cock in time with her mouth movements.

“Gonna blow!” Was all the warning she got from Jim before he began filling her mouth with hot salty semen.

“Me too!” Dave shouted as he hilted himself in Sam’s pussy and let go a torrent of cum.

Sam buried her face in Jim’s crotch and let his blasts go directly into her throat as she swallowed frantically to keep up with the flow. Dave pulled his still spitting cock out of her pussy and put it into Jim’s mouth, giving him a taste of his precious bodily fluids before re-entering Sam’s pussy for the finish.

Soon in a repeat of their earlier performance, the three of them were laying on the carpet, panting and laughing.

Unlike the evening before, this time Jim felt a sense of joy and satisfaction rather than the strange ennui he’d felt come over him the first time. He didn’t try to explain this. He moved between Sam’s legs and began licking her slimy pussy, making her gasp and groan as he gently cleaned her with his tongue, enjoying the mixture of Dave’s cum and her pussy juice.

Dave broke the companionable silence which had descended on the trio as they lay in post coital languor.

“Jim, can you get it up one more time?”

“I believe I can. Whad’ya have in mind?”

“I’m going to go over and sit in that chair. I want to watch you fuck my wife again and I want you to pretend I’m not even here.”

“Sam? You up for this?”

Instead of speaking, Sam crawled on top of Jim and claimed his mouth with a deep, passionate kiss.

“What do you think?”

“I think you’re up for it,” Jim said, smiling as he returned her kiss with passion and lust.

Dave got up and went to a nearby chair and sat down.

Jim’s cock was already hard. It wasn’t tough getting an erection in Sam’s presence. The problem was NOT getting one.

“Just a minute. I want to take these boots off. They’re not exactly built for comfort,” Sam said.

Jim helped her off with the thigh high black boots and then kissed his way up her legs, caressing the silk encased flesh with his hands along the way. He spread her legs and put an arm under each of Sam’s thighs, cradling her in a perfect position for pussy eating.

He traced each delicate fold of Sam’s slit with his tongue, licking and lip-nibbling everything he could reach, but always avoiding her clit which was rapidly re-entering its tumescent stage, it’s angry head poking out from its hiding place at the apex of Sam’s sex.

He wasn’t aiming to make Sam cum this way. He was just enjoying the tastes and textures of her pussy in the manner of the true connoisseur. Sam was enjoying it, her fingers toying with Jim’s hair and gently caressing his head. She didn’t look in Dave’s direction and she really did try to forget that Dave was watching.

Jim took things a step further. He put a block on Sam’s mind to make her intent a reality. Within moments, Sam thought they were alone. Normally this would have bothered her, but not tonight. Jim did this for Dave – to make his experience truly that of a voyeur.

Dave sat on the chair, watching the lovers on the floor in front of him, absently stroking his rapidly recovering dick. He retrieved a bottle of lube from the end table next to the chair and poured some on his cock. Slowly he stroked himself as he watched the tableau before him.

“Sam,” Jim said, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Mmmm…yes, Jim. Please fuck me.”

“To hear is to obey,” Jim said, smiling.

Jim got to his knees, dragging Sam’s legs along until he had her ankles over his shoulders. Her pussy lips were spread wide, an inviting hole opening between them into which he dropped the bulbous head of his prick.



Jim plunged. His balls slapped against Sam’s asshole as he began brutally fucking her pussy. She cried out with every stroke as her pleasure burst like a roman candle suffusing every part of her being with intense sensations. She had no clue that Dave was in the room, but she had the vague impression of being watched and this added to her excitement.

Jim’s hands cupped Sam’s ass as he continued to savage her cunt with his cock. His fingers worked into her crack and he managed to push one into her asshole as he slammed into her again and again. He’d never removed the physical changes he made to Samantha’s ass and she felt a new stimulation as her rectum was tickled by Jim’s finger. This sent a new surge of pleasure straight to her brain and planted the seed of need – the need for more stimulation in that area.

Sam’s head was flopping from side to side; her fingers were pulling at her nipples as wave after wave of pleasure surged through her body.

Jim was beside himself. He wanted to put on a show for Dave. He could hear Dave pick up the pace of his masturbatory activity as he watched Sam fucking another man. He was no cuckold. There was no question of whose woman Sam was just as for her there was no question of whose man Dave was. He liked to show off his wife and the logical extension of that was to have her go all the way – fucking another man of his choosing at his request.

Jim was masterminding the show like a circus ringmaster. Sam was delirious with pleasure. Dave was grunting like an old steam engine. Sam’s body was covered with sweat. This gave Jim an idea. He pulled out of her pussy and straddled her chest.

“Push your tits together,” he ordered.

Sam obeyed instantly, pushing her tits together and making a wet valley of flesh for Jim to slide his cock through. She licked it and sucked it when it came within range of her lips. Jim was looking down at her with a face so full of lust and concentrated sexual power that it almost frightened Samantha.

She stared instead at the cock fucking her tits, watching the angry red head appear and disappear between her lovely mountains of flesh.

“Cum for me, Jim. Spray it all over my tits and face, baby!”

Jim pointed his face at the ceiling and howled as his cock erupted once more, spitting blasts of hot sticky cum onto Sam’s neck, face, and chest. He fisted his cock jacking it off on Samantha, whose mouth was wide open as she attempted to catch some of the load. Jim leaned forward and pushed his cock into her mouth once more, letting her suck the last few spurts and dribbles of his cum before removing it. He stared down at her, smiling. For a moment they had both really forgotten about Dave.

That is until they felt his cum rain down on them both. Dave had gotten up from the chair and was jerking himself furiously right on top of them. His cum sprayed Jim’s face and chest and then hit Samantha. Dropping to his knees, Dave pushed his cock into Sam’s mouth and she captured the last of his essence as well.

Dave backed up and sat back down. Jim and Sam embraced, kissing tenderly, licking both Jim and Dave’s cum from each other’s faces and chests.

Finally, Jim rolled away from Samantha’s body, laying on his back looking straight up at the ceiling.

“I’m spent,” Samantha said.

“I can believe it,” Jim murmured. “I’m pretty pished myself. I think it’s time I went home and got some rest.”

The room was full of the odors of sex. Sweat, semen, and pussy juice formed a heady brand of incense that, if one could bottle, would be prized above all perfumes.

Jim stood up and retrieved his clothing.

“Dave and Sam, thank you very much for an extremely enjoyable evening. You two are a dream come true. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.”

Sam and Dave stood up as well. Each of them embraced Jim, although Sam’s embrace was a little more overtly sexual.

“I’m glad we met, Jim. We all got some fantasies fulfilled this weekend and I’m sure we’ll find other things to do as time goes on,” Dave said.

“I hope so,” Jim said.

“Good night, Jim,” Sam said, kissing him on the lips. “Sweet dreams.”

Minutes later, Jim was in the shower, and moments after that, he was in bed, dead asleep, reliving the evening in his dreams. Life had turned around for him again and he was at peace with himself. What could go wrong?

Chapter 11: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch…

Susan was driving back from her mother’s house when she suddenly saw flashing red and blue lights behind her.

“Oh, no,” She said, annoyed, “I wasn’t even speeding.”

She pulled her car off the road, got out her drivers license and registration and waited, window down, for the visit from whomever it was that had pulled her over.

She heard a crunch of gravel and had just turned to face her accuser when she heard a hissing sound and felt a mist cover her face; then blackness.

“OK, let’s get her out of here. Smith drive the car. Jones help me get her into the van for transport.”

The man giving the orders was Joe Friday – the man Jim thought he’d driven off and neutralized. Unfortunately there were people with more power than Jim had who were able to detect his changes and break through them. Now, they had decided to come after him through his wife.

Susan’s limp form was taken to a nearby van and strapped into the back seat. The men doing this did so with great care to see that she was not harmed. Friday got behind the wheel of the van. His partner rode shotgun. A third man sat next to Susan, making sure she didn’t flop around and hurt herself.

The van U-turned and the man driving Susan’s car did the same. The pair of vehicles drove for about an hour and turned off onto a dirt road leading to a dilapidated old farm house with a barn nearby. The barn had a serious list to one side. Weeds had taken over what was once a yard.

Friday pressed a button on the steering wheel and an opening appeared in the ground ahead of the van. A ramp led down into a tunnel. The other car followed. Moments later the ground appeared undisturbed – a vacant yard in an old farmstead.

Lights came on in the tunnel as soon as the outer door was closed. The van and car came out into a large underground room with a number of people in it. Doors led to various other rooms. Everyone had blue uniforms with the FMCA insignia on the breast.

Susan was carefully removed from the van and strapped to a gurney. The gurney was wheeled through a set of double doors at one end of the room.

There was a technician at a computer. He was running a copy of Master PC.

“OK, Johnson. You know what to do. We need to know what changes he’s made and then we can decide what to do next.”

“Yes, sir.”

This version of the Master PC software didn’t look like the one Jim had. It was a major upgrade. An early glitch in this version had created the Tea Party movement, including the irrational belief that taxes were higher now than they had been under Ronald Reagan – something no rational person with more than an ounce of brains could possibly believe. Early experiments with this new software also accounted for the popularity of Survivor, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Fox News, and Glen Beck.

The tech at the computer tapped a few keys, clicked on a few icons, put in some more information, and waited. A printer nearby whirred into life and spit out one sheet of paper. Friday went to the printer and removed the paper. He studied it with a frown of concentration.

“Nothing unusual sir. Some physical enhancements and the usual proscriptions against using his computer or noticing anything suspicious about his behavior. Pretty benign if you ask me.”

“No one asked you, Johnson.”

Friday stood looking at the paper and then stared off into the middle distance obviously thinking hard.

“OK, here’s what we’ll do. Leave the physical stuff alone. I don’t care about the sex stuff either. Let’s give her some major league computer skills and then fill her in about his extracurricular activities. By the time she gets home she’ll have some work to do. We want her to do some things to him with his own version of the Master PC program. That’s how we’ll get him. He’s made himself pretty much invulnerable to us on his own turf, even with our advanced software. We can’t break through without hurting innocent civilians and you know how softhearted the boss is about that. So, we’ll attack him from where he least expects it – his own wife will change his programming. Yes, that’s what we’ll do. See to it, Johnson. We don’t have much time.”

Friday turned and left the room. Johnson typed in more commands including commands that would make Susan believe her encounter with a cop had been about a broken tail light for which she’d get a repair-or-fine ticket. It was a “can’t fail” plan.


“License and registration please, ma’am.”


“License and registration please. Have you been drinking?”

“Drinking? ME? No! Here, officer…here’s my license and registration.”

“Do you know why I stopped you (author’s note: why the hell do cops ask this stupid question every time?)?”

“No, I don’t. I was driving the speed limit.”

“Yes, ma’am you were. But you have a broken tail light. If you’ll step out of the vehicle I’ll show you.”

Susan undid her seatbelt and followed the officer to the rear of the car, an 07 Camry, and discovered the broken tail light.

“My goodness,” she said, “I had no idea.”

“Just get it fixed ma’am. These are dangerous.”

He handed her a piece of paper. “This is a repair notice. You have five days to get this fixed. If you do not get this fixed within five days you will be liable for a $200 fine. Do you understand this ma’am?”

“Yes, officer. I’ll get it taken care of right away. I wonder how it happened?”

“Probably vandals. It happens all the time.”

“Yes, that must be what it was,” Susan said, distractedly. She got back in her car put it in gear and drove away. “That’s odd,” she thought, “I don’t recall leaving the car running after I pulled off the road.”

CHAPTER 12: Jim Senses a Threat and Makes a Plan

Jim was concerned. Susan was late and hadn’t called. Plus she wasn’t answering her cell phone – calls went right to voice mail. Now that wasn’t too unusual – cell phone service was horrible in this part of the country.

Jim was just about to get into his car and head down the route he knew she’d be taking from her mother’s house when she pulled into the driveway. Jim ran out the door to meet her.

“Susan! I was worried,” he said as she got out of the car. He walked to her and gave her a hug and a kiss. “Why are you so late?”

“Oh I ran into an old friend from high school when I was getting gas and we went out for coffee. I guess I just lost track of time,” Susan said, returning his hug and kissing him on the cheek and putting her arm around him as they walked to the house.

Susan was about five feet tall with red hair and freckles. She’d been just a little overweight when they’d met but had ballooned after their second child had arrived. Thanks to Master PC and her workout and diet regime, Susan was better looking now than she had been even in high school. Jim had made sure of that. She was confident, had energy, and, thanks to Jim’s tinkering, had become a much improved sex partner – as had Jim, if he thought about it. He hadn’t been much of a lover until he had done some self-improvement with Master PC.

The problem with Susan’s story is that she would have called him if she was going to be two hours late. He’d called his mother-in-law so he knew when she left. On the walk to the house Jim probed her mind, gently, and found a memory of coffee with a friend. But something wasn’t quite right about it. He recognized the friend. She’d been in the wedding party when they got married back in 1974. And, she’d died of cervical cancer ten years ago!

Someone had tampered with Susan’s mind! About two seconds worth of blind panic ripped through Jim’s brain before he got it under control. Some bastard had messed with his wife’s brain. Who?

“How about a drink, hon, and you can tell me all about your visit with your mom. How’s your brother anyway? I haven’t seen him in donkey’s years.”

“Oh a drink sounds yummy. Can you make me a cosmo? You know how I love the way you make them.”

“Sure. Coming right up.”

Jim went out to the kitchen to make the drinks. His mind was racing; combing through a number of courses of action; going through decision trees like Paul Bunyan through a forest.

He got the martini glasses out of the freezer and filled each with the bright pink liquid from the shaker. Then he went into the living room where Susan was sitting, her shoes off, head back, eyes closed.

“Here you go, hon.”


Jim took his drink and sat down. Susan started to recount her conversations with various relatives. Jim wasn’t interested in that. He let Susan talk while he continued to probe her mind looking for clues as to what had really happened during the missing two hours. When he discovered it he nearly dropped his drink.

Fear competed with rage and lost. “Those sons of bitches!”


“Oh shit,” Jim thought. A mind probe erased the incident from Susan’s mind.


“No, thanks. I think I’ll go to bed. I’m kind of tired.”

“Do you feel all right?”

“It was a long drive.”

“It’s only 80 miles to her mother’s house,” Jim thought. “Long drive? She’s made it hundreds of times.”

“OK, dear. You go on to bed. Wear something sexy – I missed you this weekend.”

“Oh, Jim, I’m tired. Can’t we do it tomorrow night?”

Now Jim was REALLY shocked. They’d managed to override his programming somehow. Another mind probe did further investigating and revealed the full extent of her reprogramming, including her interest in Master PC.

“OK, dear. I’m going into the office for a bit to take care of a few things. I’ll be back later.”

He kissed Susan, threw on a jacket, and walked out the door, headed for his office. Once there he got out his laptop and his copy of the Master PC program. Spinning up the software he called up Susan’s image on the screen. Or he tried to. No matter how many times he typed in her name, the program refused to recognize her existence. It was like she was dead as far as the software was concerned.

OK, so he couldn’t reprogram her with the software. He closed down the laptop locked up the CDROM disc, and went home. Susan was fast asleep. Jim went into the bedroom and sat on one of two wingback chairs in the sitting area of the bedroom suite.

He’d refined his mental powers over the months since he’d gotten the Master PC program to provide them. “There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” he thought as he sent tendrils of thought across the room to where Susan lay peacefully asleep. Strand by strand his thoughts worked their way through Susan’s mind sifting, searching, and rearranging. It took him a while, but he managed to discover and eliminate all of the changes the FMCA agents had made. He had all of Susan’s memories including ones she didn’t know she had of being drugged and transported then reprogrammed and placed back in her car.

He knew why she’d been kidnapped and what her mission was. Well, he’d have to work out a way to fool those bastards into believing that their plan was working. They must have been desperate, acting on such a small amount of intelligence. “Idiots,” he thought. “Nobody tampers with my wife’s mind but me,” he added to himself, and then grinned. “Hell, as long as I’m at it…”

Jim woke up the next morning to the feeling of his cock being expertly fellated. He picked up the covers and saw his wife, head down, crouched over his groin fully focused on relieving his morning wood. He grinned knowing that this was proof positive that his reprogramming had worked.

“’Mornin’ baby,” he said, sleepily.

Susan lifted her head from his cock and smiled. “Good morning sweetie. I felt bad that I didn’t want to make love last night so I’m making it up to you this morning.”

Now he KNEW his reprogramming had worked. Susan hated sex in the morning. She liked to be showered and perfumed and “ready” for sex – he hadn’t programmed that part out of her originally, he’d just made her more amenable to his point of view on sexual matters.

“Come up here baby,” Jim said, reaching down and drawing Susan up from under the covers. She was laying on top of him, his hard wet cock trapped between their bodies.

“Lift up a bit,” Jim said.

Susan’s hips lifted and he was able to reach between them and push his cock up between her legs so that the top ridge of his cock was rubbing against Susan’s pussy. She was wet! Further proof. He pumped his hips up and down, rubbing his dick against her twat. She moaned, her head buried in his chest. He could feel her hard nipples against his skin, another measure of her excitement.

“Put it in me,” she breathed.

“You do it,” he replied.

Susan shifted her hips and reached between them, grasping his cock and aiming the head at her pussy opening. She pushed back and down impaling herself on his shaft, moaning as she felt him fully penetrate her. She rocked her hips gently at first and then with more urgency as her need drove her. Jim matched Susan stroke for stroke, monitoring her mind to know what she wanted and needed. He saw that she had been horny when she woke up – a dream about sex, and not just any sex, but sex with another man, and Jim was watching.

Jim’s smile of triumph would have given Susan a turn except that she was kissing his chest and licking his nipples while she drove herself toward a big orgasm on his prick.

Jim took over at this point, gripping Susan’s hips and beginning to force the pace.

“Oh, god, baby, that’s so good…yeah…give it to me…give it to me…oh I love your cock…harder…do it harder…” she babbled.

Jim flipped her over and gave it to her. Oh he did indeed. Missionary was her favorite position. She immediately pulled her legs back to expose her love cradle to him completely and he responded by increasing the strength and speed of his strokes. In the old days, even when he was young, he would not have lasted very long once she did that. When she really opened up like that and he was in her as deep as he could go that usually meant mere seconds until he lost it.

Thanks to his own enhancements, however, he was able to keep going…and going…and going. His orgasms usually only happened now when HE wanted them to (usually – not always).

Susan came. Those two words don’t do justice to what happened inside Susan’s brain, but it’s an accurate enough description for now. She came. And, she came again. She’d always been multi-orgasmic once she really let go and allowed things to happen – once she stopped thinking about the kids, or what color she wanted to paint the bathroom, or whether or not her car needed an oil change. Jim had reprogrammed her so that when she was aroused she could NOT think of anything but sex, about how good it felt, about how good cum tasted, about how good her own pussy juice tasted, about how she would do anything to keep this feeling of absolute bliss going.

Jim let her cum for a while and then decided it was his turn. He slowed his pace to the kind of long pleasurable strokes that really got him off. Susan liked it hard and fast with short deep strokes and he was happy to give them to her. He liked to feel her pussy grip him as he slid his cock in and out of her. And he liked that feeling to last. Susan was still cumming, her internal muscles, augmented by the Master PC, massaging every inch of his cock.

“Cum for me baby,” she whispered.

That did it. He unloaded his nuts in four or five huge blasts. His cum overflowed and ran down Susan’s ass crack to drip onto the sheets. He pushed all the way inside and held his cock there as it continued to jerk and spit until the last dribbles had been expelled. Now the acid test.

“Clean it for me sweetie,” he said, looking into her eyes. She didn’t even blink, but a hungry look came over her and she dove for his crotch, licking him clean of their combined spendings and proving the worth of his mental powers. Formerly she didn’t want anything to do with his cock after it had blown its load, and she didn’t want him licking her pussy after sex either. He wasn’t going to do that now – he had other things to do. But he let her clean him off – she even licked his balls – before getting up. He pulled her off the bed with him and they walked into the bathroom where they showered (together) and got ready for the day.

Jim’s mind was multi-tasking. He was thinking about his future with Susan. He was thinking about Joe Friday. He was thinking about Dave and Samantha. He even gave a moment’s thought to Cheri.

His world was under siege and he needed to make sure he could defend it. He would need some help. The question was, where to go for it?

CHAPTER 13: Cheri Gets a New Opportunity and Susan Gets a Massage

Monday morning, Jim’s assistant of more than 20 years walked into his office and announced, tearfully, that she was retiring.

“Rob’s retiring and we want to move into our Arizona condo full time,” Patricia said, with a tear in her eye, “but I feel like I’m abandoning you – I know we’ve always kidded about leaving the office at the same time, but I guess that’s not going to happen,” she said.

Jim got up and gave Patricia a hug – not a sexual one, but a hug of comfort. She was a friend. They’d been together longer than some married couples; Hell, a lot of married couples.

“Pat, Pat, Pat,” Jim said, “It’ll be OK. This is a great opportunity for you and Rob. I’m happy for you. Sad for me, but happy for you. When are you going to be leaving me?”

“Two months,” Pat said.

Jim released Pat from the hug and went back to his desk and sat down.

“Two months? We’ll have to move quickly to hire someone so that you have time to train them,” Jim said.

“Yes, that’s why I told you today, as soon as I knew about it,” Pat said.

“OK, get a hold of HR and find out what we have to do. I’m sure there’ll be forms to sign. Then, let’s make sure the job description we have for your position is up to date. I don’t remember the last time we actually looked at it,” Jim said. “Of course we’ll have to have a big party,” he added, grinning.

“Absolutely NOT! Oh! You! Teasing again!”

Jim burst out laughing. He knew Pat wouldn’t want a big party. He was just saying that to get a rise.

“Well, we’ll have to do something. It wouldn’t be right not to. You’ll just have to put up with it,” said Jim, kindly.

“Oh, I know. I just hate all the fuss. Plus, knowing you, I’ll probably be the one who’ll end up organizing it!”

“Hmmm…not a bad idea. Get right on that, will you Pat?”

“Hmmph,” she said, turning on her heal and walking out of Jim’s office. Then she stuck her head back in the doorway and stuck her tongue out at him.

“You know Pat, back when I was a boy, if a girl stuck her tongue out at you it meant she owed you ten minutes in bed,” said Jim, laughing.

“Ten minutes? That’s twice what you’d need, I’m sure,” she bantered back.

Jim shook his head, knowing he’d really miss Pat. They’d become good friends, dealt with various family tragedies and illnesses together, attended the weddings of each other’s kids, attended parent funerals, and developed a close working relationship. He knew he’d be sad when she was gone. So, the best thing to do would be to make sure her replacement was someone he knew he’d get along with.

Jim got up from his desk and walked through the office heading for the parking lot. “I’ll be back in a bit,” he tossed over his shoulder as he left.

About fifteen minutes later he was sitting in his favorite café having a Diet Pepsi (with lemon) and talking with his favorite waitress.

“Cheri, when do you get a break?”

“It’s not busy, I could take one now I guess,” Cheri said.

“Why don’t you do that and then come and sit down with me. I have a business proposition for you,” Jim said.

“A business proposition?”

“Yes. I think I might have a job for you that will pay you lots more than being a waitress here,” Jim said.

“OK,” Cheri said brightly. She walked back to the front of the café and talked with the manager for a moment and then came back to Jim’s table and took a seat across from him.

“I’m all ears,” she said.

Jim told her about his assistant leaving and described what he was looking for in a new one.

“Pat’s been really good, but there are some skills that she doesn’t have that I’d want my next assistant to bring to the job,” said Jim.

“Wow, Mr. Olsen, this sounds like a great opportunity,” Cheri said, enthusiastically.

“I think you’d be great. Now there’s no guarantee, because the hire will be done by a search committee, but I think I can make sure you get all the consideration you deserve.

“I’d love to work under you, Mr. Olsen,” Cheri said.

Jim smiled wondering if she’d meant the double entendre – probably not.

“Good. I’d like that too. Now, here’s what you have to do….”

Later, back at the office, Jim took care of the paperwork that Pat put together to get the search process started. Then, she left for lunch, leaving Jim alone in the office. His mind wandered and he replayed the events of Friday and Saturday night in his head, his cock hardening at the thought of the great times he’d had with Sam and Dave. He knew that Dave wanted more than just to watch his wife with another man – Dave wanted to show her off to a whole group of guys.

“Glory hole,” Jim said to himself. “She wants it too, secretly, but she’s afraid to do it. I know Dave would love it if she became a glory hole slut. I wonder how I could make that happen…”

Later that afternoon, Jim was cruising the local adult bookstore/video arcade. He was invisible to the other patrons, which basically meant that he had played with their minds so that even though they could see him perfectly well, they did not notice him at all or register his presence. He was doing recon work, checking out the video booths and looking over the theater.

“Perfect,” he said to himself. “I think it’s time that I put some things into place to make Sam’s fantasy happen. Dave will get a kick out of it. And, I’m going to get Susan into the act too. It’s high time her inner slut went out for some fresh air.”

When Jim got home that night Susan was sitting on the love seat in the living room reading (as usual) People Magazine. He made a mental note to improve her choice in reading material. She should be reading The Economist or Foreign Policy instead of that tabloid trash. Oh well.

“Hi baby,” she said as he came through the door. He walked to her and leaning down, he kissed her on the cheek. “How was your day?” she added.

“S-S-D-D, as usual darling,” he responded. “You?”

“No problems.”


“Supper’s almost ready,” Susan said. “We’re having breaded pork chops.”

“I thought something smelled good. That’s great! You know how much I love them,” Jim said.

“Yes, I know, dear,” Susan said, smiling. “I got home early today so I thought I’d make something nice for a change. We have too many meals on the fly these days.”

Jim and Susan made small talk during the delicious meal – all the while Jim was working on ways to get Susan together with Dave and Sam; Sam first.

“Sue, I think we should have Dave and Samantha over for dinner some time this week,” he said off handedly.

“That’s a good idea.”

“Why don’t you call Samantha and set it up. My calendar is wide open, so it could be any night that works for you and for them.”

Jim was picking up the kitchen when he heard his wife on the phone, talking to Sam. He “listened in” and sent a few mental prods in Sam’s direction suggesting that she think of Susan as a possible playmate. Nothing heavy handed, just a hint or two.

“It’s all set,” Susan said as she came back into the kitchen where Jim was finishing loading the dishwasher.

“Oh? When?”

Thursday night. It turns out that Samantha and I both have that day off so we’re going to spend some quality time in our pool and then put together the cookout.”

“Sounds like fun. Maybe I’ll take the day off too,” Jim said.

“Oh no you don’t! This is going to be strictly for the ladies,” Susan said, laughing.

Jim raised his eyebrows in Susan’s direction and she laughed even harder.

“Now don’t go getting any ideas like THAT,” she said.

“Just teasing sweetie,” Jim said. “I’m in meetings all day on Thursday. Pat told me today that she’s retiring in two months and I’ve got to get the search committee going so we can hire a replacement in time for Pat to do the training before she and Rob leave town.”

“Wow! That’s a surprise. What happened? Why is she retiring now? I always figured you two would retire at the same time,” Susan said.

“So did I. Rob got a really good offer from his company to retire now, and they’ve got that condo in Arizona that they want to move to, so this is it. It was a shock. I know I’ll never find anyone else like her.”

“You sure won’t. Hmmm…I suppose you’ll hire some pretty young thing who’ll wiggle her butt for you or something,” Susan teased.

“That’s the most disgusting thing I ever hoid,” Jim replied, arching his eyebrows and flicking the ash from an imaginary cigar in a really bad Groucho imitation.

Later that evening, in bed, Jim was giving Susan a back rub with some new massage oil he’d heard of and wanted to try. She was loving it.

“Oh, that feels wonderful honey…oh…yes…right there…that’s the spot…a little to the right…yesssss…mmmm….”

Jim worked his way down her back and began using his thumbs to work the flesh back up toward her neck, alternating fingers and thumbs, working the tissue gently and then more firmly. His hands wandered back down to Susan’s lower back and he poured some more of the warm oil there and began working it into her flesh. He could see that her workout regimen, augmented by a boost from Master PC, had really paid off. Susan’s muscle definition and tone was really good for a 59 year old woman – actually it was good for a woman of any age. He smiled.

Lower and lower he worked until he was digging into the muscles of Susan’s ass, giving her a booty massage. Here too, he noted the results of his tinkering. Her ass had never looked this good. She was feeling good now. She was purring like a large lazy cat. Jim was getting glimpses of Susan’s pussy as he worked his fingers into her firm, well muscled ass cheeks, and his massage technique was having a definite effect – the petals of her flower were opening, and the dew of arousal was beginning to seep from between them.

Jim’s cock was hard and he released it from his sleep shorts all the while keeping up his massage action on Susan’s buttocks with his free hand. He kicked away the covers and insinuated his knees between Susan’s legs, spreading her open. He started letting his thumbs wander down between her cheeks, working the muscles of Susan’s inner thighs, just barely brushing her pussy lips from time to time.

“Ooooooo…Jim…that feels so good,” she sighed as he began using his thumbs to massage her major labia. He poured some of the warm oil into the top of her ass crack and let it run down over her crinkled rose bud and he watched the stream bifurcate around her pussy folds before he began to work the oil into the flesh between her thighs.

With light deft strokes he teased the glistening oil into her anal opening. Susan gasped with pleasure as Jim worked his magic on what had always been a no trespassing zone. He slid first one and then two well lubricated fingers into Susan’s very wet pussy and worked them in and out slowly, rubbing the tip of his thumb across Susan’s rosette. She was pumping her hips back at him now and he added more oil to her ass crack.

“God, Jim, what are you doing to me,” she whispered hoarsely. She did not, however, ask him to stop.

As gently as a summer breeze, Jim slipped the tip of his thumb past the guardians of her most intimate, most secret place. As this was happening he was also manipulating Susan’s clit, making her squirm on the bed in pleasure. Slowly and patiently Jim worked his thumb in and out of Susan’s asshole to the knuckle all the while massaging her pussy. From the knuckle he worked his way to the base of his thumb, never ceasing his stimulation of her clit and the interior of her vagina.

Maintaining his thumb’s grip on her ass, Jim inched forward until the tip of his cock was within striking distance of Susan’s pussy hole. The next time she flexed her abdomen, raising her ass to increase his contact, he pushed himself forward and slid his cock into her well oiled cunt.

“Ahhhhhhh…that’s it…mmmm…I like this massage, baby,” she cooed.

Jim was supporting himself with one hand while the other was busy thumb-fucking her bottom. Jim was monitoring her closely for any signs of distress and found only pleasure, which he reinforced and centered on her ass. Every good thing she was feeling in her pussy – his balls resting against her clit, his cock flexing deep inside her – he multiplied and focused on her asshole. He held himself still inside her and continued to work his thumb in and out of her ass.

“Oh…oh…oh…feels…good…what…what…what’s happening to me…oh…don’t stop…don’t stop…don’t stop…just like that…oh my god…oh my god…”

She was really pumping now, pushing her ass back onto his thumb as he continued to slowly move it in and out, masturbating her asshole, teasing her, amplifying her pleasure. He was briefly tempted to pull his cock out of her pussy and plunge it into her backdoor, but he dismissed the idea immediately. He wanted her to ask for this. And he also knew it wouldn’t be tonight.

He felt her rectum squeeze his thumb at the same moment that he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock and heard her begin to cry out as she came. It was not a mind shattering jaw clenching full body spasming climax, but it was deeply felt and very memorable. She would want this again, and he would give it to her when she asked for it.

Slowly he withdrew his thumb from her ass and she moaned in protest as it left her. But her moans quickly turned to gasps of pleasure as Jim planted his other hand on the bed and began to pump her pussy with his cock. She was pinned to the bed by his hips but her own hips moved powerfully against him on every stroke as he sought his own release.

Susan’s orgasm continued but the focus shifted back to her pussy as Jim speared it again and again with his cock.

“Oh, baby, that feels so good,” Jim murmured into her ear, “your pussy feels so good on my cock…gonna make me come. You’re gonna make me lose it.”

“Yes…give it to me…give it to me…give it to me,” Susan chanted in time with their coupling. She wanted his cum, his orgasm, his demonstration of her sexual attraction. She craved it as approval, as affirmation, and as a sexual being.

Jim allowed his control to break. “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh,” he sighed, heavily, as his cock began to jerk and deliver its load of liquid lust into the depths of his wife’s belly.

When he was spent, at last, he withdrew and the lay down beside Susan, who rolled into his arms and kissed him.

“What a wonderful masseuse you are,” she breathed. “That was incredibly relaxing and arousing at the same time. Thank you honey,” she added, kissing him.

They shifted positions and lay like two spoons in a drawer with Jim as the outside spoon. Jim had pulled the sheet up over them and within moments he heard Susan’s breathing change to the rhythm of sleep. Very carefully, he probed her mind and sent her a dream – a dream that she would have every night for the next three nights. And, by Thursday, she would be ready to act on it. Would it work? He’d left an element of uncertainty in his plan but it was a small one.

Jim reached over, careful not to disturb Susan, and turned off the lamp by the bed. Then he, too, slipped into slumber, a smile on his face, and began having his own dreams.

Chapter 14: Back Yard Fun

The next two nights, Jim worked very hard to keep Susan on edge, sexually. He paid her extra attention, without going overboard, and was more affectionate than usual. Though they did not have sex, as such, Jim made sure to brush Susan’s breasts or her ass casually as often as he could. Since he had heightened her awareness of her body and its sensations this created quite a bit of heat in Susan’s loins. Jim did not let her cum, however.

His goal was to drive Susan crazy with lust by Thursday, when Sam and Dave were coming over. What he hoped was that when the two women spent the day together on Thursday they would both be horny, and something would happen between the two women that would set things up for Thursday evening.

Jim was going to introduce Susan to swinging. He had to be careful though because this was an area where her cultural programming was deeply embedded and surrounded by thick walls. He could, of course, just make those walls disappear with his magic software, but it would be better if he just picked the lock on the gate and let Susan do the rest. He would help her, of course, by reinforcing her more lustful inclinations and keeping her on a fine edge sexually. It still might not work this time, but he felt that if he was patient, he’d get the results he was looking for.

At work, plans were moving forward on the hire. Jim used his influence to hand pick the search team which he chaired. He was also able to make a good case for a fast turnaround time on applications, and thanks to Pat’s network within the organization the appointment was fast tracked for approval.

He checked the forecast for the week – good news there as it was supposed to be sunny and hot on Thursday, making it an ideal day for the ladies to lay out by the pool and have plenty of time to get acquainted. He planted an important idea in both Susan’s and Samantha’s minds: they were going to go out and buy new, sexy, swimwear. And, Susan was going to get a Brazilian bikini wax.

Wednesday evening when Jim came home, Susan had been shopping and had gone to the spa for a manicure, pedicure, and the aforementioned wax job. She also had a new swimsuit, although it was mainly meant to be worn for tanning and teasing.

“Well,” Susan said, as she stepped into the living room in her new bikini, “what do you think?”
“What I think is that I’ve seen more cotton in an aspirin bottle. Wow. It really shows off the work you’ve been doing in the gym. Holy smokes! If you wear that on the beach you’ll either get raped or arrested.”

It was purple, what there was of it. A couple of patches of material that covered Susan’s nipples and a little of the flesh around them on the top, and bottoms that would have made the top ten on the “bikinidare” website. She’d needed the wax job all right. Jim was smiling as Susan turned around to show him the rear view, and it was a view for certain. A thin strand of material came up from between her ass cheeks to connect to another thin strand circling her waist. He’d mentally prodded her into getting something more sexy, but he probably should have put a few parameters around it. On the other hand, Jim thought, Sam will love it. I can’t wait to see what she bought.

“Don’t get too much sun tomorrow honey – remember to use some sun screen. You know how easily that northern skin of yours burns.”

Susan had red hair and a very fair complexion – she burned very easily and it was a big problem every summer.

“Don’t worry, sweetie, I’ve got an extra large bottle of SPF45 and I’m going to use quite a bit of it. But I still want some color,” Susan said.

That night they’d gone to bed and did a lot of cuddling and touching but did not have sex. Jim wanted her primed and ready for Thursday. And, she would be, that’s for sure.

Thursday dawned bright and hot the way late August days tend to be in the higher latitudes. Jim had given Susan and Samantha both some hot dreams to prime the pump. He noticed that Susan seemed a little bit agitated as they shared some toast and coffee on the patio before he left for the office. He’d been making her horny as hell all week, but hadn’t let her really be satisfied – he wanted her to really be ready to party today, and hopefully tonight as well, although he was prepared to be patient on that. Once Susan had broken out of her shell, he had other plans that would make all of their lives more fun and exciting.

To enhance his home’s security, Jim had installed some small remote cameras around his back yard and near the front door. These were wireless cams that fed his computer system through an encrypted network. He had remote access from his office as well. The back yard cams would give a great view of the pool and patio area. He’d also had some privacy fencing installed around his back yard. The only way you could see in now was to be flying overhead.

Jim kissed Susan good bye and headed off for work. Sam was coming over around 10, Susan said, and they would have dinner ready by 5:30.

“Don’t be late, dear,” Susan said as Jim went out the door.

After Jim left, Susan made some last minute preparations in the house, making sure everything was tidy and in order. She made the bed, picked up a few stray dirty clothes, made sure the dishwasher was empty, and started laying out serving pieces for that evening’s dinner party. She was looking forward to having Dave and Samantha over. They’d shared several meals together but hadn’t really gotten to know their neighbors that well yet. It would be nice to spend some time with Sam today out on the patio or in the pool.

About 9:30, Susan went upstairs to get ready. She had showered earlier so now she finished her hair and makeup – her behavior was like someone going on a date although she didn’t think of it that way. She always liked to look her best for company.

Samantha was going through her own preparations. She too was a bit nervous. Sam didn’t know if Susan knew that Jim had been playing with her and her husband. She didn’t really know Susan all that well, but for some reason she felt that it was important that she and Susan become close friends.

Sam had a hot pink bikini that was pretty much along the same lines as the one Susan would be sporting, although neither woman knew what the other would wear. Like Susan, she’d been on a sexual edge all week, in spite of repeated applications of Dave’s cock to her mouth (her favorite place for it) and pussy. She was “itchy” and could not reach the place that needed scratching.

It was just about 10 on the dot when Sam showed up at Susan’s front door wearing an opaque pink beach wrap over her bikini.

“Hi, Samantha,” Susan said as she opened the door, “come on in.”

“Hi Susan, thanks for having me over,” Sam said. The two women exchanged light hugs and air kisses before moving into the house.

“I’ve got iced tea on the patio and there’s plenty of stronger stuff around if you want,” Susan said. “I thought we’d have some lunch later on – I made a seafood salad. I hope that’s OK.”

“I love seafood salad, and iced tea will be fine for now – it’s going to be too hot for liquor today I think,” Sam replied.

“I think you’re right. Let’s go out to the pool then.”

The two ladies walked through the house to the back yard where there was a large patio with chaise lounges padded chairs, a table with an umbrella, and a good sized in-ground pool.

Susan had a gauzy lavender beach wrap over her bikini. Sam watched Susan’s body appreciatively as she followed her neighbor through the house to the pool/patio area. She’d seen Susan working out – they used the same gym – and knew she’d been putting a lot of effort into getting herself back into shape and it had paid off in spades. Sam was taller than Susan by about four inches, but Susan had some nice curves in a compact package.

Susan was a little nervous about taking off her wrap when it came down to it. Showing off her body for Jim was one thing, but Samantha was a neighbor who she really didn’t know all that well. Jim had anticipated this awkward moment, however, and as soon as the thought came, it was washed away by the new thought “I’m proud of my new body and want to show it off.”

“Swim or sun first, Samantha?”

“Call me Sam, please, and I think sun first – we can go into the pool and cool off later.”

“Perfect. That’s what I was thinking. Iced tea?”

“Sure. This is a beautiful back yard you have here, by the way.”

“Thank you,” Susan said, handing Sam a glass of iced tea. “The pool is new this year – I’ve always wanted one and we could finally afford it thanks to some new consulting contracts Jim picked up.”

Susan led the way to the lounge chairs and took off her wrap, hearing a gasp from Sam as she did so. She folded it carefully and set it aside, close to hand in case she needed to answer the door or something. Then she turned back to her guest just as Samantha was removing her own cover-up.

“Susan, you’re gorgeous, and I see we have the same taste in bikinis,” Sam said, openly admiring Susan’s body.

Susan blushed.

“Thank you, Sam. I’ve always admired your beauty myself, and I know Jim thinks you look pretty good – he doesn’t say, but I’ve seen the way he looks at you. Don’t worry though, I’m not jealous – he looks at me the same way. I’ve seen you at the gym. Your abs are spectacular and that suit really sets off your skin color,” Susan said, surprised to be admiring another woman’s body. And then the thought came “why not?”

“Turn around, Susan, and let me get the full effect of that bikini,” Sam said.

Susan did so and as she did she felt a flush of excitement creeping up her torso and into her face. It was intensified when she heard a low whistle from Sam.

“My goodness girl, you’ve got it goin’ on,” Sam said, laughing.

“What about you, Sam – that suit you have on is barely decent,” Susan said, laughing. “Turn around and let me look at you – sauce for the goose you know.”

Sam turned around slowly and Susan found herself admiring the view. Samantha was fair skinned just like Susan, and the hot pink scraps of fabric made her look more naked than she would have if she’d really BEEN naked. Susan wasn’t familiar with the term “camel toe” but both she and Sam were sporting rather nice ones.

“Well, aren’t we a couple of hotties, eh?”

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it, my hubby’s always saying,” Sam replied. “And I think we’ve both got it sister.” She reached into her bag and took out a bottle of sun screen, which she began applying liberally to her front. Susan did likewise, and the two women were soon slathered in SPF45 from head to toe, at least on the front. They both lay down on lounges and proceeded to soak up some vitamin D, engaging in idle conversation, sipping iced tea and getting acquainted.

Now it’s a well known fact that two women in this situation are eventually going to get around to talking about their sex lives. This day was no exception. Susan found herself talking about how her own sex life had improved rather dramatically in the past six months.

“When we were first engaged, we made love four or five times a day, but once the kids came and we both started working full time things started to taper off. Then we both got out of shape – Jim especially after his knee surgery in ’86, and we kind of lost interest. I was worried for a while that we were going to split up. But, wow, things are sure different now. Being in shape again has really perked up both of our libidos – it’s even better than when we were younger. Jim was always a good lover, and I used to go absolutely crazy when he would lick me (and here she blushed a bit) you know, down there…”

“You mean when he licked your pussy,” Sam said. “No point in being bashful, Susan, I mean we’re lying here next to each other practically naked and talking about our sex lives. We’re all by ourselves. If we want to use words like ‘pussy’ or ‘cock’ we should be able to, don’t you think?”

“If you say so, Sam. I guess I’ve lived a rather sheltered life. I was a virgin when Jim and I met and I really didn’t know much about sex except for what he taught me. It’s hard for me to say those words out loud.”

“Well, don’t worry about it. So Jim’s good with his tongue, is he?”

“Oh, my yes. He can drive me crazy with it and he doesn’t mind doing it for a long time – he really enjoys it.”

“Lucky you, then. Do you enjoy sucking his cock?”

“I didn’t used to at all. I started doing it because I knew he liked it and he’d made me feel so good with his mouth that I thought I owed it to him to lick him too, but I never used to let him shoot in my mouth – I’d just suck him a bit before we ‘did it’ sort of as a thank you for all the pleasure he gave me.”

“I love sucking Dave’s cock. Sucking cock is an extension of kissing, and I love kissing. And, when he cums in my mouth, well, I usually have an orgasm. Do you let Jim cum in your mouth?”

“I do now. I never used to. But, somehow, I’ve gotten the hang of it, and I know Jim really enjoys it. It really turns me on somehow, like I’m doing something really wicked – sort of like wearing this bikini – but I’ve never had an orgasm while doing it, at least not yet.”

“We’re all different, Susan – we each like different things. And, if we’re smart we find out what our husbands want and make sure they get it, hoping they’ll do the same for us. Dave knows what I like, that’s for sure.”

“Jim is really intuitive about sex. It’s almost like he is reading my mind these days. God, it just feels so good – everything he does, every place he touches, it’s like magic. I’m reindeerish all the time.”


“Horny,” Susan giggled. “It’s our private term for it.”

“Good one,” Sam said laughing. “I’ve been reindeerish since I woke up this morning, and Dave didn’t have time to help me out before he went to work,” she added, sighing.

Susan felt pretty horny herself at that moment. All the sex talk and the warm sun on her exposed skin. She felt wicked – wicked enough to do almost anything at that moment.

Susan said, “Time to turn over, I think. We’re going to have to help each other with the sun screen though. Good thing our husbands aren’t here, or they’d be all over us.”

“Yeah, and that’d just be the start,” Sam giggled.

“Roll over, I’ll do you first,” Susan said, grabbing the bottle of sun screen from the table between the two lounge chairs.

Sam rolled over, reached back, and untied the string of her bikini top. Susan stood and looked at Sam’s back, thinking about how sexy she looked laying there in the sun. Susan squeezed out a generous portion of sunscreen and warmed it in her hands before she started applying it to Sam’s shoulders and upper back.

“Get the sides too, Sue,” Sam said into the towel she was using as a face pillow.

Susan didn’t say anything but made sure to get plenty of lotion on Sam’s back. She ran her hands along Sam’s flanks, feeling the swell of Sam’s tits under her hands as she worked the lotion into Sam’s skin. Touching another woman’s breasts, even in passing, was something she’d never done. She felt her pussy getting wet and her body was tingling with desire. She wished Jim was here right now because she’d jump him for sure. She needed relief.

Samantha was enjoying the feeling of Susan’s hands applying the sun screen. It was a warm morning turning toward noon and the sun was high in the sky, its heat pouring over them like treacle. She stifled a moan when Susan’s fingers worked their way down to where her tits had spread out a little beneath her as she lay on her stomach. Like Susan, Sam was horny, and she’d had the benefit of a “good seeing to” the night before.

Susan worked her way down Samantha’s back, applying the sun block liberally and enjoying the feeling of Sam’s smooth skin under her palms. The idea of touching another woman sexually had never entered her mind. Indeed, at one point in her life the idea would have disgusted her no end as something dirty and perverted. Today was different. Her mind was different. She had her hands on Sam’s flesh and she was enjoying it.

She reached Sam’s lower back and was staring hard at the firm pair of butt cheeks all exposed to the sun. She remembered Jim’s hands on her ass the other night and how good it had felt when he’d massaged her bottom, how hot she’d gotten when he’d poked his thumb into her butt hole. She blushed now to think of it.

Taking a generous amount of sun screen in her hands, Sue began to apply it to Sam’s ass. Sam spread her legs slightly, giving Susan a view of her entire crack. The string going down the crack didn’t quite cover the wrinkled rosebud of Sam’s asshole. The little scrap of fabric covering Sam’s pussy had a dark patch outlining Sam’s slit and Susan caught a whiff of something that smelled just like she did when she was horny. “All this sex talk has us both a little reindeerish, I guess,” she thought.

“Don’t miss anything down there, Susan,” Sam said, spreading her legs a little further.

“On it,” Susan said. She moved her hands over the twin globes of Samantha’s ass and then took more sun block and began to smooth it onto the insides of Sam’s thighs almost to the fabric strip. She even managed to brush Sam’s asshole with her fingers, making the other woman gasp.

Susan worked more lotion into Sam’s legs, covering her thighs, the backs of her knees, and even down to the bottoms of her feet with the powerful sun block. She was almost relieved to be done because having her hands on Sam’s flesh was making her feel things she’d never felt before.

“There. You should be fully protected from sun burn,” Susan said, standing.

“Good. Your turn. Lay down, Susan.”

Susan lay down, her body trembling. Now the tables would be turned. She had no way of knowing that Samantha was no stranger to the Sapphic Arts and had made love to any number of women as recently as the past week, when she’d met Cheri for a late night tryst. Like I said, Susan didn’t know this, but, still, she had felt Samantha’s lust and had known what it was like to touch another woman, intimately, and now, she was about to experience what Sam had experienced. She felt hot in a way that had nothing to do with the fact that it was 88 degrees and she was lying in full sun.

Samantha stood over Susan, looking down at the porcelain skin with its network of freckles. She took some sunscreen in her hands and began applying it to Susan’s back. Susan hadn’t untied her bikini top, so Sam did it for her, not even asking. Susan said nothing. Sam hadn’t tied her top back on and when she stood up, it had fallen away, leaving her tits free in the sunshine. Sam quickly applied a layer of sunscreen to her breasts and then began to attend to Susan.

When Susan felt Sam’s hands on her back she nearly moaned, but somehow managed to stifle it. Sam caught the suppressed moan and smiled. She worked the lotion into Susan’s flesh, making sure to brush the sides of Susan’s tits as she covered her flanks with the protective substance. Slowly and sensuously she applied a layer of sun block to every inch of Susan’s back not hesitating when she got to Susan’s buttocks. Spreading Susan’s legs, Sam knelt between them leaning over to massage and mold Susan’s ass cheeks between her hands.

Susan was in heaven. She was experiencing feelings she’d never known in the presence of another woman. It was all she could do to suppress the moans and gasps that she longed to set free. She was glad that Sam had spread her legs – she would never have done it on her own. She knew what Sam could see now – everything she’d seen when their positions had been reversed.

Sam was enjoying the view between Susan’s legs. The fabric covering Susan’s pussy was dark and the unmistakable odor of aroused female flesh was strong. She noticed how Susan was unable to completely stifle a gasp as Sam’s fingers dragged sun screen across her asshole. Sam put special care into spreading the lotion on the insides of Susan’s thighs. She made sure that the back of her fingers brushed against Susan’s mound and she felt the moisture through the thin fabric covering Susan’s venusian temple.

Taking a chance, and a big one, Sam cupped Susan’s mound, massaging it through the thin fabric of the bikini bottom. Susan moaned and humped her hips against the hand covering her intimate flesh. Neither woman said anything. Susan’s moans were quiet, but her hips were not. She jerked and trembled as Samantha’s knowing fingers pressed into Susan’s hot flesh.

Pulling the scrap of material aside, Samantha gave her hands free reign and began directly manipulating the sensitive flesh at the apex of Susan’s thighs.

“Oh my god…what are you doing to me,” Susan moaned.

“Shhhh…just enjoy it, Susan,” Samantha whispered.

Sam slipped two fingers into Susan’s pussy and used her thumb to stroke the older woman’s clitoris. Her fingertips pressed into the top of Susan’s vaginal canal massaging her g-spot while her thumb on Susan’s clitoris was driving the redhead crazy with lust.

“Cum for me Susan, let it go,” Sam urged.

For Susan, Sam’s words were like a magic key opening a long locked gate releasing a flood of feelings of pleasure and desire.

“Oh god…oh god…oh god…ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod…don’tstopdon’t stopdon’tstopdon’tstop…ohmygod…feels so good…never…never…felt anything like this…oh shit…cummmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggggg!”

Susan bucked against Sam’s probing digits as her orgasm swept her away into the land of bliss. Sam felt Susan’s pussy clamping and releasing on her fingers as she continued to manipulate Susan’s happy spots. After a while she slowed her stroking and gently brought Susan back down to earth.

Susan was crying.

Samantha turned Susan over and wrapped her arms around Susan’s trembling body.

“What’s the matter? Did I hurt you?”

“Noooo…felt…good…” Susan sobbed.

“What’s wrong then?”

“Not right…not a lesbian…what would Jim say if he found out?”

Sam pushed Susan back so that the women were face to face. Tears were streaming down Susan’s cheeks. Sam looked Susan right in the eyes.

“What a load of nonsense,” Samantha said in her best command voice.

“There’s nothing wrong with what we did, and Jim would be the first to say so, I’m sure,” Samantha said. “Most men would kill to know that their wife didn’t mind having fun with another woman – it turns them on. Haven’t you ever kissed another woman before?”

“N-n-n-no. I haven’t done anything with another woman. Ever.”

“Didn’t you enjoy putting lotion on me? C’mon, admit it. You liked touching me didn’t you?”

Samantha had her hands on either side of Susan’s face so she couldn’t look away. Suddenly Susan broke into a sly grin.

“Yes, I guess I did. I’m being silly, aren’t I?”

“Damn straight.”

“Straight’s got nothing to do with it.”

“We’re not lesbians. Tell me you don’t get hot thinking about Jim’s cock in your pussy.”

“You know I do.”

“Of course you do. But you got hot looking at me just like I got hot looking at you, right? And when you were touching me, we were both getting aroused. And, when I touched you just now, you came like a freight train.”

“Yes, I guess I did.”

“No guessing about it. Want some more?”

“Some more what?”

“Some more woman to woman fun.”

Susan said nothing, but leaned toward Samantha and kissed her on the lips.

“Mmmm…good start,” Sam said, returning the kiss and making it deeper. Susan’s bikini top had fallen away and she could feel Sam’s naked breasts against her own. Her passion grew as the kiss went on. All of her doubts were gone, for now, and Susan was fully committed to enjoying Samantha as much as she could.

“These lounge chairs are not a good place for making love, and we’re a little exposed out here. Can we go inside,” Samantha asked, breaking the kiss.

“God yes,” Susan hissed.

The two women ran for the house hand in hand, breasts bouncing as they moved. They were giggling like a pair of naughty school girls.

Susan led Samantha straight to the guest room and they fell together on the bed. Somewhere on the journey from the patio to the bedroom both women had shed what passed for bikini bottoms so that by the time they embraced on the bed they were naked.

Susan’s skin burned and tingled wherever Sam touched her. She could not believe the level of arousal she was experiencing. She’d never done anything like this. She’d never had anything like a sexual relationship with anyone since she and Jim had married back in 1974. Was this cheating? It wasn’t with a man – maybe it didn’t count. That thought was swept away by a tsunami of desire as she felt Samantha’s mouth cover her own again.

Samantha was on top and she pressed her body into Susan’s as she pushed her tongue into her neighbor’s mouth. Her pussy mound was pressing into Susan’s pussy mound and they ground their sensitive flesh together, belly to belly and breast to breast.

They were like that for a time and then Samantha broke the kiss and began to nibble and lick her way down Susan’s body, taking her time, enjoying the gasps and moans, the trembling and twitching as she kissed or licked an especially erogenous area.

Susan was beside herself with pleasure. Sam’s talented tongue was driving her crazy. Her head was rolling from side to side and her whole body was on fire as her neighbor kept pushing her higher and higher up the mountain of pleasure.

Inch by inch Samantha worked toward her target, and finally, she was face to face with Susan’s pussy. It was beautiful. Swollen coral lips shading to a deep pink split at the top by a fully erect clitoris peeking out of its protective hood. Sex sap drooling from the bottom of Susan’s slit. Samantha put her face close to the trembling portal of lust and breathed in the warm fug of woman scent. She blew gently on those lips and Susan gasped with pleasure.

Using just the tip of her tongue, Sam lightly traced the very edges of Susan’s minor labia. Around and around her tongue went. Susan’s hips were pumping and she was trying to push her pussy into Sam’s face, but Sam held her firmly and continued to tease and torture Susan knowing full well that Susan’s pleasure would be multiplied because of it.

Samantha took two fingers and gripped the outer lips of Susan’s pussy, squeezing them together. She began jacking off Susan’s clit with her fingers, never touching it directly, but squeezing the flesh around it. Her tongue probed between the lips lapping up the juices she found there like a hummingbird on a petunia blossom.

This was all too much for Susan. She exploded. Her hips came up off the bed and Sam was hanging on for dear life as Susan’s body thrashed and jerked under her oral and digital assault.

“OH FUCK!” Susan managed to shout before devolving to unintelligible sounds of grunting and groaning as her climax took her.

Samantha fastened her mouth to Susan’s pussy and impaled it with her tongue, thrusting as deep into the spurting hole as she could and drinking what came her way. She lapped up and down Susan’s slit thrumming her tongue on Susan’s swollen clitoris bringing on a fresh wave of pleasure just when Susan thought she might come down from the mountaintop.


Samantha almost laughed at this one. Gradually she slowed her oral ministrations, bringing Susan back down to earth. Susan was panting, her chest heaving, her heart racing, motes of light danced before her eyes. At one point she had nearly lost consciousness. But she was rapidly recovering.

When Samantha crawled back up over Susan’s body and kissed her newest lover on the lips, Susan returned the kiss with interest, tasting her juices from another woman’s lips for the first time. She licked Samantha’s lips, nose and chin, cleaning her face of the liquid lust Sam had mined from Susan’s crack.

“I take it you liked that,” Samantha whispered as she kissed Susan’s nose, chin, eyebrows, and cheeks before reclaiming her mouth.

“Oh my god yes,” Susan responded as the kiss broke. Susan frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“I want to return the favor, but I don’t have a clue how to do it,” Susan said, a look of concern on her face.

“Susan, anything you do with your tongue around my pussy is going to feel good. Some things are going to feel better than others. Do to me what felt good to you. But…I only want you to do this because you really want to, not because you feel obligated because I did it to you.” Sam punctuated this last sentence with a kiss.

“Do you enjoy it?”

“Yes, definitely. I love eating pussy. Perhaps for the same reason I enjoy sucking cock – it’s an extension of kissing. It brings great pleasure to my partner. And, that pleasure feeds back to me some how and makes me feel good too. It’s hard to explain. Plus, I like the taste of a woman and the textures against my tongue. And the smell. Oh, yes, the smell of a woman aroused really gets me going.”

“You’ve had some experience then, I take it.”

“Mmmm…yes, I have. I had a number of affairs with women when I was in the military. Don’t ask don’t tell doesn’t really apply to one night stands,” Sam said, laughing. “I didn’t make a habit of it, and it was well known that I preferred men, so it wasn’t a problem. But, I’ve been with quite a few women and enjoyed each one for a slightly different reason.”

“I want to give you pleasure like you gave me pleasure, Sam. Will you help me learn how to do that?”

“How about if you just try some things and I think you’ll be able to tell if I like them or not.”

“OK, that ought to work.”

Sam rolled over so she was on her back. Susan followed her and the women kissed again. Susan let her right hand wander across Sam’s breasts, teasing, squeezing, caressing, and making Sam sigh with pleasure. Susan’s hand wandered down across Sam’s belly gently stroking the tender flesh making Sam quiver with excitement – almost but not quite tickling.

“Mmmm…I like what you’re doing, Susan,” Sam said by way of encouragement.

Susan looked into Sam’s eyes as her fingers moved farther south until the tips of her fingers were right at the edge of Sam’s pussy. This was uncharted territory. She’d only just barely touched Sam’s pussy while she was putting sunblock on her – that seemed like ages ago – and she was about to actually put her fingers on another woman’s genitals.

“Do it, Susan. Make me feel good. Touch me the way you like to be touched.”

Susan leaned in and kissed Sam hard and passionately while her fingers did the walking. Her palm was on top of Sam’s mound and her fingers were exploring the wet slippery flesh of Sam’s labial folds, indirectly teasing her clitoris, massaging the outer labia, squeezing them together, rubbing them back and forth. Sam squealed into Susan’s mouth as she felt the effects of Susan’s manipulations.

Susan thrust two fingers into Sam’s pussy channel using her thumb to strum Sam’s clit like a guitar string. Sam’s hips bucked up and down as the pleasure hit her and Susan grinned, knowing she’d done something good.

“Oh, fuck, Susan you’re a natural. Keep doing that…just like that…yes…yesss…yesyesyesyesyesyesdon’tstopyesjustlikethat… justlikethat… justlike that…ohfucki’mcummmmmmminnnnngggggg!!!”

Sam’s hips came up off the bed like a bass taking a dragonfly. Her whole body stiffened as she jerked her way through several orgasms while Susan continued to finger her slit and strum her clit.

Moving quickly, Susan turned her body so that she was facing Sam’s feet and put her face where her fingers had been, diving in and covering Samantha’s quivering quim with her mouth, licking and nibbling everything she could reach.

This set off a whole new series of paroxysm in Samantha and she squealed with pleasure at Susan’s oral assault.

Susan was enjoying herself immensely. She found that she understood Sam’s pleasure in the act of oral sex. The textures under her tongue and lips were intriguing and the swamp between Samantha’s legs was an olfactory buffet of tastes and scents. Best of all was the way Sam responded to her inexpert oral ministrations.

Finding Sam’s clit, Susan fastened onto it with her lips and sucked it like a mini-cock. You might have thought, from looking, that she had just pushed one of Sam’s fingers into a light socket. Her whole body shook. Saliva leaked from the corners of Sam’s mouth as it was wide open in a silent scream of pleasure.

She finally had to pull Susan’s face away from her crotch in self defense.

“Ohmygodsusanstoppleasestopnomorecan’tstandanymoreohgodohgod… ohgodohgodohgod,” she panted and gasped, barely able to get out any words at all.

Susan moved back up Sam’s body and kissed her new lover. The first lover she’d ever had outside of her marriage. That would require some thought later, but for now, she was enjoying the feeling of Samantha’s trembling body next to hers.

“Are you sure you haven’t done that before?” Sam asked, when she had restored her breathing to something close to normal.

“Scout’s honor, that was my first time.”

“Well then you must be some sort of sexual rookie of the year then,” Sam said, a wry smile on her face.

“Too old to be a rookie. Maybe a late bloomer.”

They both laughed at that.

“Want to go for a swim or have some lunch first?”

“Lunch. I’m starved.”

“OK, let’s go down to the kitchen. I’ve got some seafood salad and some fresh fruit that ought to tide us over until we have our cookout tonight,” Susan said, sitting up.

“Yum. Sounds good. Now, where’s that bikini I wonder?”

“The tops are outside. Here’s your bottom half and…oh…there’s mine – how did it get way over there?”

The two women laughed and put on the scraps of material that represented half of their new swimwear. Then they went downstairs and ate lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent in and out of the swimming pool and featured a lot of grab ass and underwater kissing with bouts of nude sunbathing and, yes, more applications of sun block. There was lots of conversation about life and sex and marriage and sex and sex. Susan had a lot to think about and all of it was pretty exciting.

The bottom line was that when it was time to get things ready for the men to show up for the cookout both women were as horny as they’d been that morning. And that, as we shall see, turned out to be a good thing.

Chapter 15: Horizons Broadened

Jim was beside himself. He’d been watching Sam and Sue’s back yard antics on his desktop at the office, and had a pretty good idea of what had gone on in the house as well. It was better than he had expected by quite a bit.

He put the finishing touches on a report that needed to go out that day and shut down his computer preparatory to going home. Normally he didn’t go home until five, but today he was going to go home early – he’d call ahead, of course. It would not do at all to come home and catch his wife naked with the neighbor lady. Or would it? Not this time, he finally concluded.

Jim picked up his phone and hit the speed dial button for home. The phone rang three times and he thought it was going to go to voicemail when Susan’s breathless voice came on the line.

“Olsen…residence,” Susan said obviously trying to catch her breath.

“Susan? Is anything wrong?”

“Oh, hi honey. No…nothing’s wrong .”

Jim smiled. “Well, that’s good. Why are you out of breath?”

“Running to get the phone, silly,” Susan said. One thing about Susan that everyone should know is that she’s an absolutely awful liar. Jim let this one go.

“OK. I just wanted to let you know I was on my way home. Do we need anything for tonight’s barbeque?”

“We’re all set. Grab your trunks when you come home. Sam and I will be out on the patio or in the pool.”

“Having fun are we?”

“You bet. Sam is great company. We’ve been getting to know each other and I think we’re going to be great friends. We should have done this a long time ago.”

“No argument there. I think Sam and Dave are both great. Be home in a jiffy sweetheart.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Jim hung up the phone and spend a few seconds speculating on why someone who was in as good shape as Susan was should get out of breath just running to the phone. What he didn’t know was that when Susan had picked up the phone, Sam had put her hand between Susan’s legs and was massaging her pussy mound from behind. It was all Susan could do not to scream. When the phone was turned off, she had turned around and given Sam a big, wet, kiss and then told her that they’d have to knock off the horse play because Jim was on the way home.

“If she only knew,” thought Sam.

Jim put on his jacket, straightened his tie and headed out to the parking lot. Heat rose up from the blacktop and smacked him in the face. His car was an oven. The black leather seats, such a great thing in the winter, were a pain in the ass on hot summer days. But the A/C was soon going strong and he had a nice cool pool to swim in so that was something to look forward to. Not to mention the fact that if his wife and neighbor were still in their bikinis he’d have some lovely scenery to look at too. Maybe he’d break out his new “cock-sox” swimsuit.

An uneventful drive home ended as he pulled the Impala into the garage. He got out, grabbed his briefcase from the back seat, and stepped out of the garage into the pool area.

Susan met him with a drink and a very passionate kiss, which was out of character, particularly since Samantha was standing right behind her. Both were still dressed in what can only be called “swimwear” in the most euphemistic context.

As Susan kissed him her free hand went to his crotch and began massaging his dick, which had already risen to the occasion.

“You’d better be ready for some sex tonight, stud, because I’m horny as hell,” she whispered moistly into his ear before stepping back and handing him the drink. Jim caught a glimpse of Samantha grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

“Hello, ladies,” Jim said. “I see that I’m overdressed. Mind if I go change and join you around the pool?

“Good idea,” Susan said.

“Yeah, Dave will be here any minute and we can all go for a dip,” Sam added.

“Be right back,” said Jim as he headed for the house. He heard the two women giggling and he wondered what they were up to. It would have been easy to check, of course, but he was making an effort not to mentally eavesdrop any time he felt like it. It would be more enjoyable this way. And, he’d already tipped the odds slightly in his favor.

In the bedroom he quickly stripped off his clothing and carefully hung up his tie, suit, and shirt. Taking his swim trunks out of the dresser he slipped them on and headed back out to the pool. It was about 4:30, and Dave was due to arrive in about 45 minutes.

“Oh, poo, honey,” Susan said, pretending to pout when he emerged from the back door moments later. “What are you wearing those baggy old things for? I thought you got some sexy new swimsuit. I mean, look at us – we’re practically naked and you’ve got those big baggy trunks on. It isn’t fair, is it Sam?”

“Hey Jim,” Sam said, laughing, “The fifties called and they want their swimming trunks back.”

Jim looked at Susan.

“Do you really want me to wear the other suit?”

“Why not?”

“You’re sure?”

“Stop being such a poopy head and go change,” Susan said. “Sam and I want to see what a man looks like. It’s just been us girls all day long. Not that it hasn’t been fun, but … tell him Sam, he just has to go change.”

“Susan’s right, Jim. Go put something else on.”

“OK, I’ll be right back.”

Jim wondered if Susan was drunk. She never behaved this way. Well, maybe he’d broken down more mental walls than he thought. Time would tell. He dashed up the stairs, retrieved his “other” suit and put it on. It was like a thong built for a man. It emphasized his cock in ways no other swimwear could. It was more naked than actually being naked. Jim’s suit was bright blue and went well with his tan. His big dick fit perfectly into the front pouch and left very little to the imagination, yet just enough. In the back, it separated his butt cheeks and emphasized his ass.

“Ready or not, ladies, here I come,” he said to himself.

As he stepped out the back door again he was greeted with whistles and hoots of approval from both Sam and Susan.

“Turn around, stud,” Susan said, “and show us your booty.”

Jim looked carefully at Susan seeking signs of intoxication.

“She’s not drunk, Jim, just horny. You probably should take her in the house and give her a good seeing to before Dave gets here or who knows what will happen.”

Jim looked at Sam and smiled.

“What were you two doing all day today I wonder?”

Susan giggled. “Girl things,” she said, attempting to be prim, but failing miserably. From the way she was acting you’d have thought she was about 17 instead of 59.

Jim slowly turned around, giving the ladies a good view of his backside.

Whistles and hoots from Sam and Sue became hopelessly girlish giggling.

“I can see why you wear a smile all the time, Susan,” Sam said, grinning wolfishly as she stared at his crotch. Jim and Dave are a lot alike.

“Can I go in the pool now and cool off a bit before I light the grill and get our supper started?” Jim was feeling slightly embarrassed and totally NOT in control of the situation. It made him uncomfortable and a little irritated.

“Sure, baby, but Sam and I are coming in too – to make sure you don’t drown or something,” Susan giggled.

Jim took two steps and performed a perfect surface dive into the cool refreshment of the pool. He stayed under water, hands outstretched until he felt the smooth concrete surface at the far end. His head came up out of the water and he turned around to head back but found his way blocked by Susan, who put her arms around him and then jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

She kissed him, warmly, on the lips.

“Thank you,” she said.

Jim looked at her with a puzzled frown on his face. “For what?”

“Suggesting that I get together with Sam, for one thing, and for being such a wonderful husband, and for being such a sexy beast.”

Susan had been grinding her crotch against his since she wrapped her legs around him moments earlier. His cock was fully erect and straining at the front of his thong.

Suddenly she laughed, released him, and executed a nice turning dive into the water whereupon she swam away into the cool depths of the pool.

“You look like a fish,” Sam said from behind him.

Jim turned around. Sam was standing behind him right at the end of the pool, her hips against the edge of the pool apron, her breasts straining to burst out of the confines, if you could call what she was wearing confining, of her bikini top. Her nipples were hard and made two little tents in the scraps of fabric covering them (barely).

“See anything you like?”

And then it hit him. Susan hated getting her hair wet in the pool. She always went in from the shallow end and the only stroke she would do was a sort of breast stroke that kept her head from going under. And, yet, just a moment ago, she had not only gone under water, but swam a length of the pool without coming up for air.

“Where is my wife and what have you done with her?”

Samantha laughed.

“The butterfly has escaped the cocoon,” she said cryptically.

“I’ll say.”

Sam was standing about a foot away from him, the water at this end of the pool barely up to her waist. She leaned toward him and kissed him, on the mouth, and with passion.

Jim broke away and looked wildly around the pool for his wife, only to find her about three feet away, smiling. Smiling.

In the history of confused looks, Jim’s expression at the moment would easily have made the top ten.

Sam and Susan broke out laughing. Big belly laughs. The kind that make your eyes water. The kind where it’s hard to stop and pretty soon you can’t breathe.

Jim was slightly put off, to say the least.

“Would someone mind telling me what the HELL is going on here?”

Susan wrapped her arms around Jim from behind and whispered in his ear, “No. You’re just going to have to figure it out for yourself.”

Then she looked at Sam over Jim’s shoulder and said, “Kiss him again. I don’t think he gets it yet.”

This time Sam stepped into Jim’s body and put her arms around him, insinuating them between Susan’s belly and Jim’s back, and kissed him. It was a full on, open mouthed, French kiss with extra tongue and some pretty sexy belly grinding into the bargain. Jim’s cock, which had begun to flag in his confusion, leapt to attention – it had figured out what was going on; it was his brain that was having trouble getting up to speed.

Susan’s hands were in Jim’s briefs now and she was stroking his cock as Sam continued to play tonsil hockey with him.

“We’ve had a great day together and I’ve learned a lot,” Susan whispered in Jim’s ear as Sam continued to kiss him and grind against him. “The only part that’s relevant to you right now is that we spent quite a bit of the afternoon bragging to each other about how good our hubby’s were in bed. So, we’ve decided on a little side by side comparison after dinner. Consider it your dessert. Don’t eat too much steak.”

As if that was some sort of cue, both women let him go and climbed out of the pool. Hand in hand they walked into the house, tossing back a “we have to get ready. You can start getting dinner going.”
Events were moving at far greater speed than he had anticipated. But that was OK. All he had done was to set things in motion; he hadn’t predetermined the outcome. There had been a number of possibilities and this had been one of them. It hadn’t been the one he felt the most confident in, but it was there. Unless he completely missed his guess, there’d be a side-by-side wife swap in the neighborhood before the night was over. That suited him just fine. And, to top things off, he had what he believed was the beginning of a plan to deal with the FMCA.

Jim did a few more laps of the pool before getting out and drying off – there was still plenty of sun and plenty of heat so that didn’t take long. Then he went into the kitchen to begin preparations for dinner.

Four potatoes were soon poked, buttered, and placed in the oven. Likewise four New York strip steaks were soaking in his secret steak marinade on a platter on the counter. Susan had made a large bowl of tossed salad which was in the fridge (he checked to be sure). And, there’d be fresh strawberries with cream for dessert.

He’d prepared garlic butter that morning – a couple of cloves of garlic in a dish of softened butter, covered and left on the counter. He sliced a loaf of French bread buttered the slices and wrapped the loaf in foil, leaving the top uncovered. This he set aside.

Looking at the time, he figured he had a few minutes before he had to light the grill. He went upstairs and changed into some shorts and a polo shirt – he decided to go commando for this evening.

As he came back down stairs, the doorbell rang and there were Sam and Dave.

“C’mon in,” he said, shaking Dave’s hand and giving Sam a hug.

“I talked with Dave,” Sam whispered, “and he’s cool with whatever happens.”

Jim gave her a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek and then escorted the couple back to the patio, taking drink orders as he went. He lit the grill, allowing it to heat up. A few minutes later, everyone was seated in comfortable chairs with cool drinks close at hand. Chit-chat ensued. Susan was world champion at chit-chat. Normally Jim hated chit-chat, but his mind was elsewhere – about one hour into the future actually when dinner would be over.

Jim looked at his watch. “Well, the spuds will be done in about 20 minutes and the grill is hot, so I guess it’s time for me to go to work. Susan, would you put the garlic bread in the oven please?”

“Sure, Jim. I’ll take care of that, and I’ll set the table as long as I’m there,” Susan said.

“Can I help?” Samantha asked.

“Sure,” Susan said, grinning, “I can always use a hand in the kitchen … or a finger … or a tongue,” she added, giggling.

Jim almost spit out the mouthful of gin and tonic he’d been about to swallow. Yes, he’d definitely gone too far in removing Susan’s barriers. He’d have to dial her back a bit before they went out in public and she assaulted someone.

Sam was laughing like a school girl as the two women, arm in arm, proceeded to the kitchen with Jim in pursuit. He did his best to ignore the grab-ass games Susan and Samantha were playing as he retrieved the plate of steaks from the counter. When he walked out, the two women were kissing – he guessed at least in part for his benefit because he heard them laughing and whispering as he left the room.

Back on the patio, Dave was still enjoying the early evening and his long cool drink. Jim went to the grill and placed Susan’s steak on first – she had never learned to eat steak any other way but well done – and set the plate aside. He set a kitchen timer for five minutes and sat down to enjoy a little more of his g&t.

“Boy, I don’t know what’s up with those two, but they’re friskier than a couple of new calves,” Jim said, shaking his head.

“Sam’s horny as a Billy goat, that’s for sure, but she wouldn’t give me any before we came over – said we would need all our energy later. Then she said I’d be fucking Susan and you’d be fucking her, which is fine with me. How do you feel about it?”

“Hey, I got to fuck your wife in front of you, so it’s only fair that you do mine in front of me. In fact, I kind of like the idea. And, after you dump a load in her, I can clean it up,” Jim said, grinning.

Both men were sporting bulges in their slacks by this time. Jim was tempted to go over to where Dave was sitting and give him a quick suck before dinner, but just then the timer went off and he had to go attend to his cooking duties.

The other three steaks were placed on the fire and the timer was re-set for four minutes. As Jim was walking back to his chair, his pants tented out in front, the girls came back, still laughing and giggling.

“My goodness, Susan, look at Jim’s pants. What do you suppose he’s thinking about?”

“I think he’s thinking about what’s in YOUR pants,” Susan said, laughing.

“Or in Dave’s, I think,” Sam said.

Susan frowned a bit. She still didn’t know about Jim’s bisexuality. “No, definitely yours I think,” she said, stepping up to Jim and rubbing the front of his pants where his cock had pushed the fabric out.

“Oh-ho! Someone went commando I think,” she giggled.

“Guilty as charged,” Jim said, rather sheepishly considering the general tone of the conversation.

“I’m with you, Jim,” Dave said, “faster to get naked later.”

Once more the timer went off and Jim tended to the meat, turning all four steaks and resetting the timer for another four minutes.

“Susan, how about topping up everyone’s beverage and making sure things are all set inside. The steaks are about to come off and I want to make sure we’re ready to eat them when they do. Oh, and would you bring me that plate I’ve had heating in the oven so I can put the steaks on it when they come off the grill?”

“Sure baby,” she replied, giving him a deep, passionate kiss and a last squeeze of his dick through his pants before she pranced off to the kitchen. This time Sam stayed out on the patio with the men.

“Dave,” Sam said, “I think you’re really going to enjoy fucking Susan. She’s a wildcat in bed and she’s got a real tight pussy.”

“She should,” Jim thought to himself. One of the changes he’d made to Susan’s body was to restore her pussy to what it was when they’d first started having sex – minus the hymen of course. She was real tight now.

Susan came out with the hot plate and a couple of hot pads just as the timer went off, indicating that the steaks were done.

“OK, folks, back into the house – soup’s on!” Jim exclaimed.

I won’t bore you with the details of the dinner, although it was an excellent meal because Jim is a good cook, and Susan really knows how to entertain. Finally, however, the last bite of steak and baked potato was consumed and chairs were pushed back.

“Dessert’s at our place,” Sam said, smiling devilishly.

Susan took Jim’s hand under the table and gave it a squeeze.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” Jim said, looking at Susan.

“I’m doing exactly what I want to do, baby,” she replied, returning his gaze.

The table was quickly cleared and dishes were either loaded into the dishwasher or placed in the sink to soak and the left over bread was put back in the fridge. And, then it was time.

Dave took Susan by the hand and led her out of the house, across the yard and into his place. Sam did the same with Jim.

They walked in and went straight to the rec room. Jim remembered this place fondly, and knew he was about to accumulate some more memories tonight.

Sam lit some candles and turned on a few, but not too many, lamps. The lighting was low and romantic. She picked up a remote, hit a button, and soft music began to play. Dave took Susan into his arms and they began to dance, slowly, around the room.

Sam took Jim’s hand and led him to the sofa. “Watch. Just watch for now, Jim.”

They sat down and watched the dancing couple. Sam unzipped Jim’s slacks and set his raging boner free – well free for about 2 seconds before her hot, wet, mouth surrounded it. Jim’s mind wasn’t on his cock, for once. He was watching Dave hold Susan, his wife of more than 30 years, in his arms. She turned her face up to him as their bodies ground together and they kissed. Susan hadn’t looked at Jim or even glanced in his direction since they’d walked into the basement playroom. She was entirely focused on Dave. She kissed him hungrily. She was horny as hell and it was obvious. Dave glanced over at Jim and smiled. Then he dropped his hands down to Susan’s ass and cupped her cheeks, pulling her into himself, grinding his hard cock into her belly. Jim heard Susan moan. Then he saw her slide her hand between her body and Dave’s so that she could grip his cock through his slacks and squeeze it.

Susan gasped when she felt Dave’s hardon press against her and she gasped again as she gripped it in her hand. He was huge. And he obviously wanted her.

“Go ahead, honey, do what you want,” Jim said. Susan just moaned and dropped to her knees.

Susan unzipped Dave’s slacks and pulled his cock out into the air. She stroked it with both hands, staring like a mongoose eyeing a cobra. Then her mouth formed a wide oval and she engulfed the head of Dave’s cock. Dave closed his eyes a look of pleasure on his face as he felt Susan go to work on his dick.

Jim nearly ejaculated in Sam’s mouth at the sight. His wife was sucking another man’s cock. And, what’s more, she was quite obviously enjoying it. That turned him on more than anything. Susan was enjoying sucking a stranger’s cock. Well, not quite a stranger, but she’d never sucked anyone’s cock but his as far as he knew – certainly not since they’d been married. Now she was enthusiastically bobbing her head up and down on Dave’s massive missile.

Dave pulled her head off his dick for a moment while he quickly pulled down his slacks and stepped out of them. His polo shirt followed in a pile on the floor and then he stood in front of Susan, naked, his cock jutting straight out from his crotch, his heavy balls hanging low beneath it. Susan had stripped off her dress – she’d gone commando as well -- and her nakedness matched Dave’s.

Susan cupped his balls in one hand and gripped the base of Dave’s cock in the other. Her mouth captured his erection and was soon moving up and down leaving a trail of saliva that dripped down onto her tits.

Dave placed his hands on Susan’s head and started guiding her movements. She moaned as she felt him take control of the blow job, forcing more and more of his thick meat into her oral cavity and down her throat. She gagged the first time Dave pushed really deep, and Jim sent her some mental help that allowed her to be more comfortable the next time Dave’s cock pushed past the back of her mouth. A few strokes later and the entire length of Dave’s dick was sliding in and out of Susan’s mouth and throat. She was openly masturbating now, her moans mixing with Dave’s gasps and sighs of pleasure forming a sensual aural tapestry in harmony with Sam’s slurping of Jim’s pleasure stick and his responses to her expert ministrations.

Dave could have dumped a load down Susan’s throat and he was tempted to just let go, but he knew that wasn’t what Jim needed to see. Dave pulled his cock from Susan’s hungry mouth causing her to moan in frustration. He got down on the floor and pushed Susan onto her back, spreading her legs wide. Her glistening pussy was on display and the candlelight flickered and reflected off the moisture covering her nether lips.

Dave leaned in and planted a kiss right on Susan’s pussy, licking up and down her slit to taste her arousal. She was ready to be fucked. Dave looked up at Jim who was staring at his wife’s face.

“Give the word,” Dave said.

“The word is given,” Jim replied hoarsely.

“Susan, do you want my cock in your pussy?”

“Yessssss…fuck me Dave. Put that big thing in me right now,” Susan said in a tone of voice Jim had never heard her use before.

Dave fisted his cock and positioned himself between Susan’s legs. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down Susan’s soaking slit making her squeal with delight and frustration at the same time. Her hips were thrusting up at him trying to capture his cock and he was keeping her from succeeding. After a few more moments of teasing, he notched the head of his dick in the entrance to Susan’s pussy and started to push it inside.

Susan’s orgasm started before Dave even got his whole cock inside of her. She began to wail – low in her throat at first and then up the scale heading for frequencies that only dogs could hear. Her body shook and her hips jerked. She locked her legs around Dave’s waist and pulled her pelvis up off the floor jamming the last inch of his truncheon in her pussy.


Dave didn’t wait for another invitation. He began to slam fuck his redheaded neighbor with his big cock. Susan met him stroke for stroke, cumming the whole time, and screaming like she’d been murdered. Jim wondered if her cries could be heard out in the street.

Dave established a good fucking rhythm and went to town, enjoying the feeling of Susan’s tight pussy on his cock as he ravished her. Jim found his own view of the proceedings blocked, suddenly, as Sam crawled up over him and slammed her own pussy down on his saliva coated dick.

“My turn, baby,” she whispered in his ear before claiming his mouth with a kiss and starting to bounce her ass up and down on his crotch repeatedly impaling herself on his cock.

Susan’s cries of pleasure; Dave’s grunts of effort; the slippery organic sounds of coupling; Jim and Sam’s own cries of ecstasy; these all combined to make what would have been one of the sexiest recordings of all time if it had been recorded.

Jim was enjoying Sam’s pussy on his cock and his mouth was enjoying sucking on her tits, switching from one to the other until the nipples were sticking out proud and wet from her beautiful breast flesh.

Dave and Susan were in the home stretch and Jim and Sam were not far behind. Listening to his wife being fucked by another man and loving it was like some sort of sexual catnip – he couldn’t get enough of it. He felt the fluids begin to rise from his balls and it took a maximum effort to hold back the orgasm that had been building since he saw Susan start to suck Dave’s dick.

Sam had started cumming almost as soon as her pussy flesh felt the invasion of Jim’s cock. She found that she loved the idea of Dave putting the wood to his neighbor and new best friend, and Susan’s cries of delight were exciting her more than she would have thought possible. Jim’s cock felt great inside her and she wanted to feel him explode in her pussy.

Dave’s roar of pleasure signaled his release – he buried himself in Susan as far as he could push and unloaded his balls in spurt after spurt of thick salty semen. Susan’s cunt muscles clamped down, trying to squeeze every last drop of Dave’s essence. His ejaculation triggered a new wave of orgasms that ran up and down her body like an electrical charge.

Hearing the sounds of his wife being filled with another man’s seed formed the last straw and Jim’s control vanished.

“FUCK!” he cried and then his cock began coating Sam’s insides with guy goo in thick ropey streams.

The coupling couples continued to thrust and jerk at one another until at last, temporarily sated, they fell apart and lay gasping and sweaty wherever they happened to fall.

Sam was the first to revive at all and she moved quickly to a 69 position with Susan.

“Eat your husband’s cum out of my pussy, Susan, while I eat my husband’s cream out of yours,” she hissed, still very aroused by the whole scene.

The two men watched in fascination as Susan and Sam cleaned each other’s holes, sucking their respective husbands’ love sauces into their hungry mouths and swallowing with relish. Both women were moaning with pleasure as their tongues rooted around in familiar flesh.

Dave was sitting next to Jim on the sofa and both men’s cocks were rapidly stiffening at the Sapphic display on the carpet in front of them. After watching for a while, Jim gently inserted the thought in both Sam and Susan that they ought to go and clean off their juices from the two hard cocks waiting for them on the sofa.

Without a word being exchanged the girl-on-girl tableau broke up and the two women crawled over to the couch, each servicing her husband’s cock and tasting the other’s juices on it. Both men’s erections were soon thoroughly spit shined and ready for further action. Sam looked up at Dave and then nodded toward Susan, who was still performing oral worship on Jim’s wedding tackle.

Dave raised his eyebrows and Sam nodded toward Susan again, moving back and away from him as she did so. Dave got the message and moved himself into position behind the kneeling neighbor’s upturned ass. Moving Susan’s legs apart with his knees, Dave buried his cock in her juicy pussy in one long thrust that pushed her mouth all the way down on her husband’s cock. Susan was now a spit roast between the two men and they moved her body back and forth between them, by turns impaling her mouth and cunt and sending her into spasms of delight; orgasm after orgasm rippling up and down her body. The pleasure was too much for Susan, and she passed out, hanging limply between the two men.

Gently, they placed Susan on her back on the floor, her legs up on the sofa. Both men looked at Sam, who grinned at them.

“Why not. Who gets what?” She said, laughing. She quickly moved to the floor and took Jim’s cock in her mouth. Dave quickly stabbed his cock into her pussy and the scene continued.

Susan’s eyes had fluttered open and her hand moved to lazily caress the flesh between her legs as she watched Sam go through the same treatment she’d just been given. She was wearing the stupid smile of someone who has just experienced sexual nirvana. She closed her eyes and stretched like a cat – if she could have purred she would have been doing so.

Jim and Dave were pummeling Samantha from either end and she, like Susan, was enjoying every brutal stroke. Her lips found the base of Jim’s cock on every downward thrust of her head and then as she drew back, she felt Dave’s balls slap her clit. Orgasms were firing through her nervous system like Fourth of July fireworks as she milked the two big dicks slamming into her fore and aft.

Dave felt his balls tighten in their sack and groaned as he released his second huge load of the evening into Sam’s pussy. Jim was not far behind. He grabbed Sam’s head and slammed his cock into the back of her throat before spraying her alimentary canal’s upper reaches with a thorough coating of semen.

His balls empty for the moment, Dave pulled his cock out of Sam’s cunt and then moved aside. Susan lost no time in fastening her mouth to Sam’s crotch and sucking Dave’s most recent deposit from the gaping pussy hole between Sam’s legs.

When he could take no more of Sam’s talented mouth on his super sensitive cock, Jim pulled the platinum blonde’s head out of his crotch. He leaned down and kissed her, tasting his cum on her tongue.

Susan, satisfied that she’d gotten all of Dave’s spooge from Sam’s quim, sat down on the sofa next to her husband and kissed him deeply, transferring some of Dave’s load to Jim’s hungry mouth. Jim was surprised that Susan would do this, and he enjoyed it.

Dave and Sam were snuggling in large chair across from the sofa which was occupied by Jim and Susan. They were collectively enjoying the lassitude that often follows good sex. The residue of desire wafted about the room; the strong scent of sex permeated the air. No one spoke for a while as gentle caresses and kisses were exchanged in the loving afterglow.

“I’m thirsty,” Dave announced, “Anyone else want something to drink?”

Susan, never much of a drinker, had an iced tea. Sam, Dave, and Jim each had a gin and tonic. Long pulls of liquid refreshment served to revive the quartet of naked adults.

“Well,” Susan said, “that was fun. Jim, if he hasn’t forgotten it already, has a 7 a.m. tee-time tomorrow,” she added as Jim yawned expansively, stretching himself on the sofa. “So we should probably go home and get to bed.”

“Yes, dear,” Jim said, laughing. “I’m pretty fucked out anyway,” he added, chuckling.

“I hear ya there brother,” Dave said.

“What a bunch of party poopers,” Sam said, pretending to pout.

“Yeah, right,” Susan said. “Your pussy is probably as sore as mine right now after everything we’ve done today.”

Sam laughed. “No kidding. I don’t think I’ll need any sex until at least tomorrow morning.”

“Well, come on over after breakfast then,” Susan said, grinning.

“I think I’ve created a monster,” Jim said to himself.

“I’d love to, but I have to work tomorrow,” Sam said. “We’ll get together again soon, Sue. Count on it.”

“I can’t wait,” Susan said, standing and retrieving her dress. The other three got their clothing back on as well and walked up the stairs. Kisses and hugs were exchanged at the door and the two couples went their separate ways.

Jim’s sexual plans for those closest to him were coming along nicely. Now if only he could feel as comfortable with his plans for dealing with the FMCA. He was too tired to give that much thought at least until morning. And he was fast asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow; Susan likewise. Good sex can do that for you.

Chapter 16: Next Steps

Jim played one of his best rounds of golf, ever, the next morning. He felt great. Things were falling into place and all he wanted to do was make sure he could protect his little slice of the world from negative influences. He was no threat to try to take over the government or cause revolution. All he wanted to do was live in a safe, healthy community and be able to have all the sex he could handle. Was that too much to ask? Apparently.

So, when he got to work that morning he began to put things into motion that would ensure the status quo remained just that. Having given himself mad IT skills, Jim went to work on the Master PC program. He knew it could be improved upon because someone had already done it.

He’d asked that all of his calls, except for a very short list of people, be held and that no visitors be allowed to interrupt him either. Pat was like a mother bear when it came to protecting his privacy. He needed to be able to concentrate on the task at hand.

Two hours later he felt that he’d made significant improvements to the program. Now, to test it. He put Susan’s name into the system. After her modification by the FMCA he hadn’t been able to “see” her with Master PC. Now, her image appeared on the screen, in a bikini, rotating slowly in front of him.


His victorious outburst brought a crackle from the intercom and an “are you OK, Jim” from Pat.

“I’m fine, Pat. Just solved a big problem, that’s all.”

He made a few adjustments to Susan that would make it impossible for anyone else to successfully reprogram her – but they would think that they had. She was also going to be feeding them false intelligence about his Master PC use and plans. That ought to keep Mr. Friday and his mind control thugs busy for a while.

Jim hit the intercom button. “Pat, what’s the status on the search for my new assistant?”

“Your committee selections were approved. Application documents will be here this afternoon, probably right after lunch. You can start looking right away. The deadline for applications is next week. This is a pretty short turn around for a hire, Jim. Did you work some magic on the higher-ups?”

“Oh I sprinkled a little fairy dust in the right places. You know how it works. I’ve done a lot of favors over the years and it was time to cash in one or two.”

“Good job then.”

Jim looked at his watch. It was lunch time. He closed the Master PC program, ejected the disc, and put it in the locked file cabinet in his office. He’d have to devise some stronger security than this, but for now he felt reasonably safe.

“I’m headed out for lunch, Pat,” he called over his shoulder as he headed out the door.

Fifteen minutes later he was in a booth at his favorite café and Cheri was bringing him his Diet Pepsi (with lemon).

“Here you go Jim, one Diet Pepsi with lemon, as usual.”

“What if I came in some time and ordered milk or iced tea, or coffee?”

“I’d call 9-1-1 because I would know for sure you were very sick. Patty melt no Swiss again today?”

“Yup. No need to tamper with success.”

“I don’t know how you can eat this stuff and still look so good,” Cheri said. “If I ate what you eat I’d have thighs the size of Fat Bastard,” she added.

“What can I say? I work out and my metabolism seems to be that of a 14 year old,” Jim said, smiling. He made a mental note to adjust Cheri’s metabolism so that she would never have a weight problem.

Cheri laughed and went to another table to take an order. It was noontime and the place was busy, so Cheri didn’t have time to talk to her future boss. That was OK. He enjoyed his meal, exchanged a few pleasantries with Cheri as she refilled his soda a few times, paid his check plus a generous tip, and left. Jim had been monitoring Cheri during lunch, checking on her thoughts and attitudes toward him, in particular.

He was encouraged. She really liked him, appreciated the fact that he was polite, tipped well, didn’t complain, and (he smiled at this) he was pretty hot for an “old guy.”

Later that day, as he was working on finishing up for the day, his phone rang. It was Cheri, and she was crying.

“M-m-m-mister Olsen,” she sobbed, “You said I could call you if I ever needed anything. Was that true?”

“Of course it was, Cheri. What’s wrong?”

“Oh, Mister Olsen…it’s terrible. I c-c-c-ame home after my shift at the café and caught my boyfriend cheating on me.”

“Oh, Cheri, that’s awful. What can I do?”

“I-I-I-I don’t know. I’m living in his apartment now – I moved out of my old place because I couldn’t afford it when the rent went up – and I don’t have any place to go.”

Cheri broke down into sobs and Jim couldn’t get anything more coherent out of her for several minutes. He made reassuring noises on the phone.

“Cheri, where are you now?”

“I’m on a bench in Memorial Park.”

“Stay there. I’ll be right over.”


“Don’t worry, Cheri. Everything is going to be all right.”

“OK, Mister Olsen, thank you.”

Jim hung up the phone put on his jacket and left the office. Taking out his cell phone he called Susan.

“It’s me. We’re going to have a house guest for a little while. Cheri Langston. Yeah, you know her – she’s a waitress at our favorite café. She’s a student at the U. She walked in on her boyfriend with another girl and, since it’s his apartment, she has no where to go. I had given her my card once and she called me asking for help. She can use the guest room until she gets things sorted out. She might need a woman’s shoulder to cry on too. OK, see you later.”

Now, ordinarily, Susan would NOT have wanted a young coed as a house guest. But, Jim had done some mental rearranging in Susan’s attitude department and he knew things would be OK. In fact, he figured it wouldn’t be long before Susan and Cheri (and probably Sam) would be sharing some girl-girl time. He knew both Susan and Samantha would talk him up to Cheri and that would help him with his seduction when the time came.

Jim eased the black Impala up to the curb at the edge of Memorial Park. He could see Cheri sitting on a bench a ways off. He got out of the car and walked over to her. She was looking down at her knees, her hands in her lap. A backpack on the bench next to her – it appeared to be way over stuffed and about to burst.


Jim wasn’t prepared for what came next. Cheri practically leapt off the bench and into his arms, sobbing into his chest. He did his best to comfort her given that they were in a public place. He let her hold on to him and he gently patted her on the back and made soothing sounds.

“Cheri, let’s go to my car. I have a place for you to stay. Come on.”

“Really, Mister Olsen?”

“Yes. Now, let’s go. I’ll get this,” he said, reaching for her pack.

He put his arm around Cheri’s shoulders and led her to his car. He opened the passenger side door and helped Cheri into the car, then placed her pack in the back seat before going around the car and getting in.

“Do you need to go to the apartment to get anything Cheri? Because I’ll go with you if you do, just to make sure there’s no trouble.”

“No. No, I don’t need anything for now. I have what I need for the next day or two in my backpack. Where are you taking me Mister Olsen?”

“My house. My wife is expecting you. You can use our guest room for a few days until you make some other arrangements.”

“Your house?”

“Yes, my house. Is that all right?”

“Well, gosh, I don’t now, Mister Olsen,” Cheri said uncertainly. “Are you sure it’s OK with your wife?”

“Yes, Cheri, it’s fine. I explained what happened and she insisted that we be your hosts for a while.”

Jim did a little mind reading and had to choke back a laugh. Cheri was uncomfortable about the arrangement because she’d started to become attracted to him. He’d need to tread very carefully, especially once Cheri found out that Sam was next door.

“This sure is nice of you,” Cheri said, somewhat shyly.

“Hey, I can’t have my favorite waitress living on the street now can I?”

Cheri smiled – the first time she’d done that in hours. Not since she’d come home to find Bobby in bed with that all time tramp Linda. God. He’d been fucking her ass when she’d walked in on them. Fucking her in the ass. She’d never let Bobby do that to her. Well, if that’s all he wanted, then fuck him.

Within minutes (it wasn’t that big a town) they were pulling into the Olsen driveway and moments after that, Cheri and her huge back pack were being introduced to Susan.

“Cheri,” Susan said, giving Cheri a hug, “welcome to my home.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Olsen. This is really nice of you.”

“It’s no trouble. Come on, I’ll show you where the guest room is.”

Susan took Cheri by the hand and the pair walked up the stairs to the guest room. They were gone quite a while. Finally, Susan came down, alone, and walked into the living room where Jim was sitting reading one of the Discworld novels for about the fourteenth time. He looked up as Susan sat down on a chair across from him.

“How is she?”

“She’s OK. Kids are resilient. I gave her my classic ‘men are scum’ speech – the same one I used to give our daughter before each of her dates, remember? – and I hugged her a bit and she fell asleep.”

“Good. She’s had a tough day.”

“Yes. Now, you need to explain to me why this foxy little girl had your business card and felt she could call you for help.”

“That’s easy. I’m about to hire her as my new assistant.”


“Do you have a problem with that?”

“Should I?”

Jim was slightly surprised at Susan’s jealousy. He sent a quick probe to find out the source.

“No, you shouldn’t. Cheri is a great kid and is going to make a great assistant. Did you know that she and Sam are occasional lovers?”


“Keep your voice down,” Jim said. “Sam doesn’t know that I know. She and Cheri have been lovers for several months.”

“How do you know all this?”

“I know lots of things that are going on in this town, babe. Get used to it.”

“What’s that got to do with her living here and being your assistant?”

“Well, if she’s living here, you might get something going with her too if you like,” Jim said.

“You’re kidding. She’s young enough to be our daughter.”

“Tell me you don’t think she’s hot. Tell me you didn’t think about having sex with her the moment she walked through the door. Tell me your pussy isn’t already wet thinking about what it would be like.”

Susan was silent. The truth was she had been attracted to Cheri. Jim had seen to it. Her first taste of woman to woman sex with Sam had ignited a fire in her that begged for a repeat performance.

“Obviously you think she’s hot too. Do you want to fuck her,” Susan said.

Jim was surprised – Susan didn’t like the f-word.

“Am I dead?”

“What do you mean?”

“A man would have to be dead not to want a piece of that.”

“Well, then, am I going to have to wonder if you’re banging her on your office couch when she’s supposed to be taking dictation?”

“No, you won’t. Because if I bang her, as you put it, it will be right here in our house, and you’ll be there too.”

“No affairs then? No secrets?”

“Of course not. We’re in this together sweetie. Now. Where’s supper? I’m starved.”

Meanwhile, upstairs in the guest room, Cheri was making a phone call.

“Agent Friday? I’m in.”

Chapter 17: Head Fake

“OK, gentlemen, our agent is in place,” Agent Friday said to the men and women in the conference room.

“By making Jim Olsen focus on his wife, we’ve been able to distract him from the real threat, in this case Cheri Langston. That’s called a ‘head fake.’”

“We get it, Joe. What’s next?”

“We wait. By now, Cheri should have put the file we gave her on the target’s home computer, or if she hasn’t, she will have by tomorrow. Then, if he hires her as his assistant, we’ll be able to infect his work computers as well and then we’ll have him right where we want him.”

“Why not just go in and arrest the bastard?”

“A frontal attack like that will have consequences. He’s a very powerful intellect and we suspect that he has given himself some pretty special powers, including mental abilities that we’ve never seen before. You’ll note that one of the first things he did after getting the program was to give himself a much higher I.Q. than he had before, and that was considerable to begin with.”

“So we just wait then?”

“Yes. Jim’s weakness is his arrogance. He thinks we’re a bunch of idiots – which is what we want him to think right up until we drop on him like a ton of bricks. If we’re patient, Cheri will get us what we need, which is a way to neutralize Jim Olsen. We’re not looking to prosecute a case here people. This is a national security threat, and we’re going to take it all the way out.”

“Whoa – we’re not talking about killing him, are we?”

“No. Of course not. This IS America. No, we’re just going to make sure he can’t do any more harm to anyone, that’s all. Let’s keep in mind that this guy is a serial rapist with a god complex and the computer software to turn his dreams into other people’s nightmares.”

“So we wait, right?”

“Yes. We wait and we monitor. Simpson, are all the sensors in place and functioning?”

“Yes, sir. We’ve got him monitored wherever he goes and we can tell whatever he’s doing if he’s anywhere near a working computer that’s connected to the internet.”

“That’s not good enough, Simpson. Olsen’s too smart for us. We believe he only runs the program from a computer that’s not connected to the net. He’s running it right from a CDROM disc so it’s not installed on his computer.”

“I’m on it, sir. We’re working on getting bugs placed in his home, office, and car. We should have audio and video feeds very soon.”

“All right people. We’ve all got jobs to do. Let’s be patient and let Jim Olsen hang himself for us. I’ll be getting regular reports from our agent, and I’ll pass along any information we get that way.”

“Should we make another run at his wife just to reinforce the fake?”

“No. Absolutely not. That would be too much and he’d get suspicious. Any other questions? OK, let’s get to work.”

Chapter 18: Cheri Adjusts to a New Neighborhood

“Cheri? Are you awake,” Susan said, knocking on the guest room door.

“Yes, Mrs. Olsen, I’m awake,” Cheri said sitting up in bed. She was wearing a big t-shirt and panties. No bra.

“Can I come in? Are you decent?”


The door opened and Susan Olsen came in carrying a breakfast tray.

“Good morning, Cheri. I thought you might like some breakfast, so I made you some scrambled eggs and toast. There’s juice and coffee – do you take anything in your coffee?”

“Thank you, Mrs. Olsen. That’s really nice. You didn’t have to go to all that trouble.”

“It was no trouble,” Susan said as she set the tray down in front of the young girl in her guestroom bed; the same bed that she and Samantha had used for their tryst just a few days earlier. She suppressed a smile, not wanting to explain it.

Cheri looked at the clock next to the bed. “Oh my gosh! I’m late for work!” She started to move the tray away.

“Don’t worry, Cheri. Jim fixed it with your boss. Enjoy your breakfast. You have the day off.”

“But I can’t afford –“

“Don’t worry about it, Cheri. Jim’s taken care of everything.”

“But how –“

“Relax, Cheri. You’re being taken care of. Now, when you’ve finished your breakfast, you and I can talk about what to do next. I’ll be out at the pool catching a little morning sun and doing some swimming.”

“Pool? You guys have a pool? Wow, that is so, like, totally cool.”

“Do you have a swimming suit with you?”

“To be honest, I don’t know what I managed to stuff into my backpack yesterday, Mrs. Olsen. I was kind of crazy.”

“No doubt. Oh, and by the way, it’s Susan or Sue if you like. Mrs. Olsen makes me feel really old.”

“OK, Susan,” Cheri said, managing a smile.

Susan looked at Cheri for a moment and said, “I might have a bikini that would work. We may be close enough to the same size. I’ll go get it and lay it out for you in the guest bathroom while you finish your breakfast. Then you can join me out by the pool.”

“All right, Susan.”

Susan left the room and went out to the pool. Cheri got out of bed, waited until she was sure Susan was out of the house, and made her way to Jim’s study. She turned on his computer, plugged in a thumb drive, and uploaded one file. She ejected the thumb drive and turned off the computer. Then she went back upstairs, finished her breakfast, put on the bikini Susan had laid out for her, brushed her hair, put on a little makeup, and went out to the pool.

Susan was sunning herself on one of the lounge chairs. Cheri walked over and took the chair next to Susan’s.

“Wow, Susan, you have a great body,” Cheri said, with admiration in her voice.

“Why thank you Cheri. So do you,” Susan replied, smiling.

“You must work out a lot!”

“An hour every day.”

“Wow. That takes some commitment.”

“When you get to be my age, dear, it takes more than that. I’ve become a physical fitness fanatic. Would you believe that a year ago I weighed almost 200 pounds?”

“No way,” Cheri lied – she remembered Susan being a short heavy woman who came in once in a while with Mr. Olsen, who was also very heavy. They’d both been transformed over the last 8 months or so. That’s one of the reasons why the FMCA was investigating.

“Yes, it’s true. I was a real blob with no discipline and no work out plan. I was stress eating, I thought my husband was cheating on me (“If you only knew,” thought Cheri), and I was really depressed.”

“What changed?”

“You know, I really can’t say. One day I just made a decision to change things, I guess, and the rest is history. It wasn’t easy at first, but I stayed with it, started eating the right foods in the right amounts, and I spent a LOT of time in the gym.”

“Well, it paid off, Susan, because you are one hot MILF.”

“GILF in my case,” Susan laughed, “so, am I a grandmother you’d like to fuck?”

“Anyone would,” Cheri said, smiling.

“So you play for both teams too then?”

“Am I bi do you mean? Yes – for a while now. And, it’s strange but I seem more attracted to women who are older than I am. Girls my own age do nothing for me.”

“Lucky me then,” Susan said, laughing. “I only had my first experience with another woman yesterday but I really enjoyed it and want to try it again – but don’t worry, I’m not going to attack you or anything. Well, let’s get some sun and talk about your future. Then we can swim for a while and go in for some lunch.”

“OK,” Cheri said, lying back in the chair and feeling the sun warm her body. She closed her eyes and thought about how hot Susan looked and wondered what it would be like to be with someone other than Samantha.

“So you had your first time with another woman yesterday? What was it like? How did it happen?”

Susan was happy not to have to steer the conversation to sex. She’d been thinking about getting into Cheri’s pants ever since she saw the young coed walk into her house. She remembered her from the café and how cute she looked in her waitress uniform. Now, in a bikini, albeit one that didn’t fit perfectly, she looked even sexier.

“Yes, it was yesterday, with my next door neighbor in fact. You should meet her – she’s a fantastic lady, very sexy, and she eats pussy like there’s no tomorrow. She also likes to suck cock. For her, oral sex is an extension of kissing.”

Cheri gasped when she heard that quote. That was exactly how Samantha had described oral sex to her.

“Anyway, it was fantastic. We were both wearing bikinis like the one I’m wearing today, and we started putting sun screen on each other. Well, one thing led to another and pretty soon we were in the house – the guest room in fact – going at it like a couple of teenagers.”

“Wow. That’s fantastic. What made you decide to make it with another woman?”

“You know that’s the strangest thing. If you’d suggested to me even a month ago that I’d be having sex with another woman I’d have slapped your face. I seem to have gotten a lot more liberated and a lot hornier in my old age,” Susan finished, laughing.

“So it started with sun screen and went from there?”

“I was pretty horny to begin with, actually, so that helped. But, god, when she was putting sun screen on my thighs and then she cupped my pussy and rubbed me off, it was the most incredibly sexy feeling. And then, when we kissed, well, that was just fantastic.”

“Yeah, I like kissing too. I’ve only been with one woman so far, but I’ve really liked it.”

“Well, maybe I’ll introduce you to my neighbor, Samantha, then. I think you two would hit it off.”


“Yes, that’s her name, why?”

“Well it’s not that common a name, and that happens to be the name of my lover as well.”

“Medium height? Silver blond hair? Nice tits, and legs to die for?”

“That’s HER! My god…she’s your neighbor?”

“Yes. And we had a great time yesterday.”

Cheri laughed. “Well, I guess I’ve landed on my feet this time – right in the middle of a couple of horny GILF’s.”

“Lucky you,” Susan said, joining Cheri in laughter.

“So, Cheri…what are we going to do with you?”

“You mean you and Jim?”

“Well, that’s a possibility, but it isn’t what I was talking about. I’d love to have you as a house guest for however long you need to stay, but I’m betting you’d rather have your own place.”

“Yeah, that’s probably right. I’m just having trouble thinking about that right now. I mean, it was so sudden with everything that happened yesterday. It’s like I need to do something, but my brain just hasn’t wrapped itself around the reality of it all yet. I need some time.”

“Of course you do, and you can take as long as you like. It’s nice to have someone around the house besides Jim,” Susan said, smiling. “Especially someone as pretty as you. I can see why he wants to hire you as his assistant,” she added, laughing.

“Well, I hope there’s more to it than that, although he’s pretty handsome and I have to admit that I’ve thought about it, especially this last month.”

“Go for it then, Cheri. There’s plenty of him to go around. One rule though – I have to be in the room. We play together.”

“Oooo…lots of possibilities there,” Cheri said, grinning.

“The sky’s the limit.”

Cheri got up from her lounge chair and perched herself on the edge of Susan’s chair.

“This might seem kind of sudden, Susan, but I’d really like to kiss you right now,” Cheri said.

“Mmmm…what a great idea. Please do,” Susan replied, holding her arms out to Cheri and inviting her into an embrace.

Cheri leaned forward and kissed the mature redhead on the lips. Susan put her arms around Cheri and pulled her closer. Cheri opened her mouth and began to probe Susan’s mouth with her tongue. Susan responded eagerly to the French kiss and the two women were soon swapping spit like a couple of 16 year olds in the back of someone’s car.

“Let’s take this inside,” Cheri said, breathlessly.


The two women ran into the house, up the stairs, and into the same guestroom that had been used for this same purpose just 24 hours earlier. They fell to the bed and resumed their make out session.


Meanwhile, in another part of the city…

Jim picked up his phone and punched in a number from memory.

“Hello?” came the voice from the other end.

“Hi, Sam, it’s Jim.”

“Jim! Hi! You caught me by surprise. I didn’t know you had this number.”

“You must have forgotten that you gave it to me,” Jim lied.

“Well, whatever. What can I do for you?”

“I have some news that may be of interest to you.”


“Yes. We have a house guest. I think you know her. Her name is Cheri Langston.”

Jim heard a sharp intake of breath from the other end.

“Cheri? Living at your house?”

“Yes. She caught her boyfriend cheating on her yesterday, and since it was his apartment she couldn’t really kick him out. So, she called me and I offered to take her in for a bit until we can figure something out.”

“So, she’s living with you for now?”

“Yes, in the guestroom. I think Susan has the hots for her, and I don’t blame her – she could be a porn star. Susan took the day off to help her get settled in and make sure she was doing OK emotionally. Personally, I think she’ll try to get into Cheri’s pants, which is kind of a surprise since I didn’t even know Sue was bisexual until yesterday – you two really hit it off.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I thought you might like to know, that’s all. Sue and I had a great time last night, and I think you and Dave did too. Cheri might make a nice addition to the fun, don’t you think?”

“Yes, we had fun last night, and I’m glad that Susan is involved too,” Sam said with just a little hint of uncertainty in her voice. She still didn’t really know why Jim had called her.

Jim was smiling into the phone, knowing exactly what was going through Sam’s mind – “does he know?”

“Anyway, I know you’re busy, so I won’t keep you. Just wanted to pass along the news. Hey are you two going to be busy this weekend? Maybe we could have a party or something; go golfing? Sailing? A bike ride? Well, think about it and get back to me. Gotta run. Bye!”

“Wait, Jim…”

Jim hit the ‘end’ button on his cell phone and put the phone back in his pocket. “And now, as they say, I’ll sit back and await developments.”

Across town in Samantha’s office, Sam sat and stared at her cell phone. She and Cheri hadn’t gotten together for a while and the sex she’d had with Sue the day before had simply given her a renewed appetite for girl-on-girl action. Sam drummed her fingers on the desk for a few moments, lost in thought. Then she reached a decision. Sam punched her intercom button.

“Pam? Clear my calendar for the rest of the day, please. Something’s come up and I need to attend to it right away.”

“OK, boss, but Mr. Farnsworth isn’t going to like this – he’s been trying to get an appointment with you for two weeks.”

“He’ll get over it. I’ll just flash him some stocking and he’ll forget all about being mad,” Sam said, chuckling. “Just make it happen, OK?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Sam grabbed her purse and headed out the door. Fifteen minutes later she was pulling into her driveway. She very quickly changed clothes and freshened up a bit. Then, she stuffed a few toys into a bag and went next door. The front door was unlocked and opened silently. Saying nothing, Sam moved quietly into the interior of the house, locking the front door behind her. Then she stopped to listen. No sounds from the downstairs rooms, but she could hear voices and other human sounds coming from upstairs.

Moving as quietly as she could Sam crept up the stairs. With every step the voices and noises grew more distinct. From the sighs and moans Sam (correctly) deduced that Jim had been spot on regarding his wife’s designs on their houseguest. She knew that Cheri was a hot little number who really liked sex and was easily aroused. Susan had the fervor of a new convert and Sam knew that she’d really be into it for a while – like a kid who’d discovered a new toy.

Gaining the top of the stairs, Sam slipped off her shoes and tiptoed down the hall to the guest room. Yup – there they were, two bodies wrapped around each other kissing. They must have just started because they were both still clothed, assuming you could call what Susan was wearing “clothing.” She had on that mini bikini that she’d worn yesterday.

Samantha stepped into the room.

“Is this a private party, or can anyone join in,” Sam said.


Both women jumped off the bed and ran over to Samantha, wrapping their arms around her and kissing her. She had been prepared to be a little jealous and angry, but the twin assault got her over that hump quite handily and she was soon laughing and trying to keep her balance.

“Whoa, girls, slow down,” she said, laughing.

“What a pleasant surprise,” Susan said, kissing Samantha on the lips.

“Yes, a real surprise,” Cheri said, more thoughtfully.

“Jim called me this morning and told me you were staying here, although I can’t imagine why,” Sam said, looking at Cheri.

“Well I do,” Susan said. “He told me last night that the two of you had been playing around, although how he knows that I have no idea.”

“Really?” Sam said. “That sonuvabitch,” she thought.

“Susan and I were just getting acquainted,” Cheri said still looking at Samantha.

“So I see. Well now that we all know each other, let’s have some fun, shall we?”

“Yes, let’s. But we need to move to the master bedroom – king sized bed! Follow me girls,” Susan said, and taking each of her two girlfriends by the hand, Susan led them down the hall to the master bedroom. Cheri and Sam were still looking at one another, both trying to figure out what was going on. Cheri knew more than Sam did – she had received a lot of information after meeting Agent Joe Friday of the FMCA. At first she wanted to kill Jim Olsen, but, after she got home, she thought things over a bit and her mood softened. Yes, what he’d done to her was a form of rape. On the other hand, it appeared that he’d helped her with her career, given her some skills she never would have acquired, and she really liked her body these days. Cheri was, ultimately, a pragmatist.

She didn’t even mind that she’d been set up with Samantha for Jim’s benefit. She liked having sex with Sam, and she was sure she’d enjoy Susan as well. Not that she would have trouble getting laid – not with the body she had. But, being bi did increase her chances.

As for the rest of the afternoon, well, there were three horny women and a bag of toys. Use your imagination, and then multiply it by ten.

CHAPTER 19: Jim Takes a Trip

Between his growing consulting business and his regular work, Jim was doing a lot of traveling. This trip took him to a major Midwestern college town, which will, for the purpose of this story, remain nameless. He checked in to the local Red Roof (this consulting gig wasn’t as high end as some he’d done) and headed for the bar with a few members of the executive team.

That’s when he saw something that nearly gave him a heart attack. There, sitting in the bar, was Tiffany. There was no doubt about it. He’d looked at her pictures enough times, and her face was instantly recognizable. She was sitting at the bar dressed like a hooker.

The men he was with noticed her first.

“Hey,” said one, “would you get a load of what’s sitting at the bar?”

“Holy shit – look at the hooters on that!”

Jim had turned and there she was.

“Guys, I know that woman. You don’t want to go there. Her husband could take any one of you apart,” Jim said.

“Yeah, right.”

“Trust me. I’m going over to say hello. I’ll catch up with you later.”

Jim walked over to where Tiffany was sitting at the bar and the rest is written elsewhere, so I won’t repeat it here, except to say that Jim was very surprised to find that a bar in a Red Roof actually stocked Plymouth gin. In fact, this was the only Red Roof he’d ever stayed at that even HAD a bar.

At any rate, after an extremely pleasurable time spent with Tiff and her handsome (and well hung) hubby, during which Jim had done a little mental nudging to help make one of Tiffany’s fantasies come true, Jim ended up in his own room more than ready to go to sleep.

But sleep refused to come. So, Jim sat up, turned on the bedside light, and took a paperback off the nightstand. Jim never went anywhere without a book – usually more than one. This time it was Tom Clancy’s “Red Storm Rising.”

Jim was reading the part in the novel where an American naval vessel, a fast frigate or “fig” boat was escorting a convoy across the Atlantic. The captain of the vessel had gotten his previous command shot out from under him by a very tricky and very aggressive Soviet submarine commander. His new helicopter pilot (anti-submarine warfare involves ships, planes, and helicopters, among other things) was watching him go through the replay of the sonar signals from the battle during which his original ship had been rendered hors du combat. The sub commander had gotten the Captain to focus on something he was expecting and then had attacked from a completely different direction.

Suddenly, Jim jumped right out of bed.

“SHIT! What a fucking idiot I am! That goddamn Friday gave me a perfect head fake and I fucking went for it,” Jim snarled.

In just a few short seconds he’d gone from being very happy after his incredible encounter with Tiff and Pi to being very angry and even humiliated.

“I’m supposed to be smarter than this! GOD DAMNIT! This is the oldest trick in the book. You give someone something they expect to see and use it to mask what you are really doing. It was way too easy to deprogram Suzie. Way too easy. Joe Friday played dumb and I bought it hook line and sinker. Now, the question is who’s the real threat?”

Jim knew that the answer to that would have to wait until he got home, but, then, he would find out where all of his enemies were once and for all. He needed to give Tiffany a much stronger warning about Master PC. He did NOT want her to be hurt. Jim was a VERY loyal friend.

Grabbing his iPhone, he sent her a quick e-mail with a rather cryptic warning on it to be careful. He’d already told her this in person, but it needed reinforcement.

He’d taken his enemies too lightly so far and that had nearly been his undoing. For all he knew, it still could be. This seminar was a one day thing, so he’d make a quick exit at the end of the day instead of staying over and going back in the morning. He needed to be home where he could use his mental powers to unmask the traitor that had to be somewhere close. Friday wouldn’t have risked sending Susan against him without having another pawn to push up the board.

Turning out the lights, Jim did some deep breathing exercises and forced himself into the calm needed for sleep. Sleep came and his brain continued to mull over the problem of what to do, ultimately, about the FMCA. Maybe it was time to go to Washington, D.C.

The next night, Jim returned home. When he got there it was late and the house was dark except for the night light in the upstairs hall. Jim made his way quietly up the stairs and gently set his bag down on the little bench at the end of the bed. He undressed and slipped into bed without waking his wife, and then he let his mind begin the hunt.

Tendrils of thought reached out from Jim’s brain seeking something that wasn’t right. Sam and Dave were OK – no deception there. Sue’s mind was open to him and everything was as it should have been. House by house he checked everyone he knew in the neighborhood. All good. But there was something…it was nearby…it was wrong. It was Cheri. Those bastards had gotten to her.

“Well, well, well,” he thought to himself. She was “Operation Head Fake” was she? Right now she was sleeping peacefully and her mind was as open as it would ever be. He could see the way they’d gotten around his Master PC programming, but that they’d also left a lot of it in place. She had been told that Jim had raped her, which was, technically, correct, but for some reason, she still appreciated what he’d done for her and thought the sex was great. So she wasn’t angry, but she WAS cooperating with the FMCA.

Jim was angry. He was angry with himself mostly. Cheri didn’t owe him a thing. He’d used her like a blow up fuck toy. That much was true. He wasn’t proud of what he’d done. But he’d tried to make it up to her in other ways. And the physical improvements he’d made to her had guaranteed her a long and healthy life filled with really good sex.

Still, the bastards had turned her. He focused his mind on Cheri and went through it like a 49’er panning for gold. He winnowed and sifted, sorted and probed, looking for all of the controls, all of the instructions, all of the plans the FMCA had for Cheri. He didn’t intend to reprogram her, at least not yet. But now that he knew, he could defend himself.

“I can’t let this state of affairs continue,” he thought. “I must do something about the FMCA.” Some time later, he managed to fall asleep.

When he woke up, he found two women in bed with him both intent on giving him a welcome home blowjob.

“Now this is how I’d like to wake up every morning,” he chuckled as he looked down the bed to find Cheri and Susan sharing his manhood.

“Welcome home honey,” Susan said. She crawled up the bed and gave Jim a big kiss while Cheri took advantage of having his cock all to herself and began seriously sucking it.

“It’s good to be home,” Jim replied, returning the kiss with interest.

“Cheri is great, isn’t she?” Susan said.

“I’m not complaining,” Jim said, laughing.

“She eats pussy like a champ. I think we should let her stay here as long as she wants. So does Sam. I think Dave would agree too.”

“Sounds like you’ve been having some fun while I’ve been on the road,” Jim said.

“Can you blame me with all these sexy people around?”

“No, honey, I sure can’t.”

Cheri’s blow job was starting to have an effect on Jim and he decided to reward her efforts by giving her his first load of the day without making her work too hard for it.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” he sighed as he gave up his manly essence to Cheri’s sucking mouth. She kept his cock in her oral cavity until she’d sucked every last drop. And then she did something that made Jim’s cock stand right back up to attention – she snowballed his jizz into his wife’s wide open mouth. It was nasty!

The resulting romp, during which he fucked both Cheri and Susan to screaming orgasms, resulted in his being late to work. But it was worth it.

Chapter 20: Mr. Olsen Goes to Washington

It took Jim several weeks to organize his plans and make further upgrades to the Master PC program. Using what had been done to both his wife and to Cheri, Jim was able to reverse engineer the FMCA’s version of the software and exploit a few security holes they’d missed. His intent was to end the FMCA threat once and for all.

Mentally he was more powerful than ever. He did not need the Master PC program to manipulate others, except in the physical realm. He could control anyone with a mere thought. More importantly he could make anyone feel or see whatever he wanted them to feel or see. He could produce mass illusions, a power once thought to be the sole province of Fox News.

His plans made, Jim put in for two weeks of vacation.

“Susan! I’m home!” Jim called out as he entered his house. It was Friday evening. Tonight he would tell Susan about his trip to D.C. Cheri would be coming along. There was a legitimate reason for his being in the Capitol. He had a consulting contract with a D.C. based company.

He’d programmed Cheri to report some progress and he’d set up a dummy program that looked just like Master PC. At the appropriate moment he was going to give her access to his laptop and she was going to “find” the fake program and use it. That would send a virus back to the FMCA’s computer system (using the security hole he’d discovered) and destroy their version of Master PC entirely, slagging their entire computer system. There were some other tricks he intended to use – tricks he’d developed especially for Mr. Joe Friday and his cyber-gestapo.


Jim walked through the (apparently) empty house until he got to the kitchen where a note was taped to the fridge.

“We went shopping with Sam. BBL. xoxoxo”


Jim punched Sue’s cell number into the phone.

“It’s me. Yes, I found your note. Do we have dinner plans? Café Boef at 7? OK. Is Sam still with you? She is? What about Dave? Oh, OK, well I think I can survive at a table full of beautiful women. I’ll meet you there.”

Jim went up stairs and changed into his swim trunks then went out to the pool and swam laps for 30 minutes before showering and getting dressed for dinner. He liked Café Boef. For one thing, they required men to be properly attired. He liked places like that; not that he didn’t also enjoy a good meal in a café like the one where Cheri worked. And, of course, he was no stranger to the drive through at McDonalds, but when he went out for an evening meal, he liked to dress up.

He was just tightening the knot on his tie when the phone rang. The caller i.d. had a Colorado area code. Frowning, Jim pushed the “talk” button.


“Jim. It’s Tiffany. We need to talk.”

“Not on this phone.”

“OK, when and where?”

“I’ll give you a different number to call.” Jim sent a mental message to Tiffany and hoped she would get it – he wasn’t entirely sure how far his new mental powers extended.

“OK. We really need to talk.”

“Don’t worry. Everything will be OK.”

Jim turned off the phone and went into his office. Opening his brief case he took out a prepaid cell phone – one of five different prepaid cell phones he’d purchased at various big box stores in the last couple of weeks. He turned it on and waited.

30 minutes later the phone in his hand buzzed.

“Tiff. You got my message.”

“Yeah, it was weird. I had a strong feeling that I needed to go pick up a disposable cell and call this number with it.”

“That was me. OK, you’ve got a problem and I think I know what it is, but tell me about it anyway.”

“Joe Friday and some other guy whose name I can’t remember came to see me today asking about Master PC.”

“That’s what I thought. What did you tell them.”

“I played dumb and made sure they stayed focused on my tits.”

“Good plan. Did it work? How’d they leave things?”

“It sort of worked – at least on one of the guys, but that Friday guy never even looked at the twins. He told me that the FMCA was very concerned about my activities, that they knew I had a copy of Master PC and had used it.”

“If they’d been serious, Tiff, they would have come with a warrant for your laptop and any other computer in the house. They’re using you to get to me. Don’t underestimate these people, Tiffany. I did once and it nearly fucked everything up.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to fix things. I never should have sent you that software, Tiff, and that’s a fact. I really had my head up my ass when I did that.”

“Oh, I don’t know, I think things have been pretty good since you sent me the Master PC.”

“So far, but the wheels are about to come off if we’re not real careful.”

“So, what’s your plan?”

Jim told her.

“Shit. That’s either brilliant or the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard of.”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures. Don’t worry – I’ve given myself some capabilities that will make it possible for me to pull this off. Barely. And, I’ve set some things in motion that should render the FMCA harmless, at least for now.”

“So what do I do?”

“You don’t have to do anything. Make sure your friend doesn’t blab about Master PC, stop using the program for now, put the CD I gave you in a safe place, and uninstall the software from your laptop. This is my fault, Tiff. I never should have sent you the program in the first place. But I’m going to make things right and get Joe Friday off your back.”

“Can’t I help?”

“No. Just take care of Pi and the kids and get on with your life. Get rid of the phone you’re using and buy another one. Call me in two weeks.”

Jim gave her the number of one of his other prepaid phones, had her repeat it to him to make sure she had it right, told Tiffany not to worry, and hung up.

Jim finished the final adjustments to his tie, put on his jacket, shot his cuffs, made sure the links were showing, folded his pocket square into the proper shape and put it into the breast pocket of his blazer, checked his shoes for lint, grabbed his keys and headed out the door.

Café Boef is located in a reclaimed iron foundry. It occupies a portion of the old building. The developer was in the process of creating a complex of hotels, restaurants, and other attractions in the run down industrial district of the city and it was working. There was a hockey rink near by and that provided wintertime customers for the complex. Other attractions, including its proximity to the waterfront, provided tourist traffic in other parts of the year.

Jim pulled up, handed his keys to the valet and went inside.

“Your party is waiting, Mr. Olsen.” Jim was escorted to his table.

“Thank you, Andre.”

A year ago Jim would never have been caught dead in this place. He didn’t have the money or the looks to dine here. Now, however, he had both. He kissed his wife, Cheri, and Sam, the latter two on the cheek, and then sat down.

“Where’s Dave tonight, Samantha?”

“Fishing trip to Canada,” she replied.

“Ah, I see. How long?”

“Two weeks.”

“He left you alone for two weeks?”

“Yup,” Samantha said, smiling. “But I’ll be OK. Susan and Cheri and I have plans.”

Jim laughed. “I’ll bet you do, but I’m afraid I have to put a little kink in those plans, Sam.”

All three women gave him the “oh no you didn’t” stare.

“I have to go to Washington, D.C. on a consulting gig and I’m taking Cheri with me.”


Jim took out a sheet of paper from his inside jacket pocket and put it in front of Cheri.

“Congratulations, Cheri, you are now the Chief of Staff to the CEO of Olsen Consulting, Inc.”

Andre had the timing perfect. He arrived with a bottle of champagne and four glasses at exactly the right moment.

“A toast, ladies, to Cheri, may she never work for tips again.”

Crystal clinked and the toast was consummated.

“Wow,” Cheri said. “Thanks Mr. Olsen.”

“It’s Jim, Cheri. Call me Jim,” Jim said.

“Thanks, Jim. When do we leave?”

“Tomorrow afternoon. In the morning you’ll be going shopping so that you have appropriate clothing for the trip. We’re leaving on the 3:00 p.m. flight.”

Susan looked at Jim.

“Why am I not coming along?”

“Someone has to keep Sam company. We don’t want her getting lonely with Dave gone do we?” He reinforced his comment with a mental command.

Susan looked at Sam, lust filling her eyes, and said “of course not, dear. What was I thinking?”

“Hold on a minute Susan,” Sam said. “Jim’s going off to Washington with this beautiful creature here and that’s OK with you?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Never mind,” Sam said, looking at Jim with an arched eyebrow.

“How long will we be there?” Cheri asked.

“It might be a week, maybe longer. Plan for two weeks.”


“Let’s order. I’m famished,” Jim said.


“Cheri, do you know what the term polyamory means?”

Cheri and Jim were sitting in the first class section of the flight to the nation’s capitol. There were other conversations going on around them creating a bubble of privacy.

“Yes, I think so,” Cheri said, wondering where this was going.

“Well, Susan and I have been talking and we’d like you to stay with us, be a part of our lives, and a part of our family.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Cheri said.

“You don’t have to say anything. Just think about it. Now, let’s go over what we’re going to be doing and what you need to do for me while we’re in D.C., OK?”

“Sure, boss,” Cheri said. Her mind was in turmoil. Jim’s question had come as a shock. Sure she had really enjoyed being with Susan and Sam and Dave and Jim – the sex was incredible. Everyone was so nice to her and she really felt safe in Jim’s house. Plus there were other perks. Jim was becoming wealthy from his consulting business – it was a matter of time before his company became a full time occupation. She could really benefit from the association.

But, what about the FMCA? She felt like a traitor to Jim in some ways, even though their relationship had started out as a form of rape. Still, she had come to really like him; he had done a lot to further her career; and he was a great sex partner. But the Master PC program was dangerous – Joe Friday had shown her that. She had to go through with her orders from him because no one should have the kind of power that Jim Olsen was wielding with his computer.

Still she was conflicted. She listened as carefully as she could to her instructions and made notes. It was going to be a busy two weeks. She idly wondered if she and Jim would have sex – the thought sent a tingle through her body. Sex with Jim was better than any sex she’d had with other men – not that she’d had all that many other partners. It was like he knew exactly what to do and when to really make her soar into the sexual stratosphere. Her daydreams were cut short as the plane touched down and the real world intruded on her thoughts again.

For his part, Jim had been monitoring Cheri’s mind with part of his consciousness and found her conflicts mildly amusing. Well it was understandable. He’d used her and was still doing so. Had he helped her career? Well, yes, but his assistance was fairly self serving; his reasons for helping her were his own and not in any sense altruistic.

He liked having sex with Cheri because it was like having his own private porn star at his beck and call – she looked a LOT like Leah Livingston. He’d toyed with the idea of actually capturing a few of his favorite starlets and starting a harem of sorts. It was amusing to daydream about having a bevy of young ladies from the world of adult entertainment available at his whim. He’d actually made a list at one point: Brooke Lee Adams, Ashlyn Rae, Dana Dearmond, Faye Reagan (but then he found out that she smoked and took her off the list), Samantha Ryan, Dia Zerva, Persia Monir, and the list went on.

The scary part was that he could actually have done it if he’d really wanted to. But he had enough sense to realize how foolish an idea it was and so he set it aside as a pleasant day dream to be visited when he was bored or on a long flight.

He’d hired a car to take them to their hotel. Cheri was surprised that the place wasn’t more upscale. It was a middle of the road chain hotel – the kind with a decent breakfast buffet included in the cost of the room but no bar or restaurant. Oh well, at least there was a pool with a nice hot tub. She’d check it out later. The other thing was that she and Jim were sharing a room – well that figured.

“OK, here’s what needs to happen,” Jim said as they were unpacking. “First I need you to take a look at the power point for tomorrow morning’s dog and pony show – see if you can jazz up the graphics a bit. And, we need to put a little more zip into the handouts. I’ve got Adobe Indesign CS5 loaded on the laptop so you can get to work on that right away while I go have a pre-meeting-meeting with the client. Any questions?”

“Where do I print?”

Jim fished a card out of his wallet. “E-mail any documents you need printed to this address and let them know where to deliver them. They’ll have them there on time – I’ve used this outfit before.”

“OK, when will you be back?”

“Probably about an hour.”

“See you later then.”

Cheri watched Jim walk out of the room, or at least that’s what she thought she saw. She even heard the door click shut. She counted to sixty, slowly, to make sure he wasn’t going to pop back in and then went over and sat down at the desk in front of Jim’s laptop – the computer that she’d been trying to get at for months. Now, here it was, right in front of her.

Jim was standing at the door, watching her move about the room and finally settle at the desk. Phase one of his plan was about to go into effect.

Cheri noted that the computer was in standby mode but that it didn’t require a password to reactivate. There were no other user accounts on the machine. The first thing she did was to plug in a thumb drive to one of the USB ports on the laptop. It would automatically sense the presence of the Master PC program and make some changes to both it and the laptop itself. Then she checked the DVD drive to see if there was a disc in it. There was.

“I wonder,” she said aloud to the room.

She slid the disc back onto the tray and then loaded the DVD drive tray back into the machine. She saw the screen come up – it was the Master PC screen just like the guys at the FMCA headquarters had trained her to expect.

What she didn’t know was that Jim already knew about the software on the thumb drive and he had rewritten it. As soon as she fired up the Master PC program it used the hotel’s own internet connection – he had chosen this particular hotel because it had the fastest internet available – to connect his laptop and its modified software to the FMCA’s master computer here in Washington, D.C.

He had constructed a deadly (to computers) virus that would literally slag the FMCA’s main frame and anything connected to it. It was specially designed to seek out and destroy any copies of Master PC except his. He intended to make sure that he was the only one left on earth with access to this software. Well, he’d probably make an exception for Tiffany – she was having too much fun and it would be a shame to just cut her off.

Cheri watched the computer screen for the prompt that said that the FMCA’s modifications had taken effect. Once she saw the prompt she knew that her work for them was done.

A chime and a pop-up box announced that all had gone as planned. The desktop reappeared and she went to work on the assignments that Jim had given her, or at least she thought she did. In reality she was typing in commands that had nothing to do with graphics or power point. She was completing the hacking job that Jim’s virus had started. Jim watched until he knew she was done.

Cheri suddenly felt very sleepy -- overcome with the desire to go over to the bed and lay down. She did so and was quickly unconscious. Jim programmed her to remain in this state until he commanded her to awaken. Then he quietly left the room to take care of some personal business with one Joe Friday.


Joe Friday was single and lived alone in an apartment in Georgetown. He was surprised to hear a knock on his door and even more surprised to see Jim Olsen through the spy hole.

“This is a surprise, Mr. Olsen. Did you come here to give yourself up?”

“You wish, Friday. No I’ve come for a different purpose entirely. I’ve come to offer you a choice. You can promise to get off my back, or I can demonstrate to you how dangerous it is to mess with my family or my friends.”

“Well this oughta be good,” Friday said with a sneer. “What makes you think one man can go up against a federal agency and win?”

“You might want to rethink that last part,” Jim said sarcastically. “I can do things you people can’t even imagine. I’ve already begun to find every copy of Master PC and neutralize it, and it’s all been done with a simple set of computer commands. Without any fuss, without any mess, and without any publicity. It’s all done. Your problem is solved.”


“You’ll find out when you check in with the office. I expect to be paid for results. I’ve already slagged the computers of every Master PC user, present company excepted, of course. And, it won’t take me long to visit each user and relieve them of their copies of the software. I expect to be paid for this service, of course. Think of me as a bounty hunter-slash-problem solver.”

“Paid? Why shouldn’t I just arrest you right now and toss your sorry ass in jail? I have the authority.”

Joe, Joe, Joe…if you had the ability to arrest me I’d already be in cuffs. In point of fact, you can’t arrest me and you won’t dare try.”

Joe Friday’s retort died on his lips. He was frozen in place. He literally could not move a muscle. He was aware, his eyes still worked, he was still breathing, but he could not move.

“Your goons kidnapped my wife. You hassled a good friend of mine in Colorado. You even reprogrammed my new assistant and convinced her that I’d raped her. You’ve threatened me. It’s really tough for me to let that slide. So, what I’m going to do is show you what it will be like if you decide to stay stupid.”

Jim focused his mind on Joe Friday and gave him a vision that for all intents and purposes was more vivid than reality. In Joe’s mind the following sequence took place over days and weeks but in reality it was just a few seconds…


“Joe Friday you’ve messed with me once too often. I can’t just ignore that. Someone has to pay and I’ve elected you. You know you guys have absolutely no clue about how powerful the Master PC program is for someone who knows how to think and has an imagination. We agree on one thing though and that is that this is dangerous software that needs to be controlled or eliminated. The problem is that you government guys can’t find your ass with both hands and a flashlight so I’m going to take care of this problem for you. But, I can’t do that and watch my back at the same time wondering what you keystone cops are up to. So I’m going to make sure that the FMCA doesn’t bother me anymore and I’m also going to make sure that you aren’t in a position to threaten or harass me, my family, or my friends.”

Jim snapped his fingers and Joe Friday collapsed like a marionette with its strings cut. Then he picked up the FMCA agent like he was this morning’s newspaper and carried him out the door. No one saw him leave, no security camera made a recording of the event. The cab driver only saw one fare get in and one fare get out. He was told to wait so he waited.

The destination was a sleezy hotel that rented rooms by the hour. Jim had already rented a room for two hours in Joe Friday’s name. As far as the clerk was concerned the drivers license he’d seen matched the face of the man he’d rented the room to (for cash).

The pimp who’d rented out the underage girl would remember Joe Friday when the cops picked him up later as the man who’d asked for something young. He got a lot of chicken fuckers – this was Washington, D.C.

The underage hooker would remember the face of Joe Friday and that he had trouble getting it up, became angry, and was about to beat her when the cops showed up along with a couple of reporters who were able to get several shots of Joe Friday naked with a 14 year old girl in bed in a hotel that was a known hang out for hookers, pimps, and johns.

Joe would have a memory of fucking the girl even though he’d never actually touched her. But there was video tape of Joe Friday having sex with the young prostitute and audio of him asking her how old she was and her answering 14 after which Joe had said “good, I like ‘em young.”

Jim had managed to plant enough of Friday’s DNA on the young woman’s body so that he would easily be convicted of molesting a child. Nobody could be allowed to mess with Jim Olsen’s family. Ever.

“Joe! Wake up, Joe!”

Joe Friday shook his head and then he stared at Jim eyes wide with fear.

“What kind of monster are you? What about my wife? My children? What about that girl?”

Jim slapped Joe across the face once, hard.

“Snap out of it you idiot. None of that was real. Look at your watch. How much time has gone by since I told you I was going to show you what would happen if you stayed stupid.”

Friday looked at his watch and then gasped. He looked around as if he expected to be in prison and saw that he was in his apartment.”

“Besides, you’re not married and you have no children. There was no 14 year old hooker. You weren’t found in bed with her and you weren’t arrested and publicly disgraced. Look at me Joe.”

“I am looking at you.”

“Look at me while I’m talking to you. I want your full attention. I’m offering you a way out of the mess you’ve made of the whole Master PC investigation and you’re standing here giving me five kinds of shit. I’ll even let you take the credit for finding all of the Master PC users and neutralizing them. All you have to do is hire me as a consultant and pay me a bounty for every one I neutralize. What’s your agency’s budget?”

“That’s classified.”

Jim reached into Joe’s mind and retrieved the information. “I think it’s a billion a year – what a waste.”

Joe’s face went white – he still hadn’t figured out Jim’s mental powers yet. Joe Friday was a linear thinker with limited intellectual gifts. What he mostly had was a bulldog’s determination and good connections.

“How…how…how did you find that out?”

“There you go again worrying about all the wrong things. I didn’t want to do this, but,”

Jim stared into Joe Friday’s eyes for a few seconds. Friday’s face went momentarily blank before animation returned along with a big smile. He stuck out his hand.

“Mr. Olsen, thank you very much for your patriotic offer to help us capture the criminals using the Master PC program. Your fee of one million dollars apiece seems very reasonable. When can you start?”

“I already have, Joe. I already have. I’ll get back to you in a week or two with a progress report. In the meantime you might want to check in with your office. I think they’ve had a major computer malfunction within the past hour or so.”

“O-O-OK, Mr. Olsen, I’ll do that,” Friday said a puzzled look on his face.

“It’s Jim. Call me Jim,” Jim said, smiling. And with that he turned and walked away.

Chapter 21: Jim Gets His Freak On

You would think that having triumphed over his greatest adversary Jim would feel like a million bucks. Instead he felt empty and vaguely angry. He went back to his hotel. Cheri was still in her imposed sleep/trance. Jim decided to relax in the hotel’s hot tub so he put on his trunks and headed for the pool area.

Jim had the place to himself. That’s the way he had always liked it before his encounter with the Master PC program had helped him get back the body he’d had as an 18 year old. Before he’d been reluctant to have anyone see him in a swimsuit. Now, he didn’t care either way. The privacy and quiet (except for the ventilation system and the sound of the hot tub jets) were soothing after his long day’s work.

Then the door opened and a woman walked in, alone. She was a real MILF. She looked to be in her mid to upper 30’s with beautiful dark brown hair, a creamy complexion, long legs, and big tits. She was built like a Barbie.

Jim gave her mind a quick scan. Happily married, couple of kids, strips for extra cash, doesn’t fuck around, likes girls too, and JACKPOT she hated fat guys. Sometimes Jim Olsen could be a total bastard, especially when he was angry or upset like he was at the moment. Ordinarily he’d have flirted with this woman and gone on his way. If she came on to him at all he’d have considered doing her. Since Cheri was along he’d have considered a threesome.

But once he found out that she hated fat guys he decided to have some fun.

She said nothing to him when she walked into the pool area but tossed her cover-up on the nearest chair, and waded into the swimming pool before swimming a number of laps (breast stroke – she kept her face and hair out of the water). When she had completed her laps she came over to the hot tub.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Help yourself. There’s plenty of room,” Jim said, smiling. “Oh, you might want to reset the timer on this thing because I think it’s about to stop,” he added.

The woman walked over to the wall where the control was located. She gave an extra little swing to her hips that Jim was supposed to notice and respond to, which he did. She reset the timer and then walked back to the hot tub, smiling. She was enjoying Jim’s attention – it was something she was used to. And, Jim was pretty good looking.

What she didn’t know was that she was about to enter her own worst nightmare. Jim had decided to have some fun with this woman.

As the tall brunette was stepping into the hot tub he changed her vision of him to one of a large (i.e. really fat) grey haired (and not much hair) man – the kind she despised. She did a double take but was too far into the tub to just turn around and walk out, so she took a position as far as possible from him and sat down.

“Where are you from?” Jim asked, innocently.

“California,” she said. She was trying not to look in Jim’s direction – she had her head back and her eyes closed. “Mmmm, this feels good.”

Jim issued a quick mental command and her head snapped forward; her eyes opened wide; she was looking right at him now.

“You don’t like fat guys much do you Veronica?”

“How do you know my name,” she asked her voice trembling a little – Jim had scared her. That was good, he thought.

“I know a lot about you. I also know you don’t like fat guys. Why is that, Veronica?”

He gave her permission to speak her mind and she did. Did she ever.

“They’re disgusting and they stink and all that flesh – it makes my skin crawl.”

“You’d never fuck a fat man would you Veronica?”

“God no!”

“What if he had a 12 inch cock?”


“I said, would you fuck a fat guy if he had a 12 inch cock.”

Jim had probed her mind and he knew that Veronica had a big dick fetish. So sad. The female vagina is only about 4 inches deep, and that’s stretching it. A foot long cock is a waste of at least 6 inches of flesh, accounting for the geometry of sex and how much dick a man can actually insert in a woman’s pussy.

“Veronica? Answer me please, and tell the truth – I’ll know if you’re lying.”

“Would I have to look at him while I did it?”

BINGO. He had her and he knew it.

“Maybe we’d use a blind fold.”

“Well, I’d have to think about it.”

“Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie. Can I call you Ronnie? You don’t have to think about it at all. You’re a big cock slut. So much so that you’d fuck Fat Bastard if he walked in here with a foot of man meat in his shorts.”

She actually blushed. Jim laughed.

“C’mon, let’s go back to my room and I’ll take you some place that your husband has never taken you before.”

“My husband…” Jim cut her off.

“Your husband is in California. You’re alone here dancing at some club in the suburbs. Stop playing around, Ronnie. Now let’s go.”

Jim stood up and didn’t let her look away. What she thought she was looking at was a 50-something man carrying about 150 more pounds than he should have been. It must have been like watching Shamu come out of the tank at Sea World. The disgust on her face was clear.

And then she caught sight of the bulge in Jim’s trunks and her face changed in an instant. Jim wasn’t going to need to blind fold her at all. But he had some other surprises in store for Veronica.

He held out his hand and she took it, smiling now, a look of lust on her face.

“Is it really 12 inches?”

“No, actually, it’s 14.”

“Oh my god,” she gasped.

Jim laughed again. She had NO idea. His cock, as far as she would be concerned, would be any length he wanted it to be. Her mind belonged to him and he could make her think, see, and/or feel anything he wanted to. Sometimes Jim was a real bastard. Unfortunately for Veronica, this was one of those times.

They dried off with the pool towels and then headed for Jim’s room. People saw them walking down the corridors hand in hand. As far as anyone but Veronica was concerned they were seeing a very good looking couple walking hand in hand. What she *thought* they were seeing was a beautiful woman walking hand in hand with a grossly obese older man.

“What’s it feel like,” Jim said in the elevator when they were alone, “thinking about those people seeing you with me in the hallway.”




“Yes. Good. I want you to remember this night for the rest of your life. In fact, I can guarantee you will. And, after I’m through with you, you’re going to go out of your way to be nice to fat guys, even if they don’t tip well. When you dance you’re going to look for fat guys to give extra attention to.”

“Fuck that!” she snapped as the elevator door opened. She started to walk out -- Jim stopped her with a thought.

Jim took her hand again and led her down the hall to his room. He opened the door, ushered her inside, then closed and locked it behind him.

“Who’s that,” Veronica said, pointing to the unconscious Cheri laying on one of the beds.

“Oh, her? That’s Cheri, my assistant. She won’t know we’re here. Don’t worry about her.”

Cheri was laying on one of the beds, perfectly still. Her eyes were closed. For all intents and purposes she was sleeping. Jim had switched off her higher brain functions before leaving for his encounter with Joe Friday. Her automatic responses were working – she was breathing and her heart was pumping, her kidneys doing their thing, etc. But mentally she was a null wave transmitter.

Veronica couldn’t stop staring.

“She’s gorgeous. How come you’re not fucking her?”

“Oh I have and I will again. Just not right now. She’s sort of a project of mine. She fucks my wife and my neighbor and her husband. She’ll fuck anyone I tell her to. And like it. If you want, I’ll wake her up and have her eat your pussy.”

“Wow. Who are you?”

“Sidney Greenstreet.”

“What? Sidney who?”

“Hmmm…I guess I’ll have to update my cultural references. Oh well. You can call me Mr. Big.”

Jim dropped his trunks and she gasped.

“My god! It’s huge!”

“Wait until it’s hard. Get that suit off slut and get on that bed over there. Daddy’s of a mind to make some moogie.”

She continued to stare at Jim’s cock the way a rabbit might stare at a cobra – unable to move or look away. She stripped off her suit and moved to the bed. She was quickly on her back with her legs spread.

Jim sent a pleasure bolt right to her clit and she squealed with delight, her hands flying to her pussy; furiously frigging herself. She was wet and ready – Jim had seen to that with a steady stream of stimulating mental prods aimed right at the pleasure centers of her brain.

Keep in mind that though she SAW a fat man, it was not a fat man who positioned himself between her legs.

“Now, Ronnie, get ready because you’re about to get ALL the wrinkles worked out of your vajayjay.”

Jim notched the head of his enormous pecker in the opening to her vagina and then buried about 4 inches of it inside her. She grunted with pleasure. Jim pulled back and pushed in again. Another two inches. She was still feeling pretty good. Back out. In again. Another two inches. Now she was starting to feel stretched. He was hitting the back wall of her pussy, bumping her cervical opening on the way. Back out again. Jim looked right into Veronica’s eyes and smiled. It was not a nice smile. It was the smile that a shark might give, if it could smile, when it spotted its next meal swimming unaware.

Slowly he pressed in again. She smiled back at Jim at first and then her facial expression began to change as he pushed past the point where any man had ever gone with her and kept going. The back wall of her vagina stretched to accommodate the intruder. It was not comfortable. What she didn’t know was that he could control her perceptions of the length and thickness of his cock with a thought and he was making it thicker as he pushed.

It was the size of her wrist now and growing. Jim was monitoring her. He didn’t want to kill her – that would have been easy to do if his control was not absolute. Jim tested her limits and then pulled back.

The look of relief on her face was replaced by fear a moment later as he pushed his cock back inside her again, once more stretching her to the absolute limit. She was groaning now.

Jim sent a shot of pleasure through her nervous system as he bottomed out. Her eyes flew open wide. So did her mouth. No sound came out. It was almost comical.

To Veronica, Jim’s cock felt as thick as his forearm now and he began to really work her pussy over good. He didn’t slam it in, but his strokes were vigorous. He was reaming her a new one, so to speak. And as he was doing so he realized that he should do her ass, too. She was going to leave Jim’s room a changed woman. Compared to the fat man in room 412 all other men were just going to be boys.

Jim’s hips were a blur as he stepped up the pace. He also started to feed back his own pleasure to Veronica’s mind, doubling the intensity of her experience. She began cumming almost at once. She didn’t stop cumming for 20 minutes. That’s when she fainted.

Jim rolled her over and spread the cheeks of her ass. Her pussy was wide open and the lips were a raw red color. She would be walking funny later on.

Jim reached into his bag for the bottle of lube he always carried and then he dumped a large helping of the slippery stuff at the top of Ronnie’s ass crack. He started working it into her asshole with his fingers. One finger then two then three – in and out of her rectum. She woke up just as Jim was positioning the knob of his massive boner at her rear entrance.

“What are you…I’ve never…noooo…don’t…you’ll kill me with that fucker!” she hissed through clenched teeth.

“Relax, Ronnie, it’ll only hurt for a minute or two. Then you’re really gonna like it. Imagine you, giving up your ass cherry to a fat old man like me. Turn your head to the right honey and smile.”

Jim provided her with another illusion. She thought she was looking right into a camera hooked up to a computer. She believed that their sex act was streaming on the net.

“Noooooo…please…not that…”

“Don’t want anyone to know you’re fucking a fat guy, right? You stream your naked body on line all the time – I’m just giving your customers a little something extra.”

Jim planted the idea that she was streaming this video on her own website.

“Smile for your fans baby cos here comes daddy!”

With that, Jim pushed the head of his massive erection firmly into the center of her well prepared anal opening. She threw her head back and started to scream.

“Nuh-uh-uh, Ronnie, we can’t have that,” Jim whispered as he halted the scream before it had a chance to emerge.

“Who are you?” Veronica managed to gasp as she felt her asshole being violated for the very first time.

“We’ve been through this, Ronnie,” Jim said with as much boredom as he could manage considering that he now had six inches of dick buried in her warm tight backside.

“Just let go and enjoy,” Jim said as he began to send pleasure waves from her ass to her brain, once again feeding his own pleasure straight into her mind.

Veronica moaned.

“Say ‘fat guys are hot’ Veronica,” Jim whispered into her ear.

“Noooooo,” she moaned.

The pleasure was momentarily taken away and Veronica suddenly felt what was really going on as Jim pushed another two inches deeper into her colon.

“ohmygod” she gasped in pain.

“I can make it feel wonderful again, Ronnie, but you have to say the magic words.”

“Noooooo….I hate fat men.”

“Wrong answer,” he growled pushing deeper and stimulating her pain sensors.

“You’re hurting me,” she moaned.

Jim said nothing, but just started fucking in and out with every inch he could get into her. Jim did nothing to enhance her feelings, he just blocked any pleasure she might have felt from reaching her brain.

“Fat…guys…are…are…are…hot…” she gasped.

“I don’t think you mean it,” Jim said, soothing some of her discomfort as a show of good will.

“Fat guys are hot,” she said, sounding more sincere this time.

“Keep saying it. The more you say it the better you’ll feel.”

“Fat guys are hot.” A jolt of pleasure blasted into her brain.

“Fat guys are hot!” Another pleasure bolt rocketed up from her asshole.

“FAT GUYS ARE HOT!” That got a big blast of positive reinforcement.


There was more, but why repeat it? Her orgasms were hitting her like a series of freight trains at full speed. She was chanting the magic words like a mantra. She was babbling. She was crying. She was practically pissing herself with pleasure.

For his part, Jim was enjoying the sensation of his large (but certainly not 14 inches large) cock moving in and out of Veronica’s well lubed asshole; particularly when her orgasmic spasms started rippling through her colon. He fucked her for a while without releasing his own seed, and then decided that enough was enough.

He put her to sleep.

Then he dressed her and took her back to the hot tub. There was still no one else there. Jim reset the timer on the whirlpool and placed her where she had been earlier. Then he went over to where he’d been sitting and sat back down.

She woke up and she saw Jim for real, not as the fat guy who’d just fucked her brains out and given her bigger orgasms than she had ever experienced in her life.

Waves of confusion and then fear crossed her face. She winced as certain parts of her anatomy made their recent abuse known. Jim smiled at her.

“Hi,” he said. “My name’s Jim. What’s yours?”

She shook her head.

“Was someone else here before? A big guy? Gray hair?”

“No one here but us, ma’am.”

She was trying to get a handle on the moment. Then she seemed to remember that she’d been asked a question.

“Veronica. My name is Veronica.”

“Pleased to meet you Veronica. What brings you to our nation’s capitol?”

“Work. You?”

“Same here. Work work work – I need some time off.”

“Forgive me for bringing this up, but are you sure there was no one else here a minute ago?”

“Are you OK? You seem a little woozy. Have you been drinking? It’s not safe to be in one of these whirlpools if you’ve been drinking.”

“Honestly I haven’t had any alcohol today,” she said.

“Maybe you should see a doctor,” Jim said. He got up and she looked at his buff body. He had a scar on his knee from his long ago surgery. He hadn’t bothered to get rid of it when he’d remodeled himself. He chuckled to himself as he saw a fleeting spark of recognition in her eyes. The fat man who’d raped her had a scar just like that one.

Jim stepped to her and held out his hand.

“Let me get you back to your room, Veronica.”

She didn’t resist as Jim helped her up the steps out of the whirlpool or when he dried her off with a towel. She was quiet as he helped her back to her room. She didn’t even object when Jim stripped off her swimsuit and maneuvered her naked body under the covers of her bed.

After Jim tucked her in he leaned over and put his mouth next to her ear.

“What are the magic words?”

“Fat guys are hot,” she whispered. Her body jerked with shock as a wave of pleasure swept over her. Then Jim put her to sleep – she’d wake up in plenty of time to get ready for her evening’s work at the dance club. And, when she woke up she’d wondering what was real and what wasn’t. She’d also be a lot nicer to fat guys in the future.

He walked back to his room humming a Thorogood tune under his breath and smiling.

“B-b-b-b-b-bad to the bone,” he mouthed, softly, and chuckled to himself, shaking his head.

“Jim Olsen, you are definitely turning out to be a sick bastard,” he muttered.

Chapter 22: Jim and Cheri Take a Shower

Cheri, of course, was still out of it when he got back. He straightened up the bed he’d used to fuck Veronica and put away his bottle of lube. He took off his trunks and put his clothes back on, including the dress shirt and tie.

Then he gave the mental command that released Cheri from her imposed unconsciousness. That same command wiped all of her memories of the FMCA, Joe Friday, and Master PC. She was his assistant and Jim was not only the boss but a virile and sexy man with whom she enjoyed having sex. She also knew that his wife didn’t mind and that she, Cheri, had had sex with her as well as her friend Samantha on numerous occasions. Life was good.

The tasks that Jim had supposedly given her had already been taken care of by others – Cheri believed that she had done them and he would compliment her for her great work.

“Wow, I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was,” Cheri said, yawning.

“Plane trips will do that to you. They never put enough oxygen in the cabin - - always makes me sleepy as hell,” Jim replied, smiling.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Cheri said, smiling, “want to join me?”

“Now that’s the best offer I’ve had all day,” Jim said, loosening his tie and starting to unbutton his shirt.

“Here, let me do that,” Cheri said, springing from the bed and planting herself in front of him. She quickly had his shirt, t-shirt, slacks, and socks piled on the credenza across from the beds. His shorts were clearly tented where his hard cock pressed against the fabric from the inside.

“mmmm…what do we have here?” Cheri said playfully as she stroked Jim’s cock through his briefs.

“Take it out and see. I know you’ll like it, Cheri,” he said, grinning that shark grin again. He had deliberately not allowed himself to cum with Veronica, but he had no intention of repeating that performance with Cheri. She was going to receive several loads of his tribute before the night was done, starting with one down her throat before they ever got into the shower.

Cheri looked up at Jim, lust in her eyes, as she slowly pulled his briefs over his hips, past his hardon, and down to his ankles. He returned her gaze, his own lust written in big capital letters on his face, and watched as she took his massive boner in her hands.

“Mmmmm…I think I’d like to suck this before we get into the shower, Jim. Would you like that?”

She was teasing him and he allowed it, for the moment.

“Cheri, you are one of the best cock suckers I’ve ever had, so yes, I’d love it if you sucked my cock,” Jim said, still looking directly into her eyes.

“But that’s something only dirty whores do, isn’t it,” she giggled.

“What’s your point, my dirty little whore?”

“Am I your dirty little whore,” Cheri asked, jacking his cock with her soft little hands.

“Yes, you’re my dirty little whore, Cheri. You’re sexy as hell and I get hard every time I see you or think of you, baby,” Jim growled.

“Mmmmm….you say the nicest things. You’re the best boss ever. I’m going to give you the best blowjob I know how because I’m your dirty little whore and that’s how we roll.”

“Less talk, more sucking,” Jim said, grabbing Cheri’s head and aiming it at the angry red head of his cock.

“Yes, sir,” Cheri giggled again and then took the hint and started sucking.

If she noticed a slight tang in addition to the usual flavor of Jim’s musk she did not say anything. She had no idea that this dick had most recently resided in the asshole of a stripper named Veronica, nor would she. Like all of Jim’s Master PC modified family and friends she was immune to infections of any kind, including e-coli. Not to mention the fact that his dip into Veronica’s ass had been separated from his current activities by a dip into the hot tub where the chemicals would surely have killed any lingering bacteria – or not; it really didn’t matter.

Cheri’s head bobbed up and down as more and more of Jim’s cock disappeared into her maw. He smiled as he remembered how she struggled to take more than just the head of his prick that first day that they’d had sex. She’d come a long way. He was going to be extra good to her going forward. She’d be a rich woman some day with her own consulting company that he would help her start. But no matter what, she’d always be willing to give it up for Jim Olsen. He’d guarantee that.

Cheri was in heaven. She loved sucking Jim’s cock, especially when he put his hands on either side of her head like he was doing now and moving her mouth up and down on him. It was weird but when she was sucking him it was like she could feel what Jim was feeling. She had never felt like that sucking her old boyfriend’s cock. Her hands were busy digging into her crotch trying to rub away the itch her pussy felt every time she had his dick in her face.

Her saliva was running freely down her chin and dripping onto her blouse but she didn’t care. She was entirely focused on the cock in her throat and the balls touching her chin on each stroke. The throbbing meat in her mouth and the feeling in her pussy encompassed her entire universe at the moment.

“Oh that’s good, Cheri. You’re doing a great job sucking my cock my dirty little whore. Keep it up baby…just your mouth…that’s it…you’re gonna make me cum in a minute…you like that don’t you my dirty little whore…I think I’ll just call you m-d-l-w from now on. Would you like that? I’ll bet it makes your pussy all slimy just sucking me off baby…”

Jim had programmed Cheri to have a massive orgasm as soon as she felt the first splash of his cum in her mouth. This trigger worked every time she sucked him and explained why she was so eager to have his cock in her mouth any time she could get it. He’d also given her some extra nerve endings in her mouth and throat that made cock sucking even more pleasurable.

Jim had overcome his moral ambiguity, as you should be able to figure out by now. He was not the boy he’d been at 15 when his aunt seduced him. He was not the man who years ago preached and taught Sunday school in a Pentecostal Church. He was not the man who’d felt remorse after brutally buggering a woman he’d met at the gym, nor was he the man who’d reacted with horror after realizing that he’d taken another human life (three of them in fact).

His primary impulse was to do good. That was still there. He did have something of a moral compass. It was just that he’d reconciled himself to the compromises he’d had to make along the way and gotten over his regret at what he’d initially done to Cheri and to his other conquests, and he no longer felt guilty about any of it. Period.

“Aaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he sighed as he released control of his internal plumbing and allowed a huge burst of his pent up seed to explode into Cheri’s oh so talented mouth. He let go of her head and fisted his cock, jerking its contents past the sucking lips and onto the hungry tongue of the wildly orgasming blond at his feet.

Cheri was beside herself with pleasure. Every part of her sexual self was on fire and she was experiencing a massive climax. The taste, smell, and feel of Jim’s cock in her mouth drove her wild. She greedily sucked every drop of his liquid lust into her gullet. She trembled as she felt the hot fluid slide down her esophagus, warming her stomach.

Finally the pleasure became too great for Jim to tolerate and he pulled his cock out of Cheri’s sucking mouth with a pop.

“Noooooo,” she moaned, reaching for him to get his cock back inside her mouth.

“Enough, m-d-l-w, let’s take that shower,” Jim said, laughing at her distress.

He lifted her to her feet and rapidly stripped her naked.

“God Damn you’re beautiful!” Jim gasped as he grabbed a handful of Cheri’s tits. She squealed with delight both at his compliment and at his expert manipulation of her jugs.

Jim kissed Cheri passionately. In spite of just having blown a major load down his sexy assistant’s throat his lust was not sated in the least. Before the night was over he would claim all three of her fuck holes, and some more than once. He had just ended, as far as he knew, the threat to his family and friends and was secure in his knowledge that his intelligence and abilities were equal to any future threats, and he was feeling triumphant.

He tasted his cum on her lips and tongue and this enflamed his lust even further. He fleetingly wished there was another man in the room – he’d like to get his own lips on a steaming stalk of man meat. That thought was quickly dispatched as he felt the bullet points of Cheri’s perfect tits pressing into his flesh, his rampant cock resting against the soft flesh of her belly.

Cheri’s orgasms had never really stopped – she was on a sort of pleasure plateau and her entire being was suffused with sexual energy and excitement. She loved the way Jim kissed her and the way his cock felt when it pressed into her belly. She loved the way he held her tightly and the way her tits crushed against him. She loved the way his hands sought out the cheeks of her ass and squeezed them. Cheri would do anything for this man. It was not love, it was worship. She was his, absolutely, and he could do anything he wanted to her. This was not an idea that Jim had put into her head specifically, but when he’d released the hold that the FMCA had put on her mind and erased the memories of Joe Friday and what he’d put her through, she was free to feel whatever feelings for him that she wanted, and what she wanted was to belong to him completely.

“How about that shower, MDLW?

“Whatever you say, boss,” Cheri replied.

“Let’s go.”

Moments later they were under the streaming hot water of the large shower stall. Jim had arranged to have a handicapped accessible room (bad form, I know, but we’ve already established the fact that Jim could be a bastard sometimes) so the entire bathroom was tiled from floor to ceiling with a shower in one corner and a drain in the middle of the room. They had all the space they needed for lots of wet, slippery fun.

Jim spent lots of time soaping and stroking Cheri’s tits. He was usually a legs/ass man, but Cheri’s tits had always fascinated him. They were so perfectly shaped and round. Best of all, they were real. He despised fake breasts.

A thought occurred.

“Cheri, my dirty little whore, would you like another girl to play with while we’re in D.C.?”

“Mmmmm….Jim…you know I like girls too…that would be awesome.”

“Good. I’ll arrange something for tomorrow night.”

They kissed again under the hot water of the shower; soapy flesh on soapy flesh; slippery and sensuous. Soapy hands explored wet backs and buttocks seeking to make the embrace even tighter than it already was.

“God, Jim,” Cheri gasped, “I need your cock so bad.”

Cheri broke away from Jim’s grasp and turned to face the wall of the shower. She pressed her palms to the tiles, spread her legs, and arched her back, displaying her ass to Jim’s hungry gaze.

“Wish granted,” Jim growled stepping up behind his blond assistant.

Squatting slightly, he positioned his cock at the entrance to Cheri’s obviously aroused pussy and pressed his attack home, quickly hilting himself in her sheath.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…yessssssssssssss,” Cheri moaned as she felt his spear penetrate her molten center.

“Ahhhhhh,” Jim sighed as he felt her tight pussy engulf his fleshy cudgel. He held himself still as he enjoyed the warm wetness of Cheri’s young quim. She squeezed him in a most delightful way as she pleasured herself on his pole. He would not have had to move a muscle – she could have milked a load out of his dick just by doing what she was doing – but he had other plans.

Gripping Cheri’s soapy hips as well as he could Jim began to slide his thick dick in and out of the moist hot grip of Cheri’s pussy. She matched him stroke for stroke pushing back against him as he pushed into her. It was a slow pace at first, both of them enjoying the sensations and accommodating each other’s pleasure. Cheri wanted more though and she wasn’t afraid to ask for it.

“Faster Jim. Fuck me faster. Give it to me good. You know the way I like it.”

Jim said nothing but took a firmer grip on Cheri’s hips and began picking up the pace. Have you ever seen one of those old steam locomotives starting up from a dead stop? That’s what this would have seemed like. With each stroke Jim applied more power and speed until his hips became a blur. It was like he’d attached a dildo to a reciprocating saw mechanism and turned it on high.

Cheri had never felt anything like this in her life. It was a whole new kind of fucking. A series of quick, powerful orgasms ripped through her nervous system like an electrical shock. Her pleasure was so intense that she found it difficult to breathe. She would have screamed if she could but she discovered that she suddenly had no voice (that was Jim’s doing – he sensed her scream coming and decided he didn’t want to have the police bursting through the door thinking someone was being murdered). She didn’t care. All she cared about was the pleasure she was feeling at the moment.

Jim was entirely focused on Cheri’s pleasure. He was also monitoring various aspects of her physical well being, sensing when she would have reached a limit on the amount of stimulation she could stand. Gradually he slowed his pace as he felt Cheri begin to tire. He was nowhere near his own erotic apotheosis but he was enjoying himself immensely. He gave Cheri her voice back. For a while all she could do was babble. Drool dripped from her mouth down her chin.

Jim pulled his cock out of Cheri’s well used pussy and he turned her body so that she was facing him. Her eyes were rolled back and she would have fallen if he hadn’t supported her. He plunged them both back under the shower spray and finished rinsing their soapy flesh. Then he picked Cheri up in his arms and took her back to the bedroom and dried her with a towel before placing her on her back on the bed.

Cheri stretched out on the bed the picture of a totally satisfied woman. Jim stood over her, smiling, knowing he’d given her more pleasure in the last 15 minutes than she’d probably ever experienced before in her life. He looked down at her body noting how swollen her pussy lips were – she was still excited – and crawled up beside her on the bed turning her body so that they were spooning.

“Jim you’re still hard – you haven’t cum yet,” Cheri whispered feeling his rampant prick prodding her in the back as they snuggled on the bed. She squirmed a bit adjusting her position until she could trap Jim’s cock between her legs. She reached between her legs and grasped the powerful pole that had driven her to ecstasy just moments earlier and aligned it with her greedy pussy hole.

“You want more, Cheri?”

“Yes, baby, push it in me, please. I want to feel you cum inside my pussy.”

Jim thrust his hips toward the petite blonde’s ass and slid his rampant charger through the slippery outer lips and into the liquid depths of Cheri’s sexual center. For a while they lay like that – nearly motionless except for a gentle flexing of muscles to supply some friction.

“Feels so good, Jim. Don’t move it just now. Let me feel your cock all hard and stiff inside me. Let me squeeze it for you and make it cum just like that.”

Jim nuzzled the back of Cheri’s neck and reached around her body to fondle her breasts. Cheri, for her part, began seriously squeezing his cock with her interior sexual muscles grasping and releasing his member in a liquid grip that felt like the best hand job ever.

Jim was intrigued by Cheri’s technique and his cock loved it. He flexed his hips just enough to stir the pot and focused on his own pleasure, feeding it back to Cheri through his mental emanations. Cheri’s hand flew to her crotch and she began furiously frigging her clit while attempting to milk Jim’s load.

Cheri’s pussy was on fire and her whole body felt like it was glowing with pleasure. She had no idea how it was happening but she was feeling the fucking from two different perspectives. It was like SHE had a cock sliding in and out of a hot, wet, pussy. Not thinking she had any more orgasms in her she was taken by surprise as a series of powerful climaxes swept across her body tearing cries of joy and pleasure from her throat.


Jim was on the very edge of his own pleasure cliff and the pounding contractions of Cheri’s overheated pussy as it jerked its way through climax after climax were all it took to plunge Jim into the orgasmic abyss.

“YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” Jim moaned as he felt his release overtake him and his cock began to blast Cheri’s insides with wad after wad of hot salty semen.

Jim put his arms around Cheri and held her tightly to his body, feeling her tremble and shake as after-shocks of pleasure rippled through her flesh. His cock, still semi erect, stayed buried in her pussy. Jim nuzzled the back of Cheri’s neck, kissing and nibbling the sensitive flesh at her hair line; his hands gently caressed her shoulders, breasts, and belly as her breathing (and his) came under control.

“That was intense,” Jim said.

“Mmmmmm…yesssss,” Cheri murmured pushing her hips back against Jim’s belly as she tried to work her body even tighter to his.

Jim managed to reach down and catch a corner of the sheet which he pulled over them both. A few minutes later he fell asleep, his cock still buried in the warm confines of Cheri’s warm and welcoming vaginal embrace. He’d always wanted to do that – fall asleep with his dick buried in a pussy. One more item checked off the bucket list.

Chapter 23: Cheri and Veronica

The presentation the next day went well – Jim and Cheri worked like a well oiled machine; always perfectly in synch. The customers were impressed and this was only the first day.

That evening, Jim took Cheri out for a celebratory dinner and over their after dinner coffee he made a suggestion about how the rest of their evening might go.

“OK, Cheri, I know this is going to sound weird, but how would you like to go to a local strip club tonight?”

“You’re kidding? Really? A strip club?”

“Yes. There’s a really hot dancer at one of the local clubs. She’s from California or Las Vegas or someplace out west and she’s actually staying in the same hotel as we are. I’d like to go see her – I’ve seen her do some stuff on the internet and she’s very hot. I think you’ll find her attractive. I’d like to see if we can get her to come to our room for a three way. How’s that sound?”

“A three way, eh? So I’d get to lick some pussy?”

Jim leaned forward and said in a conspiratorial whisper, “A pussy in your face and my cock in your cunt. Tell me that idea doesn’t make your panties damp?”

“You sure no how to sweet talk a girl, Jim,” Cheri said, smiling. Then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Yeah, you’re right. My panties are a little damp. Let’s go.”

“Good girl.”

Jim signaled the waiter for the check. Jim paid, took Cheri’s arm and they headed for the club. On the ride over, Jim had Cheri remove her panties. He played with her smooth pussy all the way to the club. By the time they arrived she was as primed and ready for sex as it was possible for a woman to be.

A throbbing beat and flashing strobes hit them like a physical force as they made their way inside. Amazingly enough, space opened for them and they soon had seats right at the front of the stage. Jim had a roll of five dollar bills and a bunch of other cash ready for tips and private dances. He was going to have Cheri hand out the dough. He knew it would turn her on and it would give him a laugh as well.

Cheri wasn’t the only woman in the club who wasn’t dancing or waiting tables. Other women were there watching as well. Not many, but a few. All were with boyfriends and all were having a good time pretending they were embarrassed or grossed out by the display of flesh on the stage and at the poles.

The stage cleared and an announcer grabbed a microphone. This was what the crowd had been waiting for – a feature dancer.

“Ladies and gentleman. All the way from Las Vegas Nevada, give it up for Veronica!”

The tall well proportioned brunette that Jim had fucked so hard the other day came out onto the stage and all eyes were immediately riveted to her.

Cheri leaned over to Jim and whispered, “is this her?”

“Yes,” Jim replied.

“She’s hot! You think we can get her to play with us?”

“I guarantee it, Cheri. Before the night is over, you’ll be in bed with Miss Veronica.”

Cheri’s eyes were full of lust as she watched the tall brunette work the stage, which jutted out into the crowd like a peninsula. The rail was packed with people holding out bills and vying for Veronica’s attention. She was really good – dancing sexily for each one and making them believe that they were the only person in the room at that moment.

Side to side she went working her way to the end of the stage where Jim and Cheri sat patiently waiting for her to bestow her attention on them. Veronica was into her third song, Janet Jackson’s “Black Cat”, when she got to where Jim and Cheri were. Her eyes met Jim’s and opened wide with shock and recognition. She faltered for just a fraction of a second before her professionalism, with some mental support from Jim, reasserted itself and she focused her energy and passion toward the couple occupying the prime seats.

Jim gave her a mental nudge suggesting that Cheri was the one who needed the show, and Veronica paid special attention to the petite blonde with the big tits. He also planted the idea in Veronica’s mind that Cheri would be fun to play with and sent a mental command that made Veronica’s pussy pulse and drool every time she thought about seeing Cheri naked.

Eventually, to avoid looking suspicious, he released Veronica to go dance for other customers, collect her tips and finish her set. But he wasn’t surprised at all when Veronica came back out later and walked straight to the table that Jim and Cheri had moved to when the set was over. She was the one they had come to see.

“Hi, I’m Veronica,” She said, holding out her hand as she walked up to the table. Jim stood, a sign of respect, and took her hand in his.

“I’m Jim and this is my toy, Cheri,” he said, smiling. Cheri giggled. “Will you join us for a drink so we can talk about getting a private dance?”

“Sure,” she said, sitting down. The waitress pounced on the opportunity to sell some overpriced champagne and almost at the speed of light three glasses and a bottle of Dom Mediocre appeared on the table.

Jim poured. “To fun times and good memories,” he said, raising his glass. The three glasses clinked and cool liquid poured down three throats. Jim made the face he always made when he drank champagne – he hated it. The ladies did not notice – they were focused on each other.

“We’d like a private dance, Veronica. Cheri is quite taken with you, I must say. I think her pussy is dripping right now, isn’t it Cheri?”

“Mmmm…yes,” Cheri said. She reached under the table, under her skirt and pushed two fingers into her molten honey pot. Then she brought them back up into the light glistening with her feminine moisture.

Without intending to – she had no idea where the notion came from – Veronica grasped Cheri’s wrist and pulled the fingers to her lips, sucking and licking until she’d captured every bit of Cheri’s cunt cream.

“Mmm…you taste wonderful,” Veronica said in a husky voice. “But we can’t play here,” she added.

“Understood. As it happens we’re staying in the same hotel. We’re in room 412. I’m sure you can remember that, right? We’ll have our private dance and then we’ll leave. You can tell the manager that you have a headache or something – I promise he’ll believe you – and then you can join us. You will not regret it.”

The most difficult thing that Cheri had ever done in her life was sit through the private dance with her hands under her butt cheeks. She wanted to jump Veronica’s bones right there. Veronica had the same problem. She was bumping and grinding just inches from a blonde vision of lust and she also would have liked nothing more than to take her on the spot. Jim prevented this from taking place. Oh he could have made it possible for them to play right here, but he preferred his creature comforts, so he held both women in check by promising delights to come.

After giving Veronica double the going rate for VIP dances, Cheri and Jim left the club and headed back to the hotel. Once there, they quickly showered and re-dressed in casual and easily removable clothing while they waited for Veronica to appear.

They didn’t have to wait long for the quiet knock on their door. Jim motioned for Cheri to answer it.

Veronica stepped in and without a word swept Cheri into her arms as the door closed behind her. Veronica covered Cheri’s mouth with hers and kissed her passionately, thoroughly, and lustily. The kiss lasted about a minute and then both women stepped back, gasping.

Jim had stepped up behind Veronica to secure the door’s deadbolt and safety chain. He reached around to unbutton her coat and slip it off of her shoulders. She was naked underneath.

“Cheri, I think you’re overdressed for the occasion, don’t you?” Jim asked.

He tossed Veronica’s coat aside and wrapped his arms around the tall brunette, shelving her tits with his hands and offering them on display like a pair of ripe cantaloupes. Cheri was busy tearing her clothing off (there wasn’t much of it) as fast as she could.

“Isn’t she hot,” Jim whispered in Veronica’s ear. “She really wants you. And you already know how wonderful her pussy tastes. Just forget I’m even here for the moment and have some fun with her. She’ll do anything you ask – she’s a complete and total slut, just like you, and she comes like a string of M-80’s.”

While he had been speaking Jim was tweaking Veronica’s rock hard nipples and dipping his fingers into her quim until they were shiny with her juice.

“Come here, pet, and take a taste of the lovely Veronica,” he said, smiling his shark smile.

Cheri groaned as she put Jim’s pussy juice covered fingers into her mouth and licked them clean.

“I want her, Jim. I want her now,” Cheri said almost in a growl. Veronica had not spoken yet but when she heard what Cheri said a low moan emerged from her throat. Jim could feel her body trembling under his hands. He stepped back and let her go.

Veronica leapt at Cheri as though propelled from a sling shot. The two women met body to body and mouth to mouth wrapping their arms around each other and kissing like there was no tomorrow. Groans and mewls of delight and pleasure were the counterpoint to the sounds of air conditioning and footsteps in the room above.

Somehow the two women made it to the bed. Jim watched them as he undressed. He never got tired of watching women have sex. Lesbian porn had almost always been his favorite for some reason, but there was nothing that beat watching two women go at it live, especially since he knew he was going to get to fuck both women before the end of the evening.

“Cheri, you’re so fucking beautiful…god I just want to eat you alive,” Veronica said as she captured one of Cheri’s nipples with her mouth.

“Do it. Eat me alive,” Cheri moaned as she pulled Veronica’s head tighter to her breast. Veronica was manipulating the other nipple with her fingers squeezing and pinching it and making Cheri squeal with delight. It had been a while since Cheri had experienced her first bout of lesbian sex with Samantha and she had really come to enjoy the feeling of being with another woman.

Veronica was no stranger to the Sapphic arts herself. She felt Cheri’s nipple swell under her oral assault and she quickly switched to the other, licking and sucking it to full hardness before kissing her way up Cheri’s chest and neck. She covered Cheri’s mouth with hers and the two women were kissing once again.

Veronica was on top and she insinuated one of her legs between Cheri’s and the two women began grinding their pussies against each other’s thighs as their kiss continued. Cheri had her hands on Veronica’s ass pulling her even tighter to herself as she pressed up against the busty brunette’s thigh with her juicy pubis. The two women humped themselves to quick, breathless, climaxes – bleeding off a small portion of the excess passion that had been building for the last couple of hours.

Veronica shifted herself on the bed, crawling up over Cheri’s supine frame until she was straddling the blond girl’s head, aiming her dripping pussy right at Cheri’s smiling mouth.

“Yes!” Cheri exclaimed, “give it to me…gimme that pussy…fuck my face Veronica.”

“Mmmmm…that’s the way I like to hear a girl talk, baby,” Veronica hissed. She pressed downward with her hips and met Cheri’s mouth coming up off the bed – pussy and mouth were joined and the eating began.

Veronica gasped with pleasure as she felt Cheri’s mouth and tongue go to work on her overheated quim. Cheri moaned as she tasted Veronica’s sweet juices right from the source. Cheri had one hand mauling Veronica’s tits; she used the thumb of her other hand to thrum Veronica’s clit while her tongue explored all of the wrinkles and crevices it could find.

Jim decided to join the party at this point. He got up on the bed and stood in front of Veronica whose eyes were closed as she focused on the party going on between her legs. Her eyes popped open as she felt the warm spongy head of Jim’s dick press against her lips. Without thinking she opened her mouth wide and sucked him in. Jim immediately rewarded her by sending a wave of mental pleasure washing over her. The better she sucked him the better she would feel.

Veronica’s hips were jerking back and forth fucking Cheri’s mouth and chin. Cheri finally had to use both hands on Veronica’s ass to hold her in place so that she could keep her lips and tongue on target. Veronica was moaning around Jim’s cock as she sucked for all she was worth. She grabbed Jim’s ass with both hands and pulled him against her trying to get all of his cock into her mouth. She couldn’t quite do it but Jim gave her high marks for trying. He guided her head back and forth along his schlong enjoying the feeling of her mouth and the pleasant vibrations created by her now constant moaning.

Cheri had focused her attentions on Veronica’s clit and was violently lashing it with her tongue. Veronica’s pleasure was really intense by this point and she was mashing and pulling her own tits so forcefully that Jim thought she might do herself some damage.

“Cum, Veronica. Cum for us. Give Cheri your cream, baby,” Jim whispered.

This sent the long brunette crashing over her orgasmic cliff. Jim held his cock deep in Veronica’s mouth as she came thus reinforcing the pleasure trigger’s he’d planted in her mind earlier. Her whole body was shaking as wave after wave of delight coursed through her. Veronica’s pleasure became intolerably intense and she fell to the side, laying on the bed trembling, her hands between her legs covering her pussy – not being able to stand further stimulation for a moment.

“Nice job, Cheri,” Jim said, smiling down at his assistant. “I think Veronica liked that a lot.”

“Mmmm…so did I, Jim. I just love the taste of pussy cream and Veronica’s is really really tasty.”

Cheri rolled over and spread Veronica’s legs. She covered the leggy brunette’s thighs with kisses and licks. Veronica twitched with every one of them, her body shuddering as she came down from her sexual high.

Jim moved behind Cheri, pulled her to her knees and spread her legs revealing her ripe and ready pussy, its swollen lips parted and ready for his cock. He sighed with satisfaction as he pushed his erection deep inside his young assistant and protégé. Her young pussy always felt tight around his dick no matter how many times they fucked.

“Oooooo….yeah, baby…put your cock deep inside me,” Cheri cooed as she continued to gently kiss and lick Veronica’s thighs and belly.

Veronica gradually got her breathing under control and the intense pleasure she’d felt had diminished to tolerable levels. She was still incredibly aroused and she wanted, no, needed more stimulation. She stopped covering her pussy with her hands – a clear signal to Cheri that she was ready for more action.

Cheri immediately went back to licking Veronica’s happy spot thus making Jim’s prophecy from earlier in the evening a reality. Veronica, however, wanted something else – she wanted to taste Cheri’s pussy. The sample she’d gotten from Cheri’s fingers at the club had made her hungry. Wriggling like a worm, Veronica worked her way around and under Cheri’s body until her head was directly under the spot where Cheri and Jim were joined.

Veronica looked up and watched, fascinated, as Jim’s large cock easily slid in and out of Cheri’s hole covered in cunt slime, his nut sack swinging back and forth with each stroke. She raised her head and began licking Cheri’s pussy and Jim’s cock, her tongue seeking to please both man and woman.

Cheri took advantage of Veronica’s position and lowered her head between the lanky brunette’s thighs picking up where she’d left off moments earlier. She also lowered her hips giving Veronica better access to her crotch, enjoying the dual stimulation of Jim’s dick and Veronica’s darting, talented, tongue.

Jim followed Cheri’s body as she lowered it and supported himself on his hands and knees, doing his best to keep his weight off of the two women. He was enjoying Veronica’s talented tongue as she switched from licking Cheri’s clit to stroking his balls and licking Cheri’s pussy cream from his shaft. He wasn’t fucking Cheri particularly hard or fast but the combination of his dick and Veronica’s tongue soon had Cheri bucking and squirming through a series of orgasms.

Cheri’s passion didn’t prevent her from continuing to feast on Veronica’s sopping slit, causing the stripping housewife from out west to do her own squirming as she felt bursts of pleasure explode in her brain. Jim was feeding both women’s passion, of course, and feeding himself as well. In a way, he was a pleasure junkie – perhaps even a pleasure vampire, consuming the pleasure of others as he amplified it. He held his cock deep inside Cheri’s quivering cunt and poured pleasure into the minds of the two women beneath him.

Jim looked down and pulled his cock out of Cheri’s pussy. Spitting into her ass crack, he pressed the pussy cream covered head of his dick into her asshole easing the way with mental commands that caused certain muscles to relax and certain pain receptors to transmit pleasure instead.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHFUCKTHATCOCKISBIG!” Cheri groaned as Jim pressed home his attack, burying himself to the balls in one long thrust. The last improvement he’d made to Cheri before he “got religion” about using the god-like software was to install an extra set of glands that connected to her anal ring. When she was really aroused, they produced the same kind of lubricant that her pussy did, meaning he could butt fuck the little wench without much more than spit for lube. He had, of course, increased the number and sensitivity of pleasure receptors in her anal ring and rectum to further enhance her anal sex experience.

“YEAH!” Cheri gasped as she felt his balls tickle her labia signaling that she’d taken him all the way inside. “Fuck me, baby, fuck my ass while Ronnie eats my cunt,” Cheri growled having completely given herself over to lust. Jim could always tell how far down the lusty trail Cheri had gone by the language she used and the sound of her voice. She’d had a bunch of powerful orgasms already, but now it was getting serious – she was really into it and that meant she was prepared to be as nasty as it was possible for her to be.

“Sounds good to me,” Jim gasped as he felt the pleasure of dragging his dick back out of Cheri’s asshole and then plunging it back inside. Cheri was grinding her pussy down on Veronica’s mouth all the while her own mouth was fastened to Veronica’s slit like a barnacle. Jim sawed his cock in and out of Cheri’s clenching ass pipe with increasing vigor and speed transmitting his pleasure to both Cheri and Veronica and feeding on their sensations.

Cheri and Veronica were both experiencing powerful orgasms. They were moaning into each other’s pussies as they continued to muffin munch like starving people. Veronica had never experienced this level of pleasure before. The view she had of Jim’s big cock sliding in and out of Cheri’s asshole, his balls swinging underneath it on every stroke, was arousing enough, but she had her mouth fastened to the best pussy she’d ever tasted while her own was being orally tended to by the best pussy eater she’d ever been with. She was close to overdosing on pleasure if that was possible.

Cheri was in heaven. She had Jim’s cock in her ass, Veronica’s mouth on her quim, and her own mouth was feasting on Veronica’s tasty morsel of sex meat. Her orgasms were arriving like a series of body blows, each one punctuated by the constant pummeling that her ass was receiving. She had never known that anal sex could be this pleasurable. Her old boyfriend had tried it once and it had been very painful, not to mention gross. With Jim, however, it seemed completely natural and it didn’t hurt a bit. In fact, sometimes she almost enjoyed getting it up the ass more than in her pussy.

Jim was at the point where, had he wanted to, he could have put it in cruise control and fucked Cheri’s ass for a long time. On the other hand there was little point in prolonging things just for the sake of doing so.

“I’m going to cum soon,” he whispered. “Veronica, open your mouth.”

Veronica obeyed. Jim pulled his cock out of Cheri’s ass and pushed it right down Veronica’s throat. She’d never done A2M before and never would have believed that she’d EVER do it, but there she was, gobbling Jim’s cock right out of Cheri’s ass, and it only made her orgasm more intense. That shouldn’t have been possible. Jim had made it happen though. And now he was going to blow a massive load down the stripper’s throat and then send her home.


Jim unleashed a torrent of jism straight into Veronica’s gullet. She somehow managed not to choke on the prodigious load. She kept Jim’s spitting cock in her mouth and continued to work it with her tongue as blast after blast of his frothy spew shot into her oral cavity. Cheri twisted around and placed her mouth next to Veronica’s.

“I want some too!’

Jim pulled out of Veronica’s sucking maw and gave Cheri his last few squirts of cum and then he collapsed on the bed and watched as the two women swapped his tribute back and forth before each swallowed a good portion of his heavy load.

The three of them lay together on the bed for a while and then Veronica sensed that the party was over. She got up, kissed each of them on the lips, put on her coat, and slipped out of the room, and their lives.

Jim and Cheri crawled into bed and were both sleeping within minutes. Tomorrow was another busy day.

Chapter 24: The Next Task

One of the things that Jim had done when he crashed the FMCA’s computer system was to steal the software they used to monitor Master PC activity. When he got home after a very successful series of seminars in Washington, he began to work on the software, improving it, adapting it, and making it operable on his laptop. Then he set to work finding out who else had discovered the magic program.

He also announced his retirement from his state job and endured the inevitable retirement party with good grace. His long time assistant, who had just retired herself, came back from Arizona to attend. He managed to get through the event with a smile and a kind word for all present. His consulting business was going well with lots of referrals from very happy customers.

Cheri was turning out to be an excellent assistant. They worked out of his house – he’d put an extra desk in his home office and purchased her a new computer – and she was kept busy handling the new firm’s marketing chores and booking consulting gigs and arranging speaking engagements.

She and Susan and Sam, with Dave jumping in from time to time, kept each other busy and satisfied. Jim only occasionally joined them in their sexual frolics. Since coming home he’d become somewhat monastic in his habits. He was focused on his mission: finding out whom else had the Master PC program and neutralizing them.

He would, of course, allow Tiffany to keep her copy. He’d given it to her after all, and he knew he could trust her to be careful with it. A lot of people, and he was NOT one of them, underestimated Tiff. Their assessment stopped at her tits (which were formidable, to be sure) and they never bothered to pay attention to how smart she was. Their loss. He felt better knowing that the FMCA wouldn’t be bothering her, or anyone else, ever again. He would never forget that wonderful evening with Tiff and Pi at the Red Roof Inn. He’d do it again in a heartbeat. His cock got hard every time he recalled what it had been like to be with the two of them.

After the computer crash and the deal he’d struck with Joe Friday the FMCA was pretty quiet. He’d helped make sure of that by influencing a few members of Congress to question the program’s cost/benefit analysis. The FMCA was pretty much shut down except for a skeleton crew and Joe Friday. Jim was going to do their work for them and he was going to do it without their interference. He wanted to collect his bounty money and then permanently retire someplace private where he could enjoy the company of beautiful people of both genders without fear of government hassles.

Now if this was a Tom Clancy or Ian Flemming novel the next bit would be pretty technical and very exciting. Since it isn’t either a Jack Ryan or James Bond story I’ll just say that Jim spent several months cleaning up the last of the Master PC mess and making himself financially secure for life.

He was sitting on the patio on the first warm day of the following spring with a 16 oz insulated mug full of Arco Coffee (cream, 2 Sweet’N Low) contemplating. Susan was babysitting the grand kids at their daughter’s and he had the place to himself. He was not a happy camper. He should have been. He was rich, he owned a successful consulting business that Cheri pretty much ran for him, he was the proud owner of, as far as he knew, the only surviving copy of the Master PC program on this side of the Mississippi. The only other copy of which he was aware lived in Boulder and its owner, having been severely chastised by her husband when he discovered what it could do, was laying low in the computer department.

Jim wondered if Tiff had replaced her laptop yet.

His every sexual want, need, fantasy, desire, or goofy notion was being met frequently and imaginatively by a growing group of swingers both locally and in various places he travelled. His mental powers grew with use as he figured out what he was capable of.

He should have been a very happy man. That he was just the opposite was evident to anyone who knew him well, and that was a pretty small group.

“Jim? I thought I saw you out here. Enjoying the first breath of spring?”

Samantha had come up on him unaware and her cheery greeting was the first intimation he’d had of her approach. Damn, she was sexy – he never got tired of looking at her, or fucking her for that matter. He always had a smile for her.

“Hey Sam. Yeah, I’m just soaking up a little of this late March sunshine. The wind isn’t off the big lake today so it’s pretty nice out here.”

“You looked kind of down – is anything wrong?”

“Now what could be wrong? I’ve got money in the bank, I’m retired, I own a big and very successful consulting company, I have a beautiful and sexy assistant, a lovely and attractive wife, a foxy neighbor lady who could give a corpse a hardon, and some pretty good friends. Why wouldn’t I be the happiest man in the world?”

“I don’t know. Why wouldn’t you be? Jim, we’re friends. We’ve shared a lot of pretty intimate things (more than you know, Jim thought). If there’s something bothering you can’t you talk to me about it?”

“Sam, I think you may be one of my closest friends. If I had some clue what was wrong with me I’d spill it, but I just don’t know what’s going on. There’s something missing. I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“Everything OK with you and Susan?”

“As far as I know – why, what have you heard?” This last was said with a chuckle – it was a standard Jim Olsen line.

“You know what I mean,” Sam said, punching Jim playfully on the shoulder.

“Want some coffee? I’ve got more inside,” Jim said.

“Sure. That’d be nice.”

“Might even have some muffins to go with it. Let me check.”

Jim walked back into the house and got another insulated mug, filled it, grabbed a Chinet ™ plate and put some muffins, a large pat of butter, and a plastic knife on it and made his way back out to the patio.

“Here we are. Enjoy. I think Susan just made these last night.”

“Oh, are these those sour cream muffins she makes? I love those, but I’d better just have one – got to protect my girlish figure you know.”

“Your figure looks just fine to me, which reminds me – when are we going to get together for some playtime again? We haven’t done anything for a few weeks and I’m jonesing for another shot at your sweet sexy self, not to mention that studly hubby of yours.”

“Well, Dave’s out of town for a bit on business, but he told me to go ahead and party with the two of you whenever I wanted as long as I tell him all the juicy details when he gets back,” Sam said, grinning.

“Well then why don’t you come on over for supper tonight and then we’ll enjoy a little threesome for dessert. I’m sure Susan won’t mind.”

“Sounds good. Now, stop avoiding the topic of your unhappiness.”

“Ah, Sam, you’re too smart for me. But like I said I really don’t know what’s wrong.”

That wasn’t completely true. He did actually have an idea. He just didn’t want to admit it.

“Jim, I’ve noticed you in these moods before. This isn’t something new is it? You’ve been dealing with some sort of emotional pain for quite a while now haven’t you? I used to catch hints of it back when we were just internet chat buddies.”

“Well it’s no secret that I have a chronic form of depression.” Jim paused. “Sam, what I’m going to share with you now I haven’t shared with anyone since high school. You’ve got to promise that it will remain a secret no matter what.”

Samantha held up her right hand. “I swear on my honor as an officer and a gentlewoman that what we say here will remain between us no matter what.”

Jim sighed, deeply.

“Do you remember your first love?”

“You mean the first boy I had sex with?”

“No. I mean the first person you actually fell in love with.”

“Wow. Sure. Of course.”

“Is he the man you married?”

“No, I was very young and he was one of the Beatles. Paul I think.”

“Well I remember the first woman I ever really loved, romantically that is. Her name was Sarah Jane Hamilton, and she was from England. Her father got transferred to the U.S. by his company and she went to my high school for a few years. We were lovers in every sense of the word. I would have done anything for her. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. And I am certain she felt the same about me. Then, one day near the end of the school year, she told me her father had been called back to England and that she’d be leaving at the end of the week. We were both devastated. I’ll never forget watching her wave to me through the back window of the car as they drove away. I never saw her again. We wrote to each other for a while but then she told me she’d found someone over in England and that was that. I never heard from or saw her again. I don’t think I ever got over that.”

“What a sad story. But what about Susan? Don’t you love her?”

“Of course I do. But I guess deep down I don’t love her the way I loved Sarah Jane. There’s a hole in my heart that’s never been filled. I’ve tried lots of things. Religion, food, sex, work, money – none of it does any good. I’m still empty inside.”

“What would you do right now if you could?”

“I’d get on a plane and go to England. I’d see if I could find her and get some closure. I’d like to know if she’s happy. I’d like to know if she even remembers me. I want to know why she didn’t wait. I was saving money – working like a dog – trying to get enough to go to England. Then the letter came and that was that.”

“What if she doesn’t remember you? What if she won’t even talk with you?”

“Well at least I’d know.”

“I can see why you wouldn’t want to talk with Susan about this, and I appreciate your confidence in me. I don’t know if I have any advice to offer but I can see that you are not going to be happy until you get this resolved. Jim, you’ve got the money, just go over to England and deal with this.”

“You think I should?”

“No, but I know you want to.”

“What do you really think I should do – don’t bullshit me.”

“I think you need to grow up. You have a great family here and everything is going your way. OK, your heart got broken when you were what, 16? 17? Lots of people have that happen to them. Get over it.”

“You think I haven’t thought those same thoughts? You think I haven’t said that to myself a million times? You think I haven’t looked in the mirror in the morning and told myself what I jerk I am for carrying a torch for a woman I haven’t seen in 40 years?”

“Well, so?”

“I feel like I’ve had a limb amputated but I can still feel that it’s there. I need to either get it cut all the way off or restored. One way or the other, that’s the only way I can be whole.”

“What about Susan and your kids if you find Sarah Jane is still in love with you after all these years?”

“I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.”

“I think you’re taking a big risk.”

“Yes, I know, and it’s very self centered of me to think this way. A long time ago, a therapist told me I was a bit of a narcissist. Perhaps she was right.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t go that far, but all of us are capable of being selfish,” Sam said.

“Well you’re right about the risk. I think there are ways to minimize it, but there will be some risk involved.”

“So are you going then?”

“Yes, I think I will. Talking with you has helped me make up my mind. I need to resolve this one way or the other. Chances are she’s a grandmother with gray hair and a mole on her cheek or something and she’s forgotten all about that guy with the big Pontiac who used to take her out dancing and to the movies.”

“When are you leaving?”

“I think I’ll go tomorrow. I have to tie up some loose ends here and give Cheri some instructions, plus I have to tell Susan something that will satisfy her as to why I’m taking off right now. She’s got the grand kids to watch this week so she couldn’t go with me anyway. I’ll promise to take her to Norway next year – she’s always wanted to go.”

“Good luck, Jim. I hope this helps you,” Sam said, getting up. “Thanks for the coffee and muffins – tell Susan they were great.”

“I will. And, thanks for being my sounding board this morning. You’re a great friend. Come over dinner tonight?”

“Sure. Sounds like fun.”

She did come over and it was fun. The next morning Jim kissed his wife goodbye and set off for England. What would he find there? He hoped at least to get some closure.

Chapter 25: England Swings

Jim Olsen got off the plane at London’s Heathrow Airport and took the shuttle to the nearby Hilton. He wasn’t in a hurry – he’d waited 40 years to come here and it wouldn’t be any trouble to wait a day or so to get past the jet lag.

He wasn’t idle however. Amazingly enough, he still had Sarah Jane’s last letter to him – the one where she told him she’d found someone else. He had the return address on that letter and that would be his starting point.

He’d hired a car and driver. When Jim stepped out into a wet English morning the car was waiting, and the driver, in the classic uniform of chauffeurs everywhere, including the cap, was also ready, holding the door open for Jim.

It was odd to see the driver getting into the car on the wrong side – one reason why Jim had decided not to attempt driving in England.

“Where would you like me to take you this morning, sir?”

Jim gave him an address in Brighton – it should be a pleasant drive to the southern English coast – and the car sped off.

“Business or pleasure sir?”

“I hope pleasure, but you never know.”

“Very good sir.”

The driver quickly sensed Jim’s lack of interest in chit-chat and did not make further conversational forays. Jim spent the trip trying to imagine what he would say if and when he found Sarah Jane. What if she was dead? What if she weighed 28 stone? What if she was just not interested in seeing him? What if she thought he was ugly? What if she’d forgotten all about him? He tried to put these thoughts aside.

The address he had was his only link. After that, he’d have to rely on luck. He didn’t know Sarah Jane’s married name. He could have used Master PC to locate her, and he would as a last resort. He was trying not to use the program – it had caused enough trouble already.

Jim closed his eyes and leaned back into the soft leather of the Silver Ghost’s spacious rear seat – he was soon asleep, and dreaming of days long ago and the rear seat of another car, also spacious although not as comfortable.

“We’re here sir,” the driver said, startling Jim awake. He sat up and saw that the driver was standing next to the open rear door of the car. Jim rubbed his eyes, scrubbed his face with his hands, and smoothed his hair.

“Thank you, Niles. Please wait here.”

“Very good sir.”

Jim stepped out of the car and saw that he was in front of a non-descript brick town house in the middle of a row of such houses. There was a small front yard (“garden,” Jim thought to himself, “they call them gardens here.”) with a neatly kept walk to the front steps.

Jim pressed the door bell button and heard a musical chime go off inside the house followed by the barking of some sort of small dog. Footsteps accompanied by the increasingly loud barking approached the door. An exasperated female voice repeatedly attempted to silence the dog and, as usual, that had the opposite effect. It made Jim smile.

He stepped back from the door so as not to appear in any way threatening. He didn’t sense any fear on the other side; only mild irritation.

The door opened and a woman of about 30 in a nurse’s uniform confronted him, her hands on her hips; a no nonsense look on her face. A Jack Russell terrier bounced and yapped before beginning to industriously sniff the shoes and pants cuffs of the visitor.

“Don’t mind him, he won’t bite you. Duke! Behave! I swear this dog is the bane of my existence. Good for the Colonel though. Can I help you?”

This speech came as a torrent seemingly without punctuation. It took Jim a moment to catch up.

“Is this the Hamilton residence?”

“Yes, it is.”

“I’m looking for a Sarah Jane Hamilton. Would she be living here by chance?”

“Sarah? Oh, no, Sarah hasn’t lived here in years.”

Jim’s heart began to beat faster.

“But she DID live here?”

“Oh yes, she did, but that was before my time here, me just being the Colonel’s nurse and all.”

“Is the Colonel well?”

“Had a bit of a bad spell a while back. The doctor said he’d need some looking after, especially with his wife being gone these seven years. Do you know the Colonel?”

“I knew him years ago when he and his family lived in America for a while, and that’s when I also met Sarah Jane.”

“Would you like to come in and speak with the Colonel? He’s just taking the sun in the back garden at the moment and I was about to take him his tea.”

“I don’t want to impose. Do you know where Sarah Jane is now? I understand she got married – do you know here married name?”

“It’s no trouble, and I’m sure the Colonel would like a visitor this morning. So many of his old mates have gone on, so to speak. Please come in – I’m sure the Colonel will give you all the information you’d like about Sarah Jane.”

Jim reluctantly agreed and was soon being shown to a neatly kept back yard where a thin old man was sitting ramrod straight in a wicker chair. There was a cane by his side. It was Sarah Jane’s father; Jim had no doubt on that score. His white hair was thin but he still had the ruler straight posture of an officer in the Queen’s service and the pencil thin mustache.

“Colonel Hamilton,” the nurse said in a loud voice. The Colonel’s head snapped around.

“Confound it woman! Haven’t I told you to quit sneaking up on me like that!”

“Yes, Colonel, and I’ve told you a thousand times to wear your hearing aid. Here it is,” she replied, smiling. This had the sound and feel of a conversation that had been repeated many times.

“You have a visitor, sir,” she said as she helped the Colonel get his hearing aid in place and operating.”

“Don’t have to shout. I’m not deaf you know. A visitor you say? Who’d come to see me?”

Jim had given the nurse one of his cards, which she now handed to the Colonel. He put his glasses on and read it.

“James Olsen,” he said, almost to himself. Then he grabbed his cane and jerked to his feet, turning to face Jim who had only advanced a little way into the yard, waiting to be announced.

“By Jove! All the way from America. D’you know who this is, Mel darling? This is James Olsen, Esquire. He used to fancy our Sarah Jane. Maybe he’s come over the pond to court her again. Ha!”

Jim stepped forward and offered his hand to Sarah Jane’s father. He was smiling now and he had, for all intents and purposes, stepped back in time to the first meeting he’d ever had with this man.

“Colonel Hamilton, it’s good to see you again,” Jim said as he shook the Colonel’s hand. The Colonel still had a firm hand shake and seemed in pretty good shape for someone who had to be approaching 90.

“James Olsen…look at him Mel…doesn’t look a day older than when he was escorting Sarah Jane to the promenade or whatever they called that dance you used to have at school.”

“You’re too kind, Colonel. I’m glad to see you looking so fit.”

“Fit? Well, I would be if the damn doctors would leave me alone. Botheration! All the pills and the poking. A man’s got to die some time, eh? And I’m going to be 90 years old this coming October. Well, boy, sit down and let’s have all the news. Mel, bring us some tea and a few of those biscuits you made this morning, there’s a good girl.”

Jim helped Colonel Hamilton back to his chair and then took another for himself while the nurse went off to fetch the refreshments.

Jim sensed a certain amount of reluctance on the Colonel’s part on the subject of his daughter and so he approached it obliquely. He talked about his life and his business dealings and showed the old man pictures of his children and grand children. Finally, he sensed that it was the right time to ask a question.

“What about Sarah Jane? Where is she now? How has she been doing? I haven’t heard from her in almost forty years.”

Colonel Hamilton paused a moment.

“Son,” he said, “I know you two fancied each other way back when – even a blind man could see it – but what are you doing here now? You have a wife, a family, a happy life. What’s all this about then? Bit of a long journey just to do some catching up, what?”

Jim decided to go for total honesty.

“Colonel Hamilton, your daughter was the love of my life. Still is in fact. I have had very few happy days since I got her last letter telling me she’d found someone else. I’m afraid I made rather a mess of my life for a number of years after that, until about a year or so ago when I got myself straightened out and back on track. But there’s a Sarah Jane shaped hole in my soul that I just can’t fill with anything else.”

The Colonel picked up a pipe and began carefully loading it from a brown leather tobacco pouch. He took his time building the dottle and getting the tobacco tamped down just right before striking a kitchen match on his twill slacks and getting lighting it. He puffed for a few moments until he was satisfied that it was burning properly.

“Filthy habit, tobacco. Bloody doctors raise all sorts of hell about it. Mel goes positively bonkers when I smoke, but there it is.”

He paused as if gathering his thoughts.

“James, Sarah Jane moved on with her life and you should do the same old chap. No point in stirring up old memories now is there?”

“Will you please tell me where she is?”

Jim spotted some moisture at the corner of the old man’s eyes. He paused a long while before responding.

“She’s in a hospital. James, Sarah Jane is in a coma. Has been for some time. Car accident. Drunk driver. He didn’t get injured, oh no. If I’d been younger I’d have given him a good going over and no mistake. Bastard. Left my poor Sarah Jane in a coma. Brain injury. Life support. Very bad. Very bad.”

Jim was stunned. Sarah Jane in a hospital; in a coma. She needed him.

“What hospital?”

“Mel! Mel! Confound it woman where in God’s name have you got off to now!”

“Coming Colonel. What is it?” Mel came running out into the garden but she was not wearing a facial expression that held any grave concern. Apparently hearing the Colonel yell was a sign of his improving health.

“Give this young man here the name and address of that hospital where the torturers have our Sarah Jane shut up.”

“Are you sure, sir?”

“Are you deaf woman? The man’s come all the way from America to find her! Of course I’m sure.”

“Where is her husband?”

“Husband? Dead. Killed in that damn Falklands thing. God Damn civilians. It’s never the soldiers that start wars, James. Oh no, it’s always the damned civilians. Idiots built the bridges of our ships out of aluminum. Lighter and cheaper they said. Oh yes. Lighter and cheaper and more flammable than tissue paper when the rockets fell on ‘em. Poor chap was burnt to a cinder. Broke our poor girl’s heart and her with two babies to care for and all. Ah well, she’s had her troubles has Sarah Jane. Maybe if she hears from someone from her past she’ll wake up. Who knows?”

Mel came back with a piece of paper with a name and address written on it.

“What’s her married name?”

“Ha!” the Colonel barked. “Hamilton, same as always. Kept her own name she did. What a scandal that was, let me tell you. She and her mother didn’t speak for weeks after she made that announcement, oh my yes. I was pretty proud of her myself and I don’t care who knows it.”

“Thank you Colonel. I promise I’ll stop and see you again before I go back home.”

“You do that, young man. You do that. Always welcome, always welcome. I’ll be right here. Now off you go – got a maiden to awaken with a kiss.”

Jim actually blushed.

“Yes, sir, Colonel Hamilton.”

“Call me Spenser, with an ‘s’ like the poet,” he said reaching up to take Jim’s hand. “You’ll go help her then won’t you son?”

“I’ll do my best, Spenser,” he replied, shaking the old and withered hand that clasped his.

Mel escorted Jim back through the house and out the front door.

“It was a terrible blow to him it was, when Sarah Jane had that accident. I thought he was going to go round the twist for sure he was so wrought up about it. If you can do anything that would be a real blessing.”

“I’ll see what can be done, Mel, and thank you for taking such good care of the Colonel,” Jim replied before turning away and heading back down the walk, through the little gate at the end, and back to his waiting Rolls Royce.

“All done sir?” Niles asked.

“For now, Niles.”

Jim handed Niles the paper with the name and address of the hospital on it. “Do you know where this is?”

“Yes, sir, I do sir. It’s on the other side of London from your hotel sir. Will you be wanting to go there, sir?”

“Not just now, Niles. Please take me back to the hotel. I need to do something first,” Jim said sliding into the back seat of the Silver Ghost.

“Very good sir,” the driver said, closing the door and getting into the front seat.

The drive back to the hotel was uneventful. Jim didn’t sleep this time, but he was lost in thought, thinking about his next move. You’ve probably already figured out what he should do next, but it wasn’t so easy for Jim. Playing God is a lot more fun to write about than it is to do. Human’s make bad gods because they rarely see the outcomes of their actions before taking them.

But in the end Jim had no choice and so he walked into his room, reached into a secret compartment in his attaché case and removed a CD. The disc was soon spinning in Jim’s laptop and the familiar words appeared on the screen announcing that Master PC was running properly.

Jim typed in Sarah Jane’s name and a figure appeared. It was a supine figure slowly rotating in front of him. She was thin – emaciated – with lank hair and slack features. Nothing at all like the vibrant teenager that Jim had fallen in love with. Wires and tubes were much in evidence.

Jim had developed the technique of combining his mental powers with those of the Master PC software through a set of electrodes that connected to the USB port of his computer. He applied the electrodes to his forehead, closed his eyes, and saw the rotating image in his mind.

Jim reached out with his ability and began to gently probe Sarah Jane trying to assess her condition and the damage that had been done. His intent was to reverse the injury to her brain and bring her back to health. Easier said than done – Jim wasn’t a doctor so how in the world could he know what to do? His next thought was a mental “Gibbs slap” to the back of his head. He didn’t have to know – that was Master PC’s job. All he had to do was steer.

It was as simple as a “fix what’s wrong with Sarah Jane’s brain” command and the software went to work. While it was doing its thing, Jim was watching Sarah Jane’s mind. Pictures flashed and disappeared. It was a disjointed narrative to be sure but Jim was able to piece together much of Sarah Jane’s life since she broke up with him. And, yet, he found, in a part of her mind that she didn’t visit very often, his image as a bright young teenager with a big smile and a quick mind – the image surrounded with sad colors; a tinge of regret the hue of what if.

He saw her husband in his naval uniform. Jim didn’t know anything about British Naval rank insignia, but the proud look on the man’s face clearly said “officer.” And, the Colonel had said that the man was killed when a rocket struck the bridge of his ship. There was a tall young son and a beautiful daughter. Grandchildren too. She’d been happy here. And now she was coming back to life. Master PC had healed her brain injury and was repairing the rest of her body.

Jim gave the program instructions to give Sarah Jane the healthy flesh of a woman half her age and his standard package if metabolism boosters, muscle tone, immune system reinforcement, and anti aging treatment.

He sensed her brain swimming back up toward consciousness and he planted a thought way in the back of her mind. An image of himself as he was today right next to the one she kept in memory. He was smiling at her and saying something – something she couldn’t hear but wanted very much to.

And then he withdrew, leaving her to the tender mercies of her doctors and family. When he took off the electrodes and put the CD back in its hiding place, he was weeping. He’d seen himself in Sarah Jane’s mind and she still thought of him affectionately. Perhaps that would have to do. What would he say to her if he went to the hospital? “Hi, it’s me, James, come to whisk you off to America?” Or “Hello, I’m Prince Charming here to wake you up with a kiss?” Or “Remember me, the guy who wanted to get into your knickers? Fancy a toss for old times sake then?”

He’d actually thought about going to the hospital with his laptop and software, kicking the doctors and nurses out of Sarah Jane’s room and performing the healing right there. He’d thought about really waking Sarah Jane up with a kiss. And he’d dismissed the idea. Instead he went for something more subtle. He’d go back home and see what happened next.

But, first, he had a promise to keep. Picking up his cell phone he called his driver.

“Niles, I won’t need the car any more today, but please be here tomorrow morning at 10 sharp. I want to go back down to Brighton. Same place as this morning, all right? Good. You too Niles.”

Jim went back to his laptop. He had become one of the world’s foremost hackers and the best part was that no one knew who he was.

It took very little time for Jim to find out the name and current whereabouts of the drunk driver who nearly killed the woman of his dreams. The man was unattached, had no children, no ex wives, no brothers, no sisters, and his parents were both dead – he was alone in the world. And, he wasn’t much of a man either. He’d done time for the accident but nowhere near enough in Jim’s opinion.

“All righty then,” Jim said, cracking his knuckles. “Let’s see what kind of fun we can have tonight then, eh?”

Jim put on casual clothes – all black – and a pair of Brooks Addiction walking shoes. He put on a jacket and stuffed a pair of leather gloves into his pocket along with his hotel key and wallet. Then he left. He took a taxi to an address about a mile from where his quarry lived and then walked the rest of the way. It was a nice evening for a walk and it was just full dark when he arrived at the apartment building where the drunk driver lived – at least for now.

Summoning his mental powers, Jim commanded the man to get dressed and go for a walk. Then, he waited across the street.

About ten minutes later a man staggered out of the apartment building’s entrance and began weaving down the sidewalk. Jim mirrored his progress from the other side of the street, eventually crossing to take a position about ten yards behind his target. Jim was in what he called “invisible mode” projecting a cloak of mental energy about himself as good as anything Harry Potter ever used. No one noticed the man following the drunk. No one saw him step up behind and then walk next to the weaving man.

“Evenin’ chum,” Jim said, taking the drunk man’s arm – his name was Oliver.

“Wha? Who’r-you?”

“I’m an old friend who’s going to buy you a drink, Oliver. You can call me Jim, all right?”

“Buy me a drink?”

“It’s your lucky day, Ollie,” Jim said. He was wearing his shark grin – the one that said you-are-so-fucked in letters 20 feet tall.

“I could use a drink,” Oliver slurred.

Jim caused Oliver to see an alley as, instead, the front door of his favorite pub. “C’mon, Ollie, let’s go in here and have a pint or two and you can tell me all your troubles, all right?”


That’s as far as he got. He was suddenly in a dark alley and he was totally paralyzed. Someone, the face was indistinct, was holding him against a damp wall. There was a pain growing in his forehead that felt like someone taking a drill to his skull. It was like the worst morning after in history times one hundred. He tried to vomit but his stomach would not obey him.

“No, Ollie, no puking. It’s time to pay the piper, Ollie. Time to pay for your sins. Time to find out what’s on the other side of the old curtain of life, Ollie.”

“No.” Oliver thought. “Don’t kill me, please,” he pleaded in his mind.

“Oh, that’s rich, Oliver,” Jim hissed. He placed the image of Sarah Jane hooked up to the tubes and wires in the hospital in Oliver’s mind. “Did she get a chance to plead with you not to hit her car Ollie? Did she? No, I didn’t think so. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane then shall we?”

Jim took him through the memory of spending an afternoon at the pub with the boys emerging hours later stinking of gin and almost falling down drunk. Oliver was forced to relive himself getting behind the wheel of his SUV and driving off without a care in the world; of missing the traffic light change and hitting that other car broadside. Jim forced him to relive the sight of the frightened woman in the other car, her mouth open in a silent scream of terror as his Land Rover smashed into her sending her to oblivion.

“Coming back to you now Ollie my boy?”

“Who are you,” thought the suddenly stone cold sober Oliver.

“You can think of me as an avenging angel, Ollie, come to collect a debt.”

“Please, don’t hurt me. I’m sorry for what I did, honest I am.”

“Oliver, shut up. I have no time or interest in the pleadings and excuses of an alcoholic. Oh you’re always sorry after you do something stupid and you promise to be better, but then you crawl right back into the bottle. Well, not this time. No sir. Not this time. This time you get to stand before the bar and face the judge.”

From Oliver’s perspective there was a fleeting glimpse of a light so white that it was almost blue coming from his tormentor’s forehead and then there was a lance penetrating his brain bringing with it searing pain worse than anything he’d ever felt, and the last image he saw, the image that would be burned into his mind for eternity, was the image of the woman he’d almost killed just as his SUV hit her car. Only this time he was the one in the car watching the oncoming grill of the big Land Rover approaching him as implacable as Death and just as irresistible. It was the last thought of his life.

Some kids would find his body the next day. No one would mourn. It was assumed he’d died of alcohol poisoning. No autopsy was done. There were no marks of foul play on the body, no evidence of a struggle of any kind. There was one less drunk in the world.

It was a sunny spring day as Jim walked back up the walk to Spenser Hamilton’s house and rang the bell. He was carrying a bottle of the Colonel’s favorite single malt. The nurse smiled as she opened the door.

“Come back already then have you,” she asked?

“Yes, Mel, I have. May I see the Colonel please?”

“He’s not here, but he was expecting you to come by some time.”

“Where is he?”

“London, at the hospital. Sarah Jane’s awake and talking her head off. The doctors say some sort of miracle happened. Oh my yes, there’ll be a lot of questions getting asked about this case I don’t mind telling you.”

“Sarah Jane’s awake? That’s wonderful news. Here, this is for the Colonel. Please tell him I stopped by will you? I’m headed back home soon and I told him I’d stop before I left.”

Mel took the package, thanked him and closed the door. Jim walked back to the car and had Niles take him back to his hotel. He had just finished packing when there was a knock at the door.

“Yes? Who is it?” Jim said as he opened the door. There was a woman standing in the hall. She was the daughter he’d seen in Sarah Jane’s memories.

“Are you James Olsen,” she said. Her voice sounded so much like her mother’s that a lump formed in Jim’s throat. He had to clear it to speak and his voice came out as a hoarse whisper.

“Yes, I am.”

“My name is Katherine Smythe-Hamilton. I believe you knew my mother when she and my grandparents lived in America.”

“Yes, I did.”

“May I come in, please? I would like to talk to you. I won’t take much of your time.”

Jim looked at his watch.

“I have a plane to catch, but, please, come in and sit down, Katherine,” he said, tasting her name in his mouth and wondering what she’d have been like if she’d been his own daughter – his and Sarah Jane’s. Jim retreated into the room and Katherine followed, sitting in a wing back chair next to the suite’s fire place.

Jim sat down across from her and waited. Katherine had an agenda and he was going to wait for it to be made manifest.

“Grandfather said you’d been down to Bristol to see him.”

“Yes, I went there.”

“He told me you were looking for my mother.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“Would you mind telling me why?”

“Yes, I would. It’s personal.”

Katherine appeared about to argue the point and then she paused, cocked her head to the side in a very Sarah Jane sort of way, and then she seemed to reach a decision.

“You know mother was in a bad accident – drunk driver blew through a traffic signal and hit her broadside. Lots of brain damage. She was in a coma for over a year.”

“Yes, the Colonel, your grandfather, told me that.”

“Last night a miracle happened. Mother woke up.”

“That’s wonderful news,” Jim said, smiling. “I’m very glad to hear it.”

“Grandfather told me that my mother was the love of your life.”

“He did, did he? Well, so much for confidences.”

“He can never keep secrets from me.”

“No, I don’t suppose he could.”

“So is it true?”


“Is my mother the love of your life? Your soulmate?”

“A long time ago I made it my policy never to kiss and tell. I think it’s time to invoke that policy here.”

“You told grandfather though.”

“I can see now that it was a mistake to confide in him.”

“Ooooooo,” Katherine exclaimed in frustration. “This is all going wrong. Grandfather said it would.”

“Katherine, what do you want from me?”

“Did you heal my mother? Do you have some special powers or something? Because if you do, and if you did, and if she really is the love of your life it would be horrid if you left the country without seeing her.”

“Were you with her when she woke up Katherine?”

“No, my brother was there, reading her favorite sonnet to her.”

Jim cleared his throat and spoke the words in his smooth baritone.

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.”

“That’s mother’s favorite piece of poetry,” Katherine said. “How did you know that?”

“I memorized that sonnet more than forty years ago. Your mother and I used to recite it to each other. I think that answers your earlier question.”

“Mother’s first words when she awoke were from that poem.”

“Which verses?”

“The last four lines. She was weeping as she said them. And then, my brother said she whispered something like ‘oh James, what have I done?’”

Jim said nothing. He had nothing to add to the conversation at this point. His voice had temporarily failed him – he could not get any sound past the lump in his throat.

“My mother loved my father very much. I was very young when he died but my memories of them together are happy ones. She told me many times what a wonderful man father was and that I should always be proud to be his daughter. She never remarried. What were you to her that the first words she uttered after being in a coma for more than a year were a love poem and the name of a man she hadn’t seen for forty years?”

“You’ll have to ask her that yourself, Katherine. I’m sure that your father was a fine man. Your mother is a wonderful woman and she would never be with anyone who wasn’t first rate. We were close a very long time ago. I have no idea what she meant. Who knows what the brain goes through when coming out of a coma? I wouldn’t put too much weight on it if I were you.”

Jim picked up the phone and called for a bell hop to come for his bags and asked that his driver be summoned to take him to the airport.

“So, that’s it then? You’re just leaving? You came all this way to find her and you’re not even going to go see her?”

“Do you think she wants to see me then?”

“Are you daft? Of course she does.”

Jim reached into the inside pocket of his suit coat (he’d made a note to come back to England and have some suits made on Saville Row) and pulled out an old envelope. He stepped over to Katherine and handed it to her.

“Give this to your mother. My card is inside and has my address and other contact information on it. Tell her if she wants to, it’s OK to write to me, send me an e-mail, or telephone. I’ll leave it up to her. But you should also tell her that I recited 116 to you, word for word, and that I said it still meant the same to me as it did in 1970. Now, I really must go because I have a plane to catch. Thank you so much for coming – it was a pleasure meeting you. Please extend my thanks to the Colonel for the tea and conversation. I hope he enjoys the little package I left for him. Oh, and you can also tell him that I took care of another little problem for him before I left town.”

Katherine looked at him with a face full of questions, then shook his hand and left without saying another word. She took the envelope though.

Moments later the bell boy came through that same door and picked up Jim’s bags. Jim followed him to the elevator and down to the lobby where his driver was waiting with the Rolls. Three hours later he was sitting in first class enjoying a cocktail and looking out over the Atlantic Ocean.

“Here’s to you, Sarah Jane Hamilton,” he whispered. “May you live a long and healthy life.”

Chapter 26:  Epilogue

Katherine came into her mother’s hospital room a confused and frustrated young woman.  She’d just been to the Heathrow Hilton to see a man who claimed that her mother was his one true love; his soul mate.  Yet that man wouldn’t come to the hospital.  It was maddening. 

“Hello, darling,” Sarah Jane said as Katherine came into the room.

Katherine could not believe how different her mother looked from just a few days ago.  She hadn’t looked this healthy in years.  It was as if someone had waved a magic wand or something.  Perhaps magic was real.  Katherine didn’t care – she just knew that her mom was all right and that was what mattered.

“What’s wrong, Kate?”

“I think I’ve just done something rather foolish, mother.”

Sarah Jane patted the bed next to her.  “Sit you down, Katherine, and tell me.”

“Tell me about James Olsen, mother.”

Sarah went pale.  Her smile froze in shock.  She appeared to have trouble breathing for a moment.  Katherine was frightened until she saw her mother take a deep breath and get herself under control.

“Where did you hear that name, darling?”  Sarah’s voice was just above a whisper.

“Grandfather said a man by that name came to see him down in Bristol.  He said he was looking for you.  He also said you were his one true love.  Grandfather told him what had happened to you.  Mr. Olsen said he’d see what could be done and the next thing that happened was that you suddenly woke up – completely healed.”

Sarah Jane sighed.

“I knew someone by that name a long time ago when I lived in America for a few years.  Wonderful boy.  Marvelous lover.”

“Mom! T-M-I!”

Sarah Jane laughed.  “Oh, Kate, your mother was something of a wild one in her youth and you might as well get your mind around the fact.”

“So you knew this man before you met father?”

“Oh, no, darling, I knew your father from when I was just a wee little lassie as my old nanny used to say.  We’d always been friends.”

“Were you in love with James?”

“I certainly thought I was.  Oh my we spent a lot of time together once we’d decided we were a match.  What a mind that boy had.  Sharp as a tack.  Head of his year.  Athletic too.  Good looking.”  Sarah Jane sighed.

“We’d pledged our undying love to each other just before the Colonel your grandfather got transferred back to this side of the pond.  I cried for days.  Raised quite a fuss.  I flat refused to go.  Well, I guess you know I didn’t get my way.  Poor James.  I can still see him the day I left.  We wrote long letters full of passion and pledges of eternal devotion.  James wrote some of the most dreadful poetry – fortunately, he had committed a number of Shakespeare’s better poems to memory and he used to recite them to me.”

“Let me not the marriage of true minds?” Katherine quoted.

“Yes, that was one of his favorites.  It was our sonnet.”

“Did you know that you were saying it to yourself when you woke up?”

“Was I now?  How odd.”

“Henry said that you said something else too.”


“Yes, it was something like ‘oh James what have I done?’”

Sarah Jane put her hand over her mouth.

“So.  What then?  Do you think your mum’s gone round the twist?  The old girl’s gone mental?”

Katherine put her hands on her mother’s shoulders.  “I think you’re the best mother anyone could ever have and I love you very very much.”

“Thank you Kate.  Now what foolish thing did you do today?”

“I went to James Olsen’s hotel room.”

“Whatever for?”

“I wanted to talk to him; to find out if he was your long lost love and to see why he hadn’t come to the hospital to see you.”

“You did what?  Oh Katie.  Why?”

“I have no idea.  Once the thought entered my mind I had to follow it.  I had no choice.”

“What happened?”

“He gave me this for you,” Katherine said handing her mother the worn and faded envelope. 

Sarah Jane took it with a trembling hand and opened it.  She saw her “Dear Jim” letter and his business card.

“Did he say why he gave this to you?”

“He said you should look at it.  He said the next move was up to you.  You could write to him, e-mail him, or call him.  What are you going to do?”

“Do?  Whatever do you mean by that?”

“Mother, you’ve been lonely for years since father died.  This man obviously loves you.  And, he’s quite good looking.  If he were a bit younger I might fancy him myself,” Katherine said, smiling.

“I’m sure there’s a point to all this.  Out with it then.”

“Call him.  Write him a letter.  I know you don’t use computers, but if you like, I’ll help you send him an e-mail.  Take a trip to America and see him.  Yes, I think that’s what you should do.  When the doctors let you out of this place you should get on an airplane and go see him.  Then you’ll know.  And, so will James.”

“You’re daft.”

“He came here to find you.  For some reason, he changed his mind about seeing you.  Aren’t you even just a little bit curious about why?”

“Who knows?  Mid-life crisis perhaps?  What makes this so important to you Kate?”

“I think if you don’t pursue this you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

“A bit dramatic don’t you think?”

“He flew thousands of miles to search for his lost love.  I’d say it’s more romantic than dramatic.  And, what a coincidence – he shows up in England, talks with Grandfather, and next thing you know, you wake up from a coma all healed and looking twenty years younger.  If I were you, I’d want to ask someone about that.”

“I have asked someone.  Repeatedly.  The doctors haven’t a clue.  They’re calling it an unexplained phenomenon or some such rubbish.”

“Well, I think James Olsen knows what happened to you.  Wouldn’t you like to ask him yourself?”

“It’s not that simple.  Here.  Read this,” Sarah Jane said, handing Katherine the envelope.  “It’s the last letter I wrote him. The one I wrote after your father proposed to me.  I put him off for a while because I had to sort out my feelings for James.  I couldn’t see any way that we could ever be together and I did love your father you know.  Perhaps not in the same way that I loved James, but I really did love him.”

Katherine read the letter.  “He must have been devastated.”

“I’m sure he was.  I cried all night after I’d written it.  I didn’t think I’d ever see him again.  Do you really think I want to face him now after all these years?”

“You don’t have a choice.  You must do this, mother.  Promise me you’ll at least think about it.  Please?”

“Oh all right,” Sarah Jane said, a little more sharply than she intended.  Then, in a softer tone, “You have your father’s persistence you know.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re just the way he was when he was courting me.  He was a masterful man, and I miss him terribly.  We didn’t have that many years together, but they were good years.  He was a fine man.”

“But he wasn’t the love of your life; he wasn’t your soul mate,” Katherine said in a sad voice.

Sarah Jane paused, collecting her thoughts.

“Katherine,” she said, finally, “I loved your father.  I loved him very much.  When I knew James we were both so young.  We didn’t know anything about life or even love.  It was like we’d discovered a new drug or something and we were high on it.  I’m not sure anyone has a ‘one true love’ or a ‘soul mate’ as you put it.”

“Now I think you’re being dishonest with me and with yourself, mother,” Katherine said quietly.  “You’re rationalizing.  I know because it’s something you used to tell me never to do.  You used to tell me that we had to face up to the big things in life and not make excuses.  Well then, sauce for the goose, mother dear.”

Sarah Jane suddenly laughed.

“C’mere and give your old mum a hug you ungrateful child you,” she said, chuckling.  “It’s a sad thing when children quote their parents back to them.”

“Does that mean you’ll go see him?  I’ll go with you if you like.”

“No, it doesn’t mean that.  But, if you’ll get me a pen and paper, I’ll write him another letter.”

“It’s a start, mother.  It’s a start.”

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